Jan 18 2014

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  • Katie Ley

    What is your dog name

  • Eddie Nobles

    You came to me, not I went to you. Remember that.
    Eddie Nobles

    • Don’t forget about Love

      You came to me because ‘ you have nowhere else to go…. a mysterious force pulling you ever closer ……….Love Remembers “things that have not even happened yet…

      • Skylar Drew MIchaud

        I’m Great At Predicting :D

        • I hear what you’re saying

          I don’t predict anything: factoid !!!.. I Only write what Love says and nothing more !!….I will only TELL you what I hear and I would absolutely adore talking WITH you about it………..that’s. up to you reader: this is after all..a interactive story” That will grow and get better with your insight……Only on Hilary Duff’s Official website…………… Why did the Prophet of old Only go to ONE WOMAN And not the entire town……. We will discover this as we go …keep reading

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Because You Know Everything :)
            You Understand Me My Goddess, You Understand My Words. I find It hard To say What I Feel Sometimes. The Rest Of The Woman REALLY CONFUSE ME and I’m Exhausted Of Being Misunderstood and Taken Advantage of.
            You’re The Sweetest Most Brilliant Girl I know, You’re Everything To Me. I love You More Than The Air That I Breathe.
            The Day You Talk WITH Me Will Be The Best Day Of My Life, My First Real Breathe Will Be The Moment I Land Inside Your Arms and Embrace. Of Course After A few HeartSkips that is :P

          • A2 Way word

            Are you feeling okay ? do you need help…? skylar : as we say back home: is there a problem

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            I’m Feeling Okay :) Thank You For Asking!
            No More Pain Than What I’ve Been Learning to Cope With For Now, I’ll Be Alright. There Is No Problem, As Long As You Love Me :)
            Which There Is No Doubt In My Mind About. I’ll Send Out An S.O.S If Needed. You Got My Back <3

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            I can’t Come Home Till Everyone Is Singing La La La La La.
            That’s My Only BIG Problem :P
            I just wanna go home, There’s No Place Like Home.

    • My Boss

      unless Hilary Duff Gives me permission to use my own words….the way out is the way you came in….lol thay are safe :)

      • Skylar Drew MIchaud

        Stage Left, Bye Eddie :)

        • is word vomit bad

          You say wordVomit ‘like it’s a bad thing :( **** I will tell you a truth: it is better to vomit out words ‘then to scream without making a sound :( ******** ( I am very sensitive and I am very very very sensitive about my art )

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Lol I have had to make throwing up a laughing matter for myself, But I Do Understand Where You Are Coming From! In My Perspective WordVomit Is Not Bad! I have been Throwing up on a daily for years, Sometimes.. I Can’t even Brush My Teeth In The Morning Without Throwing up. Smells Even Trigger Me. Soooo I Call My Word Impulse’s (Words That Are Meant To Come out! lol No matter what!) “WordVomit” It’s Better than Then The Dry heaving I have go through on a daily almost.. It Hurts! My WordVomit? FeeelsGooooood. Most Of The Time.. lol I do Not Enjoy Hurting Feelings, but some things must be said! Some things Must Come Out! Better Out Than In :)

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Did I Offend You In some Way?
            You Said Sensitive About Your Art..
            I’m Not One To Insult anyones Art, Art Is A Form Of Self Expression! I support This!
            I guess You can Say I call My “WordVomit” Verbal Self Expression “WordVomit”
            It Needs To Come Out, But Others Usually Do Not Like What Comes Out! lol

          • dazed and confused

            now I understand :) thank you

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            You Are Welcome :)

  • Skylar Drew MIchaud

    Those Are The Best Kind Of Make-Out Sessions in my book :)
    Nothing But TruePureLove. Dogs don’t lie!

  • Author

    awww you can feel the love from over here in Canada! what a cute pup! Love you Hilary! saw you in concert here in Vancouver years ago, are you going to get back to singing? You are such a great entertainer.

    • Skylar Drew MIchaud

      You Can feel Hilary’s Love Anywhere and Everywhere. Even Here In MA <3
      She's Spreads the best Kind of Love there is no limit on how far it reaches! She's A Shooting Star :)


        skylar how did Author know ”that Love IS living in The United States of America ..??? Was it the technology BOOM over the last 125 years and that the United States of America is the most advanced nation in the history of the world….. Was it that America won World War 1 and World War 2 back to back ….., was it the fact that the United States is home of the free….. where all nations gather….. or is it “that the United States of America is the only superpower…..was that it …O MY Goodness ….looks like Love is telling you something … showing you what is hidden right in front of your eyes….could that be it hummmm

        • home sweet home

          One Nation under God for liberty and justice for all……sounds to me like you are describing Love’s home :)

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            The World Is My Home.
            If Anyone Knows How I Feel It Is Nature.
            Liberty and Justice For All.

          • YOUR VOTE

            the law is made by the people for the people ……. in the United States of America you are free: if you want to change anything “” TALK TO THE PEOPLE. Not the government…THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT In the United States….. I don’t know where you’re living at “” But in the United States of America: LOVE IS FREE

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            I’m Free I’m Free! :D

          • what does your heart say

            Love was given a little book: A very specific set of instructions to guide you home …….skylar DON’T FOLLOW LOVE ‘ FOLLOW YOUR HEART. !! …if Love says something that you thought only you knew or something that you just feel is right …… keep going and don’t look back …PLEASE DON’T LOOK BACK !! …….and if Love says something you don’t understand ‘ its because Love is blinding you with the light…. can’t see anything in the dark and you most certainly can’t see anything in the light… A Light so bright it’s blinding…..The Truth. in Love………..I DID NOT WANT THIS !!! It was forced on me……… I am ‘Jonah trapped in a fish…… Humble before love ‘I beg ” Let me Die And love standing there laughing……. My shame: ….I have given up on life but I will never give up on YOU…….!!!! What good is life without Love :( and What good is Love. without YOU :(….

          • note for big boss

            give this note to Hilary Duff….and anybody reading this ” When this writer says ‘YOU’ this writer means YOU !! if your reading this then YOU MEANS YOU……… It is difficult to explain this style of writing .. best way I guess is: it let’s your mind drift ‘in your own imagination and at the same time the message is being delivered to the one’s it was intended for……..

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            You’re Imagination can do extraordinary Things :)
            Interesting Factoid!
            The Human Is The Only living Creature/Animal Who Has Imagination!

          • what’s in a number

            it’s not one long series of numbers: .. it’s ONE number ” repeated over and over and over………………..HILARY :)

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Hilary! Hilary! Hilary! Hilary!
            I could Get Use To That ;D

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            I See You Baby :)

          • Missing pages

            spooky ……not one word here is found in The Book ” That Hilary Duff will write … totally different story altogether……. you can come close to the Sun and feel the heat…. you don’t need to fly directly into the Sun to get the full benefit of its light …… this way Hilary’s masterpiece is untouched… but you did see a couple of trailers lol

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            It Comes Naturally
            I Don’t Think It’s Spooky :P
            You Are The Thunder And I am The Lighting, You Know Who You Are! That To Me? Is Exciting! Everything comes Naturally :)
            It’s Meant To Be.

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            A Whole!
            A Whole Number!
            Whole numbers and natural numbers cannot have decimals (well, non-zero decimals anyway, because all whole numbers are essentially themselves with an infinite number of zeros attached at the end!

          • Do the math

            ok lol simple it IS lol ……….. what do all these things have in common: ?? ……………HILARY— SIERRA—–WRITER

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            We Got That Word Vomit!
            We Stay True To Ourselves :D
            We Are A Whole! We’re Not Worried about what others think because WE ARE AWESOME.
            No Doubts, We Love Ourselves :)
            Oh Yeah, We Are The Smartest Olives IN THE WORLD too! ;D
            That’s a Factoroid! If You Can’t Do The Math, Get Out Of The Equation! :P

          • Sticks and stones

            and Love said ” my Olive is about as smart as a rock ” and my Hilary not too far behind that..when it comes to Love ‘ I think its safe to say “We are all retarded lol …..writer said” so you are misdirecting the reader…ok I am down with that ” Hilary …its your Love ( 4 NOW ) DO AS YOU PLEASE

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Hilary, I am Your Love. FOREVER
            Always and Eternity.
            I love Rocks By the Way, Lol I don’t Think there Stupid.. How Could They Be? TheyKnowAllAboutSurvival :)
            Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me! I Stay Positive, The Bright-side :)

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            I replied to this, MessingWithMyWords.
            I don’t Like When People Do that.. TiskTisk

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud


          • LOVE IS THE SH!T :)

            this is what billions of people are waiting for and what the greatest writers in history have written about: Love will come into this world ‘ & Do what Love was asked to do: ..Then Love will leave this world ‘taking MANY MANY MANY With it……… not a promise. !! .. it’s a fact and it’s happening right now. !!……..The one’s in Love and Love in them ‘ they are the first gift

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            I’m Not Sorry :)
            I’m The BombDigity!
            Baby, It’s a Fact!

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Hilary, I am Your Love FOREVER.
            Always and Eternity
            You and me? We Add Up Perfectly!

          • The Devil’s Due

            your answer to the question will tell me a lot about you… and by not answering the question…. you have told me” more than what words can say

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Good Thing I’m Singing Then!
            I’m Answering All Your Questions, Are You Listening Impaired? lol

          • handy/capable not handicap

            yes I am….. listening impaired ..but it’s not my bad: all I can hear is the words of Love…….. But I promise: If I can get love to shut up: I will listen to you Better :) …. that will happen at the end of the story: when love leave this world and take you with it :)

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Love Will Never Listen To You.
            I am Love and I think Your Promises Are Sh!t. Stop Blaming Others For Your “Faults” Make The Best Of Them, I did! I will Not Shut Up, Hilary Loves My Word Vomit And Me very much and I Adore her! I will not Take Anyone With Me When I Leave this World. That’s One Of The Worst Things That Can Happen in Death. I’mOnMyOwn.

          • interesting factoid

            if this is sh!t..then you are the fly irresistibly drawn to it lol

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            LORD OF THE FLIES
            We Just Got To Work Together :)

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Stick And Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me! Or My Olives!
            They’re Sunshine On A Rainy Day, And I Love Rocks By The Way. They Know How To Survive!

          • Hilary Duff ROCKS

            Crystal clear perfect Diamond’s for My Queen !!!… To reinforce the golden Walls of the kingdom of Love: Emeralds Sapphires ‘pink and red rubies reinforce the silver road that leads to the Solid gold temple of My Goddess ….Hilary Duff <3

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Hilary Does Not Want Diamonds!
            She RocksMyWorld, Not The EmeraldsAndRubies.
            She Wants Gold! Which I have Plenty To Give!
            I Get The Silver And Copper,
            I’m Good With My Hands :)

          • pretty rocks

            24 karat gold…..Karat for Karat A crystal clear flawless diamond is worth a thousand times more then gold…..Love said ” Give My Goddess Hilary Duff All the gold in the world “Crystal clear diamonds And all manner of precious stones and metal .. To build the temple of My Goddess ” The one with the rainbow light covering the throne of our Queen :) ……. And the voice of the one on the throne Was the sound of many waters: Water is the symbol for spirit: And the voice of the one sitting on the throne Was the sound of many spirits Speaking in harmony through Love ” Now has come the hour of our salvation ” here comes one speaking a language you do not understand …………. clue or reader: I’m not speaking ” IN ” a language you do not understand ( any foreign language that is not native to your country or you ) no no no……..I am speaking ” A ” language: you do not understand….. it’s a way of communicating that you do not understand: the Spirit is speaking…….. sudden change of subject: I will tell you the mystery of the 24 elders that throw their crowns before the throne of God saying “all glory be to the one that was “the one that is and the one that Will be” forever more…..if you can tell me / how many hours are in a day lol John of Patmos is one of the easiest writes to understand: … inspiration made the ending simple lol .. what you want to hear: is the Lost gospel of love this gospel contains the ministry of love. as recorded by the sons of light…….,.for Hilary Duff only

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            My Heart Says Not To Doubt That I will Get A Happy Ending.
            I am Love, I don’t Follow Love. I Follow My Heart and my heart will be guiding me home when it is time, You have Taught Me Patience and to Live with what I have for now, I Make it work. I have not given up on life but agreed i’m not living much of a life at all without you My Goddess. You Keep My Heart Beating and My mind out of the Negativity, I am My best when I am Serving you.You Make Me Sing, You Make Me Happy, You Inspire Me. I don’t need too much. Just Somebody To Love. This Was Not Forced Onto Me And I think That’s Part of the reason I love You and This So Much. I will Never Let go Of That, Or You Hilary :)
            You Are Frowning, Please Smile. Or Make A Silly Face In The Mirror If I’m not doing my job right. If so Tell Me! I just Want to be the best me I can Be For You.
            You’re Beautiful and you know it. Look At Yourself in the Mirror And Give Yourself The Ugliest Face You Can Make. I swear It Will Make You Laugh :P

          • rhetorical

            just looking at my self is ugly enough” I don’t need to make a face to help lol..and yes it makes me laugh my shiny red a$$ off hahahahah and still I am better looking then that Guy hahahaha.. hell’ any Guy is better looking then “That Guy hahahaha ……no no no … you’re doing just fine :) * it is’ ‘I that needs to adapt to you……..on a side note : I absolutely love your writing” you got’s some mad skills :) skylar ..tru-dat

          • THAT GUY

            what am I saying ” I AM ” THAT GUY hahahaha. hahahaha now you can laugh at me……I know “I am hahahahah DEEP and LONG :)

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            OhMyJeeeeeez. I’m Picking Up What Your throwing Down. I haven’t had those thoughts in a LongLongWhile. I Like You, A lot! lol Do your Thang Girl, YouSexyAndYouKnowIt :D MirrorTimeIsBestTime!
            He Is Ugly, Lol I’m Sure You See Best With Your Eyes Closed Like Me. Try that! lol

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Why Thank you Hilary,
            You Got Mad Skillz Yourself! We’re A Good Match.
            A Perfect Match Actually :)

        • Skylar Drew MIchaud

          Oh She’s So International :)
          Hilary Is International, She Is Not Just Loving The United States. She Loves The World.
          Regarding what you said before.. Point Proven, There Is No Hiding. Lol For Me It’s About Being aware of my soroundings at all times. Because of this Technology BOOOM In The United States Nothing Is Private. Sooooo Why Not Scream It On The Top Of RoofTops? I have Nothing To Hide, All I have to do is Protect My Being and Heart. The Gold In My Veins and The Key Around My Neck Belongs To You Hilary.

          • BINGO

            give that lady a prize :)

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Hilary is As Patient as me, More Even! Her Prize Will Come :)
            Love Is The Prize, That’s Me!

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Once Again Post Master, If You Do Not Like What I have To Say. Go Away!
            Love IS THE PRIZE
            I AM LOVE
            Hilary Will Get Her Prize :)

        • Skylar Drew MIchaud

          Author Probably Knew Because Nothing Is Private! (Also I Stated It Right Above) I have Nothing To hide or protect Besides My Heart.
          Facebook, The Internet, The Phone Lines. Inside your homes even! NOTHING lol Is Private.
          All I can Do Is Be Myself. I am Not Guilty of anything.

          • ghost in your computer

            do you think so …lol don’t underestimate Love lol what you see ‘is what Love wants you to see…….. and besides “you ruined the movie with reality :(

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Lol I have a knack For Ruining Movies. They’re Always So Predictable for me! lol
            I will Never Underestimate Myself Or You Hilary :)
            I can Do anything I set my mind too, Lol and Hilary lol
            She can straight up do Anything!

          • love in a bottle

            You are absolutely right !!! My Fire: Hilary Duff “Put love in a bottle and sold it. !!! hahahahahahaha ….If she can do this “she can do anything..!!!.. ##Straight up anything :) Especially to this writer lol but TRUE :) ……Love On the other hand “Not so much….. This is one reason ‘You should not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing lol” if I lost you: then I have Lost you in truth hallelujah lol

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Well Your Bottle Has A BIG message to get Across. You Sent Me On Quite A Journey, I’ve Learned ALOT. You Can Do ANYTHING HILARY. FACT!
            This I Know Is True Without a doubt in my mind.
            If Your Losing Me At All In The Truth, It’s Okay. Touch’e To You! I’m still very Eager To Come Home and See/Hear Your FULL Perspective :)
            You Are All That I Strive And Inspire To Be. You’re My Favorite.

        • Skylar Drew MIchaud

          United States Is Not Home Of The Free.
          Just Saying, If You believe that you are Brainwashed lol Home Of The We Do As We’re Told More Like It.
          Around my way? Freedom Ain’t Free. Live from the other side what you seeA bunch of nonsense on my TV. Heaven on Earth is what I need, But I feel I’m in hell every time I breathe!

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Hilary Is My Heaven On Earth.
            I Am Freeeeee :)
            I use Lyrics to Express Myself, Force Of Habit :P

          • Raise your voice

            please refer to the post ( YOUR VOTE ) ………….just adding … if you’re going to raise your voice” this is the way to do it: …VOTE Or be quiet

          • Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Vote Up! Up! And Away :D
            Hilary Duff For President of the United States!
            Her Running mate will be truth and her agenda will be love.
            She Will not ask for change because she knows the American people need dollars now that makes cents!
            A vote for Hilary Duff is a vote for Love. I will personally be writing her campaign speeches, to inspire a nation to breathe life back into hope.
            A vote for Hilary Duff is a vote for you! The American people!
            paid for by the Hilary Duff For president Foundation. (A real future event ) Believe it! You have a Voice, Raise it! You have some feet, StompIt! NoExcuses! OneBandOneSound.
            Make A Change! Spread the word Hummingbirds!