Ahhhh the snow…. Cozy inside day

Nov 16 2013

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  • HDno1biggestfan

    It looks beautiful out there, cold I bet. But lovely sight to see

  • reasonable doubt

    this Love Said ….when it comes to True Love it’s best to keep your idea of God out of the picture …but no ..you had to ..ok then …let’s talk about Sin .. In the story you know .. Eve was first To eat of the forbidden fruit then she gave it to Adam to eat …. as we can see ..sin came into the world through a woman and just for the record so did you …. it was not a man but a woman.. sin came into the world through …. if the store you know is confused about something this simple ..how could it be right. ?? sin came into the world through a woman so how could sin leave the world through a Man …..next time you bring up faith Love Will destroy your hope With your own words …….that’s a no no. !!! there is no sin in loving Your Favorite star …. reality plays no role in the illusion of Hollywood …./ lol .. last warning. !!! …..

  • Wayne

    You are beautiful, but I am not supposed to look at a married woman, Christ is my Lord.

  • Wayne

    Beautiful pictures, you get snow, it gets cold in the mountains of North Carolina, but we never get much snow, plus you must be by a lake, I miss the ice skating for miles and miles on a good big lake.

  • supernatural love

    that is a gorgeous view of nature … I’ve noticed most of your photos are of nature . that tells me you have an eye for natural beauty .. with that Hilary .. you have a full understanding of how your fans see you..Hilary You are a natural beauty … And here’s the kicker .. You have a supernatural fan .. You can block love you can hold love But you will never be able to stop love From loving you .. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. So everybody behold Hilary Duff :) ‘ now that is beauty. !!!!!

  • Snowman

    I don’t know where your at Hilary BUT Its not Southern California ..been here for so long and I’ve never seen snow… EVER… less I go up to BIG BEAR !! thanks for the clue lol ..Love will not intervene without permission…one word .. ”respect”. …for My Goddess :)

  • Jac

    I’m your neighbour! I came over last week and asked where highway 21 is cause I got really scared. Can I bake you something and bring it over sometime!?