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  • Elise McKenna Herndon

    I meant actors and actresses sorry

  • Elise McKenna Herndon

    My name is Elise I am 13 years old. I have begun catching up on a show not forgotten Lizzie McGuire. Mrs.Duff I have wondered a few things. I wish to be an actress myself a singer also. Participating in the school choir and plays from…where ever I have decided it is a great life choice. I understand from recently viewed websites that many past actress and actresses don’t speak of it in which I understand. I wonder how was your relation to your fellow cast mates? Would you have gone back to change anything? If you could make the perfect episode of lizzie McGuire what would it be? I don’t truly believe that you may reply (though I would scream at the top of my lungs. ) I have taken Lizzie Miranda and Gordo as my romodels (I don’t know how to spell that) I believe that Disney needs shows like that again. More how do I put this.. real. People like you I mean you Mrs.Duff are the people that the world needs. To move through life like the rest of the world. You Are Lizzie McGuire. Mrs Duff. You and Lizzie show girls that you can be normal and it’s okay Gordo showed that you shouldn’t just follow every one else you need to be your own person. (A great message for the teenage mind when drugs and starving your self it’s main priority and cuts are a fashion) I will show all of my friend who have not seen your amazing work of art the couch and t.v. you are a example for girls in middle school you show the good things and faults you also show that as a woman that does not mean to go do drugs our get drunk. You libre an Amazing life with a child and husband. I hope that I may get a reply soon in a few months or maybe never I just hope you hear my message.

    With the greatest regards
    Elise McKenna Herndon

  • MJ

    I’ve always been a fan of your music! So happy to hear there’s more to come! My older sister took me to see you in concert when I was about 14. And then she dedicated “Beat of my Heart” to me at her wedding! That was our song! Everyone left the dance floor and it was just us dancing up a storm! Good times :)

  • Brandy

    Random fact: Lizzie Mcguire was how I asked my mom for my first bra. I went to your concert in Hawaii when I was a kid. It was my first concert.

  • Elizabeth Vickers

    Hilary I love watching u play in movies and tv shows ur great at singing heck ur better then me I want to tell u to keep doing wat ur doing bc it will get u somewhere one day and don’t turn into Miley Cyrus plz ur beautiful and a lot more smarter

  • Emma162

    Hi! You are the greatest celebrity I’ve ever seen!! You are my role model.
    Just asking but is it hard to become a Actress?

  • jessica chaile

    Sos la mejor hil, lo amo a luca,es hermoso!!! Desde Argentina, jessica!!!

  • Doria

    coucou hilary jaime beaucoup ta nouvelle coupe de cheveux cest jolie, cela dit tu devrai les lacher plus souvent ….XOXO

  • Ana Lú

    I’ll never forget Lizzie McGuire …. was my favorite .. sometimes i search it in youtube for remebering that good times …. from Colombia for u … I really love u

  • Larry

    Best movie was Cinderella Story!

  • eleonora

    I love you Hilary <3 <3 come to Italy pleaaaaaase i have to see one of your concerts before I die ahah you are the greatest star I know.. Italy is waiting for u <3 <3

  • anderson

    site muito bacana, seus filmes aqui no brasil fazem muito sucesso , parabens e q Deus lhe abançoe cada vez mais.

  • ashwang

    you’re the only disney child that never gone wild.. ;) keep it up!

  • Chloe

    Hey Hilary! I’ve never written to you before, in fact, I have never written to a celebrity before. I’ve tried to find your fan mail address but nothing seems certain. So I suppose this shall do! Ever since I was a little girl, I watched Lizzie McGuire and memorized all of your songs. You’re just an amazing role model and one of the only celebrities I even give a crap about. I mean seriously, I could care less about Hollywood. But, you? You’ve been an inspiration to me and I can’t thank you enough for just being you. Since I’m here typing this to you, I might as well share a little more. Remember that song Hide Away? You sing that so beautifully! Another song I love is No Work, All Play. Seriously, so motivating. Also, A Day In The Sun is pretty awesome. It’s my jam. I really dig that you’re writing your own music now, too. Totally badass. I do have one question..Would you ever be willing to post something inspirational about getting over your fears or something you have found meaningful throughout your life so far? Not that you don’t already! LOL But, you know what I mean. Anyway, thanks for reading. Maybe one day our paths will cross. But until then (if ever), I shall continue to be a part of your everlasting support system! Peace and love to you, Hilary. I hold an immense amount of gratitude for you. Sending you loving vibes from over here in Honolulu :D

  • RME92888

    Thank for being at awesome role model.

  • daisie

    I agree. I used to watch you as a kid, I’m sure we’re about the same age. It makes me super happy to see you stay awesome and to not let all the hollywood madness get to you. After seeing Miley, and Lindsey go down the road that they have and make the examples of themselves for young girls as they have, It makes me super grateful to see you staying awesome. Keep it simple, keep it happy.

  • Emmanuel Chavarria

    i always love Hilary since i was like 15 and im now 23 haha, i have almost all hilarys albums!! im waiting for the next one!!!

  • Karina Medina

    Regresa a Mexico!!! regresa a monterrey!!

  • Clayton Gillett

    I would love to do a duet with you, with our vocal there would be no stopping us <3 xx

  • Oksana Gula

    Hey hilary, congrats to your sister on her engagement :) Still wish u and mike didnt file for divorce, but it happens. stay beautiful hilary, your amazing & you’ll always be thought in that way from us fans :) Love you Hil! – oksana

  • Moise

    My favorite movie of all time is Raise Your Voice!

  • Jaimers

    Can you come out with new music already the stuff on the radio sucks!

  • Sarah Diaz

    Love you so much Hilary! I can’t wait for your new music! Hope you come to Calgary, Alberta! I’ve been a fan since I was a little tiny kid, almost 18 now! Some things never change

  • Aleksandra Tot

    Dear Hilary,
    Thanks for being good example for all the girls around the world. You are unique, different and great! Stay the way you are. Love you so much!

    Greetings from Serbia! <3

  • Brandon

    Met hilary duff when we were 10 yrs old in cali at oakwood apartments she stayed in building Q and we stayed in building N. She used to come knock on the door and ask “can the twins come out and play”. Even played a game of spin the bottle on top of the parking garage

  • whoever

    You should make some really good unique music. You have the power to change the way popular music sounds. Take some chances!

  • Meggan

    I love u hillary
    A BIG FAN OF urs
    like to read Lizzie Mcguire books

  • Melynie

    I am so worried about my daughter listening to some of the music out there today, I made her a playlist of Acceptable music and undoubtedly almost all your music was a must have

  • Georgia Louise Ketteridge

    You have been my role model since I was a little girl Hilary seriously to see how far you have come and stayed yourself and becoming a mum to your gorgeous little boy gives me so much inspiration to be like you. Your the reason I don’t give up chick :) when me and my partner have a little bundle of joy outselfs I will not be hesitating to bring them up around your movies because they’ve never let me down and like I said you are an amazing role model. You’ve gave me a great childhood and I am still totally addicted
    To your movie Cinderella story no matter how old I get it’ll always be my number one movie :)
    Stay yourself, your little man is so lucky to have a mother like you he will grow up being so grateful x

  • Rebecca from china

    This is my first time finding out this place and I am glad to see a lot of people love you just like me. Let me tell you a secret, Lizzie has been my imaginary friend since i was in the fourth grade.
    Love you forever!

  • Rebecca from china

    Each of your movie is my favorite .i love everything about you
    You are such a great role model!

  • Alison

    Hilary! Just wanted to say that lizzie mcguire was my role model growing up!! when the show aired I was in middle school and I was absolutely obsessed. you are so talented, keep doing what you do! thank you! :)

  • Heaven Spulock

    Hilary when you going to come back in movies and make new cds. i miss you alot. Love heaven

  • jammel lorena

    She’s nice..;)

  • Carmelle LeBlanc

    Hilary, I thank God for having you in our lives. My daughter, who is now 20 yrs old, and I have been your fans from the very beginning. You are so gorgeous and you’ve been blessed with your own little angel. I pray to God to protect you and your family and help you in times of needs. Never change and be the best you can be. We certainly miss you angelic voice! Luv ya xo

  • Autumn O’Hare

    You’ve always been my role model, had all of your albums and posters of you all over my wall. I remember wanting to be exactly like you. You’re still to this day my role model, you are kind, gorgeous and talented. You have always been you, never changed for anyone or anything and that’s the type of celebrity people look up to. You have been a huge inspiration for me and my music, I always listened to your music and said how I wanted to be as good as you. Thank you so much <3

  • VirtualHybrid

    Nothing better than an intelligent & beautiful woman who appreciates a martini! Thank you for proving that you CAN grow up in the industry and NOT go off the deep end.

  • Hilary is cool

    I still have that on DVD! Xxxx

  • KCCRE-007

    I am sorry to hear about the breakup, best of luck to you can’t wait to see you again on the big screen we have all been missing you good luck, just remember your fans are like your family to we all got your back.


    wish you and your family all the best in 2014

  • Bev


    I cannot even begin to explain how much I admire you and your new extended family. I’ve been a fan since I could remember. I grew up along with all your unforgettable adventures. I am now 22 so I am so glad that you remain my role model. Our sons are even born on the same year. You’re an amazing mother, with endless talent. God bless you & your family. I’m here to support you til the end!


  • Silver

    Hilary, you are stunning. I used to always think that you looked a lot like my mom. I still do. You two are very similar looking.

  • Silver

    Photos remind me of Hilary Duff because of her book Elixir. Clea Raymond is a photographer. I love that book, for the writing is beautifully written by a beautiful girl, Hilary Duff.

  • KristyC 808

    I just wanna say, Hilary Duff is the best role model to have and too bad kids now days don’t get to have a role model like her. Thanks Hilary for being my role model since I was a kid. You’re the best. <3

  • Cheryl

    loveloved watching casper meets Wendy and lizzy mcguire when I was younger shame it not on anymore loved lizzy mcguire movie that was brill music was amazing still have all the songs have all ur movies my favorite was cadet kelly brilliant film :-)

  • Nick

    I watched every episode of lizzy mcquire over and over again and still its not enough!

  • Joan Milich

    Thank you so much for being a role-model that every little girl can look up to!

  • frank

    long live Hilary,希拉里达芙万岁

  • natureshorizons


  • Kevin Woolsey

    I just recently learned you are working on new music. You and Ashley Tisdale both. Two of the classiest women in the business. You hve set a great example over the years. I have enjoyed your music and can’t wait to hear the new stuff. Keep up the hard work.

  • Courtney

    You’re my idol. Long live Hilary Duff.

  • alberich david

    is a pleasure always we will be by your side we will love
    you even if you think do not

  • alberich david

    is a pleasure we will always be by your side we will love
    you even if you think do not

  • Alyssa Meyer

    I hope that you can make more wonderful music again, I’d love to hear some great songs by a great person!!!!

  • sarah

    Once I watched A Cinderella Story I was so obsessed with you…

  • Nicole Winover

    Dear Hilary,
    I am now a senior in high school, and have been a huge fan since I was about 5 and you were on the Lizzie McGuire show. All your shows from the Lizzie Mcguire show, to and movies like Agent Cody Banks, they are my absolute favorite. I have wanted to go to Rome since I watched the Lizzie McGuire movie:)
    Anyways I just wanted to say that you have always been my role model. I have always looked up to you, and how you stayed out of the bad spot light. You have never done anything bad like other celebrities and I admire that so much. My dream is to become a model, and in becoming a model, I want to be a role model to girls just like you were to me. To show girls that they are beautiful being themselves and you can become successful without making bad choices.

    Every time I listen to one of your songs, I get a new meaning out of them. There is always a phrase that sticks out and relates to my current life and it inspires me to stay strong.

    Thank you for being such a good role model, inspiring many young girls including myself.

    I can’t wait for your new album to come out! I’m also hoping you will consider going on tour with it:)
    p.s. Your book is also amazing!

  • Shannah

    How do you stay so thin?

  • Amirreza

    You also have a beautiful voice, a beautiful face I am from Iran in the hope that one day you could see like an artist.

  • Edward Garcia

    very talented and sexy.

  • JustBrian

    Hillary… totally adopted you… :) Love the website!

  • abi

    Hey Hilary Duff you are soo amazing at singing and acting and very insprational I wish I can be like you I am thirteen and a huge fan of you

  • shawn

    we have the same bday hilary september 28th

  • Calgary boi

    Omg I still listen to ur music dignity was and still is my favorite album and in will never forget the concert hil

  • jack

    I want your number {mobile}??

  • Maria

    My sister and I have been huge fans of yours and we both love how hard you’ve worked to get where you are today. I’m not often proud of celebrities, because they seem to get into some sort of a mess, but you seem to have a very level head and an absolutely beautiful soul! I still jam out to “so yesterday” whenever I’m down and need a boost. You’re beautiful inside and out, and I really hope you continue on with your music. It’s beautiful just like it!

  • Hey Hilary

    You are amazing(: talented and beautiful

  • Mike

    i love you Hilary !! But what I love the most about you its just how humble you are !! Stay that way :)

  • rachel

    Hi Hilary,
    I am Rachel Fernando from India….

    u know am such a hugh fan of yours,,, I grewup watching lizzieMcguire and I have a good collection of ur music&movies,,, Someone’s watching over me….

    this song inspires me alot it makes me moveon never to giveup and now am 21,,, completed my engineering and moving to my management studies, but still watching lizzie for morals fo life,,,, really am not sure whether u will read this message of mine , but really i would 1day come to USA to see you in reality,, your christmas songs, come clean, fly, reach out, so yesterday , stranger,,,,, everyday i play them ,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks for being an inspiration to me ,,,,,,,,,,,

    I love You Hilary <3 <3

  • Gaby Martinez

    Hey Hilary are going to make new music and new songs this year ?

  • Gaby Martinez

    I love the song that Hilary Duff it’s called with love

  • Evelyn

    Hello,Hillary. Today is a very unusual day. I opened internet and found film with you. I have not seen the news about you for a long time, because I live in Russia (Siberia). And today I very happy! I remember when I saw you for the first time. It was film “Casper Meets Wendy”))))). It is a very beautiful film. I liked it when I was a little. And I watched a lot of films with you. Now, I’m 23 years old, but I still remember those movies. This is really cool!)))))) You’re great actress. I really wanted to be like you when I was little! And today, I want congratulate you on happy birthday!!! I wish you happiness and health to you and your family (son, husband, parents). Good luck and professional achievements!


    P.S. My english is bad, but I hope you understand my letter.

  • Andrei


  • Evelyn

    Hello, Hillary. Today is a very unusual day. I opened internet and found film with you. I have not seen the news about you for a long time, because I live in Russia (Siberia). And today I very happy! I remember when I saw you for the first time. It was film “Casper Meets Wendy”))))). It is a very beautiful film. I liked it when I was a little. And I watched a lot of films with you. Now, I’m 23 years old, but I still remember those movies. This is really cool!)))))) You’re great actress. I really wanted to be like you when I was little! And today, I want congratulate you on happy birthday!!! I wish you happiness and health to you and your family (son, husband, parents). Good luck and professional achievements!


    P.S. My English is bad, but I hope you understand my letter.

  • chris

    Hey I just wanna say ty for you being you. You help me get rough period in my life .I am thankful for that . can’t wait here your new album i sure it well be great .

  • Swati Chandiramani

    #mysketch for u <3

  • Swati Chandiramani

    #mysketch for u <3

  • isabel

    i love you

  • Brianna T.

    Hilary Duff! Oh my gosh I used to love “Lizzie McGuire!” I wanted to be her! You were my role model when I was a kid and are still a role model as an adult. I’m about to be 22 on the 29th of this month (which I know is a day after your birthday :P) and I couldn’t be happier that you stayed a nice, well-rounded woman, unlike many other Disney stars. So thanks! I’ll never forget who go me through middle school. :) <3

  • Hilaryx

    i fucking love you, never change.

  • Stephanie Fisher

    your an amazing person! You one of the few Disney stars i grew up with that i can still look up to. Thank you for keepin’ it real! You have a beautiful family. Your son us pure cuteness!

  • Justin Wiedemeier

    Thank you Hilary for having self respect and I hope more young women take notice!!!

  • amelia

    wake up cause that is my favrite song

  • amelia

    what is your favorite song

  • amelia


  • amelia

    cool girl

  • amelia

    your song stranger and wake up is so good

  • rawia

    I love you . I am rawia I am algerian I love the film a Cinderella storry

  • Renan Porto

    Fans of Hilary Duff, my name is Renan, I live in Brazil and I appreciate the work and much of Hilary Duff, come here to ask you all to help me make a small desire.

    When I was younger I wrote a screenplay for a movie, the story was good and my girlfriend had suggested as lead actress Hilary .. I know the chances of this happening are slim, but it costs tentar.Eu sure that it is a choice ideal, because the character she created in her livro.Por so I hope this message reaches to it ..

  • cindy

    i love you hilary continue comme sa est poursuit ta carriere car tu est superbe

  • Erin’

    Does Hilary duff have a son?

    • hxanime


  • felicity bungato

    Hey Hilary I think that you are a very beautiful and talented actress and singer I was wondering what you have been up to? and if I could get a signed picture of you? it would mean a lot to me, thanks for your time, I hope to get a message from you soon

  • mangesh rampure


  • Kennedy

    I’ve always loved you! I rember being four and making my parents and brothers watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie at least once a day. I still listen to your albums, and can’t wait for more. You have been my biggest role model. ;P You’ve turned out SO much better than Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan. And you’re really pretty too. Luca is soo cute, lol. Never change! <3

  • john-karl Ritter

    Hey Hilary Duff! How you doing ? I see your the cool Person that I still think is good person. I Like that about you you make me feel like your my sister or cousin or somebody in my family because you are a down to earth person. so when you signed my book you singed John jarl who cares? I dont hil you are you. so thank you for what you have become and who you have always been!
    Your Many fans —J.K.

  • john-karl Ritter


  • Biggest Fan Here

    Hi everyone says this i know but anyways, i m you r biggest fan, I love a cinderella story and watch every episode of Lizzie Mcquire! It would mean so much to me if you could reply.

  • AmandaG

    Hilary….I don’t know if you’ll ever see this…but I wanted to just applaud you for being awesome and turning into a good upstanding celebrity role model. :) My daughter and I were just discussing you last night, as we passed through Las Vegas by the MGM where we saw you in concert many years ago when she was just nine years old for her birthday. (she is now 18) She grew up watching you as Lizzie McGuire as well. We talked about the fact that you are one of the few of the child celebrity stars to grow up and not get involved in controversial activities…that you’ve done well in life to marry and become a mother while still maintaining a clean, respectable image of yourself. So, my hat is off to you, and I hope you’ll continue down this positive path in life unlike others in your industry of music and acting. Well done!

  • Aimee

    She is such a normal person! (I mean that in a good way) she’s always, what I can tell at least since sadly I’ve never met her, seemed so level headed and normal… which a lot of celebrities are but a lot let the fame go to their heads… Hilary never did I don’t think and she has always been such a great role model to ten, if not hundreds, of thousands of girls… It’s incredible and Luca is so lucky to have her as a mum… It would be amazing to meet her x

    • Aimee

      Too bad no-one ever really gets to know celebs… no-one gets the chance, you can listen to their music and say hi and get an autograph… but it would be so much better if you could just hang out with them… though obviously there are too many people to really be able to do that… But it would be an amazing experience… I’ve always imagined going to L.A and this Christmas I might actually be going if I can save the money… it would be a dream come true if i could meet her and just hang out,… But obviously I know that’s not going to happen haha… I’m not delusional but it would be incredible :(

  • artez

    Hilary y don’t u still do music u should get back on that atleast let out one more last album

  • alicia

    hilary hello how are you? I see these fabulous and happy with your son. makes me very happy to see you well. when I was a pre teen I loved to sit and watch lizzie mcguire they passed sing and dance videos. one day I find out you were coming to Argentina but I was far from Buenos Aires camp I would have loved to see you but hey could not give. I hope one day to travel to the United States and have the opportunity to meet even if it may be impossible! I like to see you happy with your family all the best for your life! kisses

  • Heather

    I love all your shows and movies since I was younger! It would be awesome to meet you

  • Ella

    I love watching your show, lizzie maquire!

  • Ella

    hi I love watching your shows!!!

  • Stephanie

    Hilary u r amazing!!! <3 Kisses and hugs from me :) So many hugs for your little sweet baby :)))

  • alejandro

    Eres hermosa mujer!

  • kamal rajput

    i love u

  • Erika Maki

    I use to watch you Lizzie McGuire when I was ten. It was a cool show. You were my first teen idol. I love all your music, too. You’re awesome.

  • sheena

    i love your movies and song…

  • valeria

    love hilare duff.

  • Regiane

    when come the show in Brazil 2013????please.

  • Alice

    Could you please tell me his name? He’s from your So Yesterday music video.

  • hakan ceylan

    harika bir kızsın her halde yesil gozler senden baskasına bukadar yakısmazdı

  • Valeria Bazo


    Been a long time, I love your movies, your voice, everything is great, I’m a little sad because I have not seen you keep acting or anything like that, but I see you’ve started a family and that’s great, we all hope you again on TV

    Peruvian and just yesterday I spent a few of your movies on Boomerang and one never tires of seeing them is the one you’re traveling to Rome and it was great to see her, I send many greetings kisses and blessings to you and your family, as I told you all hope to see you again.

    A big hug from Peru

    ♥ I love you Hillary Duff

    Valeria Bazo

  • Jermin


  • Mira

    hey ;) really nice pics :) hope ur fine! I really love many of ur films! … u are a great actrice…. but pls dont change into a …… like many stars did… thx for everything ;)

  • shreya

    Hilary you are my role model

  • Destiny Renée

    I’m a big fan of you.!! I love you! You are an amazing person,and I’m sure an amazing mommy 2.. I love the movie A Cinderella story. That’s my favorite movie.. and you are an amazing actress..!!!

  • deadpool

    I wan to mary you, I wish I was rich and lived in Hollywood id keep you forever xD when you started singing I literally lost sight of my gf and was like new love to you lol. guess that’s what stars are for for us to dream we could have. interesting concept

  • Yahaira

    As I watch ‘A Cinderella Story’ , I thank u for all your inspiration and influences you have in my life. You have been yourself throughout the fame and fortune and became a beautiful woman. Stay strong and congrats to all your new beginnings.

  • Brandon Reina

    when are you going to sing again? I would like you to sing out loud.

  • Charlie

    she is so pretty…i love her smile……LOVE YOU HILARY…………….

  • Ella

    I highly doubt you’ll ever read this Hilary but I was remember when i was young, CBBC Channel did a competition to meet you, and i always remember that i was so excited to think i had the smallest chance of being able to meet you by just simply asking you a question. My question was “You’re my idol so who is yours?” and then later on i saw another girl won that had asked the same question as me! I cried so much!
    I also remember when my mum suprised me with tickets to see you live in Birmingham in 2006 and when i got there i couldn’t quiet believe that it was you standing there.. My little head couldn’t work out that you were actually in the same room as me hahaha! And how i always used to sob at the parts in films where you used to cry, like in raise your voice.. oh my i still cry!!
    7 years on.. My best friend went to Rome (place i always wanted to go because of the LM film of course!) this year for a holiday, and wished in the trevi fountain for me to meet you!
    I know i am one of many girls but you’ll always be my Idol and i do hope one day i do meet you, just for the little girl still in me!

  • Nohbodi Serious Lee

    hey you whats up?

  • Claudir Duda

    Just watched Greta! Loved.
    You’re amazing ..
    Kisses from Braz

  • Deliaaa.rose

    I have followed you since you Casper and Lizzie McGuire was my all time favorite show. You have been the greatest inspiration to me and I could never thank you enough. I still remember when I just started 6th grade my mom took me to your concert in Jacksonville Florida and I touched your hand :) congratulations on a beautiful baby boy and a wonderful marriage. I will always look up to you and look forward to new music and movies!! May god bless you.

  • Thomas Danford

    Hi I’m Thomas, I’m 15 now I have looked up to since I was 6. You have truly been my GREATEST inspiration. Congratulations on all you accomplishments can’t wait to see what another 10 years brings! Hilary Duff Fan for life.

  • erik lopez


  • vinusha

    Hilary you are my are my BFF ..with love ummmmmmmmmha…

  • Guest

    Happy birthday Hilary…

  • Alofa

    Also where can I buy the whole Lizzie McGuire collection/dvds. I want my 9 yr old daughter to watch it too.

  • Helana

    hi Hilary, if you respond. back to this I will love you forever. alrhough I will love you no matter what. you are my role model and always will be. you are so pretty and I love everything about you. I have watched lots of your movies and listened to heaps of your songs. you songs helped me through tough times and have I mentioned how much I love you?! anyways if to answer back to me it would mean the world to me. I’d you see this, please try and at least write back, also do you have any upcoming concerts in 2013? in Australia? please tell me if you do! thankyou, your biggest fan Helana xoxo ily! <3

  • True Love

    Hilary do you have any new photos. ??
    Post at will …

  • Rachel Jayden

    you are girl magic. xxx

  • True Love

    Just saw you for the first time the other day ….You are the most Beautiful Woman I have ever seen……..thank you for that

  • halitziya21

    fuckkk you!!!

  • Angelina

    Hi. from Russia. To me 20 and the last time I heard about you a year ago. Then it was invasion, I dreamed of acquaintance, reconsidered hundreds times films clips. Cut out magazines, and abused itself that I live not in America, now 20 I study me as the mountain engineer and at me already absolutely other interests, but today I casually came across your clip, having looked which at me former feelings gushed. Decided to come on a site and simply went nuts having learned about that that you are going to have a baby. I want to congratulate you on this event, I want to wish to be good mother. You could bring up the whole generation (where entered including I, for what I want to tell many thanks))) and now you can bring up own small a miracle)) good luck to you and let the baby pleases you throughout all life))

  • Vuqar

    Hilary,i’m 15,and i’m your fan from Azerbaijan.You are very goooooog human.

  • sneha pallavi

    ur song STRANGER is breath taking. u r looking beautiful nd mesmerizing in d video. u rock!

  • Vibeke Kold Povlsen

    Hi hilary, I’ve seen all your movies and I have most of them. I’ve heard a lot of your song, and I just thought you write a lot of great songs. and you have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. I’m a big fan of you. When you hear you sing because you want to live life, and just by watching one of the movies you’re in makes you pludeselig in a good mood, I just wanted to say thousands thanks for what you are really an inspiring person. P.S. You look / sound really nice :)
    Vibeke kold povlsen, Denmark.

  • courtneyxxx <3

    dear hilary my name is courtney and im a really big fan my fave film of yours is a cinderella story i watch it like every day its way better then the secand my dreem is to be famous like u and be on the 3 rd chinderella story or 4 th it would be the most best thing wat ever happen to me my name is courtney i live in england grantham aged 10

  • Andrew Joshua Kozma

    You are one of the most inspirational celebrities out there; i have loved you ever since Lizzie mcguire and till now :( I really want you to release a new album !!

  • Salim Sanchez

    very nice

  • Дима Петров

    Hello from Ukraine. You are beautiful girl. (: That`s all))

  • Ali Speed


  • Ali Speed


  • CharlieLoPresti

    all these pictures are so freat.

  • Jalyson Silva

    you are very beautiful and I really liked you in the films represented’m your fan

  • Yami777

    ….why are a few comments flagged?  She’s great, you can’t say anything but positive stuff about her. She just has that “it” factor. Well poised, sings and acts good. Lets hope she stays sweet, and doesn’t go the way of Lindsay Lohan. Miley Cyrus, and Amanda Bynes look like their headed in Lindsays’ direction, but I hope they don’t get that far ……plez      … the few hit songs you did, and loved you on Lizzie Mcquire

  • Anna Picmeo

    In truth, you’re a great actress & singer, fabulous!
    I have 15 years, I grew up with your movies,
    & Really admire you!
    you are well & God bless you always you & your family, a thousand greetings I send you a hug & a kiss to your beautiful baby luca! ♥ (‘:

  • Anna Picmeo

    Beautiful Hilary♥c:!

  • KrzysztofS

    Hi, Hi


    YAH!Hilary Duff still in our hearts.I am so hurts that she’s out of showbiz now!I miss her so muchest in the tv.



  • Kevin

    The only person on Disney that was a positive influence on kids everywhere wish you all the best

  • Selva Kumar

    MISS you………………………

  • Taylor Edwards

    I have always loved you as an actress and singer! I am 18 and grew up watching Lizzie McGuire and all of your movies. My best friend and I would sing your songs all day long. You’re pretty amazing! <3 I know you'll be an amazing Mother!

  • steven_fer

    i want her to know that I exist :(   i hope that she read my comments

     i love you so much and i wanna meet you , i live far away , but i do anything for YOU HILARY 

  • steven_fer

    i want her to know that I exist :(   i hope that she read my comments

     i love you so much and i wanna meet you , i live far away , but i do anything for YOU HILARY 

  • steven_fer

    i want her to know that I exist :(   i hope that she read my comments

     i love you so much and i wanna meet you , i live far away , but i do anything for YOU HILARY 

  • steven_fer

    i want her to know that I exist :(   i hope that she read my comments

     i love you so much and i wanna meet you , i live far away , but i do anything for YOU HILARY 

  • steven_fer

    i want her to know that I exist :(   i hope that she read my comments

     i love you so much and i wanna meet you , i live far away , but i do anything for YOU HILARY 

  • steven_fer

    i want her to know that I exist :(   i hope that she read my comments

     i love you so much and i wanna meet you , i live far away , but i do anything for YOU HILARY 

  • Siddhesh Lakhan

    Stay awesome Hilary! :)
    I know i am a guy, but still you have been my idol since my teenage when i used to watch the “Lizzie Mcguire” show :)
    You haven’t changed much, still the same wonderful person!
    love to you <3

  • Møhämmäd Abuzaid

    You Are So Hot ….i luv u <3 

  • Val Jumper

    Hey, Mr. “alekseivoksa”  Don’t you ashamed of yourself ? If Americans don’t understand russian sleng, doesn’t mean that you can use obsene russian lenguage, here.   

  • Val Jumper

    Dear Hilary:
       Thanks a lot for being positive role model for our kids (“Good Girl”).  Keep America straight by being the one. We need more like you.
       One more point: “Lizzie McGuier” is a classic now and you may consider to sell complete package of all videos. I’d pay any money you ask. So, check this idea for marketability and just do it. This would be great as a “Collectible”, “Gift’ and
    “Just to watch” stuff.
       Good luck. Don’t change.

  • Bianca Rose De Santiago

    hi hilary my name is bianca i have been watching your shows movies and every thing u are a really good actor i hope your baby will learn from you. i have a 7 month old and a 2 year old she will be 3 in novemberi hope someday u will respond to me cuz i feel like i have wrote u for  years and you havent wrote back

  • mitch olpindo

    how’s your baby ;)

  • mitch olpindo

    hi… you look stunning…;)

  • Paula Fernández

    I remember when I watched your movies… and Lizzi Mcguire I was a big fan of this TV serie!!!

  • Native_boy591

    hello, hilary. i thought i would say hi. hi! well in to tell you life is almost harder it seems so easy. what a day smiling to make happiness got me struck hard i am on the urge for peace and happiness. it’s so hard. but um i’m doing well with life and i’m working and playing with friends and family. hope your doing good as one of the greatest story tellers ever. hope you have the times of all best to keep you happy be good and do the croud the one hilary duff should do,. :)  bye have fun k. peace!

  • Drika Alves Silva

     TE AMO

  • Drika Alves Silva

     you are the nicest celebrity in the world, that God always bless you and loves Brazil.TE AMO

  • alekseivoksa

    ты ахуенная

    • Val Jumper

      Imei sovest. Ne polzyisa tem chto amerikantsi ne ponimayout tvoi tupoi slovesniy panos. Debil.

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    lei e mia 

  • Liu Jie

    lei e mia

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    this website is so outdated

  • Daniel Copeland

    Hi Hilary i dont no if u remember me but i met u in houston,Texas and congrats on the baby boy hope to see more of u in movies,and songs and tv :D

  • Jajajajajajaj

    you remember RBD?

  • Ori Shaines

    This is my dream are made of… damn i cant forget this song :>

    i miss the movies when you were young ,now you grown up…but still beautiful and amazing…

     anyway i miss you and love you♥

  • kaka soltan

    Please email me if you love your pictures. Thanks

  • Ilish Redmond

    Thanks for being true to yourself. 

  • Constance

    Hello from France :D ! I really like all that you make ! You’re a model for me and for my friends. I wish you a lot of happiness with your family and for your futurs movies. Congratulation to you and your husband : really good job  ;) , Luca is so beautiful !
    Sorry for my English, i’m going to work it ! 
    I hope to see you and meet you one day, maybe in France ! 
    Byyeee :) 



  • Sabrina_12_26


  • Tanya Delahaye

    Hey Hilary!
    So ya know, you were my role model growing up on Lizzie McGuire (I am now 20 years old and still think you’re awesome!). When I was younger I received your autograph when you came to visit Six Flags Marine World in Northern California. I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful baby boy, Luca. Babies are great, and I know you’ll make a great mom! 


  • Lizzie

    Awwwww he’s is so adorable you must be a very proud mummy xxxxx

  • Hilaryduff1fan999

    i love you hilary duff youre the best ever and forever..

  • Rcockrellemt

    I think you should play the part of Anastasia Steele in fifty shades of grey!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    Hilary Duff, I remember watching The Lizzie McGuire show about ten years ago. I always admired your character, and how pretty you were! And it is so incredible to see that times fly by and now you have a baby boy! I am so happy that I have chosen you as my role model. You really are beautiful and I’m happy for  you and your family! I love you! Much love, Laura. ♥

  • Vic

    Hilary you are soooo gorgeous and I hope your next album is as amazing and perfect as Dignity!!  Also would love to see a tour :) come back to Everett, WA :D :D

  • Breann Peoples

    You are the greatest role model ever! You never did that bad girl act like Britany Spears went. You stayed true to yourself. I use to watch Lizzie McGuire everyday when I was little. I love your songs and your personality. You are my role model!

  • Louise durosier

    Hilary Duff, I only have 8 years but I can say I love you you are so beautiful I love you!

  • Veronica

    ur baby is wonderful, sure will be amazing as u r! :) 

  • Xiverarafael1

    hi sweety, happy easter and congrats on the  new man in your life.
    fine me on twiter at xivera002 so i can kiss you and make my day by posting up for me. love always havi from so be

  • alejandra rodriguez

    i just wanted to say that you are my role model and that i am your fan and i will always be your fan.I have all the movies that you made and i still watch them and that im so happy  for you.i also wanted to ask you if you know where i can buy the dress you wore in the movie another Cinderella story (2008)  i would really want to wear it for my very special day…….
    thanks <3

  • tamara

    Hi hillary hope my comment gets through congrats! so happy you  finally made it and you are a joyful family look after this little perfect guy he is beautiful and i am sure you and your hubby will be great loving parents! now your’e a mum ! i am too children make our life and really complete our family in a way nothing else really can best job ever take care tamara

  • Shiloh

    Hillary congragulations on your beautiful baby boy he will be the light of your life love and enjoy and protect this precious little one, another mum with precious ones of my own too now you are a complete beautiful family enjoy gods gift to you both luv you and all the best!,oh can we see some more pictures soon pleaseeeee!

  • Ale Zarco

    Hilary! i hope that u can see my post, i love u so much! you’re great and i wish u the best in this moments of ur life. i wait for your next project. i send u a big hug from my heart. From Guadalajara, México. Ale 

  • Bennettnichelle

    im really glad you didnt end up like everyone else in hollywood :) be thankful your different..

  • Cayla Kapilla Armatti

    Hey, Hilary, My daughters, 25 and 21, have grown up with you as well….My youngest had your photos plastering her wall during middle school and owns every CD and movie you’ve been in, and attended every concert near FL.  As everyone is saying, we admire you for keeping a strong head about you and avoiding the many pitfalls of teen stardom. You are an amazing and beautiful young woman!

    THAT being said…. get someone to help you turn your photos (above) into a slideshow view so people don’t have to click on each one separately, and also there should be a setting where the newest comments show up on the top instead of the bottom.

    Congratulations on the birth of your son! @readlistendream

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    i am doing you for my book report i loook up to you

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    you are best. its only thing that i can say

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    how can I get an autographed picture   plz respond to

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    Congratulations on your beautiful Luca

  • Sofiaa

    I loveeeeeeeee youuuuuuuu <3

  • Samantha jane smith

    congrats hilary duff on your baby son luca well done

    from samantha jane smith from taunton somerset aged 24 years old

  • Diana Lindsay Jacobson

    Thank you for being such a down to earth woman in spite of the crazy Hollywood reporters who will do anything to dig up dirt on someone. Somehow you have been able to remain yourself and continue to be a positive role model of someone who can still be famous but also a wonderful wife, mother, and someone who is wholesome and modest. I wish you all the best in your career and life. Congratulations on the beautiful baby boy!

  • Judith

    beautiful son! Congratulations!

  • Anissa6

    Can’t Believe how cute Luca is! Wish u all the best! I got 2 kids myself and u’ll see it’s the most fulfilling and rewarding experience u’ll ever live….

    Anissa (from far away…. Belgium……)

  • Csyepes06

    hi i’m your number 1 fan., i’m happy that you have your baby. and he’s sooo CUTE..

  • Sofia Martinez

    Hilary we lovee you!! ,I’ve watched you grow up on TV and im soo proud of you!!   congrats for your sweet baby!!
    Sofia ,
                                  from venezuela :D <3

  • Zoethor

    i used to be obsessed with you.. every movie, programme, song you were in i had either had watched it a million times or played it on repeat 5 times a day. i used to want to be you.. now i just think your an amazing person who’s beautiful. congratulations on your baby too, soooo cute xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Souhaieb Dakhlaoui

    i <3 you sooooooooooooooooo much !! :) :)

  • emily ennis

    congrats on the new bundle of joy!

  • emily ennis

    congrats on the new bundle of joy!

  • Dbafik

    Hi Hil, I am Dawid, I am your great fan. I am watching your films and the music and I am listening until today. Perhaps we talked at one time on skype certain Emma’s thanks. I apologise for my English and I am greeting the heat.

  • Charity Lynn

    I am now almost 26 (August 1st) and I have grown up watching your movies and listening to your music.  I have to say that you are the most real and respectable young female role models out there, keep up the good work! Congrats on the baby, I’m sure everything will be wonderful in the years you have ahead of you.


  • GemmaChristy

    Very pretty in the summer pic. P.S: can we see the new baby? 

  • Enide Yvette Jennings

    Hilary I  watched  Lizzie McGuire, listened to your music; you have grown so much, as have I !!! ;–] ,but i really love you. You are the first girl i saw, the first show wen i came to america, i hold a high inspiration from you, and now we are both mothers i like that!! mine is a girl and she is all ready a year. I’ll tell you enjoy been a new born mother because it don’t last. He will be a wild one in days to come. ttyl  ;–} 

  • Enide Yvette Jennings

    Hilary I  watched  Lizzie McGuire, listened to your music; you have grown so much, as have I !!! ;–] ,but i really love you. You are the first girl i saw, the first show wen i came to america, i hold a high inspiration from you, and now we are both mothers i like that!! mine is a girl and she is all ready a year. I’ll tell you enjoy been a new born mother because it don’t last. He will be a wild one in days to come. ttyl  ;–} 

  • Enide Yvette Jennings

    Hilary I  watched  Lizzie McGuire, listened to your music; you have grown so much, as have I !!! ;–] ,but i really love you. You are the first girl i saw, the first show wen i came to america, i hold a high inspiration from you, and now we are both mothers i like that!! mine is a girl and she is all ready a year. I’ll tell you enjoy been a new born mother because it don’t last. He will be a wild one in days to come. ttyl  ;–} 

  • Fatimah

    my roll model since i was 12 years old tell now<3 love you!!

  • savanna

    i love you so much hilary . from lizzie mcguire to beautiful mom!

  • Valerie

    You were (and still are) my role model growing up! Loved watching Lizzie Mcguire and listening to your music. Congratulations on the baby!

  • Nadinewalsh_123

    i love you hilary duff, your my role-model and such a good actress, love you always x

  • Kayla Burton

    You are amazing. I would give anything to meet you! I grew up loving your music and your movie & shows. You were my idol growing up. Your Metamorphosis CD was the first CD I owned & I have went thru 6 of them! Please email me! 

  • Arpita

    I just love your movies especially the Lizzie Mcguire movie…….. I am a big fan of yours and congratulations!!!!

  • Ashlee-Rose Dutcher

    Hilary Duffs baby, or her sisters baby?
    from:Ashlee-Rose Dutcher

  • Keidis

    Hilary I love you. When you sang so many songs I would literary stop anything I was doing and listen to your songs! I really will miss you when you cut the singing business. But say hey to your little one for me because I know he’ll be adorable. Thanks so much for everything that you’ve done for everyone. You are my singing role model so thank you. There is no one out there that compares so you Hilary! I love you and everything you did and what’s to come, thanks again
    -from your biggest, big, huge, fan
    -Keidis <3 

  • busraaa

    hı ı am turksh so ı am not english but ı love so so much hilary duff…..Can you please contact me so we can

  • busraaa

    hı  ı am turksh so ı am not english but ı love so much hilry duff…Can you please contact me so we can

  • Busraaa

    hı ı am turksh ı am not englısh but ı love hilary duff Can you please contact me so we can

  • Original_britt

    Hilary! you have honestly ben a big hero to me since i was 8 years old. (im now 17) congrats on your baby im sure you’ll be a amazing mother…Brittany

  • Hakim

    Welcome to the parents club, I wish you all strenght and remember not matter what happens, don t be hard on yourself as mother you are great person and you will be great institution to your son.

  • damian ellis

    hilary you are going to be a new mom with you baby you friends damian ellis

  • Wahyudi kujoyo mulyono

     hai i love you Hilary duff

  • Lm_195

    Hilary! congratulations for the baby that has just arrived to your life, I send you all my love and blessing, I know you’re gonna be an awesome mother! xo :)

  • Paola Rivera

    Congratulations on your new baby. You have always been an inspiration to me from the first movies to Lizzy McGuire and the rest of the films you have made. You are such a positive person and have really highlighted the way for young girls, showing them that you can be a celebrity and also a genuinely good person.

    You will be a great mother and I can’t wait to witness all the marvelous things you will accomplish as a celebrity and as a parent.

    Best, Paola Rivera.

  • autumn


  • autumn


  • Susan Di Ann Parsons

    Congratulations to the new parents, may your days be filled with love and happiness.  ♥

  • courtney

    hilary duff i have always loved  you . you are so talent. i believe you are going to be a wonderful mom.

  • Barbara

    Congratulation and many Blessings to you & Mike  on your new Son..

  • Alh_yra 3

    Hilary! congratulations for your son, I hope you get it all right preciosa.Un big kissfrom canary, my best wishes beautiful. A big fan of yours. Yaiza

  • Mgunckel

    Beautiful Hilary, You are a great person…great role model and down to earth human being!  I have been keeping up with you and your marraige (beautiful dress by the way).
    You and your husband will make great parents!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  • Elle

    congratulations on your baby !!! lots of love from from Darwin, Australia. you have always been a huge inspiration , even now in 2012 so yesterday is my favourite song and your CD was the first i ever brought .

  • Denizumudov

    I cannot live without you Hilary.I LOVE YOU 

  • Diego Marafatto

    You’ re just awesome and an amazing font of inspiration to me! Keep going on :)

  • Dan Vettraino

    Good for you Hilary !(Congradulations) Your 1st class all the way, I no you will be a grate mom,did you have a boy or a girl ? What’s his or her name ? And by the way your man is a very lucky man to have such acute Irish lass as yourself ! Is he Irish aswell ? Where did I read that he was/and/or is a hockey player from Canada ? Wow how cool is that !  “A” lol  Wat is his name and who does he play for ?  Any wat you guys look grate together ! It cant be easy being in the lime-lite-the-time ! But comeon now you are such a preatty shining star !  And bet you worked very hard to get where you are today so good for you “Hill” good for you. Are both your Mother and Father Irish ? do you have a big family ? brothers and /or /sisters. My name is Dan Vettraino I’m #6 on food chain out of 8 !  my Mother was trying for 12 ! wow  My mom passed away when I was 4years old I’m now 52 my younger sister was only anew born my passed. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters I’m so blessed to have them there grate My Daddy was the best dad in the whole whorld in my eyes anyway He was a travel agent ! For being Italian that man had more Irish blood in him then a “Lepercon” you see Hilary my Loved the (Irish) ! My 1st Mom maiden name was (Flynn) she went to heven in 1964 my dad remarried in 1970 to my 2nd mother her name Joan O’sellivan check this out she was born in Ireland on St. Patricks day ! how cool is that !  Dad had many many charters to Ireland over the years ! I myself got go it was along time ago 1974 I was14 yrs old but I loved it.  Have you ever been ? If not you should treat yyyyou and and family sometime you would just love it ! I’ll never forget it I want to go back some day so (GREEN) anyway  good luck and many (Blessings) with new baby and hubby. Never stop being you Hilary Duff Your my#1 hero ! a real class act ! And I’m your #1 fan, Danny Boy

  • Meghana

    conrats on a new born son


    hi hilary  duff send me  a list of any new movies

  • savannah

    you are very pretty also I love your movies

  • Dsheehy30

    Hilary I want to tell you I am very happy for you and your husband are very lucky to finally have your baby. GOOD LUCK.

  • Legena

    hilary you are such a good role model for young ladies keep up the good work and congradulations on becoming a mommy

  • Loisfinley

    Mrs duff congulations on  your baby boy.  i am big fan of  yours. lois finley

  • Dave Johnson

    Congratulations!!! So happy for you!

  • Victoriarodriguez

    so im 22 and ive been a huge fan for as long as i could remember…. i mean lets talk way back to human nature… many ppl dont know about that movie… congrats on the baby… my little girl is due july 4

  • Coolcow6

    Hilary I am proud of you! you are one of the few stars with a good life! You respect yourself! You were one of my favorite people to watch on disney growing up. I’m glad you respect yourself enough to not do pornographic or revealing photos. You really are a great role model, please dont change :)

  • Lucia

    Congratulations for having a baby
    you are a great person

  • Primrose Folkestone

     You’re going the sweetest mom ever! (:

  • Primrose Folkestone

    Congratulations with little Luca Cruz! He shall look lovely, just like his mum! Enjoy this wonder ♥ PS: His name is really beautiful!

  • Kimberley Dawn Millunzi

    i wish i could become as famous as Hilary and her sister that would be so nice but nobody would ever put me in a movie or let me become a singer

  • Jj López

    Congratulations on your baby. We are sure he will be surrounded by much happinessand love!

  • Tony

    You are excelent Hilary!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariam

    Hilary congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love you :) you are going to be an awesome mom. Thanks for setting a fabulous example for all people of all ages :D

  • Jessiereimr


  • guest

    Hi ,

    Congrats on you new son.  I came to this page to see you photos but only can see comments.  How do I see the photos?


  • Carmina Andrea Lee

    I miss your movie ” A Cinderella Story” :(

  • AmyMay

    Hilary freaking Duff I miss you so much. You were honestly my favourite person EVER when I was a kid, I did all in my power to meet you. Do more things, you deserve to be more famous than you are! Love you girl! Love someone you never even knew existed <3

  • Nachi_sacoto

    congrats Hilaryyy!!!!! love youuu

  • zaydagirl

    My name is Zayda and I am 17 years old. Like Jasmine Caron, I have been a fan of yours since Lizzie McGuire, Raise Your Voice, and all of your music albums that came out with those movies.You were my role model growing up, and basically always have been! I was so surprised when I found out that you were having a baby and getting   married because I too felt like you were growing up without me. Again, much like Jasmine said, you are showing me how to live and that it can be done even in the midst of acting and being a big star. So many young stars seem to crash and burn, but  you never have and you are truly inspiring to me and to so many of my friends as well. I hope one day to be as smart and level headed as you are. You have really inspired me to be who I want to be, I will always look up to you. Thanks so much for being the wonderful person that you are. 

    With love, 

  • Anonymous

    Hey! I am 26 years old and still ur big fan.. hope u can do a come back tour or something and visit Melbourne :) 

  • Erin.Alexander

    Hilary I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I was just a little girl! You were a role model for my entire life and I’m so happy for you that you are living a happy and wonderful lifestyle! 

  • Selina Quadrini

    Hilary , i am now 15 years old & you have always been my idol since i was 6 years old, you have followed me through out my life and your songs have helped me through everything. you’re truly amazing. I cannot tell you how much of an amazing role model you have been for me these passed years. I was 6 mimicking your music videos & pretending I was touring the world and pretending to be interviewed , id drive my mom up the walls telling her to film it all.i think i had every single movie or Lizzie McGuire episode memorized. i wanted to be exactly like you. you’ve guided me how to be a good person.. you’ve showed me the right way to live .. most stars start off great then end up ruining their lives, but you never changed. your a beautiful person & i thank you for that , i want to thank you for being there.

    Congratulations .. i heard you’re expecting .. god bless you & your family 
    love you so much xoxo

          Selina Quadrini  

  • Victoria

    Hilary, i love your songs so much since a lot of years! But i don’t understand why you don’t make a new album??!!

  • Aaa

    I love you Hilary

  • rosana_love


  • Kenziemarie94

    you’re a great role model. you’re beautiful and talented and i still play your songs on my ipod :). congrats on your baby boy! love you, and well god bless!!! <3 kenzie lacore

  • Avinc90

    Cute pics gurl!

  • Bianca Renteria

    Hey Hilary, You Are Such An inspiration To Me. i Am A Huge Fan Nd i Always Have Been Ever Since i Was Little Watching You As Lizzie McGuire. Your Music is The Best Nd Has Helped Me Get Through All The Good Nd Bad Times. i Really Look Up To You Nd Juss Wanted To Remind You Tht You Still Have Die Hard Fans Nd i Am 1 Of The Many. im 18 Nd i Still Sit Next To The Radio Nd Put On The CD “Metamorphosis” Nd Sing Along To The Songs (: You inspire Me Hilary Nd it Has Been My Dream To Meet You Nd i Hope One Day i Could Have The Honor To Do So. i Hope Everything is Going Well Nd Wish You All The Happiness Nd Joy. You Are Nd Will Always Be My Favorite Artist, Singer Nd Actress. i Take Your Music Every Where With Me Always. Thank You For Being Such An incredible Person (:

  • esther morgan

    Dear Hilary, 

    you are such a hero to me. i love everything about you. you are my idol. and im ur no 1 fan. i know all of your songs and their lyrics. omg. i cant believe im sending this to you. well…. everyday i hope to meet you. i wish my dream will come true. u are such an inspiration to me. most of all,, u’re an excellent roll model. u never act like other artist ..  you are very beautiful,talented,and most of all a great mum. i hope ur children will follow our ur footsteps.. i hope u are reading this and please comment. i love u.  

    Esther Morgan

  • JJLópez

    Greetings from Colombia.
    With my daughter, we love you so much… and really enjoyed watching your movies and before Lizzie … We like many of your songs, and hopefully soon your novels are translated into Spanish to read you better. Congratulations on your baby!

    You are beautiful… beauty… wonderfull!!! Furthermore as highlights a role model like few in this medium so conflicted!

    Excuse my english… lol

  • Miranda

    When I was younger my friend and I used to dance around and sing to your music. God has it really been that long.Lol. :)~ When I heard you were expecting (congrats by the way) I almost jumped to the moon. I am so excited for you. You are my role model and probably always will be. (:

  • kat

    Thank you for being such a great role model! <3 ya!

  • Faracejames

    Congrats on your pregnancy!Fantastic! Huge fan ever since Lizzie McGuire and good to see your writing.Haven’t read them but will!Congrats again and good luck!

  • Christa

    Me too!!!:) I can’t wait to see pictures of your beautiful new, healthy baby boy!!!:) Your baby is going to be so lucky to have you as a Mom!!:) Blessings!! One of your fans: Christa Evans:) 

  • ℓulu ♥

    Hi Hilary my name is Lulu , I’m 19 years ! 
    i just wanted tsay im a huge fan of yours! I rember the first time i watched lizzie mcguier for the first time when i was 14 and I was like WOW  i wish i just could be just like her, I didnt even know ur name , i remeber googling ” lizzie mcguier ” and finding ur name ! and the rest is history .. your movies and music has help me over come many things in my life as well as figthing cancer I listen to your music everyday during my chemo .. i so cant wait for new music from you, and i know in the bottem of my heart you will make a wonderful mother :) 
    love you always  hilary !
    xoxo Lulu

  • Beck

    Hey Hilary, when are you having that little baby!!!?!?! Come on, we’re all waiting for pics, so hurry up and have the Little One already!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE LOVE U HILARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BitchItsBree

    Hey im brielle gedeon and im 16 years old , I’ve been a huge fan since i was 10 years old .So happy your happy and one day ill get to see you , hopefully you hadn’t ended your career so soon , BIg Fan love yah xo :)

  • Chloepolos

    you beauitful

  • Marmota1289


  • Hooria

    i  love you hilary

  • Ultravioletfranii

    Dear, Hilary Duff,
    I know that maybe you have heard this comment a million of times, maybe even more, but you’re my inspiration!
    I never had the chance to meet you , but I know that I will someday, meanwhile, I have gotta say that I have admired you and your energy since Lizzie McGuire. It’s a shame that series like those aren’t done any more on Disney Channel. They were so heart-warming and fun to watch, I’m 16 and I still watch them till today because I still like them the way I liked them before. Your songs are so catchy and fun to here, and you were an amazing actress on your films. I still can’t believe that you’re going to have a baby, and I love the way you grew up as a beautiful, inspiring, mature woman. Not many celebrities like you are still straight these days, you know what I mean. Anyway I bet You’re very very busy so a very goood luck with the baby, and I hope you’ll have a wonderful life coz you deserve it!!! 
    Thanx for being my IDOL!

  • Meryem67

    Wow, unbelievable, the wonderfull child is soon to be a mommy and also married. Time flies. I hope that everybody will see that you have grown up and see you as Hillary, not as Lizzy. Because you are just you..allready a beautifull woman and soon to be mommy. Wishing you and you’re hubby the best of everything for you’re beautifull family. Kisses from Holland..Meryem

  • Laura!

    I remeber when I was 5 and you were my biggest role model i had all the dolls they made of you, posters, cds and I always watched Lizze McGuire all the time after school! I just wanted to say thanks for not turning out like Miley Cyrus or even
    Lindsay Lohan. Your still my favorite Disney star and always will be! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Vetuski

    oh yeah. i love the amount of respect you have for yourself. a true texas woman.

  • Vetuski

    ill say one thing, i bet the guy who didnt go after you when you were younger is regretting it lol. hope your doing well congrats on the baby.

  • Vero Desormeaux

    I love you so much Hilary!!!!♥♥

  • Anna_boys

    hi well ilove your music i love to sing and thanks for giving me the confidance to do that im in  small town namerd atweood ks and i really am one of your fans one thang that i wish was that i new u and u new me that would be wso cool well i have a dad that never wanted me and my stepdd that reased me walked out on me 2 years ago because my mom cheeted on him and im 15 and have reallly low confidancew but you boosted me up to sing and not be shy about anything and to tell you the truth iwould love to tell uthanks in person nut tha wont happen so hangs alot……

    hannah m
    PS i am glad that you are in the world and that i listen to ur musioc and u sing thanks for that too so much.

  • Dea Zogu

    Awww . Very nice Hilary i’am fan’s youu I love you and you’re girl’s all perfect ♥♥

  • Aurelie Huyghe

    You are one of the best Hilary :)
    Love from Belgium!

  • Gemma

    Hi Hilary :) I Love you so much ! Congrats on the baby , hope everything is well .

    Love Gem  Xx

  • Vandeilson

    hilary,sou do brasil e gostaria de dizer que sou muito seu fã,  adoro seu trabalho, espero vela aqui no brasil.Te adooorooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ada

    I’m Ada and I’m Polish. I’m your the biggest fan in Poland. I love  your all films and songs. Please, visit my country and my blog about you: It’s in polish, but you can translate it. I’m follow your all posts. I <3 Y!

  • Melissa Aróstica Campusano

    My Hilary but now you are about to become a mother, I wish you well in this new lifeyou to take with Mike. luck from Chile

  • Carolina2603_meli

    My Hilary but now you are about to become a mother, I wish you well in this new lifeyou to take with Mike. luck from Chile

  • Terigerber

    hilary i think your the coolest singer i really love your music and movies even raise your voice that’s my favrite movie. i’ll talk more next time i come to the library. love you emma, and congrats on getting married. emma

  • bubbblez

    hay Hilary, iv been a huge fan since i was small and am delighted to see your doing so well you make us all so proud…..keep up the good work…… you fans xoxox :) 

  • LindaH

    I love your With Love and I always get so many compliments when I wear it.  All I can say is keep it coming.  Thanks

    Linda HUmphrey

  • Reny Love de Chepetla

    i miss your concerts!!

  • Lisa Allen

    Hey Hilary,
    i was just wondering how old are you?????


  • Kate Norris

    Hilary, You are my favorite person to follow in the footsteps of. You’re such an amazing person at heart.

    With Love,
    Kaytlin :)

  • Shamsuzzaman Robin

    i can spend my hole life in this wall :)

  • Nikkicayuqueo Linares

    hilary i love  you  my  love

  • Nikkicayuqueo Linares

    hilary  send mi  your   photos

  • Lacie Barnett

    Hilary, you are amazing and I have been a big fan of you since I discovered Lizzie McGuire. I know this might sound weird, but I had a strange dream once that we were sisters. Anyway, I can’t believe how quickly time has gone and you are already starting a family of your own. I grew up watching the movies you were in. I think my favorite is a tie between A Cinderella Story and Raise Your Voice. I wish you all the best of luck for you and motherhood. My God bless you and your future :) -Lacie

  • Pury Perry

    oh! hilary you’re my Favorite :-)

  • Elissa Unrau

    I just wanted you to know that I have been IN LOVE with you my entire life! If I was ever to be a celebrity, I would hope that I could be as amazing as you :) <3

  • Ислам Каримжанов

    Hilary, I’m not feeling it does not convey in words. I’m just happy that when I saw your movie “Casper Meets Wendy” That’s when I first saw you on the screen. then looked at will not lie that all but almost all of your movies. You are a singer, actress, and I can safely say that your book is very popular. And in the end you mother than I congratulate you.I’m sure you’ll be a great mother. I wish you good health and success in your work. I wish that you have set your goals and went on tour. Go and smite all their angelic voice. Hilary thank you for all your work and for what you do there in this world. I look forward to a future meeting! Good-bye!

  • Alison Maher

    Hey Hilary, my name is Alison Maher and I am 23 years old. I am also pregnant and due on May 20. I have known you since you did “Casper meets Wendy” and I saw you in concert back in 06′ here in Edmonton. I love how were both going to have a baby and how easy going and down to earth you are; congratulations :) Lots of love and your in my prayers <3 All 3 of you ;)

  • Melenee Jade-Consuela

    You are the best. Love you.

    You’re so beautiful, smart, talented and successful. You’re involved in music and movies. You’ve come out with your own cosmetics line, clothing line, perfume and now you have a book.
    That is a lot for one person to accomplish. Congrats :)

  • Денис Рылов

    Hi Hilary, my name is Denis Rylov, me 17:)) Me greatly start film Superstar:)) Especially the songs 
    Fly and  Someones Watching Over Me in this film, listening to them I have five creeps, then I figured all I now your lifelong fan!:))Now every time when I am ill and lonely me pulls these songs don’t even know why after I myself bought drive with your songs. love to listen to them!Thank you for what you have:))) A Fan from Russia:))

  • Satish Kamble

    hi hilary, i am satish from india.i am 36 years old.i’ve been big fan since 5 years.i am so excited you are back…i love you..bye for now…keep rocking…be happy…bye take care dear…love you…satish

  • Alexandra Sh.

    Hi Hilary, I just wanted to say how much I love you… my name’s Alexandra and I;m 17 and I’ve been the biggest fan since I was 7. I know the lyrics to every single one of your songs and I’m so excited that you’re back in the studio:) Congratulations on the pregnancy :)

  • Pavel

    Try Russian style in clothes)))

  • Pavel

    Try Russian style in clothes)))

  • Pavel

    It is a lot of comments)))

  • Денис Рылов

    Hi Hilary, my name is Denis Rylov, me 17:)) Me greatly start film Superstar:)) Especially the songs 
    Fly and  Someones Watching Over Me in this film, listening to them I have five creeps, then I figured all I now your lifelong fan!:))Now every time when I am ill and lonely me pulls these songs don’t even know why after I myself bought drive with your songs. love to listen to them!Thank you for what you have:))) A Fan from Russia:))

  • Денис Рылов

    Hi Hilary, my name is Denis Rylov, me 17:)) Me greatly start film Superstar:)) Especially the songs 
    Fly and  Someones Watching Over Me in this film, listening to them I have five creeps, then I figured all I now your lifelong fan!:))Now every time when I am ill and lonely me pulls these songs don’t even know why after I myself bought drive with your songs. love to listen to them!Thank you for what you have:))) A Fan from Russia:))

  • Sidhant Soni

    Hey I wannna download yr videos where is it really available ????

  • Prabudh Mane

    Luv everythin abt u the way u sing u act u dance god!!!m crazy abt u

  • shelly vazquez

    I grew up looking up to you, until this very day I keep looking up to you. You were my first role model and I’m glad you were, you’re amazing. Thank you, so much!

  • Char Summerhayes

    Dearest Hilary, 
    Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, you made my childhood dreamy and you are literally the best role model of a celebrity i know. I just remember i couldn’t wait to get home to watch Lizzie M! loved it so much, always knew you would do so well and i wish you the veryy very very best with your beautiful, and very lucky baby boy. Much love xoxoxo

  • Briana ♥

    Hi, Hilary! i dont know if you will read this, but i have been for fan for as long as i can remember.. i am 14 now, and i still watch your movies, am always listening to your music.. you are SUCH an amazing insperation to young adults, all around the world! my dad still says to me, “You still listening to Hilary Fluff?” haha and i say yes! haha becuse i am, i love watching you act, and watching you sing, i can tell you love doing what you do… i have seen u 2 times in concert and it was amazing! I really hope you and your hubby have an amazing 2012 year with your baby to come! …. <3 your biggest fan…. Briana Hart

  • Nekkidnekki

    lovely Hilaryyyyyy

  • Shelby<3

    Hey Hilary! OMG I look up to you so much! I used to watch Lizzie McGuire all the time…I’m 18 and I still watch the Lizzie McGuire Movie. lol I hope you have a safe and healthy pregnancy! :) ily

  • sandhya singh

    From where can i get the book Elixir and Devoted?

  • Princess Nicole

    hilary duff is my favourite artist or something

  • Anabel Nekova

    love you Hilary and love your movies !!! <3

  • Princess Nicole

    Am Hilary I like your Photos

  • Www Jjjjjj


  • Samara

    I just wanted to tell you that you are my role model. You as well as everyone else can probably realize how horrible disney has become. You are so respectable and I remember being about 8 or 9 and watching lizzie McGuire and going to your concerts. I’m fifteen and have recently gotten obsessed with your music again. I have seen all your movies and I have all your CDs. I really hope you make more music as I would love to add to my collection. I wish you and your family happy holidays and Good luck with your delivery and I hope for your family’s health and happiness!

  • Santosh Kumar

    nic pic

  • Ivan

    Hi! My name is Ivan and i am 17 and I’mm from serbia and i’m your big fan i hope so that you read this sometimes.
    Congratulations for your baby!! i SO love you and just wonna say that you are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life!!! i LOVE you and hope so that i will meet one day! LOVE You Hilary!!

  • Wendy Janeth Esparza

    I’m proud of you! I want to be like you :$! You’re one of my idols.. I am your fan since Lizzie Mcguire jajaja, i love your songs! :) CONGRATS FOR YOUR BABY!

  • Jdjullie

    Merry. Christmis. Hilary. Duff. And. Hay lie. Duff. I. Love. You. So. Munch. Love. Julie.

  • Kaylyn Gipson

    Been a fan since Lizzie!!!! I missed you Girlie; I would like to see in some more roles in the future!! Congrats on the babi!!!! Do you know the Sex yet??? Keep being you and stay out the spotlight so they wont be in all of ur buisness

    • Bailee

      Its a boy

  • Lifeblogger326

    Hilary, you are so talented. :) Stay STRONG <3

  • Lifeblogger326

    Hilary, you are so talented :) Stay STRONG. <3

  • Jocelyn A Meza

    you are amazing! Best wishes to you!

  • Kelsea83

    i love youuuu ever since your lizzie mcguire days you deffinetley made disney what it is today

  • stu123

    you’re the most b’ful person! this is really.. i am a female fan following you since we were probably 12 something.. i mean as Lizzie you were the best thing i could ever see! kkeep up.. we all love you!

  • Melissa Mitchell

    my 4 year old daughter loves you she listen to all of your music your raise your voice movie and whatever else she can get her hands on every day and never gets tiered of you she really 

  • Melissa Mty

    hi my name is melissa im from monterrey and i meet you in 2008 i tink, i really miss your concerts, but i know you’r great with your husband, congrats for you baby and God blees you i’am a big fan! i love you!

  • olga Ishenco

    Hilary уоu are the best!!!From Russia with love!

  • Sasha Zaj

    you’re beautiful! put more pictures of you and your future baby, I love you so much

  • Shannon

    Hilary, My daughter has always looked up to you. We as her parents took her to two of your concerts.  You are absolutely Beautiful! You have always been a great inspiration for young people to look up to. You have always stayed straight as you were growing up and inspired the young girls watching you. We are all so happy for you and your husband. For your baby on the way. You will be GREAT parents. Hilary, You are a Beautiful mom to be! We are all sorry about your dog lola. We all hope she will be much better soon and be coming home real soon. We have the same kind of dog as lola. His name is Peanut. Good luck in every thing you do! Keep up the good work in all you do. Take Care. God Bless You and your growing family.

  • Galo duff

    hilary te adoro, tu música, tus películas pero sobre todo por ser una persona llena de vida y felicidad  

  • Amirhs2012

    hi.i am a irani boy and i love you so much.please

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    I love you so much
    I love you so much

    I love you so much
    I love you so much
    I love you so much

  • kevin

    there is something funny about how you act frm the other ones in the disney thats why you are my biggest fan

  • Michaela Marková

    Dear Hilary!You are my favorite singer.You are amazing!!!I love you.

  • Zarina Quliyeva

    love u so much, hilary <3

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    u r my role modal hilary duff. i like your song someones watching over me and your movie raise your voice. from melissa

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  • Nikunj Dudhat

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    no pic of baby lola

  • antonio

    I hope it goes well lola 

  • christopher cumming

    Hi Hialry my name is christopher cumming from toledo ohio i am such a very very very big fan of yours ever since 2003 you are the best pop star ever i have tons of stories pics and magazines of you i love you hilary you are the best forever its great to visit your site you are very much welcome hil and thank you for being the best star ever big hug to you to from chris merry christmas hil

  • Lateshajeangirard

    Seeing you grow into such a beautiful adult has been exciting to see! So many awesome changes and hearing about a baby on the way! I’m anxious! Been a fan for a long time. Can not wait to buy Elixir and than Devoted!

  • Denis Kunyanskiy

    I love you so much

  • Gul

    Hey hilary im really huge fan of u from Pakistan I love u  i know u r married and u have baby but i still want to marry u will u marry me…. :)

  • Chloe Sullivan

    Hilary, I’ve been your biggest fan (or at least one of your biggest) since I’ve seen you on Lizzie McGuire. You are my role model. You have no idea how much your songs have helped me through some really bad times. I will always pray for you and your family. God Bless.

  • Jose


  • Kt3b2m8

    Congratulations on your book and music, I like to wait to see and hear on a Saturday alternatives for you cute!!

  • Bacurrier2112

    Hi Hillary, Just wanted to know when you are going to make another movie. <3

  • Mstracys

    you are one of my fav actresses and singer. and i cant believe your having a baby now! congrats! geeze im 24 myself and feel old lol

  • Dede

    plz make some new songs ima huge fan love the song with love

  • Princesita Karen


  • Ahumgrl

    I want to tell you congrats on the baby. I am 24 and a mom of 2! Enjoy everything that comes from the good to the bad. it’s all what makes this life wonderful!

  • Ozz360

    hey girl your relly beautiful and you have to much tallent keep going like that

  • Yazmin Gomez41

    I love the fact you are going to be starting your own little family congratss to  you and your husban! I wish you guys the best of love! I have always been a big fan of yours and i thnk you look do cute prego! yazmin gomez

  • Veronica Pagliuso

    Love You ♥

  • Apoorv (INDIA)

    It seems like it was tomorrow when I used to watch Lizzie McGuire on Disney and today I am really feeling happy that our lil Lizzy is going to be a mother quite soon.
    All the very best to you and your family Hilary you will always be Lizzy for me.
    May Lord Krishna bless your baby.Lots of love______:)

  • Haylie_rosy

    HILARY realmente eres unikaa.. eres un ejemplo a seguir, hasta orita nno he visto a nadien como tu.. te pasas siguee asi alegraa muchoo x tu familiaa. 100pre orare xk Dios los cuide..ERES LOO MAXIMO nadien te iguala :)

  • Michelle =)

    omgosh i remember when i first saw u in casper meets wendy! i loved u so much and i still love you! im really excited to find out that you’re gonna have a baby because i am too and since we’re the same age i feel so connected to you now yayyy!! <3

  • Dgdancer

    I remember, when I was little, I would scream your song lyrics from Metamorphosis. I grew up listening to your music and I cannot thank you enough for making music. You’re an inspiration to me. Praying for your family & your baby,best wishes.

  • Just_asking_u

    Is there anybody out there who had a copy of Hillary Duff’s song A dream is a wish your heart makes? I tired to search it everywhere but cant find the whole song. Please help me. I need it for my daughters’ debut.

  • Amalea Ryckman

    I have always been a huge fan. You were my biggest role model, and you inspired me to get out of my shell. I used to be very shy, but growing up watching you on television and listening to your empowering music made me feel stronger. I was going through a really rough time in my life–me and my sister were taken away from our mom and were forced to live away from each other, and me and my dad weren’t getting along very well. I was only in the 4th grade, and I was scared and sad and so vulnerable, not to mention that I missed my mom and my sister so much. But then, I listened to your music. Everyday, your inspirational lyrics made me more confident in myself. You really saved me. Now, I am a freshman in high school, and when I’m feeling down, I always listen to it, and it makes me feel so much better. 
    I remember my very first concert–it was one of yours, of course, and it was the most exciting day of my life. I had so much fun, and I remember you sounded amazing. I will never forget that. The only thing I will say, though, is that I am very sad that you aren’t singing or acting anymore. Everything you did made such in impact on my life, and I miss how excited I would be whenever you did something knew that came out. Although, I am very happy for you, being married and having a child. I know that everything you ever did lead you up to this moment in your life, but I’m just sad to say goodbye. But, I do know that you will be a great mom, because I know you are a nice and wonderful person. In closing, I thank you, once again, for being such an impact on my life. I don’t know where I would be without you.
    Amalea Ryckman

  • elenitachavarria

    hola hilary te quiero felicitar por tu embarazo soy tu fan tengo todas las peliculas deonde sales incluyendo la de gasper

  • Mrt

    hey girl  u r really sexy

  • Daniela

    i love you Hilary
    soy de Costa Rica

  • naynay

    i lovee her website?!?

  • clear klio

    i dont know what to say….. hilary maybe is one of the sweetest girls….not because she is famous or lucky  with her amazing life…..but so good person and bleesed from GOD. we love you for the sweet personality you have .keep on enjoying us girl!!!!!!!!!!

  • ramya

    i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Sarah571

    I was like in elementary school when you started lizzie Mcguire and i loved it! I still have some throw pillows and im in 10th gr. now haha.

  • Naz Zieyra

    Hilary, I miss you. I miss ”Lizzie McGuire” because it reminds me of my childhood life and all of your song inspired me especially the song ”Fly”.It give me the strength to get up in life and never afraid to catch your dreams .Gosh!and it’s funny because everytime I listen to it I cried :(?Haha.And i hope that one day I could meet you,=).


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  • ♔ Mega Barcellano ♔

    I’ll always pray for your family & for your baby! I’m such a fan of you since “Lizzie McGuire” Days. Love you! XOXO

    • Camila

      Me too!

      • Ilse_evita

        here in the netherlands is lizzie mcguire no more on tv. but ik have dvd’s

    • Michael Kennedy

      i use to run home form school to see the Lizzie McGuire

      • nea barabea

        ME TOO! :) It was so so funny! :) ;)

      • Dawn Simmons

        me too!! :)

      • jasmin

        I used to love the movie Raise your Voice i watch it every time its on

  • Connie undurraga

    you are awesomeeeeeee 

  • Suzi :)

    Haaaaaaay Hilary, i just wanna say that you have always been a huge inspiration to me. your songs are beautiful and i enjoy listening to them . i feel like i can relate to them if you know what i mean. thanks for all you do. your beautiful !!!!!!!! xo :) when are you coming to Australia lols :)

    • Hope Jeremiah Jones

      Never mind Australia Come to my child’s school radnor primary

  • Joni

    hey hilary im a huge fan of yours. i actually have just recently read the exiler and am working on geting devoted to read. the book was amazing i loved it. i was just wondering if you will ever make it to tampa fl for a book signing. that would be so awesome.

  • Rinrocks96

    Hey! You were, still are my favorite! When I was younger all I would do is listen to you!  You are like my role model! You are so beautiful! I always wanted to look just like you. I am just now finding out about your pregnancy, I am soo happy for you! :)

  • Sjmangito

    you are awsome                    I love YOU

  • Sjmangito

    hilary come back, i was born 1999 so i didnt get to listen to your music much ;[ but the music that i did hear is amazing, and its my favorite i especially love Wake Up and To the Beat of My Heart, i wish i could meet you and hear you sing .Every time i would visit my cousin she would be watching your show Lizzie McGuire. you are so talented and soooooooooo beautiful and always remember you will always be loved by your fans and good luck with your kids i bet they will grow up to be wonderful and full of heart like you        your number 1 fan sandra michelle juarez    ps disney is never going to be as awsome as when you were there     and we all miss you                              

  • ejaz saqi

    hye hilary….
      em not unrstsning ur duty …

  • kevin wassilie evan

    you are wonderful at what you do best. make it happen. your shows are cool your having me say thank you and very beautiful you are i love life. never know what to expect what world i came from longest ever before were all born well state of alaska. where not anything would be done. but. yes this and the new days i keep hearing are far more helpful. and i see you. lol thank you. kevin evan from goodnews bay, alaska saying awesome to hilary duff. ain’t she beautiful..


    merhaba benim adım Merve.Türküm, ingilizce biraz bildiğim için kendi dilimden yani türkçe yazmak zorunda kaldım.Hilary DUFF Türkiyede de çok tanınan biri kendisini çok seviyorum.(I LOVE YOU)

  • Monty

    i love you so much hilary, always have and always will. i had ex girlfriends get jealous because i love you so much, i have all your albums and lots of your posters. you are such a great roll model and what makes me like you so much is that you are different from any other girl, you dont dress like them and you are unique in your own way, and you dont get in trouble with the law like many celebs. i love you so much and wish i can meet you someday (thats my goal in life) lol. congrats on the pregnancy, you will be a good mother.

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    you are a true angel

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    I have and always be a life-time Hilary Duff fan!

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    i love you haerd

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    cant wait to see your little one how exciting crazy how i followed u on your TV shows and music now I’m 24 and i still love your style keep your head up girl your such a strong women<3 

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    Hi Hilary, 
    I just wanted to say: lot’s of love from the Netherlands!

    big hug Rosanne (14)

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    Why Hilary Duff any more doesn’t act at concerts? When it will go to world tour?

  • Senshi252

    Why Hilary Duff any more doesn’t act at concerts? When it will go to world tour?

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    very cute and pretty photos
      :-) ;-)

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    I love you Hilary! You’re amazing!!

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    Hilary i love you a lottt!!! you are so pretty n sweet and a great role model for girlz out there. wish you loads of good luck for your married life…Minnie :)

  • Neha Shetty

     I can never forget how i used to eagerly wait for Lizzie McQuire episodes & rush home from my classes and keep my eyes glued to the TV set. And i really love ur music. I just can’t stop myself from grooving on ur music. U really inspire me. And congrats to u and ur husband. wish u all the happinezz in the world.

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    Hi hilary. :))

  • Twilightfan5232

    i love your book elixer!!!!!!!!!!!!! u always inspire me in singing and acting your an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i <3 you Hilary Duff………….. ur beauitful and an amazing artist and singer and book writer and a awesome actress!!!! im sure you get this often but this is true!! everyone know it for sure! you have an amaxing life! im sure sience you beauiful you'll have and even beauiful baby!

    #1 fan

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    i love your songs hillary and offcourse u

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    hey hilary….i have been seeing u ever since lizzie mcguire ….i <3 u in the movie "a cinderella story"…nd i love tht movie very much…..i love u so much….even if u become a mom…u will always be our beautiful,amazing and gorgeous princess…my dream is to meet u nd i hope tht dream comes true….nd congrats on being a mom…..i know u will be a great mom….all the best nd take care…<3 u hilary…..!

  • Erik_petrie

    Hi Hilary, I just wanted to say that I loved you on Chelsea Lately. U really are pretty funny. I saw you when I was driving one day and you pulled up next to me at a stop light. I recognize that black Mercedes SUV. I was like Oh, my God, that’s Hilary Duff!! and I flipped out and tried to get your attention by honking my horn. LOL. I guess you didn’t see me. Anyway, no biggie. :) I just wanted to say that I think you are great. You’re a cool person and you’re gonna make a great mom to your future son. Best wishes.  :)

  • Ketan Solanki

    hey lizzie..i would like you more when i saw you as’re just awesome..i have no words to appericiate your work..i like you from i saw your show on tv..i really wants to meet you once and hug you..hope i get chanced to meet you.n congrats for your new book…and good luck for’re such a veryyyy nice girl..miss ya lotts..take care

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      i like your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      this your fan, elena

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  • Zarrar Salahuddin Khan

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    STEVEN from the capital of AUSTRIA from VIENNA

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    Will you ever post pictures up from the day you went to The Grove in LA? Ryan Duff promised me that they will be posted.

  • Maria Jacavino

    i hope you post pictures from your mall of america signing! i got really bad pictures!

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    OMG I made it on this site!!!! Im the only fan that took a picture with Hilary whos picture is on this site. Im so happy

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    Hello Hilary! These very cute! I wish much success to you! We send greetings and blessings from Venezuela!

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    Just left book signing at Books and Greetings. My 9 year old follows you the way her older sister in College did ten years ago. It was nice to see that you were so nice after 441 other people in front of us got to meet you. My daughter Ciara is bringing her signed book to school to show her friends and talked the whole way home about how great you are. Glad to see that you are as nice in person as you come across on TV and in the movies.  

  • Claire

    I’ve grown up just aspiring to be YOU! We have the same birthday!! haha only I’m younger than you…I LOVE Elixir and cannot wait for Devoted!! I am a 15 year old with every single Hilary Duff song on her ipod, every movie you have ever been in on my DVD shelf (not in a creepy way, i promise) and you remain my all time favorite celebrity since I was 6. No joke! I’m so glad to see that you are so down to earth and not Hollywood crazy like a lot of other child stars. You really are an amazing person. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone messes up, and your music really helped me through a lot of it. So thank you! I miss Lizzie Mcguire!! :) I just want you to know that even though you haven’t been in the spotlight too much lately (believe me, that’s a GOOD thing these days…) I believe in you and your message. Good luck with your books, and congrats on your marraige and baby!! By the way, is your book tour coming to New Hampshire anytime soon???? :) 
    Thank you!! 
    –your biggest fan in NH :) 

  • Kristyn_takacs

    Hilary, you are such an inspirration, you have always  been my favorite role model. and you are the sweetest girl in the world! I look up to you. I love you sooo much <3 -kristyn <3

  • Katarina Guimarães

    Hi Girl,I’m from Brazil and I Love you SOOOO much… I read Elixir and I love this book! I’m so excited for the next book. hahaha. BRAZIL LOVES AND MISSES HILARY DUFF =)

  • Liz

    I like the new website.(:

  • Aliceruby

    hi hilary please will you follow me on twitter cause you a the beast on show and i would love to talk to you personally it would mean the world to me!!!!    :)     :)

    alice read

  • Aliceruby

     no joke you are a legend im only 12 but always wach a cinderella story and i think you are such a good singer/actress lol but watching that film makes my think that it has just been brought out but it has been a few years since you did it …….carnt bellive you are married
    if you are still into doing films please will you do another kids one like ‘a cinderella story’ cause they are soo good
    also buy alot of your music on itunes they are fantastic
    and please you are soo pretty but i have to admitt i love the blone hair

  • Dol70re

    so happy we saw you last night!
    you’re so beautiful and more importantly so kind to your fans :)
    we love you! 

  • Dani Spnani

    WHEN ARE YOU DUE?! :D Congrats :) Can’t wait to meet Duffy Jr! ^_^ xx

  • Lisashrimpton

    I havent been on your website for so long I stopped by to look into your second book. I already have the first. Growing up I have watched you and my brother used to have a major crush on you in fact he probably still does even though he is 27 now haha.

  • Tarah

    its so weird that youre married now… i used to watch all all your movies, and lizzie mcguire. i was probably one of your biggest fans, and now youre married… oh life is going by so quick

  • Vicky Iglesias

    Hi Hilary, i’ve been your fan since i have 14 and now i am 19 almost 20! I love u a lot.. you are my everything and i’m so glad of have known you.  Thanks for all

  • Carolyn Paul

    Hilary you are such a good kind hearted person don’t let people tell you that you can’t  do any thing cause you can . you came a long way and worked so hard to get where you are to day and that’s realy good i am proud of you . I am happy for you that you got married and now your gonna be haveing a baby soon when i heard about that my whole face had lit up . you are  my insperation  your are my roll model i tell every one that i wish you where my sister i want to thank you for all the song’s you did cause they do mean something to me when ever i am feeling down. I also love your book elixir  i read it in two day’s i want to get your next book  but i don’t have the money for it right now when i do i will get it. your gonna make a great mom  you are 23 yaers old  and you had come a long way.
               love your
     biggest fan
           Carolyn Paul

  • Jaymeelove92

    just got done watching A Cinderella story and you are so sweet =) such a great movie

  • Theolabellagovender

    hey hil.. wow i must say.. stunning wedding.. congrats.. im all the way from South Africa and i gotta say i just might be ur biggest fan on this side of the globe.. u r an extremely good role model and I’v looked up to u for many years.. please do come around on this side of the world.. im an eagerly awaiting fan

  • Terezka

    Hi Hilary!!! you are pretty girl!!! have you ever been in Russia???)))

  • Evelyn-aguilar

    you are very nice!!

  • Lynnsprinkles

    Hi Hilary!  I just want to say Congradulations to you and Mike on the baby.  You are going to be such a great mom and Mike a great dad.  I have seen you 3 times in concert and I adored Lizzie McQuire and your movies.  I love how you have remained so sweet and unaffected by the ‘business’ and a great role model for everyone of all ages.  Good luck with ‘Devoted’ and ‘Elixir’ was awesome.  Lynn

  • VeRoDaRk MiRaNdA

    hello hilary!!! i love your music and your movies!!! i dont know write english but i hope that u can traslate this messaje to english.. Eres una gran cantante y actriz, eres un gran ejemplo para la juventud, te admiro mucho y espero un dia conocerte en persona!! saludos y besos a ti y a tu familia

  • sasha

    your a beautiful couple! don’t let fame and the down falls of it tear you apart! congrats on your one year and alwlays put each other first! Anything WORTH keeping (marriage) takes lots of hard work but in the end its always worth fighting for! Happy one year and many many many more to come :)

  • Hilary‘s Siamese

    Hello Hilary
    how r ya doin ??
    Hilary I’m Seba, I’m 18 years old and this is the first year 4 me in Oman Medical College,
    I’m from’s an arab country near by Ksa and Dubai
    here are LOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS and LOOOOOOOOOOOTS of fan of u
    hope u’ll visit us here in Oman or any Arab country.
    Here is CRAZY FANS of u and the CREASIEST one is ME :DD

    Hil,I’ve been ur biggest fan since I was a child maybe since I was 11 years old
    u r my role model , u r the one who INSPIRES me
    I LOVE everything u do
    I LOVE everything u like
    I LOVE everything about u
    I LOVE 2 know everything about u

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    Hilary,and beautiful and you always will and your son or daughter will be beautiful …

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    So good, I love you too much

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    I got no idea who you are really, but you are beautiful.  I liked the shot of you in a “Paris Texas” shirt.  That led me to this site.  :-)

  • StarBladeBuster

    wow….who knew my favorite Disney Channel character would have a baby.Anyways,hope that you stay well and so does your little baby! I bet you’re wondering how a 15 year-old guy like me know about Lizzie McGuire,well lets just say I was a kid fan!

    P.S :I wish to be a great and talented singer like you when I grow up! ;)

  • ”yamae”

    hi Hilary belated happy birthday………..i wish u all the best specially 2 ur baby …….love u…….

  • VixcyLabonte

    Congrats on the wedding and the baby to be!!! It’s a good thing you had it when you did cause you wouldn’t be able to fit into that beautiful dress once your belly starts to pop. Being a mom is hard, but a great experience. Wishing you all the best and Happy BDAY!!

  • Armen Barkhudaryan

    Sweetie Hilary when you wore wedding white you were like the beautiful Princess from the beautiful fairytale

  • Danilo Anselmo Anselmo

    I am of Brazil, my name and Danilo Anselmo, I write poems, and I play digital keyboard a little, but also drawing super well would like you a lot to know Hilary, because when I listen your music them me so a reason to do everything perfect, for that my drawings always come out legal, you and a two my reasons for my art, and he/she wanted that could comment in my blog  
    I hope likes everything that can read.  

  • Danilo Anselmo Anselmo

    Hi I am from Brazil, taste a lot of your films and of your music.  Congratulations   Enter in my blog   If you like it can comment and to leave a poetry or your idea for me to do a new postage.  My name and Danilo Anselmo.  I am from Macapá – AP  Brazil.
    He/she/you would like a lot to know somebody that never motivated me the to give up the things. 

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    i love hilary duff

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    Hilary , espero con muchas ganas que vengas a venezuela, no se si pido mucho pero tu venida a venezuela  seria una sorpesa magnifica, ojala puedas leer esto o quizas no pero le pido mucho a dios que por favor un dia te pueda conocer y poderme tomar una foto contigo , o que me firmes un libro lo deseo de corazon , saludos <3

  • Meghan Elisabeth Farr

    Happy 24th Birthday Hil! Your birthday is 6 days after mine. September babies ftw.<3 

    Stay strong and free to be you! I miss the Lizzie McGuire days. We are both growing up into gorgeous women! XO XO

  • Mirle Gqs

    this is beutiful congrats..

  • Mirle Gqs

    this is beutiful congrats..

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    are you coming back like in movies and singing

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    how old are you now september 28,2011

    p.s. im a huge fan u sing amazingly

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    HELLO HILARY HAPPY BIRTHDAY I really like your movies AND SONGS I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    happy birthday Hilary Duff! Bless your family and have a wonderful husband and children! :) Keep it up! BE THE BEST MOTHER yet you really look young! ;) 

    P.S: My grandma’s bday too! :)

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    you very pretty

  • Hope

    Probably following the same tune here, lol, but Hilary you are such a good person to look up to, I remember watching you all the time on Lizzie McGuire, and i’ve seen all of your movies at least 5 times, i’ve never been to one of your concerts, and i regret that, but now i’m so very happy for you and your husband, i know that you will definitely be an awesome mom.

  • Francis_fdbg

    wow you are amazing god is a Onor is your fan I am of Venezuela really love all your lyrics are fabuloza. Congratulations to you, your baby going to do an incredible mother that there is no doubt wow I bid you good really incredible luck bye

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    hi hilary! im so far away form you but since tomorrow your going to celebrate your birthday and so i am i  would like to wish you a happy birthday. all the best in life. from Hilary

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    Hilary Duff I´m your fan #1 from Ecuador♥ Love you.

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    I know your birthday on 28th September but i am wishing you in advance. 

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    Hello Hilary,
    My name is Wellington and live in Brazil, came here just to say I’m a big fan of your music and you too. Now I’m working and listening to their songs, they remind me of someone I love very much, you are too short.
    Kisses and hugs.

  • marie

    i cant describe how much i love you <3

  • Tulio

    hello my beautiful way to see Cinderella time saver q led you to do an album Speros was remembering your music soon you’re the best I have known since I saw you on q lezzies McGuire would uff I liked you follow your career since I have q greetings from Venezuela memory I love you ……. porfa not stop singing or acting

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    Hilary Duff if this web is willy yours a  have to  say  you something but i can to  say here  please give me your adress OK? 

  • Dita

    Hilary Duff if this web is willy yours i  like  to say  you something  but  i  can to say here and please grant me your adress

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    i love your book! cant wait till devoted comes out!

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    I like your Talent.
    I want to talk to you.
    Will you allow me?
    I am the same age but elder than you.

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    Hey, just want to say thank you for being such a good role model for my two daughters when they were in middle school and afterwards. They have both graduated from college recently, moved away and are doing very well. My wife and I miss them a lot, but we’re proud of them and know that wherever they are, they’re making things better. Whenever I see you on TV or in the movies, or hear the Lizzie McGuire song, it makes me feel closer to my two beautiful girls. Thanks again and good luck with everything you do. 

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    Hello Hilary! While not official, I am your# 1 fan! Many blessings and well wishes,Spencer

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    hi, hilary, my name is richard, i like amusement, theme & water parks, scary movies, going out to eat with friends, hanging out with my friends. i work 5 days a week. i am 27 years old. the live bullfrogs in the locker prank you pulled on ashlie brillault- Classic!!!!!!!!.

  • Rich_bernard

    hi hilary, my name is richard, i am 27 years old, some of the pranks you pulled on ashlie brillault were hilarious. i like to ride roller coasters whenever i get the chance, i also love horror movies. what do you like to do in your spare time?

  • Alina

    wow what a beautiful dress! <3

  • angeles contreras

    Hillary :) you’re a great girl i miss to see you in movies :( awesome pics really love them! blessings :D

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     hi hilary.i am aliye from turkey.Do you think coming to Turkey?Come, please.

  • Carla Michelle

    Just wanted to stop by and say what a wonderful, beautiful inspiration you’ve been in my life since the Lizzie McGuire days. You are a stunning, amazing person; I wish nothing but the best for you!

    Much love,

  • Rachel

    Your wedding pictures are beautiful! and you are gorgeous! your wedding dress inspired my wedding dress!

  • Facureco

    Hola Hilaryy, es incribre que pueda escribir algo para vos. Solo que tengas la mejor vida, y que seas feliz por que haces feliz a muchas personas. Bendiciones! 

  • Hacopian_m

    I think it really says something when all of your fans have said the same thing: that you are an incredible role model. At 19 years of age, I, too, have grown up watching you be successful in all of your endeavors. I remember going to Virgin Records in Burbank and a mall nearby to visit you and both didn’t work out, but I died knowing I was so close to meeting my role model. I wish you continuous success because out of all of the people, you deserve it so much. You are so classy, elegant, and intelligent! Good for you for sticking to what you believe in in all that you do because you have true fans like myself that truly appreciate seeing someone be herself. You are gorgeous! Congratulations on your marriage and your baby! :)

  • Emily

    Heyyyyyyy Hilary, you are very awesome and a huge inspiration to me, from Australia! Love Emily

  • Aurora

    Hilary, you are a beautiful woman inside and out. You have been a great role model for all. and one of the few disney girls that didnt get sucked in by all the hollywood garbage. Love you girl and congrats on your new addition. happy 1 year wedding anniversary (1 1/2 hours from now)

  • Leezeladevariste

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love you Hilary Duff your my #1 role model and im your #1 fan in the world world i do anything for you my name is leezela aka Lizzie i would love to see you one day and my b-day is on september to

  • Kristaberry

    i love your book hangin,with hilary duff so hows your life for now is it good or not plese right me back

    krista my e mail is

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    I did not know you were married?¿ I love yours songs hilary im a an fan :)

  • Ruth Herrera

    te amo hilary! you are the best role model!
    you are simply the best! 
    i wish you the best in life! you deserve only the best!
    <3 <3 <3

  • Gianna_osita

    OMG hilary i looove your wedding cake i want my wedding cake exactly like that one i’ve been looking for one for so long!!!! love the flowers etc. your wedding dress too!!! it was just perfect!!! i´ve been your fan since i saw Gasper hahaha it was so funny! love u and god bless you and your family, husband, and baby! :D 

    by: Gianna Suarez 

  • Joefatica

    Record some more music plz.  I was surprised at how good your music was when I took the time to just sit and listen.  Dignity was good from start to finish.  In the videos you are to much of a distraction.  Yah I’m saying it you are gorgeous but I really liked the entire CD and listened to it over and over.  I was going through a lot of the same things your songs were about so that helped me relate.  Thanks Hillary for making music for our ears not just videos for our eyes!  Cheers!  All the best to you and your family!  Joe.  Calgary, Canada. 

  • Smsm

    i love your songs

  • Smsm

    Hi I am Haitham from Egypt 23 years old and I’m a big fan of you and please you to communicative success forever, and I hope to allow your Li communicate with you via Facebook and this is my wish and hope to meet them I wish you a happy life
    Facebook Haitham Elbono

  • Hannalizette

    Hello Hilary I just want to remind you not to mind those people who finds your book irrelevant, conflicting, distant or whatever. Please don’t be affected by any of them. If sometimes you read bad comments about your book always remember that we always believe in your capabilities, the fact that you don’t set any limits and then you tend to go outside your boundaries, exploring things that you can do and improve what you already know. I like everything about you.. We believe in you and we will always support you on any career that you wanted to pursue.. Just remember you don’t have to live this life that pleases others or us but live a life that pleases GOD.. I have a great faith that you also believes in the existence of GOD. Thank you so much for the book.. I cannot wait for devoted to be release here at Ph. It took me only a day to read it,. You just made me hooked to every word you wrote, never wanting to let go of it.. Thanks! You just inspired me every time! :)

  • Seyed Reza Fatemi

    (big hug) _SRF

  • Tiana

    Love your photos! The ver last one of you in your wedding dress is beautiful! I’m hopeing I can find a photographer as great as you had! You look very happy! I’ve been a fan of yours since I was watching Lizzie Mcguire and have always thought of you as a great person and fantastic role model. I’d love to say thank you so much for opening up your world and your life and allowing myself and so much others to be apart of it. Best Wishes- Tiana

  • Sarha

    Congratulations on your wedding! You guys make a great couple! Your dress was gorgeous! You looked beautiful!

  • Laura krueger

    Hilary i grew up watching your tv shows and movies , Youve been a huge role model for me growing up . Your amazeing a beautiful and talented ,and an inspiratioin , I hear that you are expecting and im happy for you , congrats caint wait to see cute little pics . God Bless you hope you have a wonderfull weekend .   ,,, Laura Krueger .

  • Rbkyzbk

    Wow!! Hilary!!! I have never seen more stunning pictures like the ones I just saw!!!!!!! you simply look amazing and sexy, you look great and I love you.  Alway have, always will !!!

  • Maria Canals

    Hi Hilary!I am a girl with 22años of Barcelona, Spain, and my English is quite void… so I’m writing with translator (not is as you may read, sorry).Just wanted to congratulate you for the baby that you well on the way and you are super happy 3.You know that here in Spain still emit Lizzie (now what are doing).A big kiss, and if you ever come to Barcelona will receive you with open arms!Maria

  • Antonio Damiani

    Hey Hilary. I love you a lot! Miss you too! The day I laid eyes on you on Disney Channel I fall in love whit you. I have being following you since that day. hehehe :) I still listen to your music a lot! I was very exited when I read about your weeding and that you are pregnant! Your a beautiful, talented, artistic, awesome person. And although you don’t sing anymore or do movies. I still consider you my Best Artist in Music and Movies. I’m 21 years old right now but hey I can be 80 and I will still love you music, heart and soul. Lots of Hugs and Kisses from Puerto Rico Hilary.

  • Sasan Soltani

    I love you
    you are the best

  • Sasan Soltani

    hi hilary
    i love you very much
    you are the best 

  • Saleena K.

    your so gorgeous…. and im so happy for you!!!!!! you deserve the best!!!!! you look so happy and you just glow in your wedding pics!!!!! congrats on that bun in the oven lol im so psyhed for you……i was in tears when i found out!!!!

    good luck with everything!!! =)

  • SuAnn Webster

    Hilary, you’re a year older than me and I’ve been so happy to grow and watch you on Lizzie McGuire. It inspired me so much and I fell in love with your music once you released every album and bought them. I didn’t find out till recently that you were married and are expecting. Congratulations on everything and I see life has been treating you well. Hope to see more of you in TV shows (even as a guest star). Haven’t read your books but I’ll get to them eventually. :)

    Love Always. <3

  • Ashley Marie Eckert

    you are so goregous :) me and my fiance are HUGE fans of yours and were  21 and 20 we are collecting all your movies and cds

  • Nueng

    Hello Hilary, I have been a fan of your. I like your voice, You are the best singer for me.
    Congrats on expecting.

    Nueng K, Thailand.

  • Bacurrier2112

    Hi Hilary,Thats a beautiful dress, you made a beautiful bride. Best wishes. Congrats on your up coming motherhood. Theres nothing like the laughter of a small child. I have a daughter, take lots of pictures and cherrish every moment .  They grow up fast.                                                                                                

  • Cheetah Girl48

    haiii hill…when you are pregnant give birth?…may GOD bless u and family


    Beautiful photos!

  • Lilbabyfrygirl

    Hilary you are the best role model in the business and i’m glad you stayed true to yourself and never let your fans down. You have and will ALWAYS be my favorite. I’m actually in the process of getting a couple of your lyrics tattooed on me and the little Lizzie McGuire  character :) 
    you will always be the best <3

  • Zen Abood

    nice baby

  • Suzane Araujo

    Hilary… I loved all of your pictures! Sweet, I grow up watching Lizze Macguire‼ And I miss so much‼ I really like you dear… I was in Bienal do Livro in Rio, but I couldn’t see you :( But I hope see you someday‼ God bless Your live‼  Kiss , Sue Mello 

  • Aveg

    Wow wirklich schöne Bilder …habe gerade noch deinen Film the Perfect man geschaut !
    wie kann ich dir post schicken an welche adresse?
    Liebe grüße

  • queen

    i love u hil i admire you a lot….

  • Sophia ‘Saffy’ Hodson

    Dear Hilary,
    I was very shocked to hear you got married and that you’re expecting a little-un into your family! I always think of you as still in your late-teens like Cinderella Story, Perfect Man, Cheaper by the Dozen, etc! I am so glad that you’re now happily married with a babe on the way though. It makes me wish for what I would like when I’m your age. (I’m 20, got a few years yet). I do hope you continue glowing in future as you’re amazing at what you do and I wish you the best in life.
    Lots of love,
    Saffy, a fan of yours. :) <3

  • anonymous

    It’s a shame that Disney failed after you. Why couldn’t Disney have kept it clean like you? You’re a wonderful role model, and I’ve loved you for ever :D <3

  • Haileylauryn1999

    Hilary Duff, is so beautiful….

  • Ahmed Teefa

    congratulations to you hilary ,, i have just knew about your wedding ,,, I am very very happy althought we  lost hilary as a teenage girl made excellent and brilliant roles like cinderella story and Lizzie McGuire but we won hilary as wife and mother ,,, i will still a fan of to infinity ,,,,, wish to you a happy life and from success to another 

  • Ahmed Teefa

    congratulations to you hilary ,, i have just knew about your wedding ,,, I am very very happy althought we  lost hilary as a teenage girl made excellent and brilliant roles like cinderella story and Lizzie McGuire but we won hilary as wife and mother ,,, i will still a fan of to infinity ,,,,, wish to you a happy life and from success to another

  • iLana Paz

    Seeing her up close I could see the great mother that you will be! The baby will be beautiful, talented and a great person in the future, just like you! Congratulations! I hope you come back to the Rio de Janeiro soon!

  • Klaudia_oleksy

    i cant belive ive never came across this page before. im so glad i found it 2day =] the photos of your weding are appsolutly stunning. i miss not hearing your song. your probly all exitin about the baby thinkin bout the names and stuff =] i hope to see the pictures of your cutie soon ;) thanks for evrything. louds of love. visite ireland someday ;) xox

  • Neeraja sundar

    Hilary, I have been a HUGE fan of yours since 6 years =)

    Just want to say that you are really multi-talented , that’s what i admire about you the most.
    Very happy for you, especially after i heard that you’re expecting ^_^
    <3 xx

  • Meyran7

    Wow what a stunning !!!!!

  • Elizabethanngabriel

    Hilary!!!! I love you so much! I am so happy that you are expecting! I just recently got married and had a daughter! Being married and having a baby is the best feeling in the world!!! Congrats to you and Mike!!! I wish nothing but the best for you! I have been a HUGE fan since the Lizzie days!!!!!! 

  • Samiegrace16

    You an incredible women! i am inspiring young singer, and have always looked up too you(:
    would love to see more acting from you and more music!
    Congrats about the happy news(:

  • Kateland Wood

    Hilary! You are wonderful and I’m so happy I grew up watching on Lizzie McGuire and buying your CDs! I look up to you so much! You’re really the only Disney star I know that has effortlessly handled success and fame! I wish you all the luck in the world in your endeavors, and with your new family! Congratulations!

  •özen/100001831899645 Halil Sözen

    selam size hayranım siziçok seviyorum bu mesajı türkiyeden yazıyorum sevgilerimle  e*posta- -selam ve sevgilerimle

  • Mercedes schindel

    congrats hilary u r like my biggest role model and always will be! i have been to a couple of your conserts and watched all your movies :)

  • Lilmama61309

    hilary duff is THE BEST person ALIVE the best role modle out there. im glad she kept herself clean & continuing her life. to see my heart/role model get married and be the best mom she is i was so happy for her. im so pround of all the things shes done in her life. Even her albums i could relate to them all & one day i hope to meet this beautiful girl who has inspired my life & dreams -To The Best Role Model and best person Hilary Duff. my inspiration… i hope u still sing model or do whatever because as a true fan & person i would never want hilay duff to go away. she has the best personality and i hope u can relate to how i feel. to meet her would be the wildest of my dreams<3

  • Dzhigalyuk-margarita

    Hilary,you are very talented person.I like movies with you and your songs)))Thank you very much!!!I wish you happiness,good luck^)

  • Janice

    hola! que bueno poder escribirte. escribo en español para que lo practiques. Bueno solo quería desearte la mejor felicidad del mundo. Te extrañamos. Espero regreses pronto con un nuevo disco. Soy tu fan, y me gusta mucho tu trabajo. I love you so much :)

  • Kandp_2007

    que genial toda la boda …te vez hermosa

  • Sherae Danielle Guerrero

    Congrats on Expecting your first Child i am so happy for you!  Children are a gift

  • Sherae Danielle Guerrero

    U have been an inspiration to me since you were on Lizze Mcguire…My first concert ever was when i went to the MGM Grand to see you n haylie…I was 13 yrs old n now i am 19 turning 20 n i am engaged to be married. Still ur # 1 fan happily Engaged Sherae :)

  • Rosalia

    i used to love  you your show sooooo much,i said in preschool i wanted to be you when i grew up. Your my favorite artist. I <3 u !!!!!!

  • christina sutton

    you r so pretty hillary im jelous!!! that is a beutiful dress!!!

  • Soso Sam78

    wow day after day you become more beautifull and nicer love you hilary big hug.

  • Haleigh Wills

    Hilary i know everyone has said this before but you really are my role model i have all your songs watched all your movies and i had a poster but my brother tore it up. many things have happend in my life like i have type one diabetes i was diagnost with procotious puberty and many other illnesses like i have asthma and hydrosuffulus (srry if i spell it wrong) but you havent changed and you are the only pure person i have to look up to now im so glad you are enjoing your life im so happy for you. Just dont forget us your fans and me your biggest i hope to one day get to meet you in person. <3 Haleigh Wills, Your Biggest Fan 

    • Hillary duff BIG BIG FAN!!

      i have type 1 diabetes too .. Oh btw love the comment very n ice and sweet

  • Haleigh

    YOUR PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeanette T.

    These pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us!  I have been a huge fan of yours since you were on Lizzie McGuire and I’m actually 26 now and even though my friends think it’s silly I’m still a fan I don’t care because I think you’re such a great person and role model for all your other fans out there.  I look forward to reading your next book and can’t wait for a new album to come out.  Wishing you, your husband and baby the best.

  • Taylor Smith


  • Jurica Logožar

    Hi Hil, greetings from Croatia. I’ve been your fan since Cadet Kelly came out, i have your entire movie/tv shows and music collection. Congrats on baby, but too bad u got kicked from Bonnie and Clyde. Hope to hear some new music from u soon, it’s about time u put something out.
    Well, stay cool as always and good luck to ya !!!

  • Katie <3

    your so amazing! youve been my role model my whole life! congrats on the baby incoming <3

  • FrancesLyn

    You are a fantastic role model. There is no one else like you. Usually celebrities become not the greatest role models after a while. But you have always been a good role model. I admire that so much. You are truly a good person.

  • Eliza Perry <')

    Hi Hilary! 
    I am 16 as of now and have always loved you as an actor! just want you to know that i loved your 1st book and am so happy that you got married! (I LOVED the dress! <3) AND A BABY!!! :D anyways even though my comments are kind of all over the place my overall thought to you is that i am so glad you are having a very fulfilling life! :)

  • Ashlienicole

    Hey hilary, just wanted to drop by and say i used to be a HUGE fan when i was little you were like my romodel you were my age singing and so famous I went to your concert in wilkes-barre PA oh jeeze i dont remember what year but you seem like your just living a normal great life good for you :) your wedding was beautiful! Congrats on the baby i have a feeling its gonna be a girl and shes gonna be a cute little singer just like you :) 

  • 929692565

    i love your song!

  • pau

    i wish i have a wedding like yours,u are the perfect ciderella,i love u hilary u are the perfect roll model GOD BLEES U and have a happy life with mike :D LOVE U!!!

  • Nereabelando

    Hola hilary, soy de españa y me llamo nerea.
    Te sigo desde que te vi en Lizzie McGuire , y desde aquel dia he hecho todo lo posible por saber de ti.
    aqui en españa todo es diferente, es una pena no poder disfrutar de algunas de tus peliculas.
    no entiendo nada en ingles, siempre ultilizo el traductor para saber de ti, porque en español no hay nada.
    estoy muy orgullosa de ti y de verte tan feliz, os deseo toda la felicidad del mundo a ti y a tu marido,
    y me alegro muchisimo de la gran noticia de tu embarazo, en cuanto supe la noticia,
    grite de alegria y casi lloro de la emocion!
    Mi ejemplo a seguir todos estos años va a ser mama!
    deseo con toda mi alma que vuelvas por españa para disfrutar de tu presencian y de tu gran voz, y poder verte en un concierto.
    ese seria mi gran sueño y espero poder cumplirlo.
    un beso y un gran abrazo para ti y tu marido. haceis una pareja perfecta. Felicidades por esos futuros papas!

  • Anna

    Just now I realize how fast you are grown up and how much you’ve been a model to me in all of these years!
    I’m sure you’ll be a great mother and I will always estimate you!
    Lots of love from italy ❤
    your big fan

  • Vanessa

    Hilary, congrats for the book Elixir! I`m from Brazil and the book will be one of the best sellers here, for sure!
    I wish you the best and the most beautiful moments next you husband and baby!

  • Kayleee15

    Hilary, you are my role model! You seem like such a nice, level headed and easy going person. I loved watching you show Lizzie Mcguire because you were so real! it wasn’t any crazy plots, just normal teenage stuff! Now you do tv shows, movies, music and books and I love all of it!!! your so talented! Thank you for not becoming some crazy Hollywood starlett! You are great!

  • mhia

    HIII…. Im from syria . Ilove hilaryduff so much

  • Navid Driver

    Hi , I love you when you where belonde , About 17 years old !
    H.D Only  :)

  • El_jau_23

    good luck in your life!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Boy do I remember how much I loved you. You were such an inspiration to me, I remember watching Lizzie Mcguire every day on Family, and I remember singing along to your music videos too. I got my very own set of DVD’S about your concerts for my birthday and I was so excited to watch them all. I’ve watched so many of your movies that I’ve lost count, I constantly had your songs on replay, and I can’t remember the last time when I didn’t listen to your music as a child. You’ve done so well handling your career than other celebrities, and I find you amazing. Hopefully you see this message and once again be reminded of how great you were and how much we loved you. (: 

  • Amy

    Hey Hilary,I saw you on Disney Channel on ur show Lizzie McGuire It was the best show on disney an your such a good role model. And your really pretty too. :)

  • Bsjperfect

    i marriage only for u i love u so much

  • A Life Time Devoted Fan<3

    Hilary, I have idolized you since I was in 3rd grade. You have always held your ground and never got mixed up in any trouble. And now that I’m going into 10th grade I couldn’t think of anyone else who would be a better role model for me. You are amazingly talented in everything that you do and I can’t wait until Devoted comes out!! Thank you soooo much for giving me inspiration and someone to look up to! I hope to make it in the entertaining industry some day and by watching you all these years, it has really impacted me deeply. I love you and your work! I hope you will continue to succeed in everything you do!<3( and congats on the big news!)

  • Redouane Hocine

    Hilary , you are a sunbeam in this world , may god inspire and bless you !!!!!!

  • Hannah Sharmaine Escala

    hi Hilary :) i’m a super big fan of yours since i was 9. you are the best, perfect! i love all your movies! just stay the same :) God bless you always. <3

  • Hannah Sharmaine Escala

    hi Hilary :) i’m a super big fan of yours since i was 9. you are the best, perfect! i love all your movies!
     just stay the same :) God bless you always. <3

  • Luisina

    Hil ! Beautiful photos! God Bless ! love youu !

  • Jordan Shearer

    sooo cuttteee!!!!!!! i love ur songs and movies <3 Raise Your Voice is my favourite movie inda world sad but good!! love yaaa

  • Pap3637

    congratulations hilary

  • Kissy8854

    I just saw you in the newest issue of shape. You looks so great, love the danskin ad!

  • Maylyn Coronado

    Hi Hilary, I’m a Big Fan of yours from Manila, Philippines…I just like to congrats you and your hubby a Happy Anniversary and to your new blessing… wish you more happiness and blessing to come…your faithful avid follower – Maylyn (  @MaiQuoteWP:twitter ) 

  • elisa

    you’re 10, I love your music, and to his surprise, I’m from Brazil, and that’s it, I’m Tradus, have 8 and a half years alone.

  • elisa

    you’re 10, I love your music, and to his surprise, I’m from Brazil, and that’s it, I’m Tradus, have 8 and a half years alone.

  • Kim Taylor

    awe Hilary congrats!!!!!, you are truly my number one roll model, i have tried to keep up with you ever since i knew you played the part of Wendy lol. i love your music, and the amazing woman you have become, and goh, god knows what i would give just to meet you, or heck even have the chance to live my dream and SING one of your songs with you <3. anywho, bless the 3 of you guys. – with much love, kk. :)

  • Hanna Lizette Martinez

    you’ve always been my inspiration. a role model to a bunch of youths
    out there. Im Hanna, 19 and from the Philippines. it may be miles apart
    from LA but i am never been that too late when it comes to updates about
    you.. i and my sis had watched all your eppy from lizzi mcguire,
    cheaper by the dozen, cinderella story, greta and all your
    shows,musics..i have copies of that in my are truly not just
    growing up but really i can say grown up when you made the announcement
    that you’ll be having a baby.your attitude is the one thing i adore
    most. i just think and i believe that you are a humble person.that’s why
    you are always are amazing in your own little ways, you proved
    yourself again as you written the novel elixir.and now im looking
    forward to its sequel devoted.i hope and pray that i could see you in
    time and make pictures beside you as i make my life really good simply
    because you are my inspiration. I LOVE YOUUU and we’ll never let you
    down.ready to support you as a fan..a fan FOREVER! Good luck and May God
    bless you a healthy and fun filled living..


  • Hannal Lizette Martinez

    Hilary, you’ve always been my inspiration. a role model to a bunch of youths out there. Im Hanna, 19 and from the Philippines. it may be miles apart from LA but i am never been that too late when it comes to updates about you.. i and my sis had watched all your eppy from lizzi mcguire, cheaper by the dozen, cinderella story, greta and all your shows,musics..i have copies of that in my are truly not just growing up but really i can say grown up when you made the announcement that you’ll be having a baby.your attitude is the one thing i adore most. i just think and i believe that you are a humble person.that’s why you are always are amazing in your own little ways, you proved yourself again as you written the novel elixir.and now im looking forward to its sequel devoted.i hope and pray that i could see you in time and make pictures beside you as i make my life really good simply because you are my inspiration. I LOVE YOUUU and we’ll never let you down.ready to support you as a fan..a fan FOREVER! Good luck and May God bless you a healthy and fun filled living..

  • Sophie

    Hillary– My dad and i just finished having a conversation about how much we admire and love you. Your an amazing role model for kids and i grew up watching your tv show and listening to your music everyday! I still have your concert t-shirt from at least 5 years ago! You rock never change! loveyou! please reply if you see this or follow me on twitter @crazii4biebs:disqus love you fan,
    Sophie! !!

  • Rhiannon

    Wow, Hilary! I cant believe your married and expecing a baby, I hope all goes well, I remember the days coming home watching the Lizzie McGuire series, Then i loved your movie ‘Greta’ Your so Amazing hilary and an incredible role model for children, Congratulations about your baby, Have a good one! ;]

  • Rebeccalinton20

    Hi Hilary Duff I Like your music videos and your movies..

  • Charly

    Thank you for staying the role model that you were when I was little. It’s a rare thing, but it’s nice when celebrities remain real people. And what a great way for connecting to your fans so personally! God bless you, Hil!

  • Hilaryduffph

    Hi Hilary! Cant believe that today is the 8th year anniversary of Metamorphosis! Listening to all the songs now! Hope you make a new record soon! Excited to hear that! Love HILARY DUFF PHILIPPINES @hilaryduffph:twitter 

  • Maddiekrake

    hi hilary!!
    you are a perfect role model for everybody!
    i am a huge fan of yours and i loved lizzie mcguire
    love maddie:)

  • <3Love

    Dear Hilary, ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of meeting you. You were my idol. Your posters covered my walls and your music was played all the time. I own all your movies to this day. Raise your voice is my favorite (I still cry during the car crash). You are so beautiful and talented. I hope you love being a mother and baby grows up to be as wonderful and talented a person you are. <3

  • Whitney

    Hey there. You are such a beautiful woman!! I remember watching you on Lizzie McGuire and now look!! Married and Mommy-to-Be. Your music is wonderful and you are such an amazing person and a wonderful role model.
    Thank you!!! Lots of love
    Congrats on your marriage and with the little one!

  • Savannah_hockey2

    Hey. i used to be such a huge fan. from music to tv shows and movies you were my favorite. i have all your cd’s and your still the best. do you plan on recording any more music anytime soon? no rush i know your pregnant. btw. congrats!

  • Olivia

    Hilary, I remember back when you were doing the Most Wanted tour- it was so important to me because it was my very first concert ever and I was a HUGE fan of yours. My family didn’t have a lot of money at the time, but somehow my mom suprised me with the tickets and I was so stoked. I still have my little book that I got from the show that has all you’re pictures in it. I’m so proud that at least one of my disney role-models turned out right! lol. I can’t wait to see what the baby looks like! You have to post pictures as soon as he/she is born and keep us updated! Much love, xxx

  • lexy lee

    Hil!!! :D havent notice that ur change ur webpage but still amazing as always :) btw i miss ur music n ur movies…I still being ur fan :D even when im a metal head lol but im gonna love ur music forever! Im rlly grateful with u I know i havent meet u but well maybe im crazy but i learn alot from u, ur songs and all that stuff u know :) I’m rlly glad for u cuz i see that ur happy well i think so anyways just wanted to say hi :D 

  • Malin_nyborg

     Hi Hillary, I`m a big fan of yours. I am 24 years old and from Sweden and i am also pregnat.
    My boyfriend and i have been together for 10 years now. i can`t wait to get married.I loved your weeding. good luck with everything :D

  • Melblnc27

    Hey Hilary im so glad to know you are expecting! you are such a role model I just love you. you are one of those celebs you never hear any bad publicity about everything about you is always so positive. You will make a wonderful mother! congrats on the 1st wedding anniversary and congrats on the baby!
    love Melissa.

  • Katarina Svinterud

    Recently I’ve been listening to all of your songs on repeat! I can’t believe I still remember all of the lyrics to your songs!! “Life goes by…who knows why?” i <3 u! Never change the way you are!!

  • Dana Al-Basha

    Hilary first of all, I’m a huge fan, 2ndly I LOVE you, 3rdly, your wedding is my dream wedding!! God bless you, and I’m so happy to hear you’re gonna be a mommy!!

  • Olivia

    Hilary I grew up watching Lizzie McGuire and i was obsessed with the show! I even had a Lizzie McGuire b-day party haha :) my best friend and i decided to watch the movie a few nights ago and realized how much we miss the show and your music! You were such an awesome role model for me when i was really young and even now that I’m 16! I hope you continue to make more albums and congrats on your anniversary and pregnancy! Love you Hilary!
                                          – A long time fan (:

  • Harley Moore

    Hilary, you have been my biggest role model since I was a little girl. (I will be 16 in two weeks.) I remember watching Lizzie McGuire and thinking, man I wish I could be as beautiful and perfect as her. Then I remember the Lizzie McGuire movie, and that inspired to to want to travel to different places. Also Raise Your Voice has helped me sooo much in the last couple of months. I almost lost my older brother in a car wreck in June and i watched that and I realized that it could have been much worse, I could have lost him. Thank you so much for being a positive role model in my life. You are an all around amazing person. Congratulations to you and your Husband and Baby-To-Be!! You will be a wonderful mother, as will your husband be a father. God Bless you all. <3

  • Beatriz C.

    Hello Hilary, I’m Bia, I’m from Rio de Janeiro! I just can’t wait to see you! Love you FOREVER S2

  • Baanee_17

    Hil, wow your website is so fantastic i really liked it,, oH and by the way congrat. im sure your gonna be a great mom,
    ily your like my inspiration youve gone so far with your life and done soo much i just wanna be as talentive, like u!

  • Jessicacorrigan

    hilary , you were the one person i loved watching when i was younger , lizzie mcguire was my favourite show and i still watch it sometimes 14 years on to this day , you have always been my favourite star and i wish you very best of luck to the rest of your year and to your new baby

    - jessica corrigan uk 

  • Goodniteoctober

    Hilary you are such an amazing gifted person! I am very sad to see you may no longer be making the “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde” I think it’s rotten for them to of taken you off of the film when you have been attached to if for soooo long! Good luck with your new family!! I hope you can return to music soon we miss you! =)

  • Alxisr23

    Hilary i wanted to thank you for being my inspiration. Since i was a little girl i have watched your movies, listened to your music, and been inspired by your fashion. You are so grounded and beautiful you are truly the best role model a girl could ask for. You have gotten me through the good times and the bad times and i will always love you. I hope you continue your career and good luck with starting a family! you will make an amazing mother. 

    Love, Alxis

  • Veronicajackson

    hi i love lizzi maguire im sooo happy for you i heard u were going to be a mommy i hope you will take care of your baby as much u can congradulations im very happy for you

  • Danil Soldatov

    hi Hilary I like your song “So Yesterday” I from russia , You are known by many my friends, you very beautiful

  • Federica

    Hilary you’re my favourite actress since I was a little girl.
    I really love you.

  • Princess Anne

    Hey Hilary! I’ve been a fan of yours since I was 5. Ever since Lizzie Mcguire started and have/love all your albums. I was so happy for you when u got married and now your having a baby. Which is really exciting and Congrats! :D Ten years later I’m still a fan and will always be. You’re my role model and a good one. I think you’re absolutely amazing , pretty, talented and genuine. Thanks for being so great and sharing your talents with the world. :)

  • Steve639sw9


  • Steve639sw9


  • Steve639sw9


  • Mllefolies

    Congratulation for your marriage ! Hugs from france ! Xxoxo

  • Nait Tarek

    i love you hilary i love you sosososoosos much more than your haspend

  • Marleyannm1

    As a mother I would like to say thank you to you!
    Both my son and my daughter love you. One thing I always say about you, is you never see her in the news. No Brittany or lIndsey stuff. you have been a great rold model to my 10yo. She loves you.
    Thanks for being one of the few who survive the world of music.
    Love your sister also!
    congrats to you Hilary!

  • Raudza

    Hilary, for your info i am such a big Fan of Yours!!! Seeing your music video remind me on the show about Lizzie McGuire and brings my childhood nostaliga. Don’t get the wrong idea but I’m still young ,much younger than you but it just bring me back where I am very much younger

  • Mllefolies

    Hi Hilary! i’m a french girl. i live in Paris. Congratulation for your marriage, your dress was beautiful and now, a baby? So, I like you since lizzie mc guire, cody bank, the perfect man… In france, i don’t known your news, and i don’t see you in press people…. I hope a day to see you…
    Bisoux bisoux de france !!!

  • Sfixa99

    I love you so mutch dear your my favorite star <3

  • Nicole Houston

    Hilary, You have been my role model since ‘Lizzie McGuire’ and I am very happy for both you and Mike on the one year marriage, and pregnancy:) You are going to make a wonderful mother. You’re very beautiful, talented, and down-to-earth woman. I have a one month old, and it feels weird at first being a mom at a young age, but it is rewarding seeing them grow up, and see their first smile:) God Bless and lots of love. XOXOX Nicole

  • Melanie

    Hilary, I have been a huge fan of yours since Lizzie McGuire. I’m 16 years old now, and I still consider you to be one of my role models. It’s really funny that time has moved so quickly.. Now you’re married and expecting! Congratulations!
    Love, Melanie from Toronto :)

  • Camille Blanco

    Dear Hillary,
    I watch your Lizzie McGuire shows up till now and you’re a great roll model! Congrats to you and to your husband on having a baby! Goodluck and I wish you could make more shows!
    Camille Blanco

  • Spitraders


  • Cede162008

    Congrats on your news of expecting your first child god bless

  • Juliene Barrie

    Hilary, I have been a fan of yours ever since you began your career as an actress and singer! I have all of your CDs, and I’ve been to all of your concerts that have been close to my home, and I have to say that you are just amazing! You are totally gorgeous and I have always wanted to meet you because you are who I look up to. It’s still on my list of things to do, and I hope I can some day soon!!! I am also very, very excited about the baby!! When I found out, I almost cried because I was so happy for you! <3 Don't ever change Hilary!! You are the best and most beautiful person ever!! ROCK ON!!! :)

  • Britbonita

    congratulations Hilary!!! I am a fan for you, your so talented and sweet!! I LOVE YOU!!

  • stacie hearter

    hilary you is beautiful!!!!
    i love you!!!

  • TatianaFaddoul

    Hilary, I’ve known since Lizzie McGuire. I’ve grown with you. You were a great role model to me, and you turned out to be an extraordinary woman. Beautiful, intelligent and decent.
    I’m probably one of your biggest fans since I’ve seen every movie you made, watched every episode of Lizzie McGuire repeatedly and bought all your albums and memorised all your songs.
    You’re such an inspiration and I’m sure you’ll make one hell of a mother. Congratulations!
    Tatiana, Lebanese, age 17.

  • Miriam

    Hilary, congratulations on your pregnancy! From Madrid, I wish the best for you, your husband and your baby. I’m sure you’ll be a great mom:) I’ve still your fan since I was 11 years, and now I have19! Many greetings, I hope you come back soon to Spain!

  • roubaix59100

    Trop Belle

  • Kirkgal

    I am such a HUGE fan of you and all your work. I’m 15 and I remember everyday watching Lizzy mcguire everyday wishing I could be just like you when I grow up, you have been the most amazing role model for me and millions of others. I wish I could have gone to one of your concerts in the past, not going was one of my biggest regrets as a child. I doubt you will ever even read this because your so busy but my dream/hope is one day being able to talk to you. Thank you so much for staying you and not getting caught up in Hollywood. Congrats on your news you’ll be an amazing mother.

  • Madyson Fink

    oh my gosh your pregnant now im so excited and happy for you. i remember always watching you on disney channel. your amazing and soo pretty and i love your music!!!

  • HilaryFanForEvs

    i miss when you were on “Lizzie McGuire” but everybody has to grow sometime
    your deffinetly one of the best disney stars that ever was because you NEVER screwed up =)

  • mswanda

    I’m pregnant too Hilary! Congrats to you. I only found out yesterday I am only 23 (probably similar age to yourself). Congratulations and good luck.

  • Denise

    Hi Hilary and Mike,
    So great to see you so happy! Congratulations on the wedding and the baby news. You will be fantastic parents. Paris says she misses you.
    Schwarz family (NYI)


    i love you

  • Slavco Spasev

    Hello My name is Junior Boy and i m you Bigest Fan.You muvies are great and i like the moust Reyse you Volice.I real like you you muviest you songs.Have great merich i hope thet one day i well meed you and we well make some good song and muvie it is posible.You are great carakter.    

  • Jasmine Caron

    I am 17 and I have been such a huge fan of yours for almost my entire life! Ever since Lizzie McGuire, you have been my role model. When I found out a year ago that you were getting married (and now that you’re having a baby!!), I was so surprised because I felt like you were growing up without me. But that’s not at all what it is. You’re showing me the right away to live, just like you always have. Young stars always seem to crash and burn, but you never did. You truly are an amazing person. If in 7 years, I am half the woman you are, I know I did something right. Thank you for being who you are. I appreciate you :)

    • Jessica Gandarinho

       i feel the same way

      • Brittney Lemke

        Me to, I remember you all the way back with Casper Meets Wendy. The was one of the movies I would make my parents watch over and over again.

        • Aimee

          I still have that on dvd haha… I went through a hilary duff phase when I was a kid and insisted I had all movies and Cd’s she made… I grew out of it obviously but i still have them all and still listen to them… Her stuff isn’t a phase thing if you like her once you pretty much always like her stuff :)

        • Maria

          I made my parents and grandparents (especially my grandpa) watch with me over and over A Cinderella Story

  • Bruno


  • Ash splash

    Hilary all i’m gonna say is : THANK YOU, if i never knew you, i wouldn’t be me D: so THANK YOU, THANKS FOR BEING YOURSELF AND FOR BEING THAT BEAUTIFUL PERSON THAT YOU ARE.. i met you when i was 8. i’m 16  now, 17 on september .. the half of my life you were my inspiration, keep being it please. I LOVE YOU <3 ash. from argentina, you maybe noticed that , my english is not the best , but at least,… xd

  • Danie

    You Miss Hilary!! are my Idol!!! love your work!! God Bless you and your hubby! 

  • Jake rochell

    hilary, i wass wondering if you did video recordings sayig happy birthday i would love a video to sshow at my 18th party if you could do this t would be great get back yo me :) <3

  • Elke224

    Hiary, congrats with the exciting news that you’re expecting a baby. GOOd luckj and lots ans lots of love

    greets from Belgium!!!!

  • Xoxojenn16

    new music please!! i miss you!

  • Fazylova123

    hey hilary… im currently in college and just finished re-watching all the reruns of lizzie mcguire. i just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to me and my siblings. i wish disney channel would return to being realistic like it used to be. i hope your child will realize that his/her mother is one of a kind! 

  • Ediaz775

    loved you since back then when I would watch Lizzy McGuire and I still continue loving you….Congrats on the baby & God Bless with everything he puts your way:) 

  • Jennilynne

    thanks for not getting caught up in hollywood and being a good example. im sure the media and drama can drive you crazy but its good to see you stay you thanks

  • Dadsfavorite1

    Honest, I didn’t even know she got married. I hadn’t heard about her in a while so I Googled it. WOW! She got married. I still remember her as the age in “A Cinderella Story” and “The Perfect Man”. She sure has gone a long way. Congrats Hilary to being a mother. I hope it all works out.

  • Xx Alyssa Boardman Xx

    i Can’t believe how fast time goes by! especially when ur havin fun.. i would just like to say im am sooo proud to be ur fan!! i have been a fan since i was a little girl. u have inspired me to be a better person and to never give up on my dreams!! u have always been a great roll model! you and ur husband are going to be Great parents!! u have an amazing personality and down to earth!!
    lots of love Alyssa, Toronto Canada

  • Pamela Joyce Tobias

    Hi Hillary I’m Pamela joyce tobias and i’m your Filipino FAN :) I’m your Biggest FAN .  I LOVE U SOOO MUCH HILARY i hope someday I will See you in webcam . Just add me in Facebook . Pamela Joyce Tobias . and u can add my YM email Hil, 

  • Tpamelajoyce

    Hi Hillary I’m Pamela joyce tobias and i’m your Filipino FAN :) I’m your Biggest FAN .  I LOVE U SOOO MUCH HILARY i hope someday I will See you in webcam . Just add me in Facebook . Pamela Joyce Tobias . and u can add my YM email Hil, 

  • erika rodriguez

    congratulations on your baby hilary
     HD forever

  • Brenda Katelyn

    Here is from Brazil I’m very happy with the news, congratulations!

  • Brenda katelyn

    Congratulations, you three are very happy! <3

  • Arissa

    Congradulations Hilary Duff! I have followed you since the beginning and your gonna be a gorgeous mama’ and I dont know your hubbie personally but im sure he is going to be a good father too! Its so neat watching you develop and mold over the years into a beautiful person inside and out & once again congrats! :) xoxo A

  • Labreier84

    Why can’t I see the pics?

  • Anick

    Hey hilary, I have been a Fan for the longest time. I love your music, your movies and I also watch Lizzie Mcguire. Wish I could meet you and we could chill, We would get along great. I’m a mother so wanted to congrats you as I heard you are expecting, Best of luck, I know you will be the greatest mom out there! Anick :)

  • Flynmoo

    Hilary, I am super psyched and happy for you! I’ve been a big fan throughout the years and grew up watching you. You rock, woman! Congrats!!

  • Becca

    Hilary, you are such a good role model, i watched you in Lizzie Mcguire and probably everything else ever since,I saw you in concert once and you are such a good singer! You are so talented in everything you do! 
    Congratulations on the pregnancy, anyone would be proud to have you as there mum!:)

  • Hannah Lorraine Williams

    Hilary, you are so pretty! I remember growing up to your shows and movies. Congrats(:

  • lili

    Félicitations! C’est une chose merveilleuse que de pouvoir donner naissance à un enfant.Je suis moi-même enceinte de quelques semaines de mon troisième enfants.Prends soin de toi et profite de chaque instant.Encore pleins de bonheur pour vous….

  • ilirpirani

    Hilay You are simply amaizing. You are one of the fewest perfect actress and singer too.You will always ne on the TOP.

  • megan Rennie

    Your wedding dress is beautiful. I drew one exactly like that. :) 

    M xx 

  • hanna swärdh

    Hey Hilary!

    I’m happy that I have found your website! You are my favorite person in movies, I looooove to watch A cinderella story, raise your voice, the perfect man and the other movies with you. Do you know that it has came a new a cinderella story ? “another cinderella story” but I’m not so happy for it because you are not the actor. I’m from Sweden and not the best at english but I try and I hope you understand. You are my idol  because you are the best actor, and your voice is sooo lovely! And do not forget.. you are veryveryvery beautiful! I hope that you will send a mail to me, I’m so exited and will look my hotmail many times every day.
    Much love to you Hilary!
    here is my hotmail: 
    and here is my website: (there is english translate)

    ps I’m so glad for you and your husband, I hope your baby will feel good when she/he born! <3

  • Emily

    Hilary you are awesome i’ve loved you ever since you played Lizzie in Lizzie Mcguire

  • CatherineFausto Rodriguez

    congratualtions on the baby,
    im such a big fan of yours since the beginning i love you so much and  and your the only star that i still consider a role model

  • Ffritzi Anne

    cute :)

  • Stef@LaidRest

    Love you congrats future mommy<3

  • KareyLynn

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for being a great role model for young women. I’m 19 and in college and I loved watching you on TV and in movies. You are a wonderful person. Thanks

  • Keith Silver

    Great, smart and beautiful woman, you’re the best Hil, greetings from Colombia ;)

  • Akadealership

    Hilary, I grew up watching your Lizzy McGuire show and you have come a long way since then. However, you haven’t lost that beautiful charm that I admire. You really are a great inspiration for many generations! Your power, charm, beauty, and intelligence will make you a great mother and I wish you all the best in the world!! -Mia

  • Danae Yered Figueroa Olivares

    hi  how are you? i hope very well congratulations on your pregnancy will certainly be a beautiful baby & you be a great mom greetings from mexico look forward,we always be waiting for a new cd album & a new movie from you :)

  • Louise burns

    Hi Hilary I went to see u in concert when I was 6 I still have episodes of lizze mguire I still love ya the only thing I was wondering was if u were bringing out any albums am ur biggest fan all ma friends at school I used to play ur songs and I still do and ma friends used to say to stop playin it I’m ur biggest fan have been since u were in lizzie mguire since I was 6 I am 13 and I still love ya am so happy for you that ur havin a baby and you’ve made a family your such a gd role model remember lizze mguire Andy ur role model who wore everything the exact same as you I still remember hope u do well Hilary Louise xxxx

  • Emi_93

    Hey!Hilary & Mike , I’m sooooo happy for you two! Great news,wish you all the best! Love you,Hilary! Greetings from Bulgaria :)))) 

  • Imamintgirl

    Ever since I was a little girl, I loved Lizzie McGuire & your movies & your music. I had posters all over my wall! Now I’m almost 16 and so happy that you are still that down-to-Earth girl I was always a fan of. You were one of my first concerts…omg! Congrats on you’re new baby! I’ve always looked up to you. You’re one of the last normal actors that grew out of Disney. CONGRATS on everything!<3 
     -Shaye, Michigan

  • Torriempls

    Hilary, I was one of your biggest fans way back when your first album came out and you were still on Lizzie McGuire. It’s so exciting to here that you’re having a baby!! Congrats! It’s been fun being able to watch you grow up and everything. Anyways, I came across this picture from your
     “Most Wanted Tour” and thought I’d share it. Yes, that’s me when I was 9, but oh how time flies! I’m really excited to read your book! Okay…enough babbling for me. Congrats on the pregnancy! Love ya! :)

  • Jazmin

    Hillary, soy de Ecuador soy fan tuya desde que hiciste actuaste en Lizzie Mcguire, te digo q aun veo la serie en internet… es mi serie favorita y siempre lo va a ser… te felicito porque vas a ser mamá se que vas a ser una buena madre!!! Que Dios te bendiga Siempre!!!

  • Hannah Jackson

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, it is such great news! I am a huge fan and used to watch Lizzie McGuire every single day growing up and since then have had ever appreciation for your music and acting work a personal favourite was ‘Raise your voice’ your role was inspiring. Meeting you is still on my wishlist and I am now 17 years old and have been a fan since I was 9, I wish you and your new family all the happiness in the world! Thank you for being such a good role model to me and to many other young girls. xx

  • Kaitlyn

    I LOVE YOU! when i was little i used to watch your shows ! all the time, and now im like wow ! she is pregant, and married ! holey crap. But im happy for you! 

  • Mary Taylor

    Just wanted to say congradulations on the baby. I have always loved watching you grow up. You are only three years younger than me but I have always been a fan of your work and you have come a long way since your Lizze McGuire days. CONGRADULATIONS AND GOD BLESS

  • Cmessex12


  • Angel6767

    hey hilary youve made be so confident that i wanna be just like you as a role model singer and actress

  • Sammy:)

    Hello!!:) so excited to here your amazing news:) good luck with it all! I feel like it was just yesterday that i was at your concert wen you came to adelaide in Australia! you were so amazing:) i have loved growing up and having you as someone i can look up to:) your so respectable, caring and fun:) so excited to here that your happily married and starting a family! if you need any baby name ideas, you can never go wrong with Samantha!!! hehe thanks for being you:) xx

  • Simran Bagga93

    Dear hilary.
    You’ve been a great Role model… I’ve always Watched Your show Lizzie Mcguire.. <3
    It has Been a great time To watch you n grow up…
    its like being in heaven.. I really wish you come to India.. i really wanna see you so so bad,.. :'( 
    Love You…
    Samantha.. ( simran.. )

  • Giuliana Cena Kenny

    Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am pleased by the news, you baby will you be love and happiness  congratulations! 
    I have to say also that in 2006, I was very excited that you were in Argentina, you had announced you were going to be here in my country, shortly after I got the tickets, but eventually could not be, and you do not came because they were sick, as I’ve read, I was sad and I’m still waiting and a new album too, you have much talent, and you are notlike others, u r the only one and an example. KISSES FROM ARGENTINA I WILL WAITING FOR YOU. TE ESTAMOS ESPERANDO EN ARGENTINA, OJALÁ VENGAS… Y TRAIGAS TU MÚSICA.

  • Forevershany24

    Hey hilary ! I’ve been a fan of yours for so long! I remember it all started when i was about six! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, Disney Channel related, and movies/music! You are one of the girls i look up to! You’re wonderful! Best wishes to you and your husband, and congrats to your pregnancy! God bless <3

  • Templario Man

    I am very excited and pleased by this news and hope the baby became so famous asyou much happiness together!!

  • Farrah Smith

    Hilary, Hilary, Hilary…  You’re such a wonderful woman. You’re so pure, you’re so talented and you’re so freaking perfect! You’ve been, you are and you’re always gonna be my role model. And congrats!I’m very happy for you and your husband, both of you are going to be AMAZING parents. God bless you, Hilary, Mike and the baby-to-be. I wish you the best for the rest of your life and I really hope that I’m going to succeed in my life as you did. Thank you for being such an inspiration.
    You’re amazing! ♥ 
    I love you so freaking much! ♥     

    Farrah, L.A.

  • Stefjoss_13

    Congratulations on the arrival of this baby that the Lord Jesus fill you with blessings and protection, success in this new stage of life

  • Jennifer Polson

    Congrats on the new baby coming! I hope the baby turns out to be just like you.. Smart, talented and beautiful. enjoy the years the baby will bring you for they will go by fast.

  • Dyamejia

    felicidades desde Mexico 

  • Lucy_anl

    woww!! it’s happy!! please add photos of your pregnancy!

  • Laurenlake19

    Hilary my mom and I love your song horses come clean

    from lauren  

  • Cheyenne Taylor

    congrats that is soo cool used to watch lizzy mcgwire allll the time when I was little and I still listen to your music, your awesome God bless :D

  • Peace Pity

    Tamo ♥

  • Traceyhrrs10

    Hey Hilary I am a huge fan of yours and congrtulations on your one year anniversary! Me and my husband are about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary as well next weekend. You are right time does go by fast when you are having fun. I just saw that you and your husband are expecting your first baby!! That is really exciting! Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary and your pregnancy!!

  • Tiffany Larose

    congrats Hilary and i am so happy your my role model!

  • Azu.

    Hola Hilary! Soy española y te sigo desde pequeña.Felicidades por tu embarazo y espero que la vida te siga llenando de felicidad.Te lo mereces. Un beso enorme.

  • Bruna Porto alegre RS Brazil

    I’m so happy to know that you are expecting a baby, since little love your work and love you so much, I hope you come soon to Brazil, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  • Bubu Caloni

      I’m so happy to know that you are expecting a baby, since little love your work and love you so much, I hope you come soon to Brazil, I wish you all the happiness in the world. kisses I love you

  • Crystal Davis

    I remember watching Lizzie McGuire when I was little…I loved that show…I wanted to Lizzie McGuire night gown for Christmas really bad but my mom didnt want to get it for me…Then a family friend knoew I loved you that she bought me Hilary Duff calende and still to this day I have the pictures from that calendar!!!!

  • George

    I miss you on the movie and music scene

  • imad ribatchy Barera

    so so hot

  • Anna

     Hello Hilary!
    With all my heart I wish you luck, you were always together, never separately. You are a beautiful woman, I thank you because thanks to you I realized that beauty lies not outside but in the inside of our hearts. Thank you and I will pray for a healthy and joyful baby.

  • נעה גוטוירט

    youre so pretty im sure the little boy or the girl tou carring in your belly will be increneblly beutiful!

  • Kirsten L.

    Hey Hillary,
    My name is Kirsten and I’m from Ontario,Canada, and am 17,
    I remember waiting for the family channel everyday for the lizzie mcquire show. Heck, I still own the movie! and I went to see it in theaters!.
    Now, I haven’t kept up much with what you’ve been doing (my creeping days are over lololol.) but  I just wanted to offer my congratulations in regards to the soon-to-be new addition!
    Hope all is well, Have fun! it’s an adventure and a half thats for sure, it’ll get more fun once you actually have the baby :) Anyway, keep positive and watch out for postpartum! ahaha. anyway I’m not going to waste your time, Stay safe!

  • Molly Rennick

    Hey, Hilary,
    I know everyone says this, but I am truly your biggest fan. I have been to one of your concerts (Dignity tour, 2007, Toronto), I own every CD of yours, I have seen all your movies (even the rated R ones!) and I want to be just like you when I grow up! I hope to be successful (like you) at singing, acting and designing (maybe writing, too…) I love ELIXIR, I have read it six times, and I can not wait for DEVOTED! I would do ANYTHING to meet you–literally, anything. If you’re reading this, Hilary, I would be SO HAPPY if you would email me,, and I would totally appreciate your time! I’m so happy for you on your marriage and pregnancy, I wish you and Mike the best! :) Congratulations from your biggest fan!
    It seems so weird, I still watch Lizzie McGuire (DVD, YouTube, 2 am on the Disney Channel, etc…) and to think that girl is now all grown up….Wow, I feel old. :P I hope you make a new album soon, websites say one coming for 2012? Cant wait for that! Maybe you’ll do one+ tour(s)? With a Meet and Greet or Backstage Passes? Like said, I would do ANYTHING to meet you!!! Since 2008 when your last album was released I’ve beeen listening to Avril Lavigne, because if there’s no you, and no Avril, (and no Justin Bieber <3!) there are no good artists out there (to me) so please release another album!
    I could go on for HOURS, litterally, but I'm going to wrap this up now, Hil. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
    Lots of love,
    Molly, your biggest fan in the whole world.

    PS: I would do ANYTHING to meet you :)

  • Javangemar

    Beautifull….. Congratulations for new Baby…….

  • Jamie Asher

    Congratulations HD you will be a fantastic mummy, Love one of your biggest UK fans <3

  • My smile is mine

    Hillary,i have a lot of questions for you.
    Can I take you an interview?
    my email

  • Raileen Marie :)

    Hey girl! Congrats on the baby! Good luck with your husband and this new life ahead of you :)

  • Stacey M Fuller

    Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary and for the pregnancy.. I hope bubba is treating you well and you have an easy pregnancy.. I can’t wait to see photos..

  • Chase_horner

    Hil I freaking love you!!!

  • Jenna May


    I’ve been a fan off you since I was like three maybe longer :P!!!! You’e absolutely amazing!!! 
    Love you♥♥♥♥♥

  • Georgia x

    Hilary!! You are my idol and you will always be. You have me my roll model since wendy meets casper. I have all of your DVDS, CDs, Perfume, your book elixir and i have ordered devoted. Elixir was amazing. I  read it twice!  I bet Devoted will be just as brilliant!! Soo pleased for you on your news that you are pregnant!!!  you will be an awesome mum!!! God bless Hilary and you are the best, Dont change!!! Thankk you for being a great singer and actor and making my childhood the best with you as my idol!!! you will always be my idol and roll model to me and when i have children too. i am now 18!!! THank youuu <3 x 

  • Pablo Molina

    Your flickr gallery doesn’t work. It just show [slickr-flickr id=62724686@N03 size'"large" flickr_link="on"]

    I’ve read that you’re gonna have a baby, congratulations!

  • Mag89aqua

    You are the best!!! I love your music!!!! 
    I’m from Guatemala!!!
    in my country you have so many fans!!! 
    and everyone we love your music!!!!
    God bless you !!! 

  • GiNa

    hey, Hilary im soo sooo happy for yuu congratz!!  ive been a very big fan of yuurs since i was like  5 years old i love all yuur shows and yull wiil never be replaced by any other person…..for some reason wen someone talks bad about yuu i get soo mad…..ooh well…… Congratz again…..hope to se yuu some day……

  • Jenneym

    Hey hilary, you dont even know how much i admire you, congratulations with your pregnancy and i wish you a happy life <3

  • stephanie Gaxiola

    Hi Hilary Duff i have been your fan since casper meets wendy, then Lizzie Mcguire and now you are a woman :’) i grew up with you are my model, because i want to be like you, you are the best in everything, so beautiful and all the good things you can ever imagine, my dream is meet you really, i want to listen new music because all your songs are amazing, i love you and i’m so happy because i know you are going to be a really good mom, good luck with your husband and your new lifee ;)

  • Dulceee_10

    Hilary! as many others might say “i am your biggest fan” i feel like i really am.. ive seen you since Wendy meets casper to the whole Lizzie Mcguire seasons! & after all your movies & music… im 19yrs old and my dream is to meet you,,, my mom recently 4 months ago died of cancer and she always told me how she was going to get me a trip way to meet you no matter the cost…lol. Even after her death i still want too! idk if i will ever meet you or if you will even ever read this.. but i just want you to know u are amazing! and you are one of the sum starts that stayed true to themselves! you are truly a rolemodel and someone to look up too.. i wish you the best of luck in ur life and career! and congrats to ur pregnancy!♥
    Love- Dulce J. Perez
    From laredo TX :)

  • Hazelxy

    Dear Hilary Duff,
    I was watching “The Cinderella Story” the other night with my family and when Enews reported you are already married a year! :) You’re my childhood show that I can’t wait to get back home to watch “Lizzie Mcguire” <3 I love you, xxx. You are going to be a mother too. AWWW. <3

  • Jess

    Hilary Duff! OhEmGeez, I’ve been watching you ever since you stared as Lizzy McGuire on Disney Channel. You’ve been such a phenomenal role model and the path you chose was very respectable and easy to be followed. Your style, personality and life style is something tons of teens, such as myself look up to. Thanks for always being there and showing your true colors. Congradulations on the 1 year with your hubby & I wish you the best of luck with the new baby, you will be a GREAT Mama :)

  • Melissa Rideout

    Hilary you are amazing! I have loved you and your music for a long time :) I loved watching Lizzie McGuire i still even watch all the old episodes.. i have all your C-D ‘s and mostly all of your movies you are such a good roll model to me and a lot of people out there. I loved your concerts and i still listen to your music :) Im so happy for the news!! I wish the best for your family :)
    Thank you for just being you!! :) I will be a fan of u for a really long time :)

    -Melissa Rideout, B.C Canada

  • TPower12300

    i love you hilary duff no joke #1 biggest fan 

  • Kalyn Gaynor

    Hilary, Congrats on the news! I remember when I always use to watched your show and now your grown up and getting ready to raise a family. All I wanna say is CONGRATS! 

  • Kalyn Gaynor

    Hilary, Congrats on the news! I remember when I always use to watched your show and now your grown up and getting ready to raise a family. All I wanna say is CONGRATS! 

  • Kalyn Gaynor

    Hilary, Congrats on the news! I remember when I always use to watched your show and now your grown up and getting ready to raise a family. All I wanna say is CONGRATS! 

  • Jackie

    Hi Hilary, I just want to say you are my role model and I look up to you SO much! And congrats on expecting! Thanks!

  • rayna

    omg. i grew up on lizzie mcguire. i’m only 15 but i feel so old now that you’re having a baby. congratsss!

  • yomailette

    hi hillary how are you i rememberyou from disney channel and good congratulations on yourbaby
    and i am  so happy for you  and i hope that you have  fun with your baby and your family love your biggest fan 

  • Jentrufanova

    Im so glad to hear that you’re expecting your first child.  I am such a big fan, and I wish you and your family all the best in the upcoming future.

  • Dorothy Bielecki

    You and Mike make the cutest couple ever!

  • Bonnie

    I’ve watched you grow up on TV with my daughter (who is now almost 16.) I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the positive female role model you’ve been for her. Congratulations to you and your husband as you celebrate your first anniversary and the new baby-to-be! I know you’ll be a wonderful mommy!!

  • Natt

    te sigo desde q soy muy chica..y desde el primer momento te adore :) uidate muchoooo!!! besos 

  • Kenzie_is_rocken

    Hilary, I looked up to you for the longest time as a roll model. I still have all your cds and I still watch your Movies and Tv shoes. All your Cd’s are on my ipod and I still have “What dreams are made of” stuck in my head. Its wonderful to hear you are expecting. Congrats (:

  • Animaluv1

    Your so pretty and talented.
    I love it how your down to earth and not like all of those other celebs, it’s refreshing.
    I hope everything good comes your way. ;)
    Make sure the fame dosen’t go to your head, I’m sure it won’t.

    Make sure to tell us when you know the gender of your baby, can’t wait.
    I’m sure it’ll be as beautiful as you.

    Thanks for everything.

    ~ Animaluv.

  • Aculkett15

    i love u hilary so much, im so happy for u and mike

  • Heather E.

    I am so happy that you are expecting! It’s wonderful to go through the pregnancy motions and I wish you the best. I pray that you have a healthy, beautiful baby with little to no complications! 

  • Atfox2001

    Congratulations on your little one.  I am sure you will make an amazing mother.  You are such a great role model for our children in this society.  The love you develope from being a mom is stronger then any love you will ever know.  Trust in your husband and in your family to guide you throughthis amazing journey in your life.   Being a wife and a mother are truely the best blessings in the world.

  • Joanne Rae

    HIlary i love you soo much and i miss seeing you on t.v! You’re were my childhood role model! <3

  • Lex Stalk

    You ROCK, Hil, never ever change. I’m glad to know the news, Congratz!
    I ♥ U . You’re the best. Long live HD

  • Molly

    Hilary, I know everyone says this, but I actually am your biggest fan! I’ve seen all your movies (even the ones I’m “too young” to see!) I have all your CDs, (waiting for the next one!), I’ve read ELIXIR 6 times, (can’t wait for DEVOTED! You’re so talented!) and I have a full Stuff by Hilary Duff bedroom! I’ve only been to one of your concerts (Dignity tour, 2007, Toronto), and we were in, like, the 30th row, but I still loved it! I am so happy for you on your marriage and that you’re pregnant! I AM your biggest fan, and I would do ANYTHING to meet you, you have been my role-model since I was four, when you were still on Lizzie McGuire. (Disney Channel is horrible now, no more Lizzie–only stupid Hannah Montana! ;( ) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I want to meet you so badly but since you’re not on tour, I can’t get backstage passes or anything :( If you read this, Hil, I hope you’l l consider having a way to meet fans or something like that? (Meet and Greet?)
    Love you so much, always have, always will!!!
    Molly, your biggest fan EVER.

  • Alexandria Self

    Hi hilary. You have been my rolemodel sence Lizzie McGuire, I sung 3 of your songs for 2sd, 3rd and 4th grade Talent show and now im going into 10th grade and I still think your awesome. And when I found out you were getting married I was like wow! :) but my point is that I’m so happy you found somebody that makes you happy. And now your expecting a baby!! :D I think your so pretty. And I think you should make more movies like material girls and raise you voice, and I hope you have time to make a new cd this year.

  • Guest

    Hi Hilary  It is wonderful news to hear that you are pregnant.  You and Mike must be very excited together to announce the news on your anniversary.  The pictures of your wedding are lovely where it was very kind of you both to share them.  As a fan I have seen your movies and think your music are great on you tube. I also like your new website where it does have a personal touch to it.

  • Letina

    Really pretty pics. Loved the setting too!

  • Tigertabby360

    Congrats on your pregnancy & your 1 year anniversary! I remember watching you on Lizzy McGuire. I looked up and wanted to be just like you!!
    -Married Mom of 1

  • Billyandhope69

    congrat on ur new arrival u r so sweet and kind woman and God bless ya hope well for ya and happy annervisary

  • Berliefaithdescargarbansag23

    i love you ever since the lizzie mcguire started!
    i had seen a lot of your movies and although the times go by you’re still the humble “ate” hilary duff i used to know.
    you’re one of my role models!
    God Bless!
    stay beautiful inside and out.
    love yah!

  • Liviamaia1402

    hilary *-* you turn to Brazil on Sept. 4. . most will only come to the river? Glad you could make a Bluejay right here in sao paulo? big kiss. . longing your show *-*

  • Preeti Chhabra

    Love you Hilary, I am sure your baby will be as beautiful as mommy

  • Caress Garcia

    hey hilary i really miss your music and movies but i do understand that you are ready to start a family of your own..congrats by the way im a mother of 3 myself its a blessing…….your a great role model for the younger generation..,……..good luck to you  :)

  • Julie

    Hi hillary,
    I love your photos and your style! I miss seeing you on t.v. my daughter has all your music! Congratulations on your pregnancy.

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Miguel Angel Flores

    Ok. wOw hilary yOu are sO beautiful i can”t believe that you get married . i mean you have got married. hehe Ups well what can i say a really fan on you I love yOu but. I have a question have gone to mexico? i mean in you honey moon?

  • Lindsay Stiefvater

    Hilary, you are such a good roll model for my children! Your beautiful, talented and a genuine person. I am so happy to hear that you are expecting… congrats and God Bless… mom of 3 !! :)

  • Lindsay Stiefvater

    Hilary, you are such a good roll model for my children! Your beautiful, talented and a genuine person. I am so happy to hear that you are expecting… congrats and God Bless… mom of 3 !! :)

  • Lindsay Stiefvater

    Hilary, you are such a good roll model for my children! Your beautiful, talented and a genuine person. I am so happy to hear that you are expecting… congrats and God Bless… mom of 3 !! :)

  • alejandra

    hilary eres la mejor!! que bien que tendras un bebe… tu y mike son los mejores :)!!!

  • Melissa S

    Hilary, Your a beautiful and talented young women. You two have been so blessed. Babys are so sweet and loving and you will never be able to imagine how much you can love someone until you have yours. I had my little girl when i was 24 and i call her my gift from god. She’s an incredible little girl. Shes turning 5 the end of this month and some advice i can give you is CHERISH every moment. They grow so quickly. Best wishes! God bless you and your family, Melissa

  • Krissel :)

    HEY HILARY!!! I am one of your BIGGEST fans!!! I have grown up with your music and acting, I still can’t beleive that you have been married for a year now! I just want to wish you the best life, you are an amazing person and have made a big inpact on my life! Your baby will def turn out just like their mama! I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! CONGRATS ON EVERY THING ;) – Krissel :)

  • Rodeo06queen

    So it seems like forever when I grew up watching your lizzi cartoon and the cheaper by the dozens movie. I grew up watching your shows on TV and now Im grown and my oldest daughter watches shows like I use. I am excited to hear that your expecting and your marriage is going great. Seems like everyone famous now a days finds reason to “fall out of love” but if your truly in love there’s no such thing. I want to wish you the best of luck with everything in your future.


  • Johana

    I`m so happy for you guys!!! God bless you :)
    Best wishes

    Johana xoxo

  • Yoanka

    Hilary, I am one of your fans since the Lizzie McGuire episodes! Hilary iyou are a talented actress. I also love your songs. You are an authentic person, very natural, and humble. I hope I meet you someday in person. Happy anniversary and wish you the best with your first baby!!!!!
    (Miami, FL)

  • denise

    beautiful photos, all you are beautiful and very good person so you deserve everything in life

  • Mary Bachmeyer

    Congratulations on your addition. I am looking forward to seeing more pics.
    Great site.


  • Diana

    Muchas felicidades por su bebé, que Dios los llene de grandes y hermosas bendiciones. Cuidate mucho.

  • jade leigh

    hi hilary gorgeous pictures :) congratulation to u and your husband on your pregency x x x

  • Guila

    Ciao Hilary! I love you so much you are soooooooo talented! Im ten years old and live in sicily. Please come and do a concert here please! i love you! congrats on ur anniversery and baby!

  • val

    hi hilary! im so happy for you and your husband i hope you guys have a wonderfull time together i love you hialry you are very bretty and i listen to your songs all the time, and congrats that you are having a baby!!!

  • http://hilaryduff ines lidia isri

    hie hilary my name is isri ines i”m forteen years old i am a kuge fan of you since i was four
    so happy for you”re wedding and now you”re pragnancy i hope it will be a girl who will look just like you take car of you”re self
    i wish for you the best luck in having you”re baby and in you”re life saye hello to you”re mom sister and hosband
    i swear to you i”ve never loved someone like you never you are my insperation with all my love to you and kisses that never end i love you to death***********

  • Alyssa

    I have been such a huge fan of yours from the start. I have loved you since I was 5 and continue to love you now that I am 13. I still have your posters up in my room, books everwhere, and music playing on my Ipod. You are such a talent and I love you with all of my heart. You have truly inspired me to love to sing and act; you make it look so easy. You have grown up so much, and I cannot believe that you are expecting! That is such amazing news and I cannot wait to see yor beautiful baby when it arrives! You and your family will always be in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. I love yo, thank you for everything!

    ~ Alyssa

  • Kylee

    Congrates!!!!!!!! :D! So glad you were able to fond love :D! I hope it stays :) and to the soon to be little person around the house :) I’ve a long time fan ever since you were on Disney. Your music has always gotten me up and dancing and humming along :) Thanks for all the songs!

  • Jade

    Genuine role model. I don’t want to be one of those people who pours their heart out and sounds like a little teenager, but seriously – you are my role model. & to meet you has never budged from my ‘i wish list’ congratulation on the news of your baby, i am also expecting, so to see your updates of the pregnancy and baby are going to be amazing to see. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • ronelle findlay

    This is the first time that i am cooming on the website Hiliary but it is great, I must say congrats on the third addition to your party, may you and your husband have all the best of luck and may GOD shine his light on all three of you and keep you in all his warmness. God bless both of you until the third one arrives. and also congrats on the 1st year annivesary as well.

  • Mikayla ramm

    Hey Hilary,
    I have been a fan since I can remember. When I was 10 I had a dance concert and I was extremely nervous so my contacted your manager and he asked if you got nervous before concerts and we got a reply saying “of course Hilary get nervous but she loves doing it for her fans and a fun time doing what she loves” and ever thought it wasnt you it still inspired me to go ahead with the concert because inloced dancing. You have always been my inspritation. Congratulations on your baby news I couldnt be happier for you . I wish you all the best! I haven’t been able to go to your concerts but would love to when would you be coming to Australia again?

  • Adam

    You look really happy. And that’s all that matters. Even though some people are rich, they are not happy. Well, that’s not the case for you. God bless.

  • maria

    hi hilary how are you :*

  • Zylua

    I will tell just I respect you, your creativity, it would be desirable you to see but I know that it is impossible because I live in Russia. But I all the same will not cease to respect you, to listen to your music and to look your films. You have chosen the good husband, I hope in your family all is good.

  • Emily

    Hey Hilary,
    I live in England i am a huge dan ( yopur biggest fan) i think u are so pretty and you always look beautiful. I will always look up to you and congradulations on your new baby.
    i love the wedding dress you wore and i would love the same style when i am older

    Love ya

  • Javed

    ‘ devoted’

    I think if you take part in beauty contest you would be MISS UNIVERSE

  • Rhiannon Irons

    Congratulations on your first year anniversary and also on the annoucement that you are expecting your first child. You are the ideal rolemodel for young women everywhere and we look forward to seeing what your future brings.
    Best wishes for the future,
    Love always,

  • Kathy

    Congratulations Hilary and Mike! I wish you both the best of luck with your marriage and the new coming baby :)! Love you!

  • Jessie B Wallace

    Hey Hilary, I have been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember. It all started with your tv show , Lizzie McGuire and it went on from the there. Your music has always inspired me. I have been to a couple of your concerts. I love how you have always held your ground. You seem like such a sweet and compassionate person, I wish I could actually meet you. It’s still on my bucket list! So happy for you and your husband. You are a extraordinary, gifted person. Musician, actress, fashon designer, and now author. You are beautiful and one of the most inspiring celeberties I look up to.

  • Fernanda Priolli

    Hi Hilary. Oh my God, I love you since I was three, and ten years later I still do. I’m so glad you and Mike are having a good time together as a married couple, it’s nice to see you well. You know, I admire you for being such a great star, and not getting lost in wrong stuff like Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, etc, did. You have to be very mature to keep standing in the showbiz. However, it’s nice to hear from you. Bye, love you!

  • Anandkgowda0987

    hi hilary.

    you are amazing… i have seen some of ur movies and shows… god !! you are realli realli nice…
    Keep Rocking !!!!!

  • Beck brown

    love it

  • Lebalien

    Amazing photos Hilary!


    I love you

  • U1000325

    I like them very much.

  • Bobo

    Hello Hilary Duff i just want to say i am your biggest i followed you since lizzie mcuire. Are you gonna make new album? because I want to hear your rock hilary duff :)

  • Kylie

    I want to just say that Hilary Duff was my music inspiration. When I was eight years old, I was sitting on the couch with my aunt, and she turned to the music channel and Hilary Duff’s song “Wake Up” came on. I fell in love after I heard that song. So every night, after supper, My mom would get out her vacuum and she would turn on the music channel, and I would dance my heart out to Hilary Duff, at that age, I was lucky because my best friend attended our first Hilary Duff concert ever. It was one of the greatest concerts I have experienced. Hilary Duff is the reason I am who I am. I used to watch the Lizzie McGuire Movie over and over again. I have read her book. I have watched every movie she has ever been in. I own every CD.I know every lyric to every song. I was at my friends house last night, and I said to my friend, “Lets watch teh lizzie McGuire movie, so when we turned it on turned out she had put the CD in the Movie so we were dancing around her room to ‘Why Not’. Hilary Duff has had such a wonderful impact on my life. Hilary Duff is the reason I love music. She is my inspiration.

  • Erin

    Hilary you are such a inspiration to me and so many others! You were the first concert that i went to and i loved it! now you are writing a book and it got me thinking i want to be a writed mabe! Thanks for all you do and looking forward to your 2nd book to come out!

  • Kevinmwangi50

    nice does it work

  • Lera Shlyakova

    WOW!!! Cool =)

  • Fearless52409

    Hilary Duff,
    You will never know how much you have impacted my life when I was growing up, and still to this day you do. I can say I was fully obsessed with you when I was a little girl. Sure, I liked other celebrities, but you were my number one role model and quite frankly you still are. I bought all your stuff my Hilary Duff merchandise, I had posters, calendars, books, school supplies, concert dvds, and movie dvds. I’d buy magazines just because you were on the cover. I was a member of the old Hilary Duff fan club, and went to your concert tours. I made my own little fan club for my other friends to join. It was the “Hilary Duff #1 Fan” club for me and my friends to have fun and talk about our lovely role model!  I very much hope to meet you one day and I know I would be just as thrilled if I were to meet you when I was 8. Now, at 16 going on 17 I’d just like to say Thank You. I still look up to you very much and you are STILL my role model. Whether you know it or now you will always be a part of me when I grow up. Always.. 
    -Paulina D.

  •ón-Fernández/1759831029 Josecinho Jamón Fernández

    hello Hillary! are you?!…:D

  • Dana

    I like the official site to be biography, music and more new pictures. and of course you to stay all the time blog.

  • Dana

    I hope to read what I wrote on twitter on your official website and youtube. expect a response. how late would be

  • kevin

     you are beautiful ;)

  • tehseen

    hi dear ,its me tehseen , i hav watched ur tv showa nd recelty saw ur movie a cindrella story , i just loved it u look so beautiful in cindrella dress…

  • katie ruffcorn

    hilary i have been a fan since ur disney channel hits. ur music is fun and always positive and fun! ur so inspiring and beautiful! hope to see out on the road again soon along with another album. :)

  • Kris

    Dear Hilary, I’m fifteen this year and I happened to chance upon this site by accident actually and I’m so glad that I did. I’ve missed watching Lizzie Mcguire when I was a kid and listening to all your songs. I’m always really inspired by them because even though the lyrics are so simple, they mean so much. You have touched the lives of so many people and you are such a wonderful role model for everyone. I love you alot<3
    Can't wait for devoted to come out(:! Imma buy it as soon as its released.
    If you can, please write back(: It'll mean so much to me(: 

  • KaarLiita Pm

    Will u return to Mexico?


  • Sourav Dalal

    i m watching ur movies “A Perfect Man” and find u as a most beautiful women in the world…..
    u r looking gorgeous….n i jus read ur entire profile in Wiki and m jus speechless….you are jus 23 and whatever u have done in ur life till date, its simply mind-blowing and outstanding……
    god bless u dear….

  • Into The Ocean

    can you put more pic on this site – dying to see you
    ps: sr i’m not good at english

  • Veronica Castro

    you have a big talent hilary !!   keep going on, never change pretty :)  love your site & take care 


    I love U hilary~~~I am lizzie from Shanghai~ I hope you can feel that there r soooo many people loving U in China!!!!!Love you!!!!!!!

  • Mary Cusack

    Hilary Duff is the deffinition of inspiration!!! :) :) :)   please go on tour again ! :) 

  • حسن الزهراني

    we need to new music
    froooom Hil

  • H L H 1810

    and I want thank Hilary for help us to reach her a simplified manner thanks a lot

  • Julia

    Hey hilary :)
    i have been a huge fan of yours since i was nine years old im 18 now.. you are so grounded and down to earth. as i have grown up you have been a great role model to look up to. i love your music and miss it very much.. 
    p.s. your dogs r soo cute :) 
    x0x00x love u hilary 

  • Lindsey_wagner

    omg i miss your songs so much you are such a inperation to me and i hope i can someday meet you!

    love lots 

  • Lucas_aryan

    I love you Hilary…

  • Frfosha_frfosha

    I can only say that I love

  • 111simulik111

    I love you.At 6 ears you favourite star. ♥♥♥ I love Hillary duff. ;)P :D

  • Roman

    Hi! My name is Roman. Hilary, I very much hope that I write to you, instead of false Hilari. I the composer and the poet from Russia. I write many years songs and I would like to write for you a song that you would execute it in the following album. If it really, please, answer me my e-mail In advance thanks.

  • Andrea gonzallez

    niceee lovee youu HIL!

  • Andrea gonzallez

    nicee love youu hil!

  • Kathryn

    I’ve been waiting for this new website to come and it has finally came. I might use this site to put awesome quotes that are exactly for Hilary. Love you Hilary.

  • makha93

    Hilary Duff the best star of the world!!! 

  • Robin Crook

    I really like to meet Hilary  sometime

  • Sam_ir_2011

    hii hilary i am iranian
    I love u so much

  • Little Mimi Love Yasmim <3

    Your soooo goregous !!! I remember when i was 4, 5 , maybe even 6 years old and i would watch lizzie mcguire every time it went on I never missed one episode and i would only listen to your songs i just appsalutely idolize you and i really hope some day i can go to one of your concerts :)
    P.S. sorry for the misspelling :/

  • Mzafar1997

    >__> (Has no idea how to start this)
    I’ll just say this.
    I’ve been your fan since i was little….(can’t remember what age)
    Now i’m in high school. (Err…starting it..)
    Since then…I’ve wanted to be just like you. (Still do.)
    You’re amazing. You’ve inspired me….a lot…
    Keep doing what you do! :D

  • Jeysonasp

    I love   <3

  • solecito

    hello! I hope and you’re the best Your site is super middle shelf a kiss and a hug. with care: sol =)

  • Jaqueline C Souza

    Olá Hilary, sou sua maior fã aqui do Brasil… Te acho maravilhosa e adoro todos os seus trabalhos!
    Muitos beijos…
    Jaqueline Cristina de Souza Figueiredo.

  • jhim

    Eres la mejor de las actrices suerte en todas tus películas soy un fans   

  • jhim

    Eres la mejor de las actrices felicidades hilary  tu amigo jhim  

  • Franky Dennyo

    Hi Hilary, I know about you as I read scrapbook titled Hangin’ with Hilary Duff. I was so happy to know about you. I wish that I will be like you in my future and you are my hero and the number one on my list. Wish you luck and tiabo (gud bye)

  • Annebelle Rose

    Hi my name is Kayla and I am 14 years old and I just wanted to say you are really pretty and talented! You are my role model!!! :)

  • sweetlyhope2

    you are just too pretty, Hillary!
    Ever since I was little, I have been OBBSESSED with you!!!
    I have all of your CDs and I just wish I could be as beautiful as you!! *jealous*
    Heehee! Anyways, much love!
    Hope Roberts!

  • Sousou

    Hii ^^ hilary i’m very honored to vist your web site !! i adore you <3

  • Vi Santos

    hey Hilary, I’m from Brasil, congrats on Elixir, I wanna see you here .. LOVE U xoxoxoxo

  • Fabian_129908

    te amo Hilary aki en mexico y zacatecas t keremos konocer

  • Info

    Hehe i wish you all the best! You are a beauty and the world likes ya!! Keep on!! If you ever would like to make a trance song ill be the first to help you :p

  • kurt

    Hilary you are the best actress, singer, author and designer in the world and also are such a wonderful, beautiful and inspiring person, i am proud to be such a huge fan of such and amazing person Love you loads Hilary, cant wait to read devoted Love from Kurt from the UK

  • Santosh Kumar

    wonderful pics Hilary D:)

  • Apache Justdoit

    U are the lady in my dreams…………

  • Faye

    hilary im a huge fan I LOVE YOU!

  • Teena Toma

    dear hilary duff
    l’ve been fan as long as remember, wacthing your lizzie mc guire shows and l still love them heeps. l think that you are one of the coolest girl in the world ,and l hope that you can come and visit australia cause it was a long time since you last came
    your fan
    Teena xoxo

  • Allison Hughes

    I like the one of you bowling. It is super cute and looks like a lot of fun!

  • Hilary‘s Siamese




  • César Augusto Fernandes

    hey hilary… i love you… ‘m reading your book…

  • Rachel Reeves

    OMG Hilary I miss you soo soo soo much. I first started waching u when I was in kidergarden and will be going into the 8th grade this year. Im soooo excited I found your new websight and wish u all the best

  • Artavazd Avetyan

    Hey Hilary I’ve a little question, where are you from? And can you take me your telephon number?

  • Sharon Ortega

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    • Inma G.

      Yo sobre Hilary pienso exactamente lo mismo que tú! Con respecto a todo! que la descubrí en Lizzie McGuire, que cuando vino a España no me dejaron ir a verla porque era muy pequeña, que la descubrí más o menos con 11 años, que tengo todos sus cds.. todo!

      Sigo soñando con conocerla algún día! :)

  • Hilary‘s Siamese






  • Hilary‘s Siamese






  • Hilary‘s Siamese

    u know Hilary ,,this is the GREATEST thing had ever happen ,,
    I feel that there is a way to contact with ya ,,when I see this new website I felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY


    BIG HUGS AND KISSES =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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  • SelyFan Gomez

    Love you ♥♥

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  • Jonathan AC

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  • Nikki Jonas

    Hey Hil!!! I love youand your songs sooo much!!!! are currently recording anything?? I really miss your songs!!! I wish I could buy you book but there’s none where I live =(….. xoxo God Bless… Nikki <3

  • Nikki Jonas

    Hey Hil!!! I love youand your songs sooo much!!!! are currently recording anything?? I really miss your songs!!! I wish I could buy you book but there’s none where I live =(….. xoxo God Bless… Nikki <3

  • Christina Leopald

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    and I am from kurdistan’s #1 fan.I hope that U get this. and read it because we love U and we want to hear some thing from U. I hpoe that U have heared our peoples story. believe me U will be amazed. all what I wanted to say is U are a great actress, but I don’t know how is your real personality. if we know it that would our pleasure more to meet you personally. thanx

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    with my grandma piggy sue with my twin brother is Jeff. My brother and i
    move to Lubbock Taxes. i write my my books. gone with high School in
    2007. i had cancer and i have first music video



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    i’m from argentina so i hope some day give a concer here …
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  • marce gomez achetti

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     love your new site….
    kisses :) 

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    You have been everything to me since I was 11 years, now I´m 18, I´m from mexico and thanks to you and your music I learned english. We need your music back, thanks for being yourself all the time, never change, because you are different to all the pop artist. Hilary Duff=Perfection.
    Love you! Luis… (:

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  • Gerardo Spartan

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    You should make more music CDs cause i really miss your music and i miss going to every concert of yours!
    Miss and Love you dearly!

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    i’m from the netherlands and
    i’m a big fan of you, i hope you are going
    to do a new tour with great new songs.

    i realy wanna meet you some day!

    when i was on a holiday in LA, i have saw
    place’s where you have make the movie;
    raise your voice. the walt disney concert hall,
    the station and a lot more!!

    a lot of big hugs,


    i have read your book, and i really loved it<3

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    love and hugs

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  • Nadin

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    Your biggest fan! Lexis <3