#EssentialEmbrace will help another mother get the support & care she needs @Loverecycled ❤️

Nov 05 2013

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  • blindsight

    looks to me like.. there is your love and then ..there IS LOVE. !! ..funny the world does not know lol

  • True Love

    Hilary ..Love does NOT come from God. !! ..Love comes from You !!! Love is a human thing .. and has nothing to do with marriage .. trust when I say you loved him before you married him !! other people that do not know love. will say it comes from God .. a God that they do not know just like A love that they do not understand …Love is many things but from GOD is not one of them ..Love can hurt ..Love can kill .. if love came from God it would be a perfect love .. and as we know love is anything but perfect .. take it or leave it ..lol

  • Wayne Mickel

    I understand what you are saying, but love comes from God and that is why He says that sex is for marriage and there are a lot of divorces in the world because many try and love their spouse without God being involved and love in the flesh is love with out commitment and keeping your vows to one another, that is if the couple ever made vows to one another. Unwed mothers need a lot of help in this world so we should help them and do not leave it up to DSS to intervene.

  • True Love

    I think I understand what your saying …however I don’t think anybody wants a recycled Love … A old love is gone and a new love takes it’s place ..sound’s about right …but keeping a open mind when it comes to Hilary Duff’s idea of Love Leads us to this conclusion ..That ANY LOVE from Hilary old or new recycled are otherwise is a AWESOME LOVE !!!! :)