Thank god I have friends like @lucytwobows to remind me just how cool I was by sending me text like this pic! Lol made my day. O Lizzie

Aug 16 2013

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  • Bianca Saade

    Oi, sou do Brasil e assistia Lizzi McGuire, adora, não perdia um episódio. I’m your fan Hilary, since as a child. Today I have 25 years.Beijo

  • Joseph Daniel Funderburk

    At least you became a normal adult unlike some of the people who started looking up to you and now dance like whores on stage in front of a whole bunch of kids watching an award show. I’m very proud of you Hilary for being you and not giving in to the whole Hollywood Scene. And not doing the worst things to get rid of the whole “Lizzie” character.

    • Joseph Daniel Funderburk

      this wasnt trying to call you a whore at all Hilary… i was referring another Disney star who is I guess ashamed of the character that made her a star.

  • Emir H. Manzur

    Love the show lol

  • Aimee

    Yes! I watched this when I was around 8… I still own it and watch the episodes to reminisce 9 years later ha ha… And now you’re married and have a toddler! I can’t believe it… You have always been such a good role model

  • artez

    go lizzie lol

  • OldGuy

    Haha! It’s amazing how many people still recognize and love this show even after all these years!

  • Ella

    I love lizzie macquire, I watch it all the time! I’m a super fan!
    P.S Are you still in touch with the actors who star as Miranda and gordo?

  • Alan Katzer

    I have the DVD set of the first 22 episodes of Lizzie McGuire and it was the best show ever.