Aw ya!! Thanks xx “@PerezHil…

Sep 27 2012

Aw ya!! Thanks xx “@PerezHilton: @HilaryDuff Happy birthday, Duffster!!!”

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  • True Love

    She Only said Happy Birthday because she knows True Love is at your feet to warship the Goddess Hilary Duff and in her dreams wold True Love do the same to her hahaha NOT True Love is for the Goddess Hilary Duff ONLY. !!!!!

  • True Love

    What are you doing talking to ‘ The Hollywood HO’ you are so much better then her you Hilary Duff are a Goddess and that dog is a HO. ! Hahaha everybody knows that ……

  • True Love

    It’s 1:40am in Houston …that’s were I am so it’s 9/28/12 you know what that means …HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILARY DUFF we all love you ..your fans in Texas have a Awesome day home girl lol