All these seats and this monkey wants to hitch a ride on my shoulders

Nov 18 2013

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  • Silver

    LOL! So cute! xoxoxo<3

  • Mhmd

    Monkey??He’s an Angel; God bless him.

  • anmol shukla

    love of maa

  • Wayne

    That Is because you are a sweetheart Hilary, you have a good heart and children can sense that.

  • Михаил Харитонов


  • do the math

    Love would like to take this opportunity to say this in answer to your fans … when it comes to love there is no equation it’s not about math it’s about love .. now add this up .. love is love !! one Plus none equals love ..True Love Is a one sided love ..From me to you.. No return necessary.. Loving you is all I need…. Now find The root of True Love :) lol look deep

  • new mom lol

    you talking about kids has many can have them all ..good for nothing lol in time you will agree Hilary …you will lol