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Nov 17 2013

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  • plasma

    it only takes one dedicated fan to make a star go supernova …is that you ??

  • anmol shukla

    talented miss world favourite

  • full view

    you people really have never seen a 21st century Temple.. have you. ?? ..well this WEB PAGE is just that. !!! and HILARY DUFF is the Goddess of Love. …… the world belongs to the most creative mind …is that you lol

  • HDno1biggestfan

    It looks beautiful. I am jealous right now.

  • Fine wine

    Love is property of Hilary Duff All rights reserved …don’t copy what changes with the day’s ……it becomes new in so many ways ..you can’t possibly understand.. it is more than the love of a common Fan….Love Belongs to Hilary Duff …and just like Hilary we can’t get enough ….come back and read her WEB PAGE and you will see Love Get better with age lol fine wine :) for My Goddess…

  • Natural wonder

    actress singer writer ….. and now photographer .. is there anything you can’t do Hilary lol .. what is next ?? .. you really do have an eye for natural beauty and so do your Fans …Hilary You are a natural beauty :) **** can’t shake this feeling that you know who love is .. too many Related photograph ..and if you do Hilary ..YOU WOULD BE THE FIRST :)