Lovely sunday❤️

Dec 29 2013

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  • Wayne

    That is the most beautiful of all your work Hilary, May God Bless and watch over you and your family this new yewr and many more to come

  • Skylar Drew MIchaud

    You are Quick ;)
    I like you lol

  • forsaken fan

    she is not going to answer you Liz……. you can look at the stars all night long but that don’t mean there going to look back lol I try not to comment on any family photos .. it’s a respect thing and beside you don’t wanna know what I’m thinking.. really don’t. <3 []

    • Skylar Drew MIchaud

      YourSexyHuh :)

  • Liz

    I love you Hilary, Mike & Luca!! Xoxo
    Please reply

  • Skylar Drew MIchaud

    I’ll say, Been dreaming about you all day :3