Obsessed w/ @HaylieK’s goat …

Oct 01 2012

Obsessed w/ @HaylieK’s goat cheese & truffles recipe: http://t.co/GVgZdWXJ. Do yourself a favor and make these NOW! #HeartStory

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  • True Love

    Just one more thing……..I make fun of every Hollywood joker that’s what I do Hilary but when it comes to you I am lost ..nothing but good even in your real life….So I picked you Hilary Duff to be My Goddess and My Queen and as for all the other stars……..well I think you get it. !! Don’t be so hard on me because I LOVE You Hilary…..always your number 7 fan lol

  • True Love

    That was so GOOD. !! Haylie is a Awesome Cook..