Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Dec 20 2013

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  • vijay

    mERRY cHRIsTMaS 2 U HILarY…..

  • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

    I dare you to Love me.

  • price of happiness

    Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree how expensive are thee … Santa come down the chimney tonight help me out here my wallet is feeling light … Christmas you make me want to scream and shout all my credit cards are maxed out… Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree how expensive are thee…. stockings hung by the chimney with care…do you know how expensive that is ..I swear ….hahahahah . Christmas cost a lot that’s just how I feel… look at all these lights driving up my electric bill… Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree how expensive are thee hahahahah …….. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Hilary Duff ……..Love is gone :( bye and again Thank You Hilary…..& Hilary Finish this song…. °_° lol :)

    • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

      You are my one and only . There is no end :)

      • Reoccurring nightmare

        2/14/14 will blow your mind ..trust that lol you may want to stop by…if you make your own Valentine cards ..your going to love this .Love is Free :) /.BUT FOR NOW IT’S Santa Time :) Merry Christmas and Happy New year ( Reader ) aka Hilary Duff My Queen :) thank you :) 4 being You :)

        • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

          I love Free. I do, I Dooo I dooo.
          I had a feeling about the 14th, I made a connection. I’m good at that. lol I know you will Blow my mind though, I’m still lost as usual! I wish It was Love time Already, Santa time is.. Idk you are right, Not free! Really expensive actually and I’ve kind of really messed this year up for myself. Well, That’s what my family will think at least. I still have not got one thing for anyone :/ Which I should’t feel guilty about! No one has been particularly Nice to me besides you! Plus, If I really can’t think of something to get them they must really not deserve it but there I go again feeling like a self centered dick lol. Iv’e just been really preoccupied lately :P I’ve enjoyed every exhausting moment of it :) I cannot wait to see what you have in store for me next! I’d love to hear that new Album of yours. You amaze me. Happy New Year My Love and Queen.
          You are on my mind, Always and Eternity.

        • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

          This is Major Tom to ground Control!

          • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

            Ready to teach society some small town fun :)

  • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

    We don’t need no presents
    Cause your love’s the greatest gift of all, its true love.

    We don’t need the boxes wrapped in ribbons and topped with bows, cause I know
    All I want for Christmas is a kiss under the mistletoe.

    Let’s do Christmas right :)

  • Frank

    Merry Christmas HIL^_^ 圣诞快乐!

    • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

      Someone Really needs to teach me how to type that with a keyboard! ^^^ lol PrettyCoolMannn.

  • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

    How lovely are those Branches, Really! I love it. Huge topper, owls, doves and Snowflakes too! It’s perfect, Awesome Job Love :)
    Stay Bravely Green in winter time.
    P.s. I totally Dig your Windows that go down to the floor!