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Nov 15 2013

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  • random post

    BEAUTIFUL. !!!! 26 WOW.. is that times lol thank you :)

  • open doors

    is that all ..lol Wayne …Hilary Duff is new to you but Love has been watching her for many years ….Hilary means a lot to me because she opened the door to Love with a single musical note that only she could hit ……..yes you heard right …True Love was sleeping tell its time and it must be time for the world to know Love ..with out Hilary ….there would be NO LOVE ….the world thanks you Hilary … In case you’re wondering That musical note Will be found in Hilary’s song …. Who’s that girl !!! BINGO

  • Wayne

    That is really great Hilary, it is good to see someone who is famous so humble and down to Earth. I never knew who you were till a woman from Iraq who uses your pictures for her Identity and then I looked you up on wikipedia


    Hilary this you got to see .. Disney done it again OMG !! ..Turn to Disney Channel and look for { A.N.T FARM } .. What your looking for is the most talented actress ever to grace the screen next to Hilary Duff …..she is BEAUTIFUL and Funny she cracks me up …its not easy to make love smile but she did ……Love gives you the most likely replacement of Hilary Duff …..welcome to the world of Love ”’ Sierra mcCormick ”’ …makes my mouth water just looking at her…..sorry Hilary but she is OMG AWESOME and your married …..what is Love to do ?? lol

  • True Love

    BEAUTIFUL. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

  • Joyful disappointment

    thank you ..thank you…O THANK YOU Hilary :) now this is a photo Love can get behind ..true that !!! in my life I’ve never seen such a beautiful thing and what stands in my way… is a diamond ring… OUCH :( is this the part where I am supposed to be happy for you .. then I ask myself.. who’s going to be happy for me .. there will never be another Hilary Duff… My Goddess ..fan love is all I got …..4NOW :)