I! Have! A! Record! Deal!

Mar 28 2014

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Suuuuper blonde. No extensions @uppercasey murdered my color today 5 hrs. 100+foils #nobiggie

Mar 27 2014

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Go ahead and guess what’s about to go down in my kitchen? I’m getting my hair colored so @lowenban is gunna start this naughtiness

Mar 27 2014

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#tbt clearly this was a good fashion choice! #iwon not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 but 6 hair chopsticks #winningatlife

Mar 27 2014

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#overalls #pinkkisser

Mar 27 2014

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Discovering vocal zone throat pastilles has changed the game for recording with a sore throat

Mar 25 2014

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These are so gooood #uoeno

Mar 24 2014

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dopest birthday cakes evvvvvvvver @charmcitycakeswest Luca almost had a heart failure!!!

Mar 22 2014

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Dopest birthday cakes evvvvvver luca almost had a heart failure

Mar 22 2014

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Mar 22 2014

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