Hello beautiful sunset

Jan 19 2014

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  • Loves Personal property

    your spirit belongs to God: your body belongs to the earth: but your heart belongs to Love…………THERE IS LIFE IN LOVE AND LOVE IN THIS LIFE…….. No need to look for it”" It found you………side note: for Hilary Duff ” YOU FOLLOW YOUR HEART “IT DOES NOT FOLLOW YOU ………… You want to sell love ” I will put so much love in this world That everybody will have love ‘ More love than they can ever want or need…… your love will become free…..never again “will I Let you sell Love. !!! all the love that you have and all the love others give you ” will stay with you forever !! End quote from Love

  • The Devil’s Due

    This writer ‘ can’t tell the difference between ‘The sunset and The sunrise …but Love can : this is” sunrise not sunset lol the only one that can say if Love is right or wrong ( in this particular case ) is Hilary Duff her self and “not one of you:”””’ on the Dark Side : Hilary Duff” you Just got replaced :( Next generation Love ‘ coming to a OLIVE near you :) note: to Hilary Duff ” when Love goes away “IT NEVER COMES BACK :( / Now if you please : answer the question !!!!!!!!!!!!! or the Martini gets the olive and you will die of thirst….. and don’t even think’ you got one up” because you don’t

    • Desperately following

      this note is for Twitter: Love DON’T FOLLOW ANYBODY !!! and you should do the same…Follow your Heart…………. People keep in mind: That when the Angels were killing each other ‘ Love was Laughing …….. The most amazing thing has happened….Love is worshipping Hilary Duff ……. ( At the moment )….. So if you’re going to follow anybody ..FOLLOW Hilary Duff

      • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

        Except the (At The Moment) Part. I will never Stop Worshipping you Hilary, You Are My Goddess. You Are My Home. You Make Me Whole :)
        My Love For You Will NEVER Change, I Adore You <3

    • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

      Sunrise, Sunset! Hold Your Sadness Like A Puppet. Keep Putting On the Play. Everything You Do Is Leading you to the point where you Just don’t know what to do, At The Moment You May Laugh but there is someone here who will be laughing louder Than You, So It’s True. The Trick Is Complete, You’ve become everything you said that you’d never be, Blasphemy is a fool!

      This Love Will Never Leave His Home, Hilary :)

      • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

        I See You Baby :)
        I Love That Soooo Much.

      • Love

        me thinks ‘a lot of people would agree with this: THE ONE THAT LOST LOVE IS THE ONLY FOOL And the biggest fool at That……… The ideas expressed here are given freely ‘ to inspire the next generation of writers…Love wants you to copy. ” that’s the idea :) and my confused friend: the one you know “may ( and that’s a big “IF” ) have the last laugh but Love is laughing first. !!! the hardest and longest…..,….. just one more thing: ANSWER THE F%*#ING Question….SUNSET OR SUNRISE

        • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

          Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery.
          Tell Me You Love Me :)
          Niether, Sunrise or Sunset.
          The Day Of Love Will Come Soon,
          The Rise Of The Blood Red Moon!
          If I Must Pick One, SunRise. Because Hilary Is My Sunshine, The Start Of Something New And A Brand New Day. She Makes Me Happy When Sky’s Are Grey, She Knows How Much I Adore Her, She Will Never Take My Sunshine Away.

          • Love waits :)

            and Love said ” SUNRISE :) …….this Love will be posted up right here

          • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Patience Is A Virtue :)
            I can’t Come Home Till Everyone Is Singing La La La La La La La. Till Everyone Is Singing!

  • The psycho

    That means Hilary Duff IS LOVE…….. And that means you can grant my wish…….I WANT TO DIE NOW !!! RIGHT NOW. !!! NO HEAVEN NO HELL ‘ JUST Good old fashioned sweet DEATH :) thank you Hilary <3 /// note to reader: when you can jump out of a 12-story building and land on your feet without being hurt in anyway ..You know Love is not going to let you die not even in the belly of a big fish …Love will not Let me die :( ..not tell it's done

    • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

      This Is True
      If You Wish To Die You have Not Earned The Right To Die Yet :)


        you have just given me an awesome idea

        • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

          Ahhh! Really?!
          Are You Going To Keep Me On My Toes On This Idea or Throw It At Me :P

  • public relations nightmare

    How am I supposed to show that Hilary Duff Is Innocent under these circumstances…….its to soon for a ” mystery man !! wtf “this is a public relations nightmare…,…… hopefully it’s just rumors and the judge believe’s that…hopefully

    • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

      I Make A Great Nightmare, A Beautiful One Actually :)

  • the body’s not even cold yet

    not that I care ( and I don’t. ) but your loseing me here……2 words ” mystery man ..wtf !!

    • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

      If You Don’t Then Why Are You Putting In This effort to get your point Across? You’re Clearly Not Asking “Why” Hater soooo What’sWithTheNegativity? lol That’s Five Words By The Way.
      Mystery. One. Man. Two (ILoveReadingThat I’m The Man! lol) . What. Three. The. four. F*ck. Five! Uno, Dos, Tres, Quattro, Cinco! I used My Fingers :3

      • Vision 20/20

        thanks for clearing that up for me…..NEXT :)

        • Top 10 best Dressed

          the Queen has no clothes on……but “I an’T say’In Nothing lol

          • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

            You don’t Have To Say anything, I got That Vision ;D

        • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

          Hold up, freeze!
          Bring My Queen some money please ;D

          I Got A MillionWaysToGetIt

          • FREE LOVE 4 ALL :)

            and I’ll give you a million more if you just keep reading……

          • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

            A Million More Haters?
            Lol I’m That Cool Huh!
            AwesomeSauc’em :)


            do you think so. ?? we will have to take a closer look at this: soon…………………… I have a question for you skylar: “one of my MANY Gift,s ‘is to see inside the mind of the writer “any writer !!! … my question is: if you take somebody like this and put them in a library ( a awesome place by the way ) and you put the greatest writings ever written in front of this person to read: what do you think is going to happen next ?? ALL 3 BOOK’S + 2 MORE

          • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Soooon Soooon Sooooon
            I Love It When you Say That :)
            I think What Will Happen Next For That Writer Is Brilliance. The Library is Full Of Facts! I spent ALOT ALOT ALOT of Time in The Manchester, NH Library! It Was My Safety.. It Was Warm! The Street Was A very Cold Place. The Library is Where My Imagination Ran Free. When I Started Hopping buildings More I Found The Art Institutes! Things Then Became Much More Clear and I found Even More Libraries!

          • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

            I don’t want anything except to be in your arms and make you happy, The Millions are yours Now. I’m Complete :) I found my missing puzzle peice!

  • 3 words/ peaceful moment Love

    yes it is :)

    • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

      I Love You
      Very Much
      3 plus 2 Equals 5.
      I Love You, 5 :)
      I’m So Happy You Know How Beautiful You Are <3

      • point blank

        357 + 6 = Negative 5…….numbers my specialty …Love told me about “THE NUMBER: would you like to hear what Love said. ???

        • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

          I’d Love That! I Still Count With My Fingers :P

          • fingers and toes

            let’s not forget counting on are toes .. you can get to 20 that way lol 21 if you got an extra toe hahahahah ..I am not picking on the people with extra toes: just admiring that you can count higher than Us hahahahah

          • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud


          • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

            I Guess You Can Say I can Count To Twenty One Then :P FingersAndToess.
            I’m Glad You Can Admire That Sort Of Thing lol

        • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

          I See You Baby :P

      • point blank

        more then 2

        • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

          Plus One Equals A Bond Of Three.
          Damn I Cannot Wait To Get Full Perspectives! But I do Like your Teasing :P You Challenge Me Hardcore. It Makes My Brain Hurt But I Like It, At Least It Distracts from My Body Aches! :P

  • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

    Almost As Beautiful As My Sunshine :)
    Stratus Clouds Are My Favorite.