@LAkings game

Nov 03 2013

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  • Beck

    You two are cute together. :) It’s so amazing that you’ve kind of opted for a normal life for now…actually it’s amazing I can actually make a post you MIGHT ACTUALLY read!!! LOL I’ve been waiting and waiting for a new album from you…on second thought, DON’T release a new album! I might actually become somewhat friends with you if you don’t launch back into fame!
    Love ya, Hilary! You’re still my favorite artist!!!!

  • Diana Poulos

    you are my favorite. have been since I was 13 and now I’m 21 and you have helped me grow into a strong independent woman. thank you Hil

  • True Love

    why your kissing some ugly Guy at a basketball game we will never know and for the most part we don’t care .. you do whatever makes you happy and we will do what makes us happy … we know the difference between you and the characters you play .. no reality check needed !!! hahahahah