Had the best picnic in the par…

Sep 28 2012

Had the best picnic in the park with little man and @HaylieK this afternoon best sis in the world ❤

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  • True Love

    JUST found out…Haylie Duff is a AWESOME cook Y you no say nothing Hilary just kidding Hilary….Well well well Haylie Duff Beautiful and a good cook now Haylie got true love to……this is not going to be easy ;;;Witch is more Beautiful..,….The Duff,s got me going crazy. !!!!!!! IF ANYBODY. is reading this Hilary is right go see Haylie Duff,s web site….all I can say is WOW. !!

  • True Love

    Haylie. ?? O that’s right she is your sis..I think she is a sweet Heart sending her my love and thanks for getting you into acting…thank you Haylie