The lil gal I love so much @chasebeckerman

Nov 14 2013

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  • True Love

    hay Seth .. reality check … if it hurts on the inside it may be love but if it hurts on the outside it’s definitely not love ……. the pain of love ends with the heart and that’s where reality should start … don’t let nobody beat on you and call it Love.. You owe yourself better than that …. be a fool for love not to somebody that hurts you and never let anybody change your love never stop loving :) there is a difference and it could save your life… don’t forget …”" if it hurts on the inside it could be love… but if it hurts on the outside.. it’s definitely not love. !!!!!!!!!

  • insider

    you don’t know the first thing about Love.. people … you think love is a feeling & it is ..BUT.. Did you know love is a person ?? A real live human being ..with a destiny beyond our understanding ….there is more need to tell you will see Love coming for yourself .. in its own time :)

  • Seth Johnston

    Love is strong, in any situation, love will help you, but it also might hurt you.

  • Wayne

    The best thing in life is to have good friends who you love as friends should love.

  • Михаил Харитонов

    Everything is good in