Making a resolution to read more books in 2014 and get more involved in my community. #LetsBubble together. What will you be doing? #ad

Dec 31 2013

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  • Vaiana Attinger

    Hi Hilary, I wish you a very Happy New Year! I would like to share a wonderful book to support your New Year’s resolutions: Aspire by Kevin Hall. We also share your resolutions of getting more involved in our community. Maybe we could collaborate. xoxo Vaia

    • Skylar Drew MIchaud

      Stop!. Collaborate. And Listen! lol :D
      Have a great New Year and SpreadTheWordHummingbird, Community! A Great Place to begin :)

  • Amanda

    Happy late new years(: I’ve been a fan of your work since i was about 5 yrs old(: Lizzie McGuire was the best show in my childhood! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family(:


    you can start by reading your own web sight hahahahah … for Love …well Love is and always will be Love :) #ad You want to read and Love does write .. let’s bubble that together and have an awesome year …Happy New year 2 The Hilary Duff website writers lol

    • New Year’s resolution

      New Year’s resolution bring 30 million fans to this web sight by years end….as Love would say ” piece of cake :) in Loves time BILLIONS <3333333 []

  • Skylar Drew MIchaud

    ShakeThatBubbleTonight! You’reLook’nFine!

  • Liz

    Haha we have the same resolution hilary. I want to read more xx

    • Skylar Drew MIchaud

      Would your last name Happen to be Dolley Liz?

    • Missing -X

      Liz what good is XX without the missing X… lol ( XXX ) ..hahahahah just playing with you ..I know .. hugs & kiss’S oxoxoxo xx lol … on a different note ..I have not seen Wayne lately..guess he discovered that Love is crazy but NEVER Dumb lol …not to worry….Love will bring you out of hiding …

      • Skylar Drew MIchaud

        I’m definitely Sparking a bit of curiosity in others :)

      • Skylar Drew MIchaud

        ComeOutComeOutWhereverYouAre lol
        Wayne! I love you too man! lol

  • Skylar Drew MIchaud

    I want to be the best me I can be !
    I also wanna know you better :)

    • Skylar Drew MIchaud

      I fancy your Book Selection so far! Good Taste!
      Makes me even wanna read! :P


        why stop at reading a book when Love can show you How to read people … makes for fascinating reading …indeed. and if you make it to the advanced. classes can even read a person in a photo and even from the other side of the world and through time and over the Internet with out seeing or hearing the person on the other end …….. this skill will come in handy whenever you deal with anybody ….keep watching …THE BOOK OF LOVE …so much more then just a book

        • Skylar Drew MIchaud

          I’m pretty freaking fantastic huh?.. lol
          Well, Maybe not EVEREVER but You know, The Dorky (Oh Sh^^% I just got caught smilingHardcore at a Text look) :D

          • Love Challenges you

            Destiny.. give me a freaking break here lol it’s not enough ..Hilary Duff Has a comment section That is more of a conversation Between Love and Destiny And every so often a brave fan lol Love wants EVERY HILARY DUFF FAN To come here and comment… But don’t forget To check back on your comment .. Destiny IN Love Will always comment On your comment lol … that’s a comment that challenges you ……come get Hilary Duff’s Love It’s your Destiny