#tbt there are so many things wrong with this

Nov 07 2013

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  • weird kid

    if I was 10 Hilary I would carry your books home from school for you :)

  • obvious observation

    only thing I want to know … in what universe does honey boo boo look anything like Hilary Duff …wt# was that ……. honey boo boo is funny but looks nothing like Hilary lol

  • True Love

    for the last time … Selena Gomez is a very talented actress and singer and she’s not bad to look at …Love knows what thay said ..and thay are BLIND You do not have to be 10 years old to enjoy Selena gomez ..trust that .. selena is for all age groups ..just like Hilary Duff is .. only difference Hilary is a way better performer and can teach Selena a thing or two …Hilary There’s nothing wrong with liking Selena Gomez … You go have fun and forget about what other people say ….PS Tell Selena …True Love likes her work :) what’s wrong with this lol