So much fun filming with my seester @haylieduff @realgirlskitchen #malibuepisode #realgirlskitchen ❤️

Jan 20 2014

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  • JDG2010

    You guys look so much alike!!

  • dedicated to Haylie Duff <3

    What More is Love then This…..something as simple as a Kiss :) xxx

    • Skylar Drew MIchaud

      I’ll Kiss Your Feet Too! LotsAndLotsAndLotsOfHugs.
      I have You To Thank too Haylie! You’re An Outstanding Sister And Role Model.
      Hilary Will Get My PuppyLoveLicksAndKissesThough! :P

      • how rude

        there you go putting words in my mouth : you rude little fck : I got something to put in your mouth: hahahahah you don’t know what Love will or will not do or say …wtf is wrong with you skylar ……..nobody could kill you faster then Love …many would agree……… the only way you get forgiven: is if you can prove you have some kind of disease that makes you terminally stupid hahahahah….. no peace. !! your enemy brings peace ‘LOVE BRINGS WAR. !!! ……………..skylar reach for the sky and Love’ My Love Reach for the heavens and beyond :)

        • Skylar Drew MIchaud

          HowRude! lol Full House, Best. Show. EVER! :P
          How Dare I Put Words In YOUR mouth? Excuse me? I know Exactly what “Love” Will or will not say. I’m great At Predicting! I’m an Observer, I See The Future. Not Looking So Bright For you! Keep It Coming! haha Loving It :) I am Not Afraid to Die, Or Be Killed. Especially by someone as Brainless as you. I’m always 45432 steps ahead of you. I guess I’ll Also Dare You To Kill Me! If You Succeed it was meant to be, I will Rise and Haunt you for the rest of your existence, GooooodTimes :)
          I no longer Reach For The Sky, I Reach for Love With Hilary :) I am Love, I AM ALL LOVE. I AM TRUE LOVE. I am not a fake, Like you! I not only Reach Out To Hilary But She Reaches Out To me as well! Two Way Street, We Work Together. Something You Know nothing about! If War Is What You Wish “Love” War Is What You Will receive, This War Is With Yourself Though. YouGotIssues!
          I wish You the best of luck Solving them, Remember, You kill me. I Will Rise. I will haunt you Every. Single. Day. Until You have learned the lessons That need to be learned to become a decent Human Being. Once Again, I Dare You :)
          CoughCoughCoughNoBalls! Rofl.
          Doubt Me and Watch Me. I’ll Rise!

  • Skylar Drew MIchaud

    Stay Ahead Of The Game! lol ;D
    Served! You Two Are Beautiful <3