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Sep 13 2013

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  • True Love<3 ..bye-bye :(

    Whatever is good for your soul ” DO THAT<3 ..funny you should say this just before Love showed Up ……Look: I went back in time to "before we never met to tell you THE BEST IS YET TO COME<3 …be strong My Queen …Love is coming ………Hilary Duff find time to tweet a fan for there birthday " but on The day Love comes You are MIA ….1 year and 6 months of trying to' just get a " wazz up "On your own website …………I HAVE COME BACK IN TIME TO TELL YOU .. Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought" Useless and disappointing :( …..guess I am the first & the last person you will never know ..that goes back to before we ever NEVER MET …to say " GOOD-BYE ….wish you the best<3. Love is seen NEVERMORE said " the black bird ……and Love was gone just like that ghost ..and you never knew :(

  • Gina Yonts

    Love this quote…preach on!