HEY @mattyrose23 matty!!! Those are Luca’s trains!!

Sep 24 2013

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  • Doria

    i was wondering if i invite you would you come to my country i know for you it is funny and crazy but for me it ll be a an amazing thing if you come i know that you re a big celebrity but for me you re Lizzy McGuire you know what i mean .. so let me know
    I apologize for the English fault because I usually speak french

  • Doria

    Hi Hilary im Doria from Algeria i dont know if you know this country but here we know you and im bigggggggggg fan of you since little you so beautiful cute and a lot of other things , you have a so adorable family luca and mike i wish you all the happiness of the world loveeeeeeeeee uuuuu mouuuuuuuuahh its kiss

  • chloe graham

    Hi Hilary, completely nothing to do with this photo, but i was wondering if your book are available in Australia. I have your first one, i just cant seem to find the other 2. I would love to read them. If you could please help me out it was be great. (P.S big fan ever since i was really little.) x