Baby Luca, 2 weeks old :)

Apr 03 2012

Baby Luca, 2 weeks old :)

Baby Luca, 2 weeks old :)

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  • anne repeater

    i love his eyes… 

  • Justyna Kwiatkowska

    what a cute baby.Congrats.He gut your lips,nose and big eyes.OMG I love babies,I hope next year I will be mother to.

  • Francis

    So innocent Luca! God bless you and the family especially during this Easter Season,

  • Sapphira64

    He looks so much like you, especially in those adorable eyes. So happy to be following such an amazing celebrity!

  • Shelby Higdon

    OMG Hilary, Luca is sooo beautiful! I really like his name a lot. He does have big, beautiful eyes. I hope he has a healthy life!!!!


  • Beth Odell – Minto

    aww Hilary he is such a cute baby x I hope my baby looks as gawjuss as this :D xxxx

  • Awallace43103

    he is so cute

  • Dani Motruk

    My little Luca just turned 1 on 3/31. Such a wonderful name! Congrats on parenthood!

  • Ligia Carolina

    So beautiful,as his mom..  *-*  

  • Kirsty Spalding

    Awww he is cute. Xxx

  • Suzanne Barraclough

    What a beautiful baby! Congratulations Hilary and Mike!

  • ILoveHilary

    Awwwww….you are so truly blessed. And he’s blessed to have a beautiful mama like you.
    I always watched Lizzie McGuire as a kid and have always had u as my role model, because u r one of the few celebrities who actually are good role models, and now you’ve had a gorgeous baby! Congrats!

  • Jessica Buczkowski

    Being a mom is a joy that only another mom can understand! My husband and I have 2 children, a 3 year old boy and 9 month old girl. I thought I wouldn’t be as amazed and emotional with every new thing my baby girl does but every adorable thing she does (she just learned to give kisses) makes me cry tears of joy and I am sure you are very excited to watch Luca grow. I can truly understand your immense joy and need to show off your handsome little man! It’s amazing how the love shared between two people can create such a beautiful new life! Congrats! He’s perfect!

  • Vale_16294

    Soooo cute, God bless him!

  • tsveti

    Hilaryyyy (hug) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :* :* :* manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hugsssssssss ;) :)

  • Justliggett

    He is beautiful. Congratulations to you.

  • Camifranco92

    What a big beautiful eyes!Congratulations Hilay,he´s soo handsome :)

  • MKS

    Aww he’s so cute!!! Congratulations on being a new mom!!

  • vanessa

    he is so cute congrats

  • Mariela

     ohh mi dios que hermoso bebe tienes y felicidades

  • Kanses

    Congrats!! He’s so cute. Such big, blue eyes… How wonderful =) <3

  • kaka soltan

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  • abdolmajidghorban

    Hey. Congratulations on your baby. With best wishes for you. M. Ghorbani. kakasoltan2011@gmail,com

  • Danielle Lauren

    Hilary congratulations! I am 14 years old and grew up watching u! I had an obsession with lizzie and I have watched every movie you have been in! I have been keeping myself up to date on you. So glad for you and mike! Luca is adorable! Best of luck!
    -Danielle Marzullo

  • Karen_rivet1

    Beautiful baby boy such a blessing to you and your husband awww just so adorable :-)

  • losupe2

    he is really cute great for you hilary your life is complited now, i am your fan number 1

  • lourdes

    what a beautiful baby congratulation

  • Greatest Ever

    So cute! ♥

  • Kittycat_182005

    He is so cute! I think he has her eyes!

  • Ani89

    HE IS SO CUTE!! :D

  • Terri

    Hilary.. Luca is the most BEAUTIFUL little boy I have ever seen. His eyes are AMAZING! I am so excited for you and your family. Cherish every second as they grow so super fast. My baby just turned 13 on April 2nd and I can’t believe it. It feels like I just had him yesterday. I can’t wait to see him grow up and see you flourish as a mommy. Being a mommy is the most rewarding experience ever. It is hard to understand how much you can love someone until you become a parent. The love between a mother and her child is so beautiful and precious. Luca is a very lucky little boy to have you as his mommy. CONGRATULATIONS Hilary!! Terri from Ohio

  • roxanna

    Awwww omg…ur son is addorable hilary…how wonderful!

  • natushka

    sooo cuteeee!!!

  • Gaby Hidalgo

    He is the most adorable baby I ever seen….
    Congratulations he’s a perfect gift…..!

  • Nannies In LA

    Congrats on your new baby boy! Looks like you have swaddling down! If you need any help Nannies in LA would be delighted to help any way possible! Check out our websites

  • Elizabeth Radke

    Omigosh, he is so adorable!

    He looks just like you and your hubby!
    You are truly blessed:)
    Congratulations and may motherhood be nothing but pure bliss the whole way through:)

  • Gaby_daisy

    ooooh what a beautiful baby, congratulations!!! :)

  • Abhishek kumar

    tooo beautiful……soooo sweet..: tk cr…..:)

  • Sweet Princess

    He’s an angel! It’s very rare to have such expressive eyes at only two weeks old. I’m guessing he’s gonna be very special, just like is parents!

  • frasha

    :What a baby!

  • frasha

    o0h he is so0o0o cute ^_^

  • Petra Charvátová


  • Katrinabenyshek

    He is the cutest baby everrrrrrr! :D U r still my role model  

  • Melissa A Rooks

    He is one handsome little man congrats Hilary keep us posted on Luca and u as well love ya Hilary he looks just like his momma

  • Kristi82086

    Hilary, he is so perfect. He is a little angel and you are so blessed!! Isn’t it so hard to believe you made such a miracle and you look into their eyes and your like  “I made him”. It’s just so amazing becoming a mom. He looks like a doll in the pic. You have such a beautiful little family Hilary!!! Congratulations and may you always be blessed!!

  • Donna Jatho

    Hilary…he is BEAUTIFUL! Hope to meet him one day and see you all. Will just moved back and got together with Luke. I’m thinking we need a Reunion!!! xo

  • Giulia


  • Lorena_gatinha97

    parabens hilary duff vai ser uma otiima exelente mae eu te amo muito Para sempre. ouço suas musicas seus filmes direto todos torcem pra que vc voltee .. mais agora cuiida dessse bebesinho Lindo ai heeeim.. I love you

  • jenny

    he is adorable :)

  • Marie

    He is so adorable! Congratulations!

  • Kirsten.

    What a handsome little man!

  • Super_curly

    He’s got Mama’s eyes!! so gorgeous!!!

  • {hillmarty;

    Worderful, really<3<3<3

  • hillmarty

    Oh my god, Luca<3<3<3<3


    Congrats, u r blessed with such a sweet kid . I Love his eyes.And I know that u will be the best mother of the best baby ever..LOVE U.I`m ur very big fan n ur baby`s gf LOL <3 <3 <3

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  • ameya & vivek

    congrats hilary for having a wonderful babyboy. best wishes from ameya and vivek!!

  • Melika Bouzarjomehri

    cute little boy :* 

  • Jj López

    What eyes!
    What a baby!
    Definitely the beautiful, creates beauty!
    Congrats… again and again!

  • nicole


  • Sarah Teresa Ghanem

    Congratulations Hilary! Honestly, Luca is beautiful, most adorable, precious baby! I am so over the moon happy for you! I must say, I have been a fan of you since a little girl, growing up watching Lizzie McGuire, and going to my first concert ever, which was your Still Most Wanted tour concert in Sydney! You are amazing, and are the cutest mum, i wish you all of the best for you and your husband with your new baby boy! 

  • klerieta

    He is very very sweet :).

  • Gaylevelasco

    So proud of you!! He’s beautiful. You’ve been my role model since I was six years old. Out of all the stars who have grown up in Hollywood youve set an example for everyone. You’re amazing :)

  • Arpita

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie_gaxiola

    the most beautiful baby ever like you

  • Lilli Ana

    He is so cute, I love his eyes!!!

  • Kiran Upadhyay

    So Cute

  • kristen

    congratulations he is so cute :)

  • Leonard

    congratulations! you are just an inspiration. you’re the way you are because your momma raised you right and im sure you’re going to even do a better job than your momma with your son! beautiful boy

  • Michelle Dean

    awwww adorable.  babies are precious!!

  • Jaynejetson59

    Had to come to your website to make a comment. Your baby Luca is the one of the most precious babies I have ever seen. He is very beautiful Hilary, I’m wishing you a lifetime of happy moments & much love. Jayne D. Baton Rouge, LA.  

  • Maria Gabriela Kota

    he is soooo beautiful!!! Seriously!

  • Sarah

    he’s adorable! :)

  • onedirection|love|:)

    You’ve been my idol since I was six or seven, and now I’m nearly 16 and you still are, through all these years.. Baby Luca is absolutely adorable and charming and I want to wish you, your husband, your son and all your family all the best in the future :)

  • Victoriasumner

    He is so precious Thankyou so much for sharing this picture he’s gorgeous congratulations!(:

  • Vmissiloveyou

    he is just adorable :’-) … thank you for the picture , im looking forward to many more,may god bless you and your lil miracle <3

  • Lucy

    He’s beautiful:) Just like his mommy

  • Hannahroy6

    Omg!!!!!!! Can’t believe u’ve had ur baby!!!! Congratulations!!!!! I’ve just watched the lizzie McGuire movie and now I’ve seen u’ve had ur baby!!!!!!! That’s really wierd but really amazing!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!! He’s soooo cute!!!! Good luck with everything!!!!! Xxx

  • Allie

    That is one cute baby. 

  • TaylorSmith214

    Hilary your baby is soooo ADORABLE! He has gorgeous eyes and i can tell looks like you! Oh my gosh what a doll I am sooooo happy for you and Mike! I love youuu enjoy your beautiful baby! (:

  • Alicee

    simplemente hermoso como la mami

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  • Heltsuuu

    Aww, he is a little ladykiller, so cute. I think I don’t know more babys who has so beautiful eyes :)

  • Park7v

    Such a handsome lad, I am so happy for you and Mike, congratulation!

    Such a handsome lad, I am so happy for you and Mike, congratulation!

  • YasmineSolis

    He is so cute ! God bless him . Luca <3

  • Carlos Salvador

    congratulations Hillary, your baby is cute

  • Christa

    Totally agree with you Jennifer!!!:) Hilary is seriously like the only celebrity role-model that I have looked up to!!! :) Many, many blessings to you and your wonderful new family!!!  There needs to be more celebrity role-models like you!!!:) And when are you going to come out with more music and movies???:) Very eager!!:) But congratulations on your beautiful, beautiful baby boy!!  Love the name Luca! Great choice! How did you decide to choose that name? Christa :) 

  • Bryan

    Here is my baby Luca!!  Born in Calgary, Alberta on September 7th and he was 7lbs 7ozs. 

  • James Gilmore


  • Spencertlr

    Beautiful! Well of course he is, look who his mother is! Ha! 

  • Lea

    sweet*_* congratulations♥

  • Lea

    sweet*_*  congratulations! ♥

  • Emma

    He’s soooo cuteee! His eyes are so sweet:) Love from Italy

  • Laura

    He’s beautiful. Congratulations! And I think he looks like you a lot :)

  • iLu..

    Sooooo cute♥♥ Congratulations!!! *w*

  • Shierlehy

    B,E,A,UTIFUL! What a gorgeous little boy! Congratulations. xx

  • Cupcake♥

    Awww!!! he’s sooooo cute ♥♥♥ beautiful eyes!! You were my first big idol! I still love your music and your book is really really good! :) I remember when I saw your music clip for so yesterday as a 11 year old girl.. I tought it was soooo cool what you did and back then I promised myself to do the same thing when I was gonna break up.. lol :)
    It’s a nice feeling when a baby falls asleep in your arms or on your belly don’t you think? :) sometimes I wish my little baby brother was a baby again.. But he’s already 5 years old now so he won’t sit still anymore ;p

    I’m sorry if my English isn’t really good.. I’m gonna explain something to you.. I Hope you understand :)
    when I was a baby my parents took one picture every month.. Ofcourse they took more pictures ;) but everytime I was one month older they took a picture of me on their bed with a giant teddybear next to me.. So because I was born on the 14th of August (yes the day of your wedding ^^) they took every 14th day of the month that same picture with me wearing only a diaper, lying on their bed next to that giant teddybear.. They did this until my first birthday and put all the pictures together so now you can see how fast I had grown in one year! And at the and of that year that giant teddybear wasn’t giant any more! Maybe you already had this idea or maybe you don’t like it, but I just wanted to share it with you, because I think It’s cute to see how you grow and change in one year :)

    I wish you, Mike and Luca all the best!!! ♥♥♥

  • Lucavita159

    I love it !!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Goines

    He’s so cute! Enjoy him. Mine’s going to be 1 on the 22nd and I can’t believe how fast a year’s gone by and how much he’s changed. Now he crawls around the house screaming, tearing stuff up, and is crazy. lol. He used to be that tiny too, now he’s so big :( I miss the little baby, but I love his personality that’s emerged and how much he interacts with me now.

  • KymberleyT

    What a beautiful baby!!! You are a very lucky Mother…enjoy him!

  • Live your life ♥

    B E A U T I F U L BABY, congrats. and god bless you ♥

  • Devil_puzens88

    Congratulations, Hilary :-) Luca is soo beautiful and perfect! :-) <3 good luck with your family and your son! :-)

  • ariana schlissel

    He looks just like you!! He is sooo cute!! I He looks just like you!! love his eyes, he is so alert and attentive. :) I love you!! 

  • Lindaea101

    He is absolutely beautiful! God bless him. Good luck and congrats

  • Freedom

    He is adorable, aw what a lil man :) Thanks for sharing a picture with us :):)

  • Mjm8909

    What a cutie! :) Enjoy being a mommy! 

  • A A

    God bless you and your baby

  • Kamillehennebois

    oh my god this baby it’s so cute 
    good job hilary and mike ^^

  • Laborde Gaelle

    OH MY GOD ! I’m SO happy for you and your husband ! Your family is already a big fan of your little boy for sure ! I remembered watching “Lizzie Mcguire” and ever since you’re my role model !
    I’m getting emotional here, just don’t change Hilary ! Luca’s eyes are “magnifique”/ beautiful.
    God bless you all
    Love you !!!

  • Zoe River Cheyenne Phoenix

    OMG SO CUTE ♥ 
    Look these Big Brown Eyes aaaaaw 

  • Lorenzo Cutellè

    luca is the most hansdome baby of the world! hilary and mike did a great job :)

  • Eliza_a_21

    Omg sooo cute!!! Look how alert he is! Simply adorable! Congratulations so lucky to have a healthy happy and so adorable baby!!

  • Hilde

    He is so cute hilary.. Congratulations

  • rooss. 

    He’s cuter than I imagined! 

  • Deborah_benjaminr

    Hilary!! Muchisimas felicidades a ti y a tu marido! Es un niño realmente precioso y muy adorable, se nota que vosotros sois sus padres. Un besazo enorme!

  • Déborah Espartero

    Hilary!! Muchísimas felicidades para ti y para tú marido. Es un niño precioso, es muy adorable, se nota que vosotros sois sus padres. =)

  • Nikitagaze

    He is beautiful, wish your whole family all the happiness and love in the whole world.  I can’t think of a better rolemodel then you, so thankyou for you influence in my life.  I am so happy for you, mike and baby Luca. 

  • Samuel Fernández Rebollo

    So cuteeee

  • Sandra Marie

    He is so adorable! Congrats! 

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  • Creisih Pointáh ϟ

    Oh my God! He’s soooooo cute! When I know you were pregnant, I cried. I’m a big fan for you. And never I imagined when I saw you with 10 years that you  will get  be a mother. xxx

  • Charlotte Vercruysse

    That must be one of the cutest babies ever! Enjoy watching him grow every day :)

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  • Jana

    sooooooooooooo sweet :)

  • Bellsy_tan18

    He is sp adorable :)

  • Maddlyn

    OMG ! Luca is absolutely gorgeous !!  Those eyes … !! So happy for you and your husband, congrats proud mamma ! -♥

  • Flora_1994

    so its your first  experience , good luck .. your baby is wonderful and supper cute I wish him the best and alot of health!  

  • Alvyqose

    Very very cute an amazing baby..

  • Crystal

    cutest baby i have every seen! Congrats Mike and Hilary x

  • Rhirhi1222

    Such a beautiful baby!! Congrats!!! Thanks for being such a great person and showing kids the right way to be! My daughter, who is 11, loves your music and movies.

  • melanie


  • Mala

    he looks exactly like Hilary, congrats guys :) 

  • Sarah

    He’s well cute, so happy fro Hilary Duff!x

  • Prairbear

    Oh Hilary, I cannot even begin to tell you how happy it makes me that you have this beautiful bundle of joy in your life, and that he’s happy and healthy and so loved by his beautiful parents. I grew up idolizing you from the age of about 9; watched every episode of Lizzie and went to see you every time you toured through my city. I am now 19, still watch re-runs of Lizzie, and can’t possibly think of a better person to be Luca’s Mom. You set such a great example for me as I was growing up, and I wish your family all the best through these precious years. Sending lots of love and light!

    -Prairie Moat

  • Becloveday

    He is just beautiful well done can congrats

  • steph

    He’s beautiful Hilary,congratulations!

  • Mimeto92

    awww he is such an angel :) sweeet ,little baby ! :) 

  • Ritam

    What a Cute baby ………he got very beautiful eyes …….God bless him ………Best wishes for him ……                Congratulations …….Hilary …….& take care ………

  • Suzi_1121

    So cute! Congrats Hilary!

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  • Estherscherpenzeel

    luca is a beautiful and cute baby! he will be a handsome man when he´s grown up ;)

  • Victoria

    he just love getting his photo taken, isn’t that right? his eyes are incredible!

  • Sajidha_rajat

    Luca is so cute and cuddly……i would love to cuddle him…..

  • Rehnuma Alam

    The baby is soo cute. He looks just like you… 

    I am a big fan of you Hilary, ever since Lizzie McGuire and I agree with Jennifer Boyce about getting married first and then having a baby. You are truly a good role model and really appreciate you staying true to yourself and being a good person…

  • Kelly

     A Blessing…

  • F

    I’m so happy for you Hilary. I’m following you since 8 years ago and now you are a mother. that’s amazing. Your baby is an angel, really really cute. I wish you the best, I’m sure you will raise him very well.
    Love you.

  • Ashley Dober

    Super precious! Love babies! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Melissa Reno

    Most gorgeous baby I’ve ever seen in my life. Truly beautiful!!

  • Liz Guerrero

    He’s adorable!! congratulations, Hilary!! :3
    P.D: I know that you will be a wonderful mom, but… I miss you!! 5 years since I bought “Dignity” :’)I’m so proud of you!! you are my role model since 9 years ago. ♥

  • Jorge Antonio Peñaherrera Camp

    wowwwwww how cute, he’s perfect!!!! :) enjoy your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re a great mom!!!!!!!!!!! all my good wishes and love to you and luca :D

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  • ayra

    He’s so precious :’) 

  • LizbethDawn

    He’s so handsome :D

    Totally your eyes and nose! Welcome to Mommyhood, and hold on to the way he is now. They grow up so fast it’s scary.

  • Jess Carothers

    So sweet! His eyes are so beautiful, Hilary. Congratulations! ❤

  • Hilary’s Our Dignity


  • Hilary’s Our Dignity

    He is just like you! THE FACE! IT’S YOUR FACE <3 I can't believe this is happening, I can't believe she has now 2 weeks. Everything has happened so fast. I love you, you are my Idol and you'll always be. I admire you since the very first time I saw Lizzie McGuire and even more when I heard "Metamorphosis". Never ever change, 'cause you're a role model and we love you that way :) ALL THE LOVE FOR YOU, LUCA AND MIKE! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU, YOU DESERVE THIS BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEEING! LOVE YOU, DUFF!

  • londoner

    so cute, i love his eyes. God bless him x

  • Melissa

    He is just so darn cute! Good job mommy and daddy.

  • Marina

    No wayyy!! Wow! immediately when I saw this picture I remembered the video of you singing the alphabet! I cant believe how much he looks like you as a child!! He has such precious eyes, just adorable! Congrats to both parents on the handsome boy! may the Holy Spirit guide his steps and make him a man after God’s own heart. 

  • Nayara :c

    You’re the best mommy in the world! he’s beautiful, I am very happy for you and your family. Thanks for everything. I love you, Brazil loves you too ♥♥

  • nathalia bezerra

    ownt hilary ,luca is so cute !!!!!

  • Karla Carvajal

    Omg! GOD BLESS u and ur beautiful family<3

  • Michelle

    What a beautiful baby boy! Congrats to you and your family! 

  • Labellek3

    What a cutie! I have a 5 month old baby boy named Lane. Motherhood is such a blessing. It’s the hardest job you will ever face but worth every second! Congratulations to you and hubby on such a precious baby boy! God bless you guys! :)

  • EH

    The ” wrong” way or the ‘right way’ , whatever that means…? a child and a loving family, no matter what that looks like to those that may judge , is a wonderful blessing….congrats….

  • karen Cibrian

    He is so cute!! Beatiful baby ! congratulations :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Arturo Carmona

    Hil Thanks for introducing us to your child. May God bless you.

  • Traceyhrrs10

    Congrats to you and Mike!! Baby Luca is beautiful.

  • Rachaelachael

    Blessed. Truly blessed.
    May you have:
    A world of wishes at your command
    God and his angels close at hand
    Friends and family their love impart
    And Irish blessings in your heart! God bless

  • andrea

    extremely cute, i miss you on lizzie mcguire! 

  • Jayniemariee

    Stop it. He’s beautiful <3

  • tara nicole

    He is so cute

  • Marcelo Mattos

     Hilary, this child is God’s blessing for your life. Stay in peace.

  • C_stewart2126

    Wow that is one adorable baby boy!

  • Ana M

    Wow! look at those eyes, so beutiful. Congrats on the cutesy

  • Rochelle Pleasant

    Hilary, He is so adorable! You and your family are truly blessed, he’s so precious!!

  • Anderzoid

    what a cutie! Congrats, hope you are recovering well & soaking up all those precious moments, thanks for sharing! (side note, those blankets are so awesome for little bed sheets when they get older. myself, my son, & my daughter each pick a pattern at night. co-sleeping gets so warm so it keeps us covered yet cool)

  • Jenf825

    What a beautiful baby boy! God bless him and enjoy him, Mommy!

  • Maai.

    Just perfect

  • manuela martinez

    He is soo cute!!! congrats!!!! :)

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  • Miss8420002000

    Too Cute!

  • Santiago Rivera

    Baby Luca is beautiful just like You! May God bless you and your family! <3 :)

  • KarenA

    He is such a sweet cute little guy! He looks like Hilary!

  • Johanagiraldo

    Such a cute baby, God bless you and your family Hilary. Thanks for the pic, hugs fron Colombia.

  • Elaina

    Oh my Gosh!! He is SO beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!

    P.S. LOVE the name! :D

  • Cintia Troian

    Luca is soooo cute, and he couldn’t be different having this gorgeous mother… haha I’m sure he’s a lovely boy and you’ll be a great mother. Congrats, I really wish you the best, Hilary.

  • Mrosenberg68

    Wow mazel tov he is absolutely beautiful.. and those eyes OMG. Enjoy every second

  • Rebecca

    What a cutie! Congrats! :)

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  • Strawberry_kisses2323

    So cute, very happy for you both! :)

  • Sariebarie

    OMG PRECIOUS!!!! So happy for you guys :D

  • Heather

    awww Congrats to you and Mike! Luca is adorable. So happy for you and your family.

  • Shellyjv

    He is beautiful Hilary!!  Really adorable. So, so happy for you. You are going to really enjoy him. I was so happy when I heard you were pregnant. God Bless you and your family!

  • Bridgit

    Hey Hilary, I have to say I have been your biggest fan ever since I saw Casper and Wendy! Seeing you now, you are definitely someone I look up to in certain choices, how to act and fitness. Congratulations on your and Mike’s BEAUTIFUL baby boy, the Lord has blessed you immensely, Luca is so lucky to have you and Mike as parents! I know he will be a great son for you both, and perhaps another baby in another few years or so ;) ? I see you having a girl next time, that’d be an even more perfect family. Again congrats! God bless you and your family. :) 

  • DallasHometownGirl

    Congratulations Hilary! He’s quite adorable:) Can’t wait to get a shot of the family altogether.

  • Julimique23


  • Yina Swift Grande

    He´s So cute♥♥♥

  • Tina

    He is adorable. Congratulation.

  • Baby Cachet

    Congrats on a healthy baby! Enjoy the 1st year as much as you can – it will go by fast.

  • fanny

    Baby luca cute is beautiful

  • Samantha

    he is so cute, enjoy  the time you have with him, when he is that little.

  • Victoria Ahmadzai

    I am in love Hilary, he is just sooo cute … Omg luckiest parents in the world

  • Carpycarp4

    Adorable! Hope all is well.

  • Claudia Hernández

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