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Nov 11 2013

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  • endless self

    again ….WHAT IS SELF ? ….just a learning experience ..everyday you change with every new thing you learn become something new …it’s called growing …’s like a really good chocolate cake .. no matter how many layers of fudge you put on it’s still a cake and what makes it taste good is the ingredients and how well you put it together….so if you just be yourself all your doing is being someone that you think you are .. tell a new day brings a new you …no room for all Love has to say ..but little by little you will come to understand True Love and it’s meaning …thank you Hilary

  • Wayne

    Being yourself is the only way I can imagine being, even when I screw up people stand by me and God forgives, just enjoy life.

  • pick me :)

    simple wisdom and reality check and a few others are only characters created by the writer behind True Love…A good mind is a terrible thing to waste don’t you think ……lol the illusion the magic of writing …aww so sweet :) …. the truly gifted will blow your socks off … the return of Black Thunder coming to the theater near you …… not a real movie lol yet.. but consider this my audition :) lol

  • simple wisdom

    before we can be ourselves we must know who we are… and that takes a lifetime .. so by the time you get to be yourself ..your life is over hahahahah.. let’s just try to get through the day in one piece lol

  • reality check

    and this is coming from a lady who gets paid ‘to not be herself hahahahah