a good night… #vouge #beer

Aug 30 2013

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  • Inge Vaz from the Netherlands

    My nights are about the same – except I’m reading Devoted instead of Vogue :) I used to be a great fan, lost track of you after seeing your concert in the Netherlands and only recently found out you’re a mother now and wrote books! I liked Elixer a lot and I gotta hand it to you girl; you got a lot of talent and the right ppl around you! Good luck in life, I wish you all the best. Are you still singing btw?? Gotta look into that…. Bye from Florida (we’re on vacation!!)

  • anmol shukla

    hi Hillary,this my first chance where i am feeling that my words will reach to you.i always wanted to talk to you since my child hood if it is really you then i feel that my childhood wish has fulfilled.

    i always thought and now also i sometimes dream dat some day i will go to usa and there will be a huge show where you are performing and i will do watever is possible or not,in any way dat i will propose you and then i did’t know wat you do but actually i only wanted to be with you for my entire life.
    sorry for this.

  • George R. Hauffe

    Hey Hilary, how are you these days? We’re camping and watching Cody Banks with the kids, the boys are ga ga for you! So we just wanted to say hello.