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  • Shagggy3

    when are you doing a concert in holland :) ?

  • Massimiliano Valenti

    I saw again “she was born to win”, you have no idea how many memories provoked in me, please come back to sing… You are the best :)

  • Jaclyn50

    When is she releasing her new album?

  • Christine B Youngstown OH

    Hi Hilary! I love your pics and personalized site! Your son is adorable! Thank you for all you do and all that you are…which is very special. Happy Easter!

  • Elemer Farkas

    Please i would like to know the place where scene of the “Lizzie McGuire movie” fountain scene takes place?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Peter Olson

    Dear Hilary. I just re-watched “Raise Your Voice” and I was again brought to tears. You were magnificent in that role, as you are in all you do! (smile) I want you to know that I have been praying for you for years! May God bless you and your family!! Peter, the Agaperev

  • David Sumner


  • David Sumner

    Hi Hillary!

  • http://adayaroundus.blogspot.it/ possanza

    Hi Hilary, I have just seen your film “Beauty & the Briefcase” you are lovely. :)

  • randy

    hi soul mate Hilary duff my friend from Olsen Twins its Randy

  • kennedy

    You have been my inspiration and role model for as long as I can remember. So happy to see you back in the music business and cannot express my excitement to hear your new stuff.. <3 <3

  • Eugene Peter Dascoli

    Hilary… I have spiritually awaken, about 4 months ago and all the childhood memories of your creations have taught me more then I can explain. I just wanna thank you. <3 I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Love2

    Sometimes you just want to give up
    But you don’t
    and that’s when you realize: ” you’re crazy

  • Monika

    Hej gdzie można tak osobiście z tobą porozmawiać

  • Hamzat Iriziev

    I have no words, it is just perfect. “

  • Megan

    Hilary, you’re 5 years older than me, just old enough for me to have looked up to you even now. Every step you take is where I want to be in 5 years!

  • Tanya

    I don’t understand the way a lot of things are being written… But I just wanted to say that I love how you opened up and said fans can see my day and feel like part of it. Ur site is like we are ur personal friend. Hilary you are a very dependable role model, you have great looks and you didn’t go off the deep end when you became famous like so many before you,… You have a family and you are doing a wonderful job being you and that’s the best! Also, would you please include a recipe for all these yummy snacks I want to try them!!! Thank you, tanya.

  • Miguel Ruiz


  • Amy

    Hey Hilary,
    I’ve been a huge fan ever since Lizzie McGuire, and to find out that you’ve signed another record label is super exciting to hear. If you go on tour again, you can expect me front row if you come anywhere close to London, Ontario.

  • Kassie Hanneman

    Hilary Duff I have been a big fan of your sense I was like 6 and I’m 19 now I have wanted to see you in concert but I have never had the money to go. I have almost every CD of yours and I listen to it all the time. When my daughter starts crying I turn on your CD and she stops crying. I just wanted to let you know you inspire me.

  • Sunaina kanojia

    Hey Hilary u r my big sister and i m just miss you yaar. And m Indian how can i meet u and u never visit India but one day i reach for your home coz u r my big sister its my too heard fealling.

    HILARY see my soul is in u.

  • Jamie

    Dear Hilary Duff,

    I would first like to say that I grew up watching the Lizzie McGuire show and it was my favorite show on Disney Channel! You are such a beautiful young woman inside and out, Hilary. Celebrities now a days seem to just go with the crowd and what is ‘cool’ on that particular day. They dress like freaks out of a circus and destroy their bodies with smoking, drinking and eating terrible food. It also seems as if they’ve lost who they are in their quest to tell the world who they are. They go so far to prove that they’re not the innocent child star that they used to be and they go off the deep end to prove their point. That’s what I love so much about you. You saw that as you were becoming an adult woman that you had to lose your “Lizzie McGuire” image and truely become you, Hilary Duff, and you didn’t lose yourself in that journey. It makes me feel proud knowing that my favorite childhood star stuck to who she is and continued to be herself and wasn’t ashamed of it. Sure, all celebrites have their times when they’re going through a rough patch and poparrazzi makes it look much worse than it is, but you made it through all of that and I think that’s great! You wanted the world to know you and not just Lizzie. You needed to broaden your acting and singing career and you have done a wonderful job. To top all of that off, you created a beautiful little boy who has an awesome mom to look up to. You have created a great legacy for him and for generations of young women to come. Thank you for being you, Hilary!

    Wishing you the best,


  • Tammy Barker

    I can’t believe that it has been 10 yrs since Lizzie McCguire has ended. Last year I was looking at tv shows from when I was little then I googled Hilary and her birthday is on the exact day as mine. You are 9 yrs older than me but you definately do NOT look it.

  • Meagan M.

    Dear Hilary,
    You always inspired me as a kid. For that, I will be forever grateful. I can remember endless times dancing in my mirror to your Metamorphosis album and the tears rolling down my face when I saw you on stage singing “Fly.” I am coming to LA for the first time ever next week from my college in MT! I really hope I bump into you :)

    Meagan Moberg

  • Brianna

    Hilary duff this is so exiting I am doing a big project on you

  • Sunaina kanojia

    This is pichkari

  • Sunaina kanojia

    This is the pichkari………

  • Sunaina kanojia

    This Imagin meaning is
    The colours of flying all over with pichkari
    The world is filling with colours
    And the colore of Holi is colouring your all life.
    Only this is the wish of my to u Hilary

    and pichkari is toy vapen of playing holi.
    i also sending u image of pichkari.

  • Sunaina kanojia

    And Happy Holi Hilary u and your sweet family.
    This is a festival of colours in India. Are play with lots of colour and today is 17 march and this is a day of Holi again i wish u HAPPY HOLI……… With My Love to u Hiary

  • Sunaina kanojia

    IMISSYOU Hilary

  • Lauren

    Hey Hilary

    So my friend and I just finished watching A Cinderella Story and thought that you and Chad Michael Murray made the best couple. Seeing as you are currently going through a divorce (sorry bout that) and he is currently not tied down to anyone, we were thinking that you guys should rekindle the flame.

    I mean you guys were pretty adorable.

    We hope you seriously take into consideration our proposal. Please let us know what you think.

    We wish you all the best,

    L.P. and C.N.

  • Gian Marco Chinaglia

    Design of Hilary :)

  • Gian Marco Chinaglia

    Hilary this is for you

  • Sunaina kanojia

    I m Indian but i want too meet u before my marrige now m 21 but july 20 is my birthday then m complete 22. m watching your show lizzie mCguire when m 7th standard i really miss you. That time my family condition is too bad are my grand father house some family matter and shift anoth place that was are sooo bad time but suddenly i found you and really i told u that time and today i’ll never forget and think a big sister not like a fan. I really miss you. U r really some girls for me one day i will meet u and m little bit looks like u and its not lie. ok GN SD TC.

  • Gian Marco Chinaglia

    This is for you

  • Sunaina kanojia

    You know Hilary i see you every day for a long houres and when m angry
    i will watch your pics and vedios and then my mind is tooo fress your world is tooo joyfull think.

  • Sunaina kanojia

    Looks tooooooooo cute and beautiful.

  • Sunaina kanojia

    I really miss you Hilary duff u r my big sister.

  • Randy

    Hi Soul mate From Before you got With Mike K I r t o n Storms Heeling center 13.5 years f r I n d ship I m Randy Amazing Amada Black cat 13 Has Fine d the Blender with me Olsen Twins Cousins And you As Soul mate Hilary And Randy At K I r s t o n Storms Heeling center I m C e l B r I t y in the back Ground Guy LOL

  • Bruno Barreto Flores

    Hilary please come back!!! I just miss you so much, you mean a lot for me, Im your fan since I have 5 years old, now Im 19th years old and I just miss your incredible acting,music and your voice that is just so sexy and awesome haha, please come back we want a new album,movies everything from you cuz you are perfect for me and for everyone, love you from PERU @brunobaretto thanks for everything and you are my everything ♥

  • Dunja Coppens

    Hey Hilary,
    Are you going to write more books?
    I totally loved the Elixir serie! :D
    You have such a nice writingstyle and so much fantasy!!
    I would love to read more books from you!

  • Sana

    It just makes me really happy to see how well Hillary is doing. I commend her for being one of the few Disney actresses that is doing really well. I love you Hillary!

  • mili


  • Valerie

    Hey Hilary,
    I know you’re busy with your life. I miss seeing you on TV, magazines and news about you. You are a great person and don’t let anyone to tell you any different. I know a lot of people say you’re a great role model, I agree with them! I hope you’re doing okay with your son, family & friends.
    I know this would never going to happen but I would like to meet you before I die.
    Remember, just have fun with your life, get every chance you can get!


  • Randy

    Hi spiritual soul mate sorry you and mike but I was your finace with a v r I l la v I g ne since 2003 cd the buttery go in the sun 818 209 5604 from motley cc r u e band call your husband from 2003 I love you I have a daughter we can make a new Liz z e m c g u I e Disney enterprise Says Miley Cyrus Secret Boyfriend 3 years solid since 2008 to 2011 Mileys cy r us recalls your phone call face book has my picture born in 1989 1968 same thing after I caled g o v where my birth cert f a c a et they said I m a Swedish c I z e n I m Randy your soul mate before you Married the Canadian A v r I l la v I g ne is not fi n e d w I t h ha v I n g h e r m a r I g e n d I n d I v o r e call Me 818 2095604 from Miley Cyrus Past Secret boyfriend she r e m be r s S a m e Disney Enter p r I s e s

  • Chandra Vang

    Hey Hilary! Or Hilary Duff!?! Lols Anyways Hi Hi! I’m one of your fans. Haha, I wonder if you’re going to read this? :3 :3 Anyways, I always wonder how you are doing. Haha since I always loved you in the movies you’ve played in. This is basically my first time finding and seeing how a celebrity is doing. Lol, Sounded a little stalkerish haha. Anyways, whenever I see photos of you on google or on my Facebook and stuff. I’ll always adore how beautiful and gorgeous you are!! ^3^ You’re the coolest and amazing actress I love to see. Haha Basically my post is just: How are you doing? With all the little details in between. Haha See ya! :{3

  • Mason

    Will she ever do another concert??

  • True Love<3

    if you want to show Hilary Duff “True Love and affection” Post up your love letter” in her comment section<3 come with poetry come with a song" when Hilary Shows up we will all sing along<3 It's more than a comment it's a display of love" leave your post and up vote all the above<3


    HELLO HILARY most wanted

  • Jonathan Greer

    Everyone please go and watch my video I have on youtube called Jon Greer Message To Hilary Duff (I’m the one) I’m really trying to get to her cuz I have to my life is shit without her and I have no other way of getting to her at this time so please help me out and go watch it I really appreciate it thank you so much.

  • Claire Jenny

    just came across your Instagram & website and it surprises me how time flies. I mean it seems just like yesterday I was obsessing over you and idolizing you. I was a huge fan! and still am at heart. you were my childhood memory! I am now 16 years going on 17.. I loved all the work you’ve done and all the music you shared. I’m still upset I never got to see you live even when I kept begging my parents lol. anyways, I’m so happy at how happy you are with your little family and still are that same person I have looked up to. you are a true idol. and you’ll always be one of my favorites. love ya. -btw, meeting you is still at the top of my bucket list. hehe xx

  • Ankush Kumar

    you are young like us should evolved in the charity for the cancer of the children.

  • Lance

    Hi Hilary

  • Georgia Louise Ketteridge

    Hilary you should be proud of how far you have come you have taken your career to the peak and you have created the most gorgeous little boy that will grow up being so grateful to have a mother like you. You have stayed yourself through your career and i can’t thank you enough for that when me and my partner have a child i will definitely be bring them up around your movies, songs and tv series because they have never let me down been watching them since i was a little girl and still in love no matter how old i get. Your a great role model chick for many young girls growing up in this world should be beyond proud of yourself ! xo

  • Tim

    Hey, I hope your son is feeling better. He was a trooper on the plane last night.
    from seat 1D

  • Lori Manns

    i hope ur album comes out soon

  • Justin Goodfellow

    I have just finished reading your Elixir series. Amazing story. Imaginative, great characters and serious page turner. When I fly through books you know they are good. Borrowed them in order from local library. I was first to have truth. When a 40 year old Australian bloke like me enjoys your writing it means you have mass appeal. Great work, thanks. Justin Goodfellow

  • BELE C.L

    my favorite songs is play with fire yeahhh

  • BELE C.L


  • BELE C.L

    hi hey i have a Little cuestión for you
    When are you coming to mexico? i am your fan well the truth is that i love your songs and your movies. CAN YOU ANSWER ME ? PLISSSSSSSS <3 XD :) (Y)

  • ab

    i wanna meet her

  • ab

    i love hillary

  • Randy

    hi its RandySweden



  • gourav

    hey rock star, i just wanted to say something to you. Its like a kind of opening my heart in front of you as i almost wanted. 12 years back then i used stay in a small village in India, there no one knows your name till today and once i saw your pic in the news paper and below it was quoted, Hillary Duff, Rockstar from USA. I don’t how but i felt connected to you . I kept your Pic from that news paper for a long time and then i lost it. So I lost you from my memories and life happened to me. But i don’t Know what this connection is there between you and me that it never lets me forget you. Maybe we will meet each other in near future, who knows? Till then I wish you luck and happiness from my fate. And I will talk you again… And remember It is Always a beginning if you don’t end it….

  • Jkl

    Where would we find you today

  • Anna

    hello :) Anna here, like most people have said on here. From Lizzie to starting your singing career to now. You have been a role model for me also. I love the fact that you stay true to yourself and keep grounded not like some of the current Hollywood stars. Love how your still sane xo

  • Jonathan Celone

    Would you like to run the 2014 Honolulu Marathon with me on Sunday, December 14th? :)

  • Jess

    Im not sure if Hillary will even see this or respond, but I recently lost my glasses, & the frames were from Hillary Duff from Walmart, & I found out that the line was discontinued, but I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find her frames…if anyone has them anymore. PLEASE HELP!!! =( I don’t like any other frames Ive searched everywhere.

  • what comment

    warning: whatever you do “don’t..read the comment section on HILARY Duff’s Official website….its a greater thing not for you or Hilary Duff .. So don’t read it hahahahah

  • u don’t care/ same here

    again ..why bother writing anything if your not going. to read it …….and don’t post this ..now watch this b1t¢h post this hahahahah f¢k U !! so said Love.you are not good enough to be a goddess “Hilary Duff……I did not even want a tweet” just for Love to worship at your feet…….nevermore said Love :(

  • LOVE

    for some reason unknown “Love writes in the darkness all alone: telling the story of possibility releasing the truth and all that is in me: .. but without warning not even so much as a note: Love Just walked away after slicing my throat: …. On the ground my blood bleeding blue ” when it comes to love there’s nothing I can do: My tears are my own: the truth “IN LOVE I AM ALONE ……………………. Even better stuff in the comment section ..That Hilary Duff don’t read…..her loss is your gain…..Love Quits :(

  • Love said “goodbye :(

    This is to confirm my letter of resignation…Love Quits: “Hilary Duff ”Don’t even read her own website: Why Bother Leaving a comment: If she’s not going to read the comment section: ….I SAID “GOOD DAY

  • Kavitha Gn

    I used to get made fun of for loving you so much in middle school and here I am 22 years old now and super excited that you will be coming out with something new! I remember singing Why Not to try out for a talent show in high school but, I am not a good a singer as you so that didn’t work out to well for me. I have always looked up to you and respected you as being one of the few celebrities who still has integrity. I couldn’t have wished for a better role model growing up! I can’t wait to see what your next move is! Listening to Fly and reminiscing over the old days right now! <3

  • marleen

    Hi, unusual question: I really need to to buy a bottle of “with love” which is not available in my country. Where can I buy it? Is there any raliable store?
    Thnx for any kind of help, marleen

  • Corinne

    Also I have a simply playdough receipt Hillary might like to have. I know you can always buy some from a store but it really is fun to make some for your child. My own munchkin likes the playdough I made and that personally makes me happy because it turns it needs an extra cup of flour and it is cheaper and nice to make something your child enjoys from your own hands. Plus if you choose the right own it atleast smells good. If you want the receipt I will gladly email it to someone.

  • Corinne

    Does Hillary actually check this website herself? If I post something will she read it or a person on her (team) read it and tell her what she feels she might enjoy/want to hear? If she actually checks the site I though she might enjoy some simple Barefoot Pink Moscato with some simply orange juice for a relaxing evening. Just a recommendation with according to recent gossip but is great for any relaxation any way you want it.

  • Oksana Gula

    give me a shoutout @dreameroxo :) i’d love to hear from you hilary! i honestly wish you were still creating music because you have an amazing voice and your an awesome actress :D your fan- oksana gula

  • Oksana

    Hey hilary :D i’m a huge fan of you and have been for many years, i love everything about you including your movies, tv shows and music. I have this big dream where i wanna meet you in person, have you sign both of my books (elexir & devoted). Btw your son luca is so adorable :3 I wish you’d be making more music cause i love all of your songs, if you could please give me a shoutout on twitter that would mean alot to me :’) @dreameroxo Love ya Hil! your amazing <3

  • andres bossa villero

    hi!Hilary greetings to your family from Colombia hope your wing music back we would love to go near you miley and your advice on the Bad conportamiento part of why I’m glad you’re mom a siempres baby is a blessing from God good bye was all I had say God bless you and your family

  • andres bossa villero


  • andres bossa villero

    hi!Hilary greetings to your family from Colombia hope your wing music back we would love to go near you miley and your advice on the Bad conportamiento part of why I’m glad you’re mom a siempres baby is a blessing from God good bye was all I had say God bless you and your family

  • mich

    when are you going on tour

  • Mark clapham

    Why are you a fur hag ?

  • Tuan

    That’s great because you come back!

  • germaine thompson

    i love you hilary xxx

  • Lance Maxey

    Help Me Get Hilary To Go To Prom With Me! Follow Me On Twitter @lanctifer96 And Instagram @lancedanielmaxey Use #PromWithHilary

  • Lance Maxey

    Will People Help Me Get Hilary To Go To Prom With Me?? Follow Me On Twitter @Lanctifer96 Use #PromWithHilary
    Also Follow Me On Instagram @lancedanielmaxey

  • Lance Maxey

    Hilary Will You Go To Prom With Me!

  • TakeACrazyChance

    You’re so lucky… I’m sure your life had a lot of pressure in it…. but never forget…. pressure makes diamonds

  • Brianna

    Hello Hilary Duff, Its me Brianna Bishop. I know you won’t remember me, but you know my grand mother Mary Petrie. She’s from the film indersty she drove you for one of Your movies and when that was going on I was on set and you held me when I was there I was only 2. I’m 15 know and I really wanna see you again. I know you won’t come and see me again but it was worth a get my # is 5197219831

  • Joshua Hamilton

    Dear Hilary Duff
    Would you like to come and visit Purbeck View School because I thank you are very good in The Perfect Man and the address for PVS is Northbrook Road, Swanage, Dorset, England, BH19 1PR
    Joshua Hamilton age 16

  • RandySweden

    hi soul mate Hilary duff look up my pic on fact book

  • Bethany

    I remember listening to So Yesterday as a kid. Now I’m 20, just came across it again and actually made me feel better about a break-up :)

  • Randy Faith Hailey

    from RandySweden Plese Eamil me at Randysfastcar@aol.com to soulmate Hilary duff ImFive foot seven 168 pounds Brtish French Swedish Blue yed Blonde I Hang Out with Models looking for apartment back in howdy doody city Beverly Hills ca 90210 218 north cayon road 90210 and after calling the world on my cell phone or plese text me at (818)209 5604 Melisa JoanHarts hildhood sweet hart and Olsen twins noriegen ancerter cousin Curently on diabity for stress burn out on body rebuild lots of hospitals for some whos been working since age 14 because of take 5 produtions the walt diseny company also Miley Cyrus pall 5 years the Styper band ISSAIA 53:3 for my soulmate me and Hilary duff sang one song ?cry I first went to music school can sing good and hamsome as a prince first one to want to date Hialry duff from celbrtiy grave vine LOL as Paris Hiltons deal is soild Shanon daughty is fine in maulibu but im looking for for a place in lagauna beach after reemployment with still freshman year credits I just take Klonipin demera tabs and California medical rx weed for health and finess because of forever ypung with includes lots of dotors and nature mede vitmins I don’t age over 24 Probablye m father France Mother Stock holme swedem with Brtish ties and Austlria Ties soulamte after 2010 eary and we saw eye to in 2012 Miley cyrus said that’s was interesting since Kirston reenee storms got married so did Avil lavigne july 1st 2013 so im in the dating game soulmate consider me we could work together and have a new Lizzy McGuire baby daughter and take hose back riding with your 1 year old son nice diney land trip well soulmate im prespertrain chritian Rhema way Lega name change pending to Randy Faith Hailey b9103935 see my dmv pic its funny for a model Bye Hilary for now !

  • CosmicKamikazi

    You’re single now, interested in a date?

  • Randysweden

    I have loved Hilary Echard Duff for 5 years from my 1989 born Girlfriend from Pasedena also from Sweden a-193 and diseny enterprise fover young .corp I don’t age over 24 16 inside and 24 out side with lts of medical M.d.s and health food and nature made vitmins my previous 5 year location 226 soth caron road Beverly Hills ca 90211 im on stress anxity disability from being employed since age14 I just takeactor in the background celbrity meds Klonpin demeraol tabs and California medical canabus weed for healthy and youth lots of overs seas Europe family and austrilia new nea Zealand I was born may 5th 1968 and freshman year collge student aways guessedage 24 my soulmate Hilary Echard duff from childhood sweetheart Melisa Joan Hart my cell phone is 818 209 5604 Olsen twins norigean ancestor cousin Aouped in usa California -193 b.c 0008168 Reagan admiaatration ca License B9103935 since I proposed to Hilary duff God Married us as soulmates right before she married mike comie as part of walt diseny company my stoks and investmentsdreww up aslo 1988 volatary airforce didn’t pass math test so wetn to private arenautica school 108 unversites with geus i.q. born a scintist and male Model since take 5 produtions 1992 to dineny enterprises girl on float got me in since I look like Prince Charming and courtship to my soulmate Hilary echard duff I got Hailie duffs opion just wait is all , I started with music school then film school incomplete , as freshman year collge with plans on having 3 baby girls with My Soulmate Hilary duff because this time since her and mike comie are not working out I will propoe]se to be enganganed to her my current Name John Randall hatridge legal name change peding to Randy Faith Hailey Ca license b9103935 320744216 cell phone number (818 209 5604 call me how to date Hilary duff im five seven 168 all mussle build male model body healty and see my m.d. reagally If I cant date Hialry echard Duff I want a girl she choose for me Randy Positive hope and ribbons and rain bows kids of Europe , im great lloking Caucasian with Swedish British Fench Blue yes want to have a second Baby girl daughter I lost custdy over a factory workers income verse my prvate auto sales job fisrt jobs bank assistance learning and us food magange ment then sams club walmart very socailble and because of claifornia medical canbus I drink heinken beer in Blue or red Hilary Duff champion plastic cups I like to dnce to mellsia joan harts frind Britney spears dance club Hilary Duff and I God married since 2003 time travel so we are soulmates spitaulary comuncate but im a blonde and want to make it real I will continue with Disney and John cassabracas male modeling Sincerely Randy

  • casjw

    Hillary we’ve watched you on television since my daughters were in elementary school. I wish you and your family the best during this diffcult time. We can’t wait to see you in upcoming television or movies. Just watched some of your older movies on tv over the holidays. Best wishes to you, your son and Mike. I’m divorced myself so I understand how difficult the decision is to make. God Bless You!!

  • Agnes

    I’m not quite sure how to say this, but you are truly my hero. After seeing Lizzie McGuire in 2001, when I was 5, my best friend and I dreamed of “middle school life.” Also, while we grew up watching your show, we watched you grow up. My best friend’s name is Lola, and we thought it was a sign that we 3 are supposed to be best friends, because your dog’s name at the time was Lola.
    My bedroom was hilarious-looking, because I had an obscene amount of posters of you; I covered 3 walls entirely with just pictures of you. I changed my family’s new computer background to pictures of you and your sister every day. I finally made a huge collage and kept it there for about 4 more years, until we got a new computer and my parent put a password on the computer.
    You were the second CD I ever bought (right after Britney Spears)! I would listen to Why Not every single day. Your music inspired me, and to this day I can still sing them verbatim. Finally, in 2005 (August 23), I went to your Still Most Wanted tour. Being my first concert, I wore my Hilary T-shirt and cried tears of joy the entire time. Because I was in the front row, you walked passed me and even touched my hand- I counted- seven times. While you sang your opening “Wake Up,” you smiled at me. A girl tried to take my seat, so I kindly shoved her away during “Come Clean,” and I still think you saw that. I was 9 then. I remember looking up at you, standing on the stage, and thinking “Wow. She’s just so beautiful.”
    I remember going to swim meets, listening to “Fly” on repeat. I still have every CD of yours on my phone and listen to them in times of nostalgia. When I began my “I’m 13 now/rebellion” stage, I lived off your Dignity album. When you were about 20, you sang on Good Morning America, and my godmother called me that morning, and I ran to her house to sing and dance to it.
    Now, being 17 and almost off to college, I find myself still listening to your music and ACTUALLY understanding it now, and it’s better than what we have today. I listened to “The Getaway” the day I got my license..Well, the entire album I listened to “Sweet Sixteen” the day I turned 16. Thank you for that.
    Thank you for being such a perfect role model to girls, and people, everywhere. You are a great example that not every child star becomes a train wreck. Though you are dealing with some difficult times right now, you are such an amazing mother and woman for putting Luca first.

    Thank you for being you, and thank you for getting me through the toughest times in my life. Without you, I don’t know if I would be half as sane as I am today. You are still, without a doubt, my favorite celebrity. I’ve been thinking for years “If I ever met/saw Hilary Duff, I would be THE happiest person ever.” That’s not a lie. Your concert was the first, and last, time I cried tears of joy. You’re the exact kind of woman I hope to become in the future: kind, loyal, driven, madly compassionate and humble.

    Stay beautiful,
    Agnes Rigg

  • Jenn

    Hilary, I hope you get a chanced to read this. I have been a huge fan of yours since i can remember, I used to watch your disney show ‘Lizzie McGuire’ and once it came back onto the family channel about 6 months ago, I made sure i was home to watch it! I never missed an episode!!! I am 18, and going to university in September. I recently entered a scholarship contest, and spoke about you in my speech because you have been so inspiring in my life. Today (january 9th 2014) I listened to your music for hours! It has been me realize so much more about life and myself.! hope you have a great day :)

  • GiftExchange

    Hello Hilary! My coworkers and I are doing a gift exchange, and the person that I picked… is your biggest fan! Is there anyway I can get an autograph from you for her? It would mean the world to her! Thanks! :)

  • Sierra Yarbrough

    Hilary, you’ve always been such a HUGE inspiration for me! I’ve watched you on television and other movies since I was a kid, and as I’ve grown up, so have you! You’re so incredibly mature and talented, and I aspire to be as level-headed and funny as you are someday! I hope you get to read this and I hope you’re having a wonderful time with your son and husband. We still love you! Have a great day!

  • RawOnions

    I’m not familiar with you, but you sure are beautiful.

  • derf

    I have kept up with Ms. Duff since she was in the movie casper meets wendy, I am 21 years to the day her elder but have always admired how she has carried herself and not let her fans down like other stars have. WELL DONE HILARY!!! your fans are blessed to have you.

  • Randysweden

    Hi I am a Hilary duff fan call her soulmate for 9 years as her Guy friend checking her family life I live in Sherman oaks cali

  • Bexx

    Hilary is the only non crazy Disney star and she totally rules!!! I love her!!! :)

  • Abbey97

    My name is Abbey. I’m 17 and I live in Mississippi. I use to be completely obsessed with Hilary, I’m sure people say that all of the time. But I was. I would love to call myself her biggest fan, besides her family of course. I had her posters hanging all over my room, the really big ones and the little ones out of magazines. I still have them actually. Along with every CD. I use to watch every episode of Lizzie McQuire. I have really been thinking about her a lot lately. I just want her to know that I am really pleased with how she has grown up, and so are many other people from what I’ve read on this website. That may not mean much coming from a bunch of teenagers. But I know for myself, she really impacted my life. I was never able to go to a concert, my parents never had the extra money. But I would have loved it. When I was in 4th grade, my best friend and I listened to metamorphosis so many times we created a clap routine to it that we could do with our eyes closed while singing the song word for word. She is my role model. In 5th grade (I’m now in 11th grade) my class had to do a PowerPoint on a celebrity we looked up to, I chose her. I made a 100 on the presentation also. Her son is adorable and her and her husband are a wonderful couple. I’m glad she found someone who treats her like she should be treated. When anything involving her comes up, I automatically run to hear what it is. That also includes her sister. I do not know how many times I watched hats off to Christmas along with recording it. It was a wonderful movie. Speaking of movies, when the Lizzie McQuire movie came out, my daddy took me to the movie theater to see it. I loved that movie, I still do. I watch it every time I see it on TV. The first cat I had, I named her Lizzie. I’m sorry this is so long. I’m sure she gets this all of the time. But I want to thank her for being so wonderful. She’s an amazing example for girls. I would love for a reply.

  • Prithu Adhikary

    i just miss her chubby cheeks.. like she used to have as lizzie.. :)

  • Silver

    I still love all of Hilary Duff’s movies. I have mostly every single one and I watch them everyday. She is such a great actress. Her voice is also amazing. I have all of her CDs and I listen to them in the car everyday

  • Silver
  • Silver


  • Silver

    Hilary rocks!

  • Silver

    I love Hilary Duff! Always did and always will. She is so inspiring for young children. It’s good that she kept that image, especially because she had a baby. I’m so proud of her. Most celebrities get married, divorce, and get married again tons of times. They have babies with different people, and now they don’t even know where their children are. Like Brittany Spears. Hilary Duff got married to a wonderful man, and then gave birth to an adorable little baby, Luca right after she had a great career of singing and acting. Some thing that Hilary loves to do. Posted by Silver<3

  • Charlie

    I love you Hilary Duff! You are so inspiring and the only normal, famous celebrity.

  • Dannyboy

    Hello. I would like to know if we will see you again sing on stage and get more music ? it’s good to see you playing in movies but I really love your beautiful voice.

    • Dannyboy

      I saw you live in montreal (Dignity tour) I also have all your dvds and “girl can rock” of course. I really hope you will be back as a singer. I miss you.

    • Silver

      She does have a beautiful voice

      • Silver

        Although, I love her no matter what she does. You can do anything Hilary Duff, you inspired me that I can do anything during your long journey of being a star.

  • Oscar Gomez

    Hola Hilary te deseo feliz nochebuena y feliz navidad y prospero año nuevo. Que tu y los tuyos lo paseis genial en estas fechas. Bueno un beso desde Barcelona.

  • Oscar Gomez

    Hola Hilary soy Oscar me preguntaba si vendras a España cuando saques el nuevo disco de primavera ya que me encanta como cantas. Te sigo desde la serie Lizzie.
    Bueno guapísima un beso muy fuerte y perdona por no escribir en ingles.

  • joaoluisdutra

    i just found this blog, it’s just like the movie “the perfect man”.

  • Mae Francisco

    Hi hilary! My girlfriend is a die hard fan of yours. She even won a txting game in barcelona to meet and greet you. Anyway to cut the long story short, im going to propose to her and would like to ask you a small favor. Would you please email me a picture of you holding a message which states”please say yes irene! Mae loves you so much” i would be forever grateful for this. I just want to make it perfect for her. I really love her so much that i would want to make this one memorable and make you a part of it.. Thank you..

    Ps. Please send it to my email mae.vfrancisco@yahoo.com

  • The director

    no way we can make this more colorful, can we hahahahah are you not entertained hahahahah “just then Love Showed up; what’s next ..only limited by your heart and you’re imagination ……. director’s cut lol Hilary Duff

  • Wayne

    I don’t really care what she is doing all the time, she is a married woman, so I just respect her for being down to earth and not acting like she is above everyone else. Hilary you and your family worked hard to get where you are and you have respect for others and that is the way Christ would want you to be.

  • Roland Saiz

    Whoop whoop whats up HD It’s your boy Raven Saying your the best got mad respect for you and everything you do. Keep doing what you do and Hoppfully I will get to meet you one day.

  • Imsecretlyacat

    I just want to say you’re such an inspiration and you should deff do a concert, I bet soooo many people would go see you! I miss you :(

  • fatemeh

    Hi Hilary Darling
    my name is fatemeh
    I love you
    And I desire to see you
    I love you my darling
    I do not know how to say I love you and I love you
    a love you hilary are you
    On behalf of my Luca ‘s kiss Now
    Please dear Hillary
    Send an e-mail message
    Email me
    very very Thank you honey

  • http://skyzoneus.tumblr.com/ Skylar Drew MIchaud

    Happy ThanksGiving Hillary. This year I’d like to Thank you, and all other Artists. Music and art is and has always been everything to me. I am Thankful for Truth and all the Symphony soldiers.
    Iv’e changed my life, changed my clothes, I’ve changed my mind so may times I know that’s the way it goes. I have let her keep my jeans and my old snap backs. Because I wanted too, They look good on her, I know I will never get them back. Well, At least not today. Love Just is.. Nothing less, Nothing More. Because of you I know I will be okay. I’ve worked it out and i’m reaching for the Sky shouting it all out loud. I reached the top, Bottomed out I now understand what it’s all about. There’s no way i’m backing down. It’s hard enough to be what you are, Harder to be who you’re not. It’s hard to know what you need to get, Harder to know what you’ve got. You could say I have always had a best friend, Music. It’s always in the front of my mind. The little Voice in my head won’t let me forget. The little voice in my head is never Mislead, all of this noise is what keeps me from making a mess. Hillary, I woke up, Thank you. I’ve always been too late, I see the train leaving. I’m screaming at the stop light and I can’t breathe. I’ve always aimed and somehow kept missing now I truly understand what I’ve been Missing, I put it all together. Something is wrong. I went right. I defied. I see this blue sky and the beautiful lie. I finally found me. StandingStrongMeMyselfAndI. You have set me free, I no longer deny. I know now just who I’m capable of being. You were the one who got me here. This journey has been crazy but you found a way back. All my memories faded but your swarming them back. You found me and gave me wings to fly The world is soon going to be Crashing by. I fell through the door and Across the Floor, I don’t wanna be anywhere but here. You’re burning up my dreams. Suddenly it’s Clear. EverythingWillBeOkay. I did the Math and I know once the day is over It will all seem so Yesterday. Sure, I’ve always wanted someone to understand but I’m not about be analyzed like it’s some kind of test. You don’t have to be a genius. It all Adds up, I know why I am here. It’s my chance to shine. Discovering There is so Much more to Life. Every Day is a transformation, Every day is a new sensation, Alteration, Modification an incarnation, Celebration. Every day is a new Equation. Every day is a revaluation. Information, Anticipation, Onto another destination. Metamorphosis.
    Thank You And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Best Wishes!
    P.s. If I ever run into you a day I get lost. I really hope you still have that go with the flow “sure” attitude. Your’e the best!
    Skylar Drew Michaud.
    A dream is a wish you heart makes.

  • paula ceballos

    hilary duff es una gran persona la admiro me acuerdo cuando vino a bogota colombia en el año 2009 dia 14 de agosto y se le nombro emabajadora de la ninez y juventud bogotana con su fundacion te llevo en mi corazón hilary duff tu sencilles es unica

  • Molly

    Thank you for being a great role model for so many young girls who grew up with you on their televisions and radios. I’m sure we all wish you great happiness in your next phase of life. Keep up the good work!

  • Nat

    I don’t suppose Hilary Duff will see this, but that’s okay. This is a letter from a “fan” who grew up watching your show. Consequently, I watched your movies, too. I listened to your music and I went to your concerts. Then you fell out of my radar, just like that, and that’s okay, because I too started to grow up, have an interest in other things and what not. To be completely honest, I have never been a huge fan of anything, not one that does the posters in room thing and stuff like that. But there’s no denying it, I grew up listening and watching your work unfold. Then I guess I just moved on to new things, but so did you. One day I was watching Ellen (one of my guilty pleasures, but then again who doesn’t love her show? right?) When I found out about your marriage and pregnancy I was SO happy. SO happy that you weren’t marrying an up and coming actor. SO happy that you weren’t chopping your hair off or doing drugs or anything you can think of possible to maintain your face on the cover of tabloid magazines. SO happy that after so many years of fame, you were still down to earth and so joyful. The same joyful teenage soul that I looked up to for so long back in my own teenage years (though I am a few years younger.) Today, I asked myself, I wonder what she is up to? Yes, I found out that you are working on several projects, but most importantly that you are a proud mother and wife living a beautifully DECENT life. Many kids who grew up with the same stardom as you end up making wrong life decisions, or attempting to captive their audiences by rebelling and basically making fools out of themselves, and I don’t blame them, but I do applaud you. Consequently, I really just wanted to thank you for being my role model back then, and I want to thank you for continuing to do so. If only Hollywood praised more stars like you rather than those who take wrong turns, the world would be a better place. Hugs and best wishes!

  • Samantha Jane Smith

    hi Hilary duff my name is Samantha Jane smith I am 25 years old and I am English and I am your biggest fan ever I don’t know if you got my email on your website and I have a email address s.js1@hotmail.co.uk
    I loved your songs they are amazing
    from Samantha Jane smith from England

  • doodlebugsyndee

    hi i love Hilary duff

  • Jackie

    HILARY!!!! you were such an amazing role model to me going back 7-8 years!! I wanted to meet you so bad! I love you so much! I’m so proud of who you are today and I am so happpy for you. I had made 5 huge scrapbooks of pictures I got out of magizenes every single day of you! You really were such a great person to look up to! Love you Hilary! Your son is to cute!



  • Louise

    You are best singer and women congratulations !!!

  • Brandy

    You are so gorgeous! And like everyone else I was such a big fan of yours and still are! You look so great and it make me get motivated to get healthy and look as beautiful as you are, but as me in my own life. (: thank you for being such a positive role model and sharing your beautiful life!

  • Brittney

    i meant “movies” not “movie’s” my mistake :(

  • Brittney

    I’ve liked Hilary Duff since I’ve watched Lizzie McGuire back in the early 2000s and seen the movie’s that she’s been in. I agree that she’s a good role model :D <3 I still like her :) I've also listened to some of her music & i like it too :)) I would like to meet her someday too, that'd be nice :) <3

  • Ivan Sakkal

    Hi Hilary,
    I love your movies and music so much. I am so excited that you are going to be releasing a new album and I can’t wait to see your new movie flock of dudes. Also, I bet you have heard this from other people, but I would love to see a movie with you and Zac Efron. Have an awesome rest of the week!

    P.S. thanks for being a great inspiration, your song fly helped me get through tough times, well keep the great person you are.

  • Dariza Bejarano

    New record???!!! Oh my goodness!!!! I can’t describe how it feels in words!!! I’m getting chills, dancing around, getting more chills, about to cry!!!! As a new mother myself, I still look up to Hilary Duff!!! :) Thank you for always being so breezy, for the wonderful music, and all the inspiration you bring not just to me but everyone!!! LOVE YOU LOTS!!! Good luck on your upcoming endeavors! My family would love to see you at a concert in TEXAS!!! Preferably near EL PASO, just saying ;)

  • Girija

    Hey i am your biggest fan,i have been following you past so manyyyy years,you are totally unlike others…you are my idol and its my dream to meet you,i hope i do ,u are so cute ,adorable,so down to earth and a genuine person who is so close to her family….would love to meet you,i hope to come to India someday :) loads of love ,wishes and blessings :*

  • melissa phillips

    always loved her:)

  • Amirreza

    You also have a beautiful voice, a beautiful face I am from Iran in the hope that one day you could see like an artist.

  • Evgeny Dubasov


  • Evgeny Dubasov

    Hello Hilary Duff, my name is Evgeny Dubasov. I was born in 1990. I’m your fan. My congratulations to you on the birth of son. Do you want to continue your actor career? I’m waiting for your new film. I want to wish you, your husband love, patience and health. To the son of health and grow big and strong boy, as daddy. All the best to you!

  • deepika

    hi lizzie..i knoe ur real name is hilary buhh i luv to cal u as lizzie..u wont believe it, i still watch lizzie mcguire..
    miss you lizzie..
    waiting for your reply..

  • chelsea

    Hilary your amazing. I wish I could meet you. I’ve wished for along time

  • romina

    Hello Hilary, i’m romina from ARgentina, i’m a girl and 27 years old. I don’t speak English very well. you are a Great person and have a beautifull smile. I admire your actitud for life, your strenght, your talent. I wish all hapiness for you and your family.send you a kiss.

  • Laziz Nurmanov

    Hello HILARY HILARY very beautiful

  • Anna Masera Crumpton

    To: Susan Curtis

    Address: Curtis
    Talent Management, 9607 Arby Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA

    Dear Ms Curtis

    I am emailing this morning to
    inform you of the number of complaints made to Facebook regarding a fake hate
    page using the images of your artist Hillary Duff. The page is using the name Fatma Lone and
    has so far attracted a number of followers.
    The nature of the page is to entice unsuspecting persons from other
    legitimate sites to vent venom at an elderly lady in her eighties, Mrs Pauline
    Read. For a number of years Mrs Read has
    battled with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus over land and property
    disputes and has become the unofficial spokesperson to the British Ex pats on
    the Island. Mrs Read has acted within
    the confines of the law at all times and is highly respected in the Turkish and
    British community. It seems the hate
    site was started by a former disgruntled colleague and his identity is
    known. Mrs Read has contacted her
    solicitors and at some point the page will become public knowledge. I urge you to view the pages and see the
    content. It can only be described as
    vile, offensive, libellous, and utterly hateful. Mrs Read is a journalist and will use all
    her contacts to discredit the author of the page and raise awareness of the
    lack of censorship on Facebook. I trust
    this matter will be taken seriously by Ms Duff’s representatives.

    Yours sincerely

    Anna Crumpton

  • andrew

    Dear Hilary,
    Hello. I’m Andrew. I have to say I am probably your biggest fan. I really don’t want to bring up your Lizzie McGuire days on this comment because that is the only subject on here so…I just want to show my love for you! I’m really trying not to sound like a little 12 year old girl, but I would die if you could by chance look at my Instagram @hilaryduff_withlove. I’m not asking for anything except just you taking a look! I love you with all of my heart and you are a wonderful, amazing, beautiful mom, actress and etc. I’m so proud that you are have stayed true to yourself and if you do make mistakes in life, do not listen to anyone else! You are only human. We all make mistakes!
    sincerely, Andrew Jones:) @hilaryduff

  • ABI

    hey HILARY

  • countrygirl

    Hilary you are the best artist ever and im 13 (2013)

  • Joshua Hamilton

    Dear Hilary Duff

    Would you like to come to Purbeck View School and visit Rempstone because I am your biggest fan and I would like to see you and the address for Purbeck View School is Northbrook Road , Swanage , Dorset, England , BH19 1PR so please can you send a reply thank you

    Joshua Hamilton age 16

  • Benjamin J Hawes

    Hilary I literally love you so much I just watched so many videos of you on youtube and yeah I’m loving it.

  • Mike

    Your so beautiful !

  • Osman

    hey my name is osman ı am from turkey it does not make sense for you but means a lot to me if you show understanding of I apologize for the lack of english good luck ı miss you :-

  • jack

    Any1 know hilary duff ‘s mobile number ..??

  • Anna

    miss you so much Hilary,
    you colored my childhood and teenage days…
    hope you’d be back, very soon… (^ 0 ^)

  • nicolette_747

    love all your songs an movies Hilary….u rOck!!!

  • jack

    My email ‘s hdht202020@gmail.com
    Ok hilary Duff

  • jack

    Ms.Duff ,do have whatsaap ???

  • jack

    Hilary Duff i want your numbar ,please ?

  • Elizabeth

    Hillary, there is a picture floating around on FB – a series of pictures actually – spouting nonsense of the effects of Marijuana….the pictures start with a picture of you and end with some crackhead/methehead. It’s put out by “Christians for Michelle Bachman”. Just wanted to make you aware of this b/c my daughter & I have loved you since Lizzie Maquire!

  • Cindy Jones

    My youngest turns 13 today and we’re watching you and your sister in “Material Girls” at my office. (She picked you guys along with Xanadu and the Princess Diaries movies from our collection at home to bring today.) May God bless you both as you try to keep being famous from pushing you into stupid choices. You’ve grown up so fast. :)











    TOMMY BENSON! =) 5=7-1987.

  • Nicole

    hi Hilary you r my favorite singer and I loved you on lizzie Maguire and all the movies you’ve been in. btw you’re son is so cute

  • Oscar

    te amo

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  • Christopher Bush

    Cool site. First timer.

  • anita

    i m rely ispired frm u …..u r my inspiration….

  • Wm.

    Happy Birthday. WSJ

  • kyle cole

    Hey! you too soo cute!!

  • Megan_Chism

    I am not going to say I am your biggest fan, I’m sure there are more die hard fans out there. lol. However since I was little I loved everything about you. I agree with everyone on here that I am so thankful we got to grow up with someone like you. I was bullied a lot when I was younger and that’s when I found Lizzie McGuire, and all your movies and music. Or when your clothing line STUFF by Hilary Duff came out, I just made my parents take me to the mall to buy stuff. lol. Ever since I have always I guess sort of had all of that to fall back on. Sounds crazy cause it’s not like any of us really know you…but I just want to say thank you for always being a great person. Can’t wait for your new music! My favorite song thus far was Inner Strength and Happy. By the way Luca is absolutely adorable!!! <3 – Love always Megan Chism

  • pedro

    hi i want to listen your new song

  • Maricruz

    Hi!.. I’m from Ecuador.. I was listening “Fly”.. thank you for your lyrics.. In this moment I need some support.. “Find a dream you can follow”.. thank you, I’ll do it! :D

  • Paul

    Hilary, I’m 53 (old I know) but I got hooked on you doing Lizzie McGuire on Disney. I so wish that they had shows like that when I was young! Mainly I wanted to tell you Thank You for being such a positive roll model and continuing to still be! I worked doing lighting for concerts and special events for 20+ yrs. and got to know many different entertainers but you are set apart from most in that you remained true to yourself. By the way, I love your voice and I can’t wait for the new material! Congratulations on the new baby♥ Love ya, Paul (pdudley419@yahoo.com)

  • Casey

    Hi Hilary, I am a HUGE fan! Always have been ❤. I have recently created an app called Today I’m… On the App Store. Is there absolutely any chance that you would post a Today I’m… (Example below) post on your Instagram or Twitter site? It would make my YEAR

  • jacqueline

    you are and always will be the girl who can rock, thanks for everything, you are amazing

  • Angeline

    I love how the site looks, it’s so sleek

  • Ellen Strouth

    I am so lad I grew up watching you on Disney channel and I have always looked up to you

  • Mohsen

    Some one watching over me !
    TnK U
    I’m miss you in movies….

  • cristy

    where i can buy your clothes..?? i live in Memphis :D

  • Lara McPherson Deacon

    Hilary, our girls need you! Please come back and tell them they do not have to dress dirty, twirk or stick their tongue out to get attention! Where do they look to how to be a lady (besides Princess Kate?) You were a very important part of my daughter’s wholesome upbringing. She is now 16 – and what role models do we have to show her the power of dignity, self-respect and simple plain-old niceness and manners…. <3

  • Natalie

    Everyday I keep wondering when we’ll be able to hear any new music and see her on tour again… !! <3 <3 Any new information we might get…?? :D :D

  • Renan Porto

    I follow their work, both in film and in music and was wondering if you continue in the profession as an actress?

  • julz

    hi hilary!!! my first concert was yours when i was 14 and now 10 years on i still love you :)
    wanted to say hi to you and bub. hes adorable!
    when are you coming to australia again?

  • Gabbi

    I just watched the movie “Raise Your Voice” again because I had not seen it in a few years and I forgot how good it was. I cried for a good ten minutes in the beginning. I loved your role in that movie! You were perfect for it :)

  • Lea

    Hey Hilary Duff. You have always been my role model ever since the Disney show. You are so beautiful and talented. I think its awesome how you have a family now and didnt go down any of the wrong paths like some other singers/actress! I hope you work on something soon a movie? new cd? Thanks for your music because it always made me feel better just jammin out as a child. You were my first concert as a child and we met while filming Greta in Ocean Grove. You rock,

  • Thomas Underwood

    Okay this real me the T.j. Underwood. look you would not believe me if told you Hilary.There been a lot music I have done. But other performer’s are doing two this day do have any input being as successful as you are in music?

  • Ashley

    Hilary! I was behind you in line at cvs when that guy asked who you were… Ive been a fan of you since your disney days… you’re even prettier in person! All those photographers were out of control! I wanted to ask if I could take a picture with you but it was all a lil overwhelming, and i didnt want to bother you! Is it always like that when you go some where?

  • Chris Cotn

    From Chris COTN … I am leaving FB for good .Jean grey has the details to keep the group running so you will all still have a place of peace.If you want to stay in touch then I can be reached at ” general.jack.o.neill.2008@gmail.com “.Goodbye and have a good live………… Chris

  • Aimee

    Does she actually go on this and update though… Because it says her name in third person like someone else is doing it…? That would be pretty disappointing. Also yeah I agree with you guys I’ve listened to her for soo many years it would be awesome to actually meet her and see what she’s like in person and get to know her and not just the media version of her… though that’s pretty good too… not really any bad media of her..

  • Ella


  • Andrew

    Dear Hilary,
    Hi, I’m Andrew. I am here to let you know that I love you and you are an amazing actress, singer, author, and mother. My one and only dream is to meet you. I now have an Instagram and Twitter my Instagram is @hilary_duff_fan_page and my Twitter is @HilaryDuffLover. I hope you had an amazing 3rd anniversary with Mike. Luca is the most adorable baby I have ever seen. Sincerely, Andrew

  • Ella


  • Ella

    Ive watched all your lizzie maquire shows! im watching one now!

  • Lilly Belle

    Omg(: i am so glad i found this site of yours. I have an older sister whos 19 now. And she used to watch your shows ALL the time. You inspired her to get over her learning disability and inspired me to follow my dreams. Im am 13 now, and i remember having too watch your show every day since i was like 3. You absolutly amazing. Thank you.

  • Andrew

    Dear Hilary,
    I have noticed you get this all the time, but my ONE and ONLY dream is to meet you! I have a Hilary Duff fan page on Instagram and twitter. I hope one day my dreams will come true. I love you dearly and have a wonderful anniversary! Please respond back when you get the chance.
    Sincerely, Andrew J.

  • Félix Ocampo

    Loved you when I was a kid, and I still do, you are a nice lady.

  • Montse

    Helloo there Hil, i just want u to know that we really love you, as much as we love luc, he just seems a yummy boy because he is a part of you and mike he has his smile and your eyes, and whenever you’re ready to come back to music we will be here for you to get your new music and enjoy the things you write, we also know you’re doing an independent movie we are so exited cause we wanna watch it but anyways we wish u all the lucky and happiness you could get so yeah xoxo

  • Andrea Fraire

    ♥ Hilary Duff!!!

  • LEO


  • wallace

    love lizzie mcguire

  • miracle

    hey wats ur fave color??

  • Gabby D’ Casas

    please we want your music back!! <3

  • Jorge Lastra

    We need new musica Hilary!!!!!! Puuuuuuuuuuuuuulease

  • Al Kollar

    Hilary Duff is still awesome as seeing her in the movie Casper!! Keep up the good work!

  • Alice

    Could you tell me his name? From So Yesterday video.

  • Alice

    Who is the actor playing the boyfriend in your music video So Yesterday?

  • Lozzy

    I love you!!! How come I didn’t know ur PREGNANT!!!! U’ll make such a good mum!!! I’d love to meet you but scince I live I Australia that’s probly not gonna happen!!! I’m still rockin’ to ‘Metamorphosis’(love it!!!!)-
    Lozzy :)

  • Atara Veit

    Hilary Duff, why is wake up blocked on youtube?

  • Maria

    Sooo..when do we get to hang out?

  • Ravneet

    wazzzzzzzzz up

  • Barbara Smth

    Hilary ,I’m 63 years old and probably one of your oldest fans ever since you came out with your first movie. However, I’m not a blogger or twitter so you won’t hear from me. I hope you never change your attitude about life. I see you are a very down to earth, practical and a loving person. Don’t change. Stay on track. The world looks up to you for inspiration and caring attitude. Barbara

  • brie

    Hilary thanks for being part of my childhood, Thank the lord that your here on earth as one of my idols. you and Miley were the best actoress on disney. i thank both of you too.

  • Iván Machin

    Hiiiii i never forget when You came To #Venezuela You really love The chocolate . I wish The Best for You come back

  • хулиган

    Hello! or whether anyone has her mail? if so, throw off my mail

  • Maria

    I’m listening to your songs right now ❤ I would die if you released another song

  • xosammyjoe

    Hey Hilary! Just posting to show you some love. Thank you for always being so … relate-able, down-to-earth, cool ? I always look forward to your future projects. I’m an actress too so if i’m lucky, maybe we’ll meet one day! :)

  • dsjdhsjd

    i love hilary duff! her work in ‘beauty and the briefcase’ was so funny! and she has amazing hair and teeth! so straight! her son is sooo cute!!! hope she sees this comment. im from england. bye

  • Jermin

    Hillary Duff !! you are always my heart, We grew together.. I know I am the biggest lover of yours. I know you are married and you are a mother. I know its sad for me but you are always in my heart and you are always cute for me
    I miss you

  • john


  • happy_bee

    i feel really old reading some of the comments on here …

  • Hilary Katherine Laholt

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3<3

  • Rubi

    Hilary you dont even know… i love u so much i have all ur cds and still play them loud in my car… all ur pictures from all mags. any time u were on a mag i would buy it!!! my whole room was you!!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! MISSING YOU HILARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA MEET YOU!

  • Rubi

    I love you Hilary !! you have and always will be my IDOL…. right now Demi Lovato is my fave in music… but u will always be number 1!!!!!!! COME BACK!!!

  • Charlie

    She really is a beautiful women.

    • Charlie

      I know she is………………………

  • Jazz Raja

    Surviving Summer 2009 Film – Sweet involving story. Nice work. Its my first HD film! Jazz

  • Cecily

    hey i heard you live near Edmonton, AB, i live on the southside, i wish i could meet you again, i was your biggest fan since i was in elementary school, i met you in Newfoundland, CA
    and im now graduated and still a huge fan !

  • James

    Hi Hilary. All The Best Man. I wish you well. Much Love. :-D

  • Charlie

    i just watched your movie Material Girls….your baby is adorable….your sister and you are beautiful….and your husband is amazing..he’s a great hockey player..with two wonderful parents, your child is going to grow up to be a great person.

  • Charlie

    i love your music and acting. You are so beautiful……..

  • HDFan91

    I love you, Hilary :) You’re just an amazing, and beautiful person; inside and out. I hope you continue to do well in life ♥

  • Charlie

    her baby is so cute…and i love her sisters blog…..her husband is the best hockey player…..and her baby is the cutest…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie


    • Charlie

      i love hilary…she is so pretty and has a great voice, acting career, and everything she does is the best…………………………………….I love her……..

  • Clarisse

    Hello Hilary. I am french, sorry for the language. I want to say i love you so much you’re the best and i support you for so long, i love you ♥ ♥
    kisses ♥

  • Fawn

    I met her once when she came to Edmonton, Alberta :) I want her to go on tour again!

  • Ali13

    I’ve been looking for your perfume With Love. Can it only be ordered online now? And will it eventually all be gone? I love that perfume and would be sad to never be able to have it again! Thank you, Hilary, if you see this. =)

  • Ron

    What ur email address

  • kaceyrenee77@hotmail.com

    I know you probably get asked this a million times a day!
    But I was wondering if possible I would really love some advice on how to get my music career of the ground I dont know anyone in music but I know this is what I’m meant to do, so if possible I would be so grateful for your words of wisdom on how to get my foot in the door I am from a small texas town called Greenville!
    Thank you,
    p.s. I hope this gets to you
    Kacey McClain

  • http://www.facebook.com/romiithoo Romeo Real De G

    I want her new music!! Any dates?

  • sonia

    la adoro mucho y la admiro su cran personalidad ♥♥♥♥♥♥:D (y)

  • sonia

    si es una gran estrellaa okk

  • MaymayLily

    While browsing through a magazine at work I noticed your son was born the same day as my daughter. :) hope you are getting some sleep, my little one still likes to snack at night :) oh well… :)

  • Pris

    hi you all!
    i hace a question… as many of you i am a fan of hilary´s and one of my friends is a huuuuge fan as well jaja
    my friend´s birthday is next week and I would really like to give her a nice present: i would like sooo very much that Hilary writes her a message in a paper sheet saying happy birthday to her and take a picture of her holding that paper! jaja
    i know it sounds kind of impossible, but does anyone knows a way to achieve this?
    thanks for you opinions in advance :)

  • http://twitter.com/jobeyz oJ

    Number 1. Much Love #1

  • Heather

    I’m a bit delayed on this, but Congratulations on the Baby Boy. From the pictures I’ve seen he is one beautiful baby. I wish your new Little Family the best, Hilary. :]

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.t.hall Todd Hall

    Hilary Duff I think you are AMAZING!!! I want to design for you I design dresses, and other clothes.

  • leslii

    yess i love you Hilary Duff :)

  • Kathleen

    Hilary you are amazing. I idealize you so much you have no idea! I went and saw you in concert for my 10th birthday and seriously have never forgotten how amazing you were. I just watched raise your voice the the hundredth time and again got goose bumps when you sang. I love hearing baby news.
    I love you and i only wish I could sing as well as you. But Ill keep trying

  • darlene contado

    my idol hilary duff i love you i like you song every day i watch your movie

  • http://www.facebook.com/luchocolombia5 Lucho Escobar

    hello. wrist, I’m interested, know your official page Faacebook????

  • http://www.facebook.com/luchocolombia5 Lucho Escobar

    hola. muñeca, me interesa, saber cual es tu pagina oficial en faacebook????

  • http://www.facebook.com/leanne.hipston Leanne Hipston

    Hi hilary its one of your fans :) just need to say
    Thankyou ever so much for making my childhood so happy :’]
    I always used to love watching Lizzie mcquire and listening to your cds everday and i cant believe how long ago that was 10 yrs and i miss you being on tv making lizzie mcguire episode i always used to scream at the tv whenever you was on and rush and sit down and watch and i was almost glued to the tv and wouldnt budge whenever it was on. You have always and always will be my role model and you have made my childhood so amazing :) i cant believe your pregnant i can just remember when it was your 16th bday and when your made the movie i miss you making new films.x
    i would really love to meet you :) Xx
    I hope you respond to this i will be so happy :D
    Nicci xx

  • http://twitter.com/DaniCelestinne_ Daniela Alcantara

    I absolutely love Hilary Duff! She was my idol as a child, and she continues to be my idol to this day. Unlike many other pop stars/ actresses, she is actually a good role model for anyone. She was never on the news as being a druggie or a drunkard or partying too hard. She’s the absolute BEST!

  • Igor’

    Hilary, I hope that you ever answer me …

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.conroy.334 Adam Conroy

    Oh btw Hilary I know the truth about you seriously your an angel I know don’t worry your secret will always be safe with me

  • Tikimiki

    Happy Birthday i love you soooooo much since i was 7 i would watch and listen to you sing and act!!! I love you and happy birthday, hope you have a great one!!!! P.S.I have been always trying to talk and i am so happy i left this message!!! I am crying now of joy for you and Happy b-day once again!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/elcin.shukurov.1 Elcin Shukurov

    I adore you

  • Rachid

    it’s my birthday 28 september 1987 like you

  • http://www.facebook.com/elcin.shukurov.1 Elcin Shukurov

    I adore you

  • http://www.facebook.com/elcin.shukurov.1 Elcin Shukurov

    i love you hilary

  • http://www.facebook.com/topher.holmes.75 Topher Holmes

    Hi; I wrote a song for my girlfriend, but i am not musically incland. I need help to place my words into a song. i have a rythem in my head but i dont know how to place it. Where do i need to go to place my “lyric” into song? my email is cholmes0016@yahoo.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001920548739 John Peters

    dear hilary i doubt that you will ever see this or messge me back but i jst found your website and figured what the hell its not going to hurt anyone by saying that i am 18 yrs old and you have ben my biggst crush since i started watching disney channel growng up i use to listen to your albums all the time and every once in a whie ill pop them in the old cd player to listen to that beautiful voice that you have always had. you are still just as beautiful to me now as when i use to watch lizzie back in the day. #Your my dream wife

  • http://twitter.com/angelapatrcia1 angela morales

    eres la mejor y quiero ser como tu

  • jwsuk

    I wonder if I am the only person in her 30s waiting for a new CD :-P Been singing “Outside of You” all day as it was the last song to play on my iPod earlier :-P I know that mom things are more important, of course! :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/A.m.i.R.MouSavII Amir Mousavi

    actually i don’t know anything about you , because i’m from different nationality
    But i like yOur pics ^_^

  • http://www.facebook.com/roxannakatherinecarranza Roxanna Katherine Carranza

    grande hilary sos mi Idolaa.. tus fans de chile te esperamos con ansias

  • True Love

    I Love you Hilary with a Love that’s True a Love that can Only be between me and you ..I am so happy you understand and Hilary that’s what makes me your biggest FAN. !! You are so BEAUTIFUL. !!!!

  • True Love

    When the night turn to day my heart ran away ..I wen’t to look for it and this is True ..When I found my heart it was with YOU. !

  • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.marens Elizabeth Marens

    Hillary, I have the greatest song for you. I’d love for you to sing it. It’s called, “My son, he’s a part of me.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.conroy.334 Adam Conroy

    I put Hilary Duff on a pedestal and say she is the greatest person in the world and I am the second greatest person in the universe x

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.conroy.334 Adam Conroy

    I am 20 years old and I am English I am from Rossendale in Lancashire a place with a low population density and lots of farms and fields and tractors and farmers with shotguns that shoot at you for going on their land hills and moorland a place filled with racists and bigots an area which encourages racism as a positive attiude and the men are like nethandertal cave men which communicate through grunts! Accept for me of course I have a high IQ 141 I think you could call my home borough the English equivalent of Hicksville x I was the child with blond hair and blue eyes

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.conroy.334 Adam Conroy


  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.conroy.334 Adam Conroy

    I am Adam Geoffrey Michael Conroy I am brilliant I am gifted shrewd athletic very self confident loves sport pure and superior racist and bigoted and loving

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.conroy.334 Adam Conroy

    You is Attractive – Brilliant – exceedingly gifted / talented – exceedingly godamn motherfuckin rich – Superior – You are the only woman for me, you are the only woman in the world – I love you Hilary Duff I swear I love you with all my heart. Hilary godamn motherfuckin Duff I love you so much I want f*ck your arse so badly really godamn hard – you are so very pure. I know you are the only woman for me. I will remain single I know that :) I am great racist bigot Adam Geoffrey Michael Conroy :) xxx

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.conroy.334 Adam Conroy

    Hilary Duff is insanely cute x

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.conroy.334 Adam Conroy

    666 – Adam Geoffrey Michael Conroy – I am Satan incarnate. I am the great Dragon and my soul is Superior – I am Superior! … Hilary Duff is Superior! Her soul is Superior – This is the truth – I am the only man to live in the truth – I am the truth – I am all wise – Hilary Duff is Superior :) this is fact not opinion x

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.conroy.334 Adam Conroy

    My Soul is Superior and I would hate all 7 Billion others :P. I would desire a bite of your soul … yummy it’s tastes like chocolate

  • http://twitter.com/crossman7777777 Eric White

    Hi Hilary. How are you doing? Can you visit me in Tucson, Arizona?

  • Cynthia

    Hilary! When it comes out your new CD? :) I can’t wait anymore! :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/fabian.alvarez90 Fabián Álvarez

    love you hilary since I was a child, I cannot wait for a new cd or movie of yours.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.conroy.334 Adam Conroy

    xxx Hilary Erhard Duff xxx

  • Camiila

    Hi Hilary.are you going to do some concerts in September?or something like that?becouse I’m Chilean and my dream is to meet you. I’m at united states right now for all September. I’m searching you stuff by duff clothes and furniture but I can’t finded it.
    Big fan from chile

  • Guest

    Hilary are you going to do a concerts in september?or something like that?becouse im Chilean and I’m at united states now, and my dream is to know you.And I’m searching for the stuff by duff clothes here bug I can’t find it. I’m at Maryland but I’m going to Washington and new York too(vacations)
    Your fan camila
    Pd:I don’t speak too much English but I hope u can understand what I’m trying to say

  • Camiila

    Hilary are you going to do a concert these days?or something like that?becouse im Chilean and I’m at united states now, and my dream is to know you.And I’m searching for the stuff by duff clothes here bug I can’t find it. I’m at Maryland but I’m going to Washington and new York too(vacations)
    Your fan camila
    Pd:I don’t speak too much English but I hope u can understand what I’m trying to say

  • JordanM

    I have loved you since I was four. When I was little my biggest dream was to have your single leather glove in your fly video. :) I hope to still find one that looks like it! Thank you for being weird and awesome!!!!!

  • IleaNa

    I just finished Hilary Duff’s book, Elixir and OMG is soooo good!! I read it in 3 days!!! I loved it!!

  • Kaleonahe

    I met you when you came to Hawai’i years ago!! I think like 5 years ago or more! I gave you an ornament when you were on O’ahu. It was such a dream to meet you! That’d be great to meet you again, too! Congrats on you all of your accomplishments and to you and your husbands little one Luca. I still listen to your music all the time! Hopefully we’ll hear more music from you soon! : )

  • Emily Hunt

    Hey just want to say Ilove your music and your are so amazing. On the Lizzy McGuire Movie It just help me a lot. Thank you

  • Vuqar

    Hello Hilary,how are you?)))

  • D-Rad

    New music coming soon?? im hanging out for my hill duff fix, reach out is one of my al time favs, and video HOT!! more please bebe, xxx

  • Brandon Wayne Ford

    Hilary Duff where do i start ur amazing, u probably wont even read this but i wanted to let u no ur someone i look up to alot always have and always will even if ur famous or not, as fame doesnt matter to me. U look amazing and ur really nice, funny and alot more. so thank you for being such a great person dont change a thing. (u probably get a lot of this fan mails) goodbye

  • Michelle Helbig


  • http://twitter.com/RomuloNetoSilva Rômulo Neto da Silva

    Can write everthing here?

  • Ankita Balel

    U hve been an inspiration 2 sooooo many..I wish u wld cme 2 India 1ce..I’ve been w8n 2 meet u since I ws 11…it’s been mre Dan 7 yrs nw..al ur songs..movies..evrythn…!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.rabesca1 Sharon Tella Rabesca

    Hilary, idk what to say and i was your biggest fan since u became famous, i love u , wish i met u and hope your reading this love ya and your baby boy :D

  • jose herrera

    you even know her I’m crazy eh conorcela and not even seen the god!

  • jose herrera

    hilary please just say hello! i love much! remember the Dignity tour en L.A Gibson I love me! pleaseeee!

  • http://twitter.com/biamanoelas2 Beatriz Manoela

    Hi Hilary! I know you’re probably not going to read this or maybe know who I am, but that’s ok.

    I just would like you to know that I am a huge fan of yours. I am always listening to “Reach Out”, “Stranger”, “With Love”, “Wake Up”, “Come Clean”, and obviously all the other songs that you own. I must confess that in the beggining I wasn’t a big fan, but now you’re my idol. I met your music 6 years ago, when I was being bullied at school. Your songs made me feel better – and they still do. When I feel depressed, I listen to your songs. When I am happy, I listen to your songs. When I am getting dressed, I listen to your songs. When I have nothing to do, I listen to your songs. Well, you understood, LOL

    You’re such an amazing actress/singer/author/fashion designer. And I’m so sure that you’re also an amazing mom. Your one of my fashion inspirations, and principally, my inspiration as a person. And I am really happy you’re going to release new songs! I can’t wait for them!

    Well, happy early bday! <3
    Love, from your 14-year-old brazilian fan! Xx

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.utecht.7 Sarah Utecht

    I cant believe how much time has changed the world one day your 10 years old watching Lizzy and the next your turning 20 moving to Las Vegas and finding out Hilary had a baby. setting her as my role model is school kept me going trough all the kids picking on me and the heart breaks i went through. thank you for not naming your baby after food. I dont know why but I am in tears as Im writing this. if one her movies are on TV i stop what im doing to watch. thank you for being so amazing and an awesome person <3 and hugs to you Hilary .

  • Laura

    You are the best 4ever your FAN NUMBER ONE, thanks for you amizing songs, fly, someones watching over me, and i am

  • http://www.facebook.com/kimberly.waddell26 Kimberly Waddell

    I just want to say i love all your music and movies and im 26 years old but i love them all i always have been a big fan and i think it is awesome you have a baby congratulations.

  • Gangi Reddy

    hi miss,
    i was also born on same day when you were born……

  • ninilo

    Hilary Duff i hope ur cool with your spuse ans i have to say to you some day u can go to puerto rico is nice island and we love you here, if some day u goin to puerto rico u can tell me that is my dream saw u in person i love you i live in Humacao,PuertoRico Love you and btw im a boy 18 years old email operation7gth@hotmail.com tel me something

  • Ninilo

    Hilary Duff i hope ur cool with your spuse ans i have to say to you some day u can go to puerto rico is nice island and we love you here, if some day u goin to puerto rico u can tell me that is my dream saw u in person i love you i live in Humacao,PuertoRico Love you and btw im a boy 18 years old email fourzerotree@hotmail.com tel me something

  • Thiago


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001054382201 Eugenia Polyviou

    exactly! me 2!!!!!<3

  • birrie

    i like Hilary Duff a lot she is a great acteur i wanna know if she is so nice is in real life as in all here movies if i can meet here one day it will be the best day of my life

  • http://twitter.com/yenny7878ny Yenny Alvarez !

    Hello! my name is Yenny, I have 20 years, I am of Huasco, Chile and currently live in Copiapo, Chile. Since I first saw you in Casper and Wendy Magic along with my class in elementary school, I was impressed as a girl so young could be television, and especially in a movie so cool, but I was amazed when I saw you in Lizzie McGuire series on Disney Channel, after that, you were like my mentor, my friend and I sang your song’s opening series when we got together at home, and that in order to see the channel was to have cable TV and good , did not have. After seeing the movie Lizzie McGuire, you follow all that showed up in magazines, advertising, your discography, biographies, etc.. After I moved to the city to enter the High School changed my life, I had to start over, watched music videos ever, I think the most repeated was: Fly, So Yesterday, Come Clean, and the songs “Why Not “and” What Dreams are Made of “that was recorded on a cassette at the end of your movie. After I met over the internet, I download new videos, songs, pictures to have them as wallpaper on my PC or to make a collage, finally, learning to use the internet. Today my life is different from what I had planned, despite my young age, I am married, I have a beautiful daughter named Constance, work for nothing we lack as a family and well, it seems I spoke more to me than what I wanted to explain, unless it has been understood. As a matter of distance I have never met in person, I have never gone to one of your concerts, and I’ve never bought any perfume or clothing that is your brand, as I said earlier, as a matter of distance. It would be great and I think one of my biggest dreams is to see you in person, shake your hand, greet with a kiss on the cheek and my picture to take with me for the challenge of my life, my grandchildren and weights see that I met you of course is something totally and completely impossible, but I think if I learn good English, with enough money for all expenses, and make him very hard, catch up to get to some museum or place where your name or your face and I think and would be my great goal accomplished and of course a reality. I wish you luck in this way with your husband and your son Luca, who are full of blessings, I know many people love them, myself included, and although I am one of many person, sorry, thousands and millions of people around Latin America that follow you, and they’re your fans, you will always be our source of inspiration and admiration, because you yourself you’ve won and you do miss assert that. Thank you very much for being you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BHNHAGG37MHUEPSTX4SFOTWI4I Leslie

    Good luck on your new ablum hilary i love all your music

  • http://twitter.com/StUnNa_Radio StUnNaRadio

    Ur web site is lookn great!

  • http://twitter.com/Foreverxoxo143 jasmin martinez

    Hii Hilary(: I’ve always been a huge fan since I was younger. Congrats on your baby I didn’t til a couple of weeks ago. I was like whoaa what did I miss :O but i’m happy for you and your family. Your baby is such a cutayyy[: With love, jasmin

  • http://www.facebook.com/delanne.torres Delanne Torres

    already ordered his new book that I’m very anxious to get,one thousand kiss for you and your little angel hope to see her again in Brazil

  • http://twitter.com/iiKimberly_16 Kimberly ღ

    When is your new book coming out? I love your series Elixir and I cannot wait to read the last book! Awesome job! You rock ! :D Love ya ♥

  • Joanne Vasquez

    ExpandHi Hilary Duff I am Joanne Vasquez and I am in Journalism Reporting class. I am writing a story of your amazing life that is going to be published. I need you to please have an interview with me. I am a student at Lehman College for the College Now program. I REALLY need this interview with you please contact me at 646-251-3319 as fast as you can. I know you are busy, but please if you can reply to me back and I know we are all human beings. But please contact me because I have always admired you as a little kid. Please REPLY BACK!

  • Joanne Vasquez

    Hi Hilary Duff you are amazing and I am in Journalism Reporting class, and I am writing on piece on you that is going to be published. I need you to please have an interview with me. I am a student at Lehman College for the College Now program. I REAllly need this interview with you please contact me at 646-251-3319 as fast as you can.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003388906134 Jessica Wilkins

    Hilary Duff was my favourite singer and actress when i was a little kid know im 15 almost 16.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001486798866 Regia Lyn Gianan Resare


  • Blondie3333

    Hey Hilary! I’ve always been a big fan not only because of the shows/movies you’ve been in or the songs that you sing, but because you’re such a great role model. I’m especially proud of your response to the media in regard to the baby weight. (PS you look amazing!!)The media puts way too much pressure on celebs, and I think it’s awesome that you are standing up for what you believe in (as always)! I feel that more people should not worry and put more stress on health. I’m 18 and I really struggle with my body image because of how I see it in the media (dispite knowing better, but it’s hard not to get sucked in). SO thanks for being the role model I need, as well as many other girls :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002706141665 Lc Jeane Conrad

    She should play more roles as an actor ! <3 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000392672717 Giacomo Greco

    ciao hilary,mi chiamo gicomo, sono un ragazzino dii 16 anni e sono italiano!! nonostante tutti questi anni oggi mi sono visto lizzi mc guire movie e a me e mia sorella è piaciuto tantissimo!!! oggi guardando su internet ho visto un articolo di giornale! è vero che stai riprendendo lizzi mc guire vita da college?? ti prego dimmi di si e se non è vero perchè non ci pensate?? cosi fate riprendere la serie televisiva più adorata dagli adolescenti!!! un saluto giacomo

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000392672717 Giacomo Greco

    ciao hilary,mi chiamo gicomo, sono un ragazzino dii 16 anni e sono italiano!! nonostante tutti questi anni oggi mi sono visto lizzi mc guire movie e a me e mia sorella è piaciuto tantissimo!!! oggi guardando su internet ho visto un articolo di giornale! è vero che stai riprendendo lizzi mc guire vita da college?? ti prego dimmi di si e se non è vero perchè non ci pensate?? cosi fate riprendere la serie televisiva più adorata dagli adolescenti!!! un saluto giacomo

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BHNHAGG37MHUEPSTX4SFOTWI4I Leslie

    Hilary duff you make the best music ever even better than elvis.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BHNHAGG37MHUEPSTX4SFOTWI4I Leslie

    Hilary duff when you sing on stage you have a voice of a angel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002344867057 Chloe Ripton

    hi hilary i need to ask you a favour i am doing my homework on my favourite actress which is you can you give me a bit of information about you please thank you chloe xx 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7KDDIPOPSUBZO5WSFI4PE5QISI 静雯

    Hi~everyone! I am Isabllea Yin.  I am Chinese and I want to make friends with you. I like Hil since high school and I really like to chat with people from all over the world. isabellawenwen@hotmail.com This is my MSN and I look forward to chatting with you. Thanks~!

  • http://twitter.com/hannaantonsen Hanna Antonsen

    I hope you’ll be doing some more acting very soon!!!
    Congrats on your beautiful son!

  • http://www.facebook.com/leticia.r.lara1 Ismael Letty Lara

    I love you Hilary. I love listing to your music!!!!!!

  • Mechtatel

    Привет Хилари))

  • Darlene Perez

    Hilary Duff has been my role model my whole life! Years ago, I remember lying in my room after my birthday literally SURROUNDED by all my Hilary Duff presents, while listening to Most Wanted over and over. I even had your birthday marked on my calendar since I was 6 because it was in the same month as mine. I’m so happy for you, good luck with your new family and remember, your fans will always support you like family. :’)

  • http://www.facebook.com/MUHAMMETAKKUREK Muhammet Akkürek

    hılary bugun yeni bir filmini izledim çok güzeldi (kül kadisi)çok güzel hoş bir bayansınız harika bir yüzünüz var başarılarınzın devamını diliyorum…

  • http://twitter.com/DJahanGear DJahanGear SCALA Dav

    every time have a HOPE for iterested about me))) ha ha ha just Gap!!! you beutyfull

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    Yes i have that’s why i love Hilary Duff and i love her page, and her expressions to other people. I love all about Hilary Duff.

    • Charlie


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001957618191 Kayla Zander

    I just wanted to say you are truely an inspiration. I listened to your music as a little girl and when my life got rough i stopped and got into new music and such. I had a song of yours stuck in my head, 1am, and i listened to it… and kept listening, and listening.. and now its 2:22am as i type this and i want to let you know how much of an inspiration your music is to me. I’m going to be putting aside my Adele and Country to listen to your songs when i need an uplift. Thank you so much. Your song cry, just the thing i needed tonight <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000543460900 Jan Willmes

    Thanks for your great movies and songs. Always a pleasure. We love you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelo.arias3 Angelo Arias

    hey  hilary   i gradulations to  your new baby  i wish you will come back  with  and new cd i  still listen to your cd i be dancin  to  a song  called gyspy  woman i  love track of the  song ifeel  better hilary your fan angelo

  • Adnan Ali Malik

    How are you?
    you nice and much much much very very cute ant fully attractive girl. your eyes, lips and smile very hot. you have a perfect body smart slim

  • http://www.facebook.com/lilrudesessions Eric V Sessions

    hilary is and always #1 in my artistic  list

  • http://www.facebook.com/lilrudesessions Eric V Sessions

    one question are you a christian ? do you believe in jesus

  • http://www.facebook.com/lilrudesessions Eric V Sessions

    hello hilary  i am too your fan  i am very glad you  kept  yourself  the same with a good reputation i never  met you or even  went to any  of your concerts,  but i do know all your songs to metamorphosis to dignity cd’s  and i keep up with you every time you reinvent  yourself  as a fan i love you and miss you i will never betray you not even for gaga which i also like  on june 14, 2012  i will be 21 years old i became a fan when i was in elementry school in 2001 when i was 11 years old,  the point is i care for you wish you the best for you and your family and son  i am a true fan may jesus keep safe for you and husband and son GOD BLESS YOU Hilary Duff now and Always love Eric v sessions. i hope in meeting you someday

  • steven_fer

    i want her to know that I exist :(   i hope that she read my comments

     i love you so much and i wanna meet you , i live far away , but i do anything for YOU HILARY 

  • steven_fer

    i want her to know that I exist :(   i hope that she read my comments

     i love you so much and i wanna meet you , i live far away , but i do anything for YOU HILARY 

  • steven_fer

    i want her to know that I exist :(   i hope that she read my comments

     i love you so much and i wanna meet you , i live far away , but i do anything for YOU HILARY 

  • steven_fer

    love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • http://www.facebook.com/edhyh Eduardo Hernández

    yesterday i was watching the cadet kelly movie and thinking about how a person can affect your life even even though 10 years have passed I’m still your fan and always will be proud of that i love you much

  • MiloradMadzar

    Hilary, do not think I’m stupid because I have a lot of years, believe me, I love you and your way of singing.
    I know that you are married and you’re almost born a beautiful son, isthe reason for the price of giving up your singing career?
    For me it would be a shame not to continue with Luca singing whenhe grows up a little every day … listen to your songs, are beautiful, and you’re in my light which illuminates the world of beauty.
    Whatever decision I wish you bring a lot of luck with your son andhusband.
    You’ll always have my respect, you fan Milorad Madzar.

  • http://twitter.com/Ankursyard Ankur Jain

    Lizzie McGuire 
    My Fav. My First Lovely Teen sitcom  Television Programming 65 Episodes Relly Nice To Watch Every Time After 8 Years Today i’m daily watch your episodes in Lizzie McGuire By Disney Thanks For Being There And I Love You Very Much You & Your Children…. Thank You Regards Me & My Girl Yana…:)

  • Guillaume Lajeunesse


    I had given up on all my dreams, many years ago.

  • http://twitter.com/HilaryDuffs1Fan Hilary Duff’s #1 Fan

    Hilary Duff,
    I have been your Fan & #1 Fan for OVER 12 years!!! You are seriously the most amazing singer, actress, author, mamma, clothing designer etc!! Everything you do I respect. I have OVER 1,000 posters of you in my room. I’m 23 & I don’t care what people think, your amazing & I will ALWAYS stand by whatever you do! All these years you’ve kept such a wonderful image for your Fans & always kept your Dignity. Thank you for being the most amazing person in the world…
    With Love,…HILARY LAHOLT
    wrapped with love,…Hilary Erhard Duff’s ONLY #1 Fan :) xoxo <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/FyerRabbit420 Lola Green

    She Iz MY Role Model!! She’z The BEST!! <3 <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/FyerRabbit420 Lola Green

    I LUV Hilary Duff FOREVER!!!! <3 <3

  • abbaskeshavarz

    hi hilary iam abbas from iran iand my friends love you very much you are very famus in iran   i and  my friends wish  you luck forever  i love you very much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002481159415 Kimii Liiebt Diich

    Ich habe ihr buch ,,elixir” gelesen und ich find sie sollten unbedingt einen zweiten teil davon schreiben,weil das echt gut war!!!            
    Im Vergleich zu anderen Büchern war das sehr gut,ich glaube ihnen nicht wirklich das das ihr erstes buch ist ;)(und ich lese nicht jedes Buch!!!)Die Idee war auch sehr gut und ich bin in deutschland,also einen fan haben sie hier aufjedenfall  =D.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000607565627 Mette Hauser

    Hello Hilary.
    I’m from Denmark and i want to know something about you :)
    So can you tell me something about you and your life? :)

    Love from Mette:)<3

  • khelifabarka1969

    I love you hilary always swetty

  • http://twitter.com/SchubertCinthia Cinthia Schubert

    I love your movies, your music love you hilary

  • andymercer87

    ILove You Hilary Duff So Much

  • ailiehodgson

    Hi Hilary conratulations on baby Luca! I had baby Luke around the same time in the UK and wondered where you got the gorgeous baby grow in the pic you tweeted lately?
    Ailie x

  • Tina

    Dear Hilary, as a mother of a 15 year old daughter I just needed to compliment you on staying true to yourself.  In a day and age where women, young and old, find it necessary to compromise their morals and values I felt it necessary to congratulate you on all that is ladylike and classy.  You are a true blessing in a world full of materialistic and raunchy moneymaking ‘shock artists’.  Be proud of who you are and what you stand for.  You are surely a positive role model for your little one and all who love you!  You my dear Hilary are the daughter every parent dreams of raising.  Love, laugh and live life to the fullest! 

  • Yasmine

    Hilary… my sister and I used to watch you all the time…I remember running back home to make sure I wouldn’t miss a second of Lizzie McGuire.
    I can’t even say you were a part of my childhood because well..you WERE my childhood.
    I always lived in very difficult countries and we didn’t have much access to the outside world but I remember watching you on Disney always put a smile on my face and gave me big hopes and dreams.
    The other day, my sister who is now 17, walked in on me watching Lizzie McGuire the movie. And contrary to what you may think, she didn’t give me a look saying “aren’t you a little old for this?” but came and started singing and dancing along with me, and that’s your power Hilary..you have the power of making people happy, so incredibly happy and remember all sorts of wonderful childhood memories that no one else could.
    You’re a genuine person and no one can ever take that away from you. And hey, your little baby has one hell of a mommy.
    I’ll never be able to thank you enough for putting a smile on my face, even on the hardest days.
    Keep being kind,beautiful, magical…keep being YOU. Because that’s someone no one will EVER forget.

  • Mery Jara

    I love you Hilary Duff!!!!! You are my idol!! I wish I can meet you!! :) How are you?

  • Fabian Alvarez90

    In Uruguay we love you too Hilary! I hope you have a new CD coming up soon, ’cause I’m so looking forward to your sound after Dignity, I loved you tried electro-pop without becoming like other singers/starlets that become really trashy to sell records. :) I admire your career and your songs are part of my childhood and teenage years.

  • Alanna


  • http://www.facebook.com/yanella.insaurralde Yanella Insaurralde

    Hilary Duff I hope your life this very bien. I love all your songs and all your movies, the truth you’re a great actress and also a great person. You can tell that you got a great personality … I was always a fan of yours, what I like about you is your desire to fight foryour dreams, that’s what I see in every movie. Congratulations for every accomplishmentin your life and all what you are doing … If I express Sorry for bad writing is that not much English, I’m from Argentina …. Well I am saying goodbye, I hope your family is full of blessings, may God prosper your family every day more, and you gain more wisdom …Never give up your dreams …
    I wish you the best in the world

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Drika-Alves-Silva/100002850437561 Drika Alves Silva

    Never close your eyes to the world, because there is someone in the world that awaits a beautiful glow to your look! TE AMO HILARY DUFF

  • Freddy Avila

    Hey Hilary just wanted to let you know that you are truly one of the best artists that I have come across, amazingly humble and generous, had a question though, im working on a speech for my class and its about you, wanted to know exactly what charity and phylanthropic work you are involved in.

  • Alexandria

    We will never forget you. You have such great talent we love you! <3

  • AshleyD

    Growing up you were my role model and to this day you still are. I still watch Lizzie McGuire re-runs every night before I go to bed. I absolutely love your music and it reminds me of all the good times I had when I was younger. The thing I love most though is how your songs actually have meaning unlike a lot of the songs these new younger stars are coming out with. You are a great childhood role model and although it makes me sad to watch your music videos because it makes me realize how fast time goes by, I can’t help but smile because you made my childhood that much better.  Thank you for being amazing Hilary Duff. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/VetTech15 Nicole Houston

    Will you ever have a fan club again? I would love to order more t-shirts from here.. I only have one, and it’s from 2006.. which i didn’t even go to that show.. Can’t wait for third book and new album!! Please please please please please think about coming to Ohio, Indiana or Michigan for book signing and tour:) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! XOXO.. and Yes, I am still listening to Hilary Duff in 2012 :)

  • http://twitter.com/diegomancerazgz diego mancera

    hey hilary , how are you? I want to do you an ask please: may you go to HORMIGUERO any day , please?
    One kiss from Spain pretty

  • mancera diego

    hey hilary i am from spain.I want to do you an ask: may you go to HORMIGUERO any day please?

  • http://www.facebook.com/blake916 Blake Shook

    Hope you one day go back to singing :]. Always wanted to see you live sing “fly” and other songs. Really liked your voice :]! Anyway, I hope all is well and hope all goes well with that up coming movie and maybe more books?
    ~Blake~ *sorry posted twice lol*

  • http://www.facebook.com/blake916 Blake Shook

    Hope one day you go back to singing :] Always wanted to go to a concert for you and hear “Fly” live. Hope all is well :D and good luck with the upcoming movie and more books :)!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NH3M2ZPVBCIXO6ARDHZYGFSEM4 Bunny235

    Hilary! I’m 14 years old and you are my one and only inspiration! Im getting into a lot of acting things and hopefully someday I will make a difference in the world like you. Your baby is the cutest baby I have ever seen and I cant wait till you start up your music again so I can see you in real life! I’m so glad that you made it to the top and still managed to be happy. I’m looking forward to meeting you some time in the soon or far future. xoxox

  • Deco_sotka

    sokamda öl <3

  • http://twitter.com/charlotteolrod charlotte olrod †

    it’s ridiculously weird seeing @HilaryDuff with her husband and holding her son, it seemed like yesterday she was crushing on Danny Kessler and Ethan Craft, i miss being a kid so much watching Disney Channel the way it should be!

  • http://twitter.com/charlotteolrod charlotte olrod †

    it’s ridiculously weird seeing @HilaryDuff with her husband and holding her son, it seemed like yesterday she was crushing on Danny Kessler and Ethan Craft, I actually miss being a kid so much and idolizing her… life’s too short!

  • hilaryduffisthebest12

    My favorite album from, Hilary Duff is, “Dignity.” WE ALL LOVE YOU HILARY! Like if you agree with me. :)

  • hilaryduffisthebest12

    Hilary, I’m your biggest fan. I would sure like to talk to you; That would be the best day of my entire life. :D  Congratz on your baby. :)

    Love, hilaryduffisthebest12.

    Hilary’s biggest fan.

  • andymercer87

    Hilary You Are My Favorite Superstar I Have Been A Fan Since 2006 My Dream Is To Meet You In Person

  • andymercer87

    I Love You Hilary You Are The Best

  • http://twitter.com/ModelNicole Nicole Michelle

    And on a side note, I still jam out to “So Yesterday” whenever I need a pick me up with men or life in general. =]

  • http://twitter.com/ModelNicole Nicole Michelle

    Something I love about Hilary, is that no matter what she did from TV to movies to music, she never let the spotlight get to her head. She stayed above the drama, and out of the club scene and treated her fans like friends. She was the perfect role model. It seems crazy that about 10 years ago I was watching Lizzie McGuire and would not, could not miss an episode. She was funny, quirky and so real. And she’s like that in reality as well. And now she’s a mom and married?! It’s insane how time flies by so fast, but as a fan, I couldn’t be more thrilled for her and couldn’t be more proud to be a Hilary Duff fan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cess-Venegas/559369984 Cess Venegas

    Hilary estas muy hermosa espero que Vuelvas pronto a México

  • http://www.facebook.com/hmoranm Hector Morán

    Hi Hilary, I just want to say I love you so much, you make me feel so good, with your music, and movies, you inspired me to be a great person, Thank you for all. :) Kisses

  • http://www.facebook.com/dominik.muster Dominik Muster

    du bist eine  sone frau muchte dich trfen

  • Theresa

    I hope your web site gets  prettier / more textured design.  I like the grey and white but it needs more … why not have a fan contest for design ideas … using the current simple layout you have now. Winner gets ? a prize would be nice but credits in your footer would really help any web designer with some clout.  I just got so many ideas running through my head to make this blog rock.  The new face font stuff you can do so much more with dynamic typography

    I hope your enjoying your new baby …. it is such a short time … before you know it he’ll be going to college.

  • kat42

    Congrats on your new baby – I have 3 girls and they always loved you on Lizzie McGuire.  You are a great role model to young girls without even trying to be one!!!!  Just keep being yourself and I’m sure you will be a great MOM!!!!  

  • Samridhi01

    hey hilary… u r soo cooll.. and amazing!!!
    i love ur style and need your help with it….
    plz plz help me for my 1st year at colledge!!!

  • Samridhi01

    hilary.. u r soo cool..
    i love ur style and i wish that’ll u’ll give me some tips for my 1st year at colledge..!! :)

  • Fabiano de Jesus

    I’m so happy for you and you family. I always watching you in your movies,Videos and heard your Cds…I love your music. Congratulations for.  Your baby is handsome.

  • Melanie Marchetta

    Like if you love<3 Hilary Duff! ^^

  • Azadeh_sobh_khiz

    congratulation to you for the little prince luca.
    i know you two,are the best parents in the world….
    kiss luca

  • Constance

    Hello from France :D ! I really like all that you make ! You’re a model for me and for my friends. I wish you a lot of happiness with your family and for your futurs movies. Congratulation to you and your husband : really good job  ;) , Luca is so beautiful !
    Sorry for my English, i’m going to work it ! 
    I hope to see you and meet you one day, maybe in France ! 
    Byyeee :) 



  • Sergiy Martynenko

    Dear Hilary! Please let your managers be aware that in Zhytomyr region (Ukraine) police do nothing in order to protect intellectual property rights of music producers. You can here buy music and video for a dollar, but you cannot buy quality and legality respectively. Your songs are not easy to find and buy. With pleasure I would buy your original works if such being on the said local market.
    Please take my compliments!
    Sergey Martynenko

  • http://twitter.com/NicoletteSnyder Nicolette Snyder

    I LOVE YOU HILARY SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! always did and ALWAYS WILL!!!!!! i still remember the lyrics to every single song of hers!!!!!! in fact, some of the songs are on my ipod!!!! like “so yesterday” “wake up” “fly” “play with fire” “girl can rock” and many more!!! i loved (and still love) all of her movies!!!! i actually just got finished watching my FAVORITE part of the “Lizzie Maguire Movie” where Lizzie sang for the first time at the international music awards!!!!!! i wanted to be just like her!! i still do!!! she is one of a kind! she didn’t let her fame as a child get to her like some of the other disney stars did!!!! she’s just very down to earth!!! i had (sadly, the stuff was given away at a yard sale a few years ago.. :( ) a bunch of Hilary stuff.. i think i may still have the Lizzie Maguire puzzle!!!!!!! i am sooo happy Luca is here!!!!! he is just the cutest little bundle of joy i ever saw!!! i have a feeling that Luca will have a very nice voice, like her momma does!!!!!! and i know that hilary will keep her child down to earth and he will be as awesome as she is!!! and Hilary, if i EVER got the chance to meet you, it would be the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! LITERALLY!! how many times can someone say that they met their life long (Celebrity) Idol?! i think you just get more beautiful everyday!!! and i really hope that you get a chance to read this!!! i am also following you on twitter!!!! but then again, who doesn’t?! anyways, i just wanted you to know that i LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3!!!!!!

  • Katieelong

    wow she has a kid that is shocking. i was like your biggest fan like 5  years ago. i loved the show lizzie and the last name i have no clue how to spell your awsome

  • Bara

    Hilary, can you send mi pls youre a signed photograph with a dedication? On adress
    Barbora Sklenarova, Benesova 280, 664 42 MODRICE CZECH REPUBLIC =))*

  • natashajorge

    parabéns pelo seu lindo bebê, i love you hilary , sou muito sua fã, sou brasileira dai não falo inglês direito, mas se quiser usar o google tradutor ahahahahaha’………
    kisses , e eu continuarei a acompanhar esse blog.. muitos kissessss

  • Natashaaldeiana

    quem cuida desse site

  • Jacquelyn

    “Hey Hillary”   

    Dont Give up On your Songs There The Best! ^_^ <3 Always Keep a Smile on your Face, No matter what happens.. Cause Your The Best! .. I really Love your Music .. Dont Work To Hard ..     have a Nice Day………………………………………………..
                                                 Jacquelyn.. ^-^ <3

  • Babygirl_tomboy

    i still have my Hilary Duff still in its box looks new

  • Nancylove154


    throughout my life, you have been my role model. Sometimes, my family makes fun of me for it… but I don’t care. You are an amazing woman and you’ve done so many great things.  You’re funny, you’re gorgeous, and now you even have a lucky little baby!! I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and that I will continue to look up to you.

    all my love,
    Nancy <3

  • Anakins_Princess_3000

    Hey Hun I kno it’s late but congrats on ur lil bundle of joy oh soooo cute :) hope to see u on the big screen or even new music soon miss u heaps luv from ur fan down under mwah n tc n thinking of u n ur fam always :) xxxxxxxoooooooo

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heidi-Fargen/100000929185989 Heidi Fargen

    Congrat ‘s on you little boy love the name Luca my 5yrs son is name Luca too!!! They grow up so fast!!!

  • Nikkisweat

    Luca is ADORABLE and he looks like you and Mike both.And he and my brother(19)have the same birthday!God Bless your family.Btw loved u on Lizzie McGuire

  • Jasmine_leed


  • Beverly2368

    Hilary I’ve been a fan for along time! We love you Hilary!!!! :D

  • alejandra rodriguez

    hii hilary i’ve been a really big fan of yours and i will always be. i have all the movies you’ve made and i see you as my role model and i really liked the dress you used in (2008)in another cinderella story and i really wanted to get that dress for me i was wondering if you can let me know where i can buy it please it would mean alot to me thanks <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002642424034 Sreya Roy

    Still I can remember, I used to watch Lizzie McGuire and tried hard to follow her..her hair style,her dressing style everything..now she is a mummy…its just unbelievable to me. Anyways,we all love u Hilary <3

  • Musica_girlx

    Luca is so beautiful! :)  congrats Hilary, you’re amazing!

  • Keerti

    Hii, I would like to know when your third book will come out, i’m so exicted! 


    hilary you are a great roll model

  • Renankytx

     I know just a few days ago about the birth of his son. Congratulations and I wish health to the small lucas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brbursey Brashard Bursey

    P.S. I’m also your biggest fan. As a matter fact, I’ve been a fan of yours since I was 10 years old and when I was 13, even when you were better known as Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire” alongside Adam Lamberg and La Laine. And as for your music, I have one of your albums, but I’m hoping to collect all of them. Even one of your movies, I’ve got one of them. Like I said, big fan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brbursey Brashard Bursey

    Congratulations on the birth of your first born son and your marriage to that guy.

  • Zaneta

    <33 Love you! Baby Luca is precious, adorable, cutie pie and many more!!

  • Theo

    Congratulations Hilary. Luca is vey handsome boy. I wish you both the best.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sos30231 李柏賢


  • Ronald_17_64

    Hilary Dios ha enviado a un pequeño angel a iluminar tu vida…
    Dios te ha bendecido con este hermoso bebe…
    felicitaciones y Bendiciones a tu familia..!
    Hilary God has sent a little angel to brighten your life …God has blessed you with this beautiful baby …congratulations and blessings to your family ..! 

  • Ronald_17_64

    Hilary Dios ha enviado a un pequeño angel a iluminar tu vida…
    Dios te ha bendecido con este hermoso bebe…
    felicitaciones y Bendiciones a tu familia..!

  • Ronald_17_64

    Hilary God has sent a little angel to brighten your life …
    God has blessed you with this beautiful baby …
    congratulations and blessings to your family ..! Hilary Dios ha enviado a un pequeño angel a iluminar tu vida…Dios te ha bendecido con este hermoso bebe…felicitaciones y Bendiciones a tu familia..!

  • Randye Williams

    hi my name randy e  from san antonio tx  is  he your  # 1  good luck  C   U  someoauth time !  randy.

  • Star9girl9

    What happened to your tumblr page?

  • Marissa

    I watched you for years on Lizzie McGuire and continue to listen to your older music! You are such a positive roll model to young girls Hilary! Now as a sophomore in high school my friends and I continue to listen to your music…we were singing songs from The Lizzie McGuire Movie in math class today!(: Thank you for being a positive role model and congratulations on your new baby boy! <3

  • Dulce Kndy

    :) Congratss for being a new mommy<3 
    your babyy is really pretty:)
    yourr amazingg,,&&your gonna be a great mom

  • g7

    Hi Hilary :) Congratulations on being a Mamma to your beautiful baby Luca. Growing up, you have always been my role model, i am so blessed to have had a role model. It is so lovely to see you so happy and starting your little family :) Congratulations and God bless your family with so much joy

  • Ding

    lovely eyes

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606507172 Deidrah McAulay

    Hilary, I’m an American Missionary living in Uganda.  I run an orphanage with 31 kids in it.  I just wanted to say “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!”  Thank you for being an positive example for growing young people around the world.  Thank you for living a life that I’m sure your parents can be proud of.  Thank you for getting married 1st before having a child.  Thank you for not being a sweet person.  I know for me as a mom I teach my kids what’s right and wrong and it’s good to see a young lady who is beautiful intelligent and doing good things with her life.  I can tell my girls “You see, Hillary Duff is also in Hollywood but she got married first.”  I guess you can say I have traditional values I believe it’s better for a family if there is a marriage 1st before a baby.  I know alot people don’t agree with me but that’s ok too.  I just wanted to say there are some of us out here who appreciate your lifestyle and support you.  Congratulations on Beautiful Baby Luca.  I know you’ll be a good mom.  God bless in all you do.

  • Tas15

    Lov u hilary you are amazing you were my first role model!!!!!

  • Moniliiz

    hi I am  your fan since I have memory:)

  • Goodbye_my_lover_17

    congratulation you are the best person in the word. visit to chile please

  • Goodbye_my_lover_17

    congratuleiton hilary you are de besth person in the word

  • Debbie

    Congratulations Hilary and family.  Your son is very cute.

  • kayla

    Hilary duff is hot I love her so so so so so much please help my meet her if you do I will pay you

  • Ida2503

    I just loove you Hilary Duff <3 you´re amazing

  • Mallorie

    Just wondering when she will come out with a new album that is inspirational and motivating like her first album. No matter what I will always be her fan.

  • Bill

    When I was growing up, I new an actress named Deborah Walley, and she taught me alot of what I know about being a person – and, you, Hilary, remind me ALOT of Deborah.  White magic all around.

    I’ve loved your work since I saw the Lizzie McGuire Movie.Congratulations on your son and other good fortune.  You more than deserve all of that! 


  • Emmerz<3:p

         I was so little when I watched your shows now Im twelve and youre still my idol I wish I could see you

  • Lollina08

    Hello Hilary Duff I am a huge fan of your since I was 11 years old .. your music has accompanied  the most significant moments of my life. If you knew how many times I wanted to come and see you at concerts, but I have never been possible .. 5 years have passed now that every time I listen to your songs more beautiful than the other, I think that sooner or later you’ll see .. I do not know where, how or when but I know it will happen! I want to thank you and hope you can read this post .. a huge kiss from a fan who hasadmired you, admire you and admire you as long as the sun rises!

  • StellaCyrus

    heyy love you much  to hilary duff i like song FLY is my favorite :) 
    my msn is : disneychanel@live.com.mx i love you   

  • http://twitter.com/megacarol3000 carolina

    i love you


    Wow Hillary Duff! I am a hige fan huge fan. YOu are still you  and you look young. Hope this makes you smile ☺☺☺☺☺

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002923981872 Enide Yvette Jennings

    Hilary I  watched  Lizzie McGuire, listened to your music; you have grown so much, as have I !!! ;–] ,but i really love you. You are the first girl i saw, the first show wen i came to america, i hold a high inspiration from you, and now we are both mothers i like that!! mine is a girl and she is all ready a year. I’ll tell you enjoy been a new born mother because it don’t last. He will be a wild one in days to come. ttyl  ;–} 

  • Revilmom1510

    Hilary I  watched  Lizzie McGuire, listened to your music; you have grown so much, as have I !!! ;–] ,but i really love you. You are the first girl i saw, the first show wen i came to america, i hold a high inspiration from you, and now we are both mothers i like that!! mine is a girl and she is all ready a year. I’ll tell you enjoy been a new born mother because it don’t last. He will be a wild one in days to come. ttyl  ;–} 

  • Omar-Fahrenheit


  • http://www.mobiltise.co/ Mobiltise

    Hi Hilary, I just want to say I think you are really great, but you really should step it up a notch with the glam though! I would love to see you in sparlking jewelry, not totally bling but jazzy classy stones, your so beautiful and you would really show them off well. I miss Hollywood glam, and you could so bring it back, you’re so beautiful. And I would like to add that your truly appreciated for not acting like a Hollywood idiot, like Lindsay Lohan, she and Paris Hilton have nothing on you! Good for you for being a Hollywood Superstar that has a brain and a heart.

  • Angelprincess10519438

    There are no photos under photos. Only comments. Congrats on the baby. You should have a section that only has photos on it. No comments

  • savanna

    congratz on luca  !

  • Populartweeter

    will there be HILARY DUFF CONCERTS after the new album? Or possibly contests to meet her??? LETS HOPE SO!!!! ;)

  • Saad Mohammed

    hey hillary congrats on having ur first baby…….-:) i was such a gr8 fan of lizzie mcguire and used to watch it regularly -;) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003639955560 Hil Wheeler

    I love you, you’re the best.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003639955560 Hil Wheeler


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kamille-Medeiros/1444954217 Kamille Medeiros

    Hilary I’m Brazilian 20 years and I am completely in love with you, Love your movies, music finally love your work. Understand, we want to see the long awaitedLuca Cruz Comrie! Congratulations God will shine forever!

  • Davidmillisjr


  • Sponcecumbicus

    one day be as

  • Natashastephenson

    hi hilary duff will you be doing any more moives at all 

  • amanda

     Hilary Congrats To you & Mike!  On Your Beautiful Healthy Baby! I Will Be Praying for all of you God bless you! I would love if they Released Lizzie Mcguire  ALL Episodes on dvd!~ ;-) That would be wonderful
    LOOKING FORWARD To a NEW CD FROM YOU maybe soon? dignity was awesome and all of your cds are great! I Know the next CD will Be wonderful cause you are at a different Phase in your life That would be great
    you & Gloria Estefan should do a CD Together You both are my favorite singers EVER
    and Both Amazing People with truely BEAUTIFUL HEARTS! & The Best Role Models out there in AMERICA in  Hollywood & Miami
    I love you so much!
    Always the Very best To you and your sister, & Mom
    & Mike & your sweet Baby~
    God bless you all! ;-)
    huggs & Kisses
    Amanda Warnock
    Munhall PA

  • AlisonVanL1993

    When I found out HIlary was pregnant I probably fell off my chair, hard. Growing up, Hilary was my biggest role model and still is to this day! I remember watching Lizzie McGuire when it first came out and how real Hilary was even when not on set. I watched every possible episode and especially loved the movie. To be honest, I always got sooosooo excited whenever a new song, album, or movie by her came out. I’ve been such a fan for such a long time, and now I am 18 turning 19 soon and I still am a huge fan, and she’s still my number 1 role model. Always wished I could meet her and I plan to one day. The only impossible dream, is the one that is NOT pursued! Like, Hilary is the reason why I got into my music and singing, I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, but when I heard her music, I’d always say “I wanna be like her. I wanna be a role model to millions, I wanna do good things” So I started taking my music more seriously in the last few years. I mean, And now she HAS her baby ! And I can’t even exprreeesss how awestruck and happy I am for her! I mean, I still remember when she was super young on Lizzie McGuire, and now here Luca is!!! 

  • Sparklyunicorn

    Just like Olivia,I listened to you everyday,Waited till your show came on, AND sometimes I would pretend I was sick just so I could stay home and watch you!!! You still are my favorite celebrity and always will be!!!! And congratulations on your new baby!!!

  • Seanupw

    There is still no experience i could possibly have better than ever meeting you!!!!!!  Im 16 and a guy, but i don’t care, cuz I’ve seen every Lizzie McGuire episode at least 5 times each and memorize the movie.  I saw your concert at Victoria and it was the best moment of my life. So happy for u!!!!!!!!!!

  • kayla and samantha

    congrats on our baby boy

  • hiba111

    hey hilary!! I’ve been your fan since i watched Lizzie McGuire TV show. I am probably the biggest fan of yours. I am from Pakistan by the way. I am really really happy for u and your baby!! Congrats!!!! :)

  • carla campanella

    Hilary duff my name is carla campanella and im a huge fan of urs and ive followed u through the yrs since lizzie mcguire. i love ur music and im so happy that u have a new baby in ur life. u must b so excited 2 finally b a mom. u r my fave actress of all time and i really want 2 meet u. idk if u know this but ur sis haylie has the same bday as i do. ur mom and dad must b the most wonderful grandparents of all. so when r u gonna put out another record? i love that u r a sweet woman with a brand new bby in ur life. u r my role model. and i want 2 know if u ever miss doing lizzie mcguire?

  • Mitjai29rus

    The Regard,beautiful canto perform me much likes,and itself you very remarkable girl,here is wanted that you to us in Archangelsk with concerto has arrived.

  • Luthertm98

    I am so proud of you Hilary.  For somebody who was a child you have grown into a wonderful person who can do anything she wants.  You are the same age as my stepdaughter who also is a new mom of a little boy too and she looks up to you.  I am so glad that she has you as a role model and you are going to be a great mom!  Congradulations and I wish the both of you a happy and healthy life!  :D

  • Jamila Young

    Hilaryyy!!!! congrats on the baby! I luv the name Luca. I know someone with that name. …anyway, I have been a fan of yours since lizzie mcguire even though I’m not the only one haha. I was obsessed with u when I was younger, my mom bought me all your cd’s and movies and concert dvd’s,  …and I still have them! and I’d make sure I watched tv whenever u were on it, and I still will. When u were on Law&Order and Gossip Girl, I was so happy to see u on tv again :)  ….I hope u act again in the future :)

  • mar

    Like if you are still watching LIZZIE MCGUIRE in 2012!<3

  • Sharon Snel

    hay hilary and mike
    congratulations with your small boy,
    I have looked every time at the computer if your already gave birth,  I am very terrible glad for your and enjoy of it. I am from the
    Netherlands and I have an intellectual restriction and
    autism very i listen all your cd,s and have dvd,s i’am your biggest fan

    bye bye
    of sharon

  • taylor

    hey Hilary i love you you r amazing and want to see you in concert :) <3

  • Kamillehennebois

    Hi Cormie familyMy name is Camille and I’m one of the biggest fan of Hilary French since the Lizzie McGuire series ^ ^I want to congratulate you for coming to the world of little Luca Cruz Cormie.Happiness and love that surrounds your family.I embrace you tenderly de France <3 <3

  • Spacedolls

    Hey Hilary! You’ve been my idol since I was 10. Now I’m 19 and you’re still the best role model a girl could ask for. I wish all the best for you and your family, especially for your new baby boy. He’s so lucky to have such a beautiful, talented, down to earth woman as his mother :) 

    Love, your life long fan <3

  • Hannah Jo

    I LOVE THIS!!! I was the exact same way and still kinda am :)

  • Ariana Altabas

    hi hilary duff, well i just watched ”Home Invation” it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw my mom thinks u are a great role modle for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maggiefrances

    I just watched the “Lizzie McGuire Movie” twice on TV.  Miss seeing you act!


    She is so pretty. Hopes she has a healthy beautiful baby! HAVE A GOOD LIFE!

  • stephanie


  • Christa

    Hi Hilary!!!  I bought my first concert DVD from whey back yonder!!  I just bought the DVD yesterday from Buy Backs and my brother found it and I was so excited and I immediately started watching your concert!!!  Some of your songs in your concert included Why Not, Girl Can Rock, Sweet 16 and countless others!! I’M HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!:) I sure miss you doing music! My next CD I’m going to get next is Dignity!!:) CONGRATULATIONS ON becoming a Mom soon! Sooooo looking for to your pictures!! I’m just sooooo excited about your DVD I bought!! Can’t decide which song is my favorite!!:) Blessings on you and your wonderful family!!
    Blessings, one of your fans
    Christa :) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/patricksonm1 Patrickson Milne

    Hey, wassup pretty ghurl?

  • http://twitter.com/Pao_Me3 Sabrina Martinez

     Hi Hilary. I am your fan and I admire you a lot when I met Lizzie McGuire starred in and you were my idol when I was a baby, I’ve always followed and admired his work, I think you’re a very talented girl and I’m very happy for her pregnancy, Thanks for being an important person in my childhood I love you

  • Lairyn

    I honestly can’t explain how much Hilary has inspired me in my life. She was one of the few Disney stars that really stuck to their beliefs and worked to make her fans happy. She is a genuinely great person and I still admire her to this day. I remember ten years or so ago I just knew I was her biggest fan. I was so young but even to this day I am still a huge fan and admire her more than ever. I never got to meet her, which to this day still sort of breaks my heart. She is wonderful and talented individual that to this day inspires me. Your concert in St. Louis, MO on 8/3/2003 was probably the best day of my childhood. Love you Hilary!

    Your fan,

  • Salina

    Yes! We all love you Hilary! (: ♥

  • Anonymous

    Hilary Duff has always been my idol and the raise your voice was amazing and lizzie McGuire well i watched it like a religon lool xx <3xx

  • angelbailey

    u are my idol

  • Romeo_real_mejia

    Does anyone know if she’ll have a new album anytime soon?

  • Tolyanjik

    the regard Hlari Daff! I your the most adoring поклоник I simply without wit without you! you class! love you!

  • Chantelmacinnes

    I’m not really sure if you actually read the comments people post to your site, buuut. I just wanted to say, I’ve been your biggest fan from Casper meets Wendy, Lizzy McGuire, Cheaper by the Dozen all the way to According to Greta. You’re an amazing role model. You’re one of few people to look up to, especially in the lime light. You helped me get through alot of my childhood. And now that I’m 18, I can’t believe how much more you’ve grown, and shown me that young girls can get through life, and do good for ourselves instead of getting involved in the worse. Thank you so much for always reminding me that I can do anything that I set my mind to. Support always – Chantel. Xox 

  • Chelsea Christopher

    Heyyy ibeeen your fan since i was like 7 lol (: good luck with the baby

  • Bellina515

    I love your books hilary<3 they are my favorite books of all time. I just read Elixir and it was so good I had to get devoted right away. Congrats on your baby and you're so pretty!(:

  • MacKenzie G

    i became a huge fan as soon as i saw Lizzie McGuire for the first time. I went to your dignity tour concert in 2008 when you came to copps coliseum in Hamilton Ontario Canada. you were my favorite Disney star and still are and i love all your movies but my favorite  movie was always raise your voice and Casper meets Wendy :D. And good luck with your baby. :)

  • Cherrylover4296

    you are one of my idols and inspiration for starting to write my own songs. i have wanted this for so long and having you there singing and writing books and your movie raise your voice was amazing. i hioe to see you in person to tell you are my inspiration(:

  • HilaryDuff87

    Hi Hilary !I`m a HUGE fan for long time !I always wanted to leave my message to you here ,but I don´t know the right words (sorry for my bAD english i come from germany) : You are so perfect that I can´t describe it with words <33333333333333333333 I`m 12 and as I was 3 years old i watched the whole time Lizzie Mcquire and you were always without scandals like lindsay and miley and vanessa and…….
    U ARE a great rolemodel and even a great rolemodel for your child! Good luck ,with your baby !You will win this big challenge !Cause you are a super women ;)
    Lots of love ,from @@HilaryDuff87:disqus ilaryDuff87 (that´s my twitter account …..and my biggest wish is that you reply me…no my biggest is to meet you but the second ;D)

  • Anonymous

    love you so much

  • Vicki_YQ

    love you!   from chinese fan

  • N64g024

    Hello! I live in Japan.I am 14 years old.(I am a girl.) My hobby is listening to western music. I always listen to your songs. I like `beat of my heart`very much!  
    I am your fan!!!
    I am always happy to listen to your songs! I love Hilary Duff!
     I want you for me to do the live in Japan.
    I am aiding you from now on.
    see you next.

  • Lexie

    Hey Hilary!
    I know everybody says so, but I’m a big fan of yours! Actually, I watched only Lizzie McGuire – and the movie and the serial, I’ve listened only to a few songs of yours but I love them!!!!!!! Really, Hilary I’m really really happy that you are!!!
    And congratulations with your pregnancy!!! I wish your future baby to be a good and kind person, just like his mom!!!!
    Thank you!!!

  • Murad Aliyev

    I loe you Hilary

  • evale

    That is AMAZING. I would treasure that autograph too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • evale


  • evale

    Hillary I love you you are the best I can’t believe you are now expecting one this month!!!!! It is amazing. I first started to watch you in Lizzie Mcguire and dreamed of meeting you. That dream still hasn’t come true but I hope it will sometime.
    <3 Emily
    P.S It would be amazing if you wrote back!!!!!!

  • Emily

    Hillary I know you will probably never read this but you are amazing!!!! I have loved you ever since I can remember (lizzie mcguire). You are my role model.
    Good luck with the future.

    <3 Emily

  • Reyza

    You are truly the definition of a role model. You definitely helped me learn to value myself and stay true to what I believe when I was little – and I still live by that today! Congratulations on your expanding family!!

  • http://twitter.com/j_rowww Jessica Rowan

    I cannot believe how grown up you are! I know this is basically the same thing everyone has been saying but I grew up watching you. (16 now) When I was young everything I owned had your name on it one way or another.  CDs, posters, movies, magazines, backpacks, you name it.  To this day The Lizzie McGuire moivie is still my favorite movie! I have my one year old sister watching it too, she loves it.  She always dances along with you in the end haha. You honestly are the most beautiful girl in Hollywood you have such a natural look to you and always showed all of us the right way to live. I am so excited for you to be expecting!  You are going to make the best mommy in the whole world.  Love you Hil! <3 Thanks for being an amazing role model, you're great. 

    Fan for years!

  • ferry

    hello …I like watching your DVD MOVIE …..CAN U HELP ME

  • Willa

    Is there really going to be an Elixir movie?

  • Sierrakoblinsky

    Hi!! Im a huuuuge fan! i have loved you since i was a little girl and now im 16! You are a huge role model to me and i have been to 3 of your concerts in Toronto! I will always be a fan and i wish you the best of luck on your baby!! <3

  • Wax Kelly

    Hilary, u totally ROCK!
    i luv you!

  • Elsita_gue

    Hilary duff I love U so much I remember when I was a kid i saw all the series lizzie macguire i love and i have all your albums most wanted, is my favorite loveeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Melissa Melgar

    Eres la mejor Hilary Duff soy de Ecuador como me gustaria que algun dia vengas para aca

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    Hilary Duff you a big part of me and my childhood. I really love you and you will always be something huge for me :) You are the Best author,Best singer,Best actress,Best movie,Best look ever ! Best sister, Best Disney Star i know ! love you :D and you are the best wife and you will be the best mother in the future. can’t believe you are married and is about to have a child :) I mean the time is going so fast :) But i love you anyway <3 Hilary Duff

  • Robson Rodrigue

    Hey, Is Hilary really recording a new album to this year???

  • http://twitter.com/NikzV Nipuni

    Hey Hillary !!! You are my role of model!! I want to meet you …. That’s one of the biggest dream in my life … Love u <3

  • jorge martinez

    hilary congratulations for your new movie yeah

  • jorge martinez

    hilary congratulations for your new movie yeah

  • Julietharding95

    omg, its so wierd to think how fast we all grow up. Its seems like it was just yesterday that i was glued to the screen watching Lizzie Mcguire. And now she’s going to have a baby!! *sniff, sniff* hahaha. Anyway, i just wanted to say congrats to Hilary and her husband and that you are a great actor and beautiful young woman!

  • Trebby

    hilary duff you have beautiful feet please post some of ur feet on twitter account,facebook..
    they are really gorgeus…

  • Gina_rina

    Can you come to NZ

  • Priyanka_Love10

    I love you so much Hilary! You have been my biggest idol since childhood.

    I remember spending my afternoons watching Lizzie McGuire and wishing I could be you! You are so talented, so down to earth, so sweet, and so inspirational.
    I am truly excited for your baby boy! Time really flies.. 
    Congratulations! You deserve every happiness.

    Lots of Love xxxo,
    -Priyanka :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589222880 Heather Russ

    I’m sure that you get tons of the same questions, BUT I’d still like to ask which hair color that you like best on you… Blonde or brunette?

  • Kriss

    you have been my inspiration since i was younger watching you on disney. i started to believe in myself more as a singer thanks to you. i hope that one day i will be able to meet you in person to personally thank you for helping me believe in myself and in my music. i sing some of your songs to my nephew, he loves when i sing to him. congratulations on expecting! my sister is expecting her 2nd child in august. i’m certain you will be a great mom!! good luck in everything you do in the future! hope to hear more music from you down the road!

  • http://twitter.com/_Baaarbi_ Baaarbi

    Hey ppl! :) i Have just a question about Hillary Duff’s video ,,Stranger,, … can someome tell me whats name of her ,,boyfriend,,  in this video? ? Im very curious.. if u know it tell me plz :)

  • savannah scarbrough

    i wish she had a music video for her song gypsy woman

  • baby-fa-shion

    My sweet Hilary I grew up with you (songs, series, movies). I consider you as a model. 
    I wish you a lot of hapiness to you and your family :))

    Sorry if my english is not very good! 

    Ségolène, one of your french fans :) 

  • http://twitter.com/Otti_Cecchetto Otti

    sharing the exact same feeling! I never got to see her live though, I wish I could!

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd


  • http://www.facebook.com/PITUFOPAPA Jon Duff

    hilary i love you so much you is the best please come to mexico city 

  • http://twitter.com/StacieMGentile Stacie Gentile

    I was always your biggest fan and always will be your biggest fan! I remember the times all I would do is listen to your songs, watch your movies, and take your advice and always tell everyone that you are my role model! good luck with everything! XOX, much love

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1810760079 Mafer Rios

    Such you see do not answer me but I do not lose the hope (: I am your fan, as different many, not dire that I am I her number the my one for which you are very talented that you have million fans, I am charmed with your songs you are so only, so special, and good I am very happy of your pregnancy wish the better thing of the better thing you (: you are a splendid person of whom I have respect indeed you are Brilliant! Of any form I you it can and many persons can say it to you I am Mexican (: and my pride and model to continuing you are YOUR, across the messages that you have met on your music!. I love you Hilary Duff you are brilliant indeed I admire My By: Mafer Rios

  • http://www.facebook.com/ammar99rocks Ammar Rassai

    Hilary duff ur aweessommmee!!!!!! sooo eager for new music of urs… and to see baby duff.   please come to india and tour for upcoming album. hey nd y did u change the way ur site looked the earlier one was much bettr….. but all ur ideas rock so… HILARY FOR INDIA!!! :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001025256585 Morgan Shanks

    Hey I Am Morgan.. I am 32 Weeks Pregnant.. And Its Such A Blessing.. I Never Knew What It would Feel Like To Have A Baby Kicking In Your Stomach.. Its Beautifull Congrats.. You Will Have A beautiful Baby And She WIll Have A Great Mom And Dad..

  • http://twitter.com/ElieCerna ElieCerna

    how much is Hilary high (cm) ?:) Thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    Lizzie McGuire Show, That’s So Raven,Even Stevens- Original Generation
    Wizards, Hannah Montana, Sonny With A Chance-Old Generation
    Thumbs up if you want the old Disney back! :(

  • Anonymous

    I have also been a big fan of hers, i’m 22 now and I started being a fan of hers at 14!

    • Jermin

      congrats !!

    • Megan_Chism

      I’m 21 now and still have all her CDs, some of her earrings from her STUFF by Hilary Duff line and she is still my idol to this day. Too bad kids these days don’t have someone like her to look up to.

  • http://twitter.com/edhyh Edhy H

    i just read you are working on new music, its great we always be here for you, yor fans we all love you, keep rocking Hil you will always be on the top of my heart 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mireille-Zamora/100001317931963 Mireille Zamora

    i am your number 1 fan hilary duff

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1116710409 Grace Lee

    everytime i went over to my grandparents house, my sister and i was so glued to the tv because Lizzie McGuire was on. We watched all the episodes the movie. We could not take our eyes off the screen and once the show was over we got really sad. haha and now look at you now, married, successful life, great reputation and you know the list goes on, but the one thing that im so exicted is for that you are pregnant and i can not wait until your beautiful child is born! keep up being so beautiful and please don’t let the fame  get into you. lots of love Grace xoxo 

  • Anonymous

    Number one thing to-do before I die: MEET HILARY DUFF! Hilary, you’re beautiful and such an amazing role model to me still, today. I’m 15 now, but as I was a little kid, I modeled everything I did after you! Love you so much and always will!

  • http://twitter.com/Jellyrose13 Jenna :)

    do you have ur fan mail address on here?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=716950540 Stefania Rojas

    Hilary, unfortunately, I never got to meet you, but one day, hopefully, I will. I wish you made another clothing and accessory line like “Stuff By Hilary Duff” (which I have mostly all of!) and I also wish you would go on tour again. It would be really great to actually meet you and see you. I missed the book signings for Devoted, but as soon as a new book comes out, I’ll be first in line! It’s incredible how you got married and now you’re having a baby (congrats btw) and I’m here still thinking you’re Lizzie McGuire. You’ve always been my role model and you continue to be her. Reading about all your accomplishments makes me really happy, especially how you help so many people out. This is you’ve been such a great role model to all the little girls out there, me being one of them, you’ve always been real and benevolent. Ranging from all the cosmetic items to a hairdryer to a little chair, all those Stuff By Hilary Duff things made up my childhood, and looking back at them it feels great. Thank you, Hilary, for being such an amazing person. I really hope you the best!
    Btw, this might sound crazy, but I’m going to name my future daughter Hilary! It really is a beautiful name. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/MeganAshleighJones Megan Jones

    Wow, I’m the 722 comment. I went through a lot of the comments and noticed that you didn’t reply to any of them. I mean, why would you? HOW could you? There are so many, and if you reply to one person, it’s only fair to reply to everyone… However, I think I can get you to reply one of my comments. If you even replied “Hi,” you have NO idea how much that would impact my life. When I was 10 I dreamed of being a guest star on Lizzie Mcguire, when I was 12 I dreamed of going to one of your concerts, when I was 13 I dreamed of going on tour with you, when I was 16 I dreamed of doing your hair and makeup, when I was 17 I dreamed of going out for coffee with you, and now I’m 18 and I dream of nannying for you once your sweet baby boy is born… Of course, all of these dreams are unrealistic, so now I am going to prove to myself, and to my family and friends that have been supporting my dreams since I first saw “Casper meets Wendy,” that I will talk to you! Even if it is just one reply! I have sent 108 letters to your manager in hopes that you will read them, posted a reply to thousands of your Tweets, posted on your FB wall, Youtube channel AND Tumblr, and so far….No luck. But I’m not giving up. Your music got me through some of the worst times of my life, and I want to thank you for making me the girl I am today. While my friends were listening to Brittney Spears, I was listening to your music, wearing Lizzie Mcguire track suits, and trying to make my autograph look like yours. You do not know how much it would mean to me if you were to take the time to just say hello… Thank you so much for everything! You inspired me to pursue singing, I wear my hair in a ponytail every single night because you said it makes your hair grow faster in a VideoNow episode that I watched, and my fashion sense, is your fashion sense. You have made such a positive influence on not only me, but also on the world, and you should be extremely proud of yourself. I hope to talk to you soon…
     –Megan Jones :) 

  • http://twitter.com/ilovejesse155 Clayton Gillett

    i love you hilary, i cant wait to hear your new album when u have finished xx

  • http://twitter.com/nmralqassami nmr alqassami

    Hello Hillary Duff I’m nmr of Saudi Arabia and the truth My purpose admire you and I communicate with you as possible and thank you

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/ktybug Katie Gonzalez

    I have no idea if you read many of your posts here but I need to share with you how amazing I found your book Elixir to be. Most celebrity books I’ve read are about their lives or they try to write a great novel. I have never read a book that has kept me so on my toes as you have. This was one of the most amazing books I have ever read and I would recommend this book to anyone. To be honest I hadn’t realized this book was out there until I was deeply involved in books at the library. In fact I was searching for a completely different book when my eyes passed quickly over the title Elixir and then I noticed who the author was. I had to pick it up, and from that day I hadn’t been able to put it down until I was finished reading it. This is definitely a book to buy and add to my collection of books. I hope you continue your writing for you have amazing talent and I would love to read more tales from the brilliant mind of Hilary herself. For all that helped you write this book, they were great because they helped make one truly amazing book.

    Sorry I’ve babbled so much but I had to get this out into the internet world for everyone to read. If you haven’t read the book Elixir, go NOW to your local bookstore or library and read it. You won’t regret it.

    Thanks Hilary :) <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    Hilary Duff 
    Best authorBest singerBest actressBest movieBest look everBest sisterBest Disney Starbest wife/mother in the futurecan’t believe she is married and is about to have a child. <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506317215 Nicole McMurray

    Being only a few months younger than you Hilary it is truly inspiring to see how much you have accomplished in your life! I have been a fan since the beginning and am very glad to see how humble you are, a very refreshing change to many other celebrities. I can’t wait to see some pregnancy pictures, and many baby pictures! With such good looking parents this baby will be a gorgeous one no doubt! Best of luck!

  • http://twitter.com/egiunts Erica

    My biggest role model <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    The beat of my heart,
    The beat of my heart,
    The beat of my heart,
    It tears us apart.
    The beat of my heart,
    The beat of my heart,
    The beat of my heart,
    Now I’m back to the start.
    To the beat of my,
    To the beat of my,
    To the beat of my heart…  Amazing Lyrics and 
    meaning ! Love you Hilary

  • http://www.facebook.com/erick.montana1 Erick Montana

    hi hilary i love you 4ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    Thumbs up if hilary duff was a part of your childhood. We all love you Hilary, you inspire us all. 

  • http://twitter.com/Cobygod Gabriele Ranghetti

    Hey Hilary HAPPY NEW YEAR =)
    Love, Gab

  • Jade

    HILARY DUFF!!!!!!! Just a few years ago i was sitting on the couch watching Lizzie Mcguire that was my favorite show and trust me if you still did it , that would be my favorite show! I love your music and i have been downloading it all day… When I found out you were having a baby i remembered how much i loved you as a role model… HILARY you are my role model! You have been in the fame for awhile and you haven’t let it drag you down. Iove your music and i love the movie material Girls. My dream is to meet you some day and go to one of your concerts! After you have your baby please get back into the music and make more you have fans out in the world and i just wanted you to know that…. Oh when i was 6 years old i had a lizzie mcguire birthday party!!!!!! Some of my favorite movies you have done are Material Girls, Cinderella Story, both Cheaper by the dozens, and alot more…. I feel like am one of your biggest fans.. I am 11 years old now and i will always remember you! Please do some concerts once you have your baby… You are awesome and you are such a role model to me and to girls all around the world.  This is coming from my heart and i just wanted to tell you that. I love you hilary! ~ P.s I love all your songs… I want to be like you one day.  ~jade

    • Anonymous

      You can shout forget about the reason why u cant in love and start to fly cause its your time time to fly. I love the song fly, with love, beat of my heart and more

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    Like if you will listen to Hilary Duff 2012 !

    • HI HEY WAT UPPPP!!!!!!!!!

      YOU have made lots of comments

    • kayla church

      I agree with you

      • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

        Good cause If you would disagree you wouldn’t be on Hilary’s official page :)

    • Jasmine_leed

      always even as a kid

  • Morgan.

    Hilary! You are one of the reasons i’m eternally grateful to have had a 90′s childhood. I watched Lizzy McGuire religiously. I am still a huge fan, and i still listen to your music to this day, im about to be 20 years old. Hollywood has produced many less than picturesque role models, but i’m proud to say, you are NOT one of them. You’ve handled your fame with such grace and dignity, its so refreshing. Knowing your life is a fairy tail and full of happiness and love gives me hope for the world :3
    You’re my favorite and i admire you always!!

  • Anonymous

    Olivia that is so true. Hilary Duff is one of the only Stars in the world who is actually a real person. Not doing stupid stuff like pretty much every actor.

    I wish I had the chance to have met her too. Your so lucky.

  • Anonymous

    Hilary Duff, it was your song Come Clean, that began my love for Music. It was A Cinderella Story  that made me believe in true love, and it was Raise your voice that helped me cope with my own problems. And I love the Elixir Series. I hope I might get the chance of meeting you one day, and I will support you to the end.

    just wanted to say thank you.

    -Flying again

  • Tyna Junková

    Hi Hil… I have a question :) do you know some good a music producer?

    You are doing producer, or your mother? :)) thx very much… Tina

  • http://www.facebook.com/maleificus Richard Banks

    That is when I met her too! That is crazy!

  • clarice

    i lov your movi meterial girls uand you sis your sis looks hot and so r u

  • Nicole L.

    Hilary, I love you so much. You’ll always be my favorite artist and my favorite person. I feel like I’ve met you and KNOW you personally, even though I haven’t. My dream is to meet you. I’ve been through a lot, and your music has gotten me through everything. I love you Hilary. I still jam out to you today, all the way from Metamorphisis to Dignity! I heard you were pregnant and I almost started crying. I feel like you growing up is part of my childhood growing up, I’m growing up. Please Hilary, stay who you are! We all love you so much!

  • Asophisticatedlady

    hilary i love u soo much and my biggest dream in life is to meet you someday….ever since lizzie mc guire i loved you and im 19 now and still do even more lol….all the way from trinidad!!! :D lots of love xoxo

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ro-Esteban/100001545903647 Ro Esteban

    love you so much!

  • Fereley

    Yes, I’m another girl that watched Lizzie McGuire as often as possible in middle school. The episode I remember the most vividly is the one where Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo got caught going to a concert meant for toddlers because they used to watch the show, and then they got the whole school to sing the theme song at lunch! I’m 20 now. I am blown away by the amount of young girls you have influenced to grow up with strong values and confidence because of your talents. Thank you. :)

  • Jennifer

    omg wow i just noticed how much i miss hillary and how she was my role model when i was like 6!!! even now i stil;l read the lizzie mcguire books and whenver the movies on i still watch it like 10000000000000000 times! Hillary duff is still an amazing person with her books and everything!! I’m really happy she’s pregnant, she decervise a good family!!

  • Valentinahernandez11

    Hey Hilary I just went to the book store and saw your book devoted and to my surprise I saw some of the Lizzie McGuire books! I guess I screamed because everyone look at me: anyways just wanted to say your amazing and that i wish you the best of the best for your family and thanks for being the best role model ever!

  • Juan Rafael

    hil ;) i really love the new website… i’m a big fan of you!!! i mean when i first listen 2 why not i fell in love!!! i have over 6 years following you ur gorgeous… i think as olivia said… you are a real person not like others … i wish i could meet you… i’m from costa rica (central america) and i have been waiting 4 a new album!!! well good luck and take care with the pregnancy i’m pretty sure you’d be an unicque and excelent mother love ya! JR

  • Łukasz

    Hello Hilary ;) Sorry for my English but I am from Poland ;) I have hard question to you.   I was born in the same day as you but I’d like to know if I’m older… Hehe, I am from 6.14. and I hope I am older than you ;) Best Regards Hilary

  • Saide_Kaya21

    I LOVE YOU HİLARY !! I love you too, please come to Turkey :))))))))) <3

  • Harlene 94

    There aren’t enough words in the world to condemn how much I’ve idolized you growing up. You were my best friend since the age of ten; I leaned on your music and your movies to keep me moving throughout the years. It’s so strange because to you I’m just a fan but to me, you’re a lot more. Seven years later and here I am; I know the lyrics to every one of your songs by heart. When I hear your name on the tv or even in a conversation my heart still skips a few beats. You’ve been such a big part of my life and even though I’ve grown older now, I just really want you to know that I’m so happy you were there. That you made music to make people like me feel like I belong. I remember begging my mom everyday to buy your albums and my bedroom walls were covered with posters of you! You were my idol for a long time and I owe so much of my childhood to you. I’ve never had the honour of seeing you in person but that’s okay for me. I only wish that you know how great I think you are and that you mean a great deal to me. I want to thank you for everything; you may not realize it, but you’ve done so much more than your singing and acting career; you’ve touched the lives of so many and I am so thankful that I was once amongst those. -Harlene

  • Dana

    When is your due date? I wish I could met u sometime you are my favourite singer and I love your songs. Do you have any boy names?

    Talk to you soon Hilary

    from Dana Varley

  • gabriela ballio

    i was watching some of your old videos and movies to celebrate christmas and i started crying because i saw u growing up and i grow up with u and i tough about all the dark times i went trough with eating disorders and self-harm and even without knowing it…u helped me so much!!! i listened to your songs to make it trough the day and im so proud to see u as a beautiful woman who is starting a family now!!! all i wish for christmas is ur happiness hil cause u ve made me truly happy

  • Chasity

    Please tell me Devoted isn’t the last book. What happens next? I was left hanging. Elixer and Devoted are amazing, and I couldn’t put neither of them down, its the first book I’ve read all the way through without picking up another book in between. Your an awesome author. And you’ve helped me find inspiration to continue my own novel. Hope you have another book in the near furture. :)

  • Louisa_tillmon

    hey i would like to write you hilary plz give me ur email or adress

  • Adrian

    wow if u actually read these u have some border line insane fans lol. i used to watch lizzie mcguire when i was like idk 13-14. only reason i watched it was because i thought u were gorgeous. never told any of my boys i did lol, they were prob doin the same thing also. the reason im on ur site is because.i had this random dream that i met u idk where it came from. be great if it did come true. anyway heard about the baby congrats. take care

  • Hottie

    hi hilary 

  • Nikki

    OMG…Iam still taking in the fact that you got married and that you’re pregnant now. Seems like yesterday when I was swinging to the tunes of So yesterday and come clean. You’ve been such an inspiration. I always wished that I would meet you and if I ever get a chance to am taking you shopping gossip girl style


  • Jazzy101girl

    Hi Hilary!!:)  
    This is probably a silly question but what are your favorite Christmas cookies to bake? I just finished a ton of cookies such as Chocolate-Chip with pecans and then Peanut Butter blossoms!:) (I personally prefer making Chocolage-Chip cookies better!:) I’m so glad to hear that your dog is better!!  My dog wasn’t doing so well yesterday but is so much better today!!:) Otherwise, I can’t wait to see your beautiful new baby boy in March!!:)  Can’t wait for pictures!!:)  and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your wonderful family!!:) Blessings!!:) 

  • Catherine

      I remember when Lizzie McGuire was HUGE and I would come home everyday
    from school to watch it.  I am now 16 and I can’t believe that she was
    my age when she made A Cinderella Story ( and i thought she was such a
    grownup teenager!)i still have every single one of her albums including
    the Christmas one with Lil’ Romeo and the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack with I Can’t Wait on it.  I still have posters and magazines and my favorite Lizzie McGuire
    jeans ( that I will still never refuse to give up!).  Although, I have
    never met her in person, I feel like I have known her my whole life. 
    she is just the type of person that does not get sucked up in all of the
    drama of Hollywood.  She is still my role model and will always be.  I love you Hilary Duff and I just wanted to thank you for giving me the best childhood ever!  xoxoxo Catherine

  • YNS025

    I think most of your fans are saying the same thing…it’s crazy to see an actress we GREW UP with married and pregnant! I have a 10-month-old baby, and I just want to say, congratulations Hilary, it’s the best thing ever!

    Your fans wish you the best! Enjoy motherhood!

  • Sara Fuller

    Merry Christmas Hilary! I hope you and Mike enjoy . . . next year it will be so different! I just wanted to say how great a role model you are, I’ve looked up to you my whole life. You’re going to be an amazing mom, just like Jo in Lizzie Mcguire, love that show . . . gotta get it back on tv ;) Anyway hope you enjoy the festive season xox

  • youcef

    hi i am youcef i am algerian. i am fan of you hilary i love you <3

  • Noor


  • Noor

    oh hi hilary im a big fan i’ve got all your dvd’s im a great fan I LOVE YOU HILARY and CONGRATULATION that u r PREGNANT!!!!!
    :D :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    Hilary Duff (So Yesterday) You can change your life if you wanna – You can change your clothes if you wanna If you change your mind Well, that’s the way it goes.

    Miley Cyrus (You`ll Always Find Your Way Back Home) you can change your hair. you can change clothes
    you can change your mind , thats just the way it goes 

    I just noticed that when i saw ”Hannah Montana The Movie”

  • Shaunna Aucoin

    Hi Hilary! 
    Growing up, you helped me get through Jr. High and part of High School with just your music alone. You are a great role model, I think one of the best Hollywood has had. I owned each and every single one of your movies, cd’s, Lizzie McGuire books, everything. Every single inch of my room was covered with posters of you. I really looked up to you so much! Now you’re all grown up starting a family of your own, and you’re doing it so gracefully and it’s amazing to see. You never let the spotlight get to your head, and that is one thing I admire most about you. You’re one of the most beautiful people in this world, and you’ve always embraced yourself even when people called you fat, even though you clearly never have been. I still do, and will continue to look up to you. You’re an amazing person, and I’m so glad I’ve got to see you in concert a few times, see your movies, listen to your music. Thank you for being you. You rock, don’t ever change ;) 


  • Anonymous

    I miss you on Disney Channel with your show Lizzie McGuire :’(. You were so charismatic and funny on that show. You’ve grown to be a beautiful woman. I love you and I hope you have a great day.:)

  • maría

    hilary, i can honestly say you have made a huge impact on my life.  you were a person i looked up to and adored all throughout my childhood and early teenage years.  i still listen to your music and follow you on twitter and everything!  i even remember when you were on the cover of nylon last year and i freaked out! haha.  really though, you have always been a role model to me.  about a year ago, i was in a treatment center for about six months.  i have attempted suicide and was in a coma for weeks before going for treatment.  for years i have been bipolar and dealt with depression.  especially while i was in treatment, i listened to your music all the time and it helped me get through a lot.  in my room, i had the lyrics to “i am” written on the door so that every day as i woke up and walked out of there, i could see them.  i’m eighteen and now living on my own, and i still have those lyrics framed and hanging in my kitchen.  you’ve really been a positive influence for not just myself, but many people over the years.  you’re one of the only “teen” stars who didn’t quite go astray and ruin their lives…there was and still is never any bad publicity about you.  you’ve always remained an amazing woman with beautiful talent and a positive image…you are such an inspiration to me.  thank you so much. <3  -maría

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    This is fantastic, I love you Hillary and I am your biggest fan from Sweden. I love you and I love all your fans, I can say to chat with your fans is just so nice I love it.

  • http://twitter.com/HoustonNE Nicole H

    Hilary is married, has been for a year now. She got married to Mike, August 14,2010. I know this because my fiancee(boyfriend) and I’s anniversary is August 15.

  • Alicjafidor

    Hello-You are very beautiful,young and tallent woman-congratulations-J watched a few films with You and J heard also Your wonderfull voice-from now You have also fan from Holland.J come from Polen but J live with husband en kids 11 years in Holland.Maybe one day we will visit USA and we will meet together-regards-Alicja

  • helly

    Hi hilary,

    i think you’re wonderful.
    i recently read your book, it was really a very beautiful and fun book.
    and i hope there is coming a second part

  • Doreen Brown

    Hello Hilary,
       I am hoping you can help me or lead me in the right direction… I live in New Hampshire and work for a non- profit agency that helps people that are in need of food, clothing, and/ or shelter.  During these difficult times the number of people who need help continues to increase, and we are finding it difficult to be able to meet those needs.  I am looking for advise/ suggestions on fundraising to make sure we can continue to help all who are in need.

  • Sunshineflower-20

    I have always been a huge fan of Hilary Duff! She has always seemed like a very nice person, she is super talented in singing as well as acting, and she has always been a wonderful role model in my eyes. I am now sixteen years old, but I remember when I used to watch Lizzie McGuire all the time after school, and how I even read some of the books that came with the series. I still watch some of the episodes online because this show never gets old, and I am still a kid at heart I suppose. I think Hilary should start a new show about fashion, since she is very stylish, or something like that ;) I hope she is happy and enjoying her life with her husband and family members. I really wish her the best of luck because she has always been my role model, and, as a result, I never made stupid decisions while growing up, even when the people around me were. I am so thankful that I had her to look up too! Hilary Duff rocks!!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Denis-Kunyanskiy/100001783841392 Denis Kunyanskiy

    I love you, you are the best, I’m a big fan of yours for a long time admire you and your site is very cool and it’s also very convenient: *

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Denis-Kunyanskiy/100001783841392 Denis Kunyanskiy

    Hi Hilary, I’m your big fan, I love your songs, Ukraine loves you!

  • Amanda

    I just wanted to let you know that you are such an incredible actress and person! You’ve been a role model for me since I was little and I really admire you staying true to yourself and being such an admirable person for girls to look up to. You are incredible and are by far my favorite actress of all time. Thanks for all that you’ve done with with your charities, music, and acting! God bless and good luck with your soon to be little one!

  • hilaryduff_sophiemarceau

    Hello Hilary Duff,i love you,because you are my favourite actress and i love yours fantastic film,i see cinderella story,the chaper by dozen,casper meets wendy,the perfect man and others,but my favourite film with you is the chaper by dozen,is fantastic and you does Lorraine,a fantastic girl than love fashion.I love your hair,your personality and your style in the wear,i am yours more big fan,because i meet yours film and yours sing,than are only fantastic and great!I love Hilary Duff,is my favourite actress,and i am a more big fan in the world,of Hilary Duff,hello Hilary,see you soon,a big kiss,from:hilaryduff_sophiemarceau

  • hilaryduff_sophiemarceau

    Ciao Hilary Duff,sono una tua grande fan e adoro la tua personalità,il modo in cui ti vesti e le pettinature che fai ai tuoi capelli,sei una delle mie attrici preferite e ho visto tutti i film in cui hai recitato,come material girls,una scatenata dozzina,il ritorno della scatenata dozzina,the perfect man,nata per vincere,cinderella story,the lizzie mcguire movie,agent cody banks,cadet kelly,the soul collector,casper meets wendy,sono tutti bellissimi,anche le canzoni che hai scritto sono molto belle e le ascolto spesso,sono le mie preferite,come best of Hilary Duff,reach out,holiday,stranger,with love,play with fire,wake up,fly,come clean,so yesterday,why not,sono tutte bellissime,so che sei nata il  28 settembre del 1987,e sono la tua fan numero uno,un grande bacio da Hilary<3
    =)ciao Hilary Duff ti adoro!!

  • Ashleigh Floyd

    Hilary, I started as your fan when you stared as Lizzie McGuire on the hit show so named. When I saw, for the first time, Casper meets Wendy, I thought it would be cool to be your shoes or even your shadow. I am almost 21 now and I still am your fan, one of your biggest fans of all time. Nothing will, and nothing can change this. May your son and marriage be a healthy one.

  • Christopher Engle

    ‘So web 2.0! ‘like my tech friends’ pages. “dignified” ^_^ A+

  • Michaela

    is Lizzie McGuire: College Life just a rumor?

  • Vicenteventura

    Where coming to Spain? I need a concert of yours !

  • Amol Borude

    HiLaRy DuFf ….the first tym i saw u was in AGENT CODY BANKS movie …frm that day u were my fav!!!!

  • Scott

    Hilary you are Awesome

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Katherine-Flores/765435033 Katherine Flores

    I must say your a Beautiful person in every single way possible physically and mentally I useto watch Lizzie micGuire all the time ! and when the movie cameout omg! I loved it! lol I even bought the movie and I still have it ! I’m 19 now and I still listen to your music im actually listening to “Why Not” right now, you are a roll model for me I love you so much!! I’ve seen you grow up into a beautiful and powerful women! I remember when you were around 15 years old now your married and your going to have a beautiful baby boy Congratulations!  I’m going to talk to my future babygirls about you, Your an amazing role model! I want to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! May this up coming year be full of Blessings and Happiness! XOXOXO <3

  • Rob Lee

    I would to co-write a song with you!
    Rob Lee

  • Kara

    Congratulations on your Bundle of Joy!  Motherhood is a phenomenal experience.  If you need a place for all those culled jeans, send a pair to the TREE House Children’s Museum in Alexandria, LA.  We’d love a pair! Auctioning a genuine Hilary fashion trend would be great revenue for our little non-profit!  Best of God’s blessings for you and your little one!

  • Minasaad23

     I  think  Mrs.  hilary duff  is very kind and very  compassionate  person  to family and  others  if we  treat her  right. I am very big fan of her art  God bless  her

  • Lidya

    hay hilary I’m your biggest fan from Indonesia, did u know about Indonesia? please visit Indonesia wanna meet and see u so much i love you ♥♥♥ xoxo

  • CodySimpsonIsAMAZING

    #Elixir;Devoted… oh WRITING GODDESS!! When I become an author (which is my dream) I want 2 be just like u!!!! Ur such a role model!! #ilovebooks :D :)

  • Sabrina

    HI Hilary,

    You have been my role since i was 5, me and my sister everyday after school would watch Lizzie Mcguire, we saw the movie and watched it soooo many times i have lost count. I sang ” Why Not” when i was nine at my school fair with my best friend at the time. I still and will always look up to you. Thank you for giving me hope when i was bullied please come to Australia again soon!!! but more importantly congratulation on your pregnancy i hope that the little baby inside will make you happy. You will be an amazing mum 


  • andy

    ok so hilary duff is a childhood memorie to us but to me she is a angel sent to make good times back then and the day i found out that she was pregnant i hid in my room for two days crying and sobbing she was my first crush infact she inspired me to sing from lizzie mcguire and now today i’m in a 1 act play and i have all ways wanted to meet her and tell her she’s so amazing and nothing can pull her down because to me she the queen of music and enertament and i would practicly do anything for her because shes just a beatiful smart amazing young lady!

  • Krystal Acosta

    I used to watch Lizzie McGuire, and every time my brother was standing in front of the tv or talking i would get upset. I watched Cadet Kelly, and Casper Meets Wendy and i LOVED them… every time one of them is one, I watch it. I never got to meet you but I have always wanted to. You are extremely beautiful and I loved your songs. I first go introduced into choir and then wanting to sing when in 6th grade, we had a party throughout the school and my friend forced me to sing. I sang Wake Up and my music teacher told me it was beautiful. I loved it!!!! Now because of that song, I have started more singing, and even if my step mom doesn’t like you and tries to put you down to make me stop loving you, it will never work…

    love, ~*krystal acosta*~

  • Pintolove93

    hilary i was wondering when r u ganna come back wit a new cd i miss u 

  • Amirbayati77

    hi well iam amir . iam one of your fans. icall you when iam from iran. i really loved the girl your single your s my word. ilove movie and ilove your song.your really good and perfect. im waiting for you amir from iran.

  • Bri

    I need Hilary to get in the studio ASAP. I miss her voice! Please and Thank You!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashlee.newbold Ashlee Newbold

    Hey Hilary, just wanted to say thanks for being someone that I know in my heart has gone through the same experiences and struggles that I have. You give me courage and strength. You’re a beautiful woman, thanks for being here for me since I was 12. Ashlee Newbold <3

  • VeRo MiRaNdA

    hilary please follow me in twitter @VeRoMiRaNdAdArK please,, please!!!!

  • M_ashraf

    I LOVED YOU since Lizzie McGuire! You created Disney Chanel! You will always be a role model to me and to the future generations! I hope your child is beautiful and sweet like you.

  • Mackenzie

    HILARY!!!!!! wow so much has changed!! your pregnant!!!! jeeezz. time flies. i have ALL your CD’s and i love your acting!!! make more music!! PLEASE!!!

  • Pop

    I love same old christmas.<3

  • 745869505

    There is no reason , just like you .

  • https://www.facebook.com/LokomotivWivesFund Stacy Dallman

    Hi Hillary. This is Stacy Dallman, Founder of The United Hockey Wives Foundation™, which was inspired to be created following the Team Lokomotiv Tragedy in the KHL. We would love to have you as a member of our “hockey sisters”. We are on Twitter @HockeyWives and I can also be reached at Stacy@PaciPlushies.com for more information! Hope all is well with your pregnancy and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours <3 much love

  • Damagotica666

    Heyyyy <3

  • Steph

    I totally agree!!! Please come out to Australia, Hilary, you’re such a great role model!!!

  • http://kaitlynrachael.tumblr.com Kaitlyn

    Helloooo :)

    This is so sick how you want to be in touch with your fans! I have been a fan for a veryy long time, since the first episode of Lizzie Mcguire, haha. You were my very first concert ever, and I went to the mall and bought an outfit special for the it, I had the hilary duff bed spread and books and all sorts of things. Just thought it was funny looking back! So excited for you to be a mommy as well! :)

    Just thought I’d be cool and say something, haha

    With love, Kaitlyn

  • Jasmine

    anyone know the name brand of the clothes Hilary Duff wore in the Lizzie
    McGuire movie? In particular the long red printed tunic with the black leggings
    during the firework scene, the blue button up shirt she wore at the Trivet fountain
    and the purple top and skirt combo she wore during rehearsal.  Thank you all.

  • Daddysgirl10131

    Hilary, you truly are me hero. from acting, writing, singer and designing. I’ve looked up to you ever since i would comprehend things. I’ve never been to your concerts haven’t had the money, but i do have everything one of your songs. I just wanted to tell you that and i hope one day I get to meet you…. Hopefully :)

  • Jocy91

    Seems like your growing up so fast. My friend just had her baby yesturday, when are you due?

  • Sammie

    Hilary you are the most amazing person in the world I have loved everyone of yours songs i have heard. I have watched you on TV in Lizzie McGurie and my very first concert was yours, I loved it so so so much.
    I am now 14 and wanted to thank you for being such a great person and one of my biggest role models 
    I love you so much xoxo

  • Ilish.

    Thank you so much for being such an inspirational person. You are truly amazing.

  • Jasmine

    anyone know the name brand of the clothes Hilary Duff wore in the Lizzie
    McGuire movie? In particular the long red printed tunic with the black leggings
    during the firework scene, the blue button up shirt she wore at the Trivet fountain
    and the purple top and skirt combo she wore during rehearsal.  Thank you all.

  • Sarah

    where do you get the scented pillows?

  • Donna Jatho

    Hi Hil….you left facebook :(  If you can still log on I finally loaded up some pictures from our Good Old Days at Oakwood!  So happy to hear your good news!!! We would still love to get together with you and the family.
    xo Donna Jatho

  • Amy Rose

    Hilary, I think you are fabulous. Always so upbeat and such a wonderful sense of humour. I wish you all the best with your baby and it seems like you have a great husband now, just a regular and down to earth sort of guy. You look happy. I wonder if you wish you had more movie success recently. I would wish it for you. But I guess you will be busy for a while with your baby on the way! I wish you lots of luck and happiness.

  • Samantha

    Wow, flipping channels the other day, I came across a repeats of Lizzie McGuire. So, I sat and watched the whole episode. And, I still loved it as much as I did when I was 12 years old! So when I saw A Cindarella Story was on TV tonight, I had to watch it! Looking back, I realise how much I grew up with you. I watched LM, all of your movies, had all of your cds (still love Metamorphosis), put your posters on my wall, watched your concerts… You made my childhood great :)
    And can I just say how refreshing it is to see what an amazing, nice, normal person you have turned out to be. So many young stars use their fame as an excuse for their ‘crazyness’. So glad I grew up looking up to, and admiring you; you were then, and still are, an amazing roll model. Congratulations on marriage and how exciting, a bub on the way!
    Never stop doing what you do Hilary! X

  • Jordan

    Hilary! Was just browsing and noticed your website here. Heard you were thinking of putting out another album. Cool! GO FOR IT!! You are my absolute favorite :) love your voice and what you sing about- so inspiring. I’ve memorized all your old songs (even the odd ones- a dream is a wish your heart makes, they mickey mouse song, etc.) and I sing them in your octave to practice my high range and an octave lower (I am a low bass, I can sing all of them up to an octave and a half lower lol.) Keep doing what you do. Luv ya!

  • Tartaroza

    how can I get her autographed picture?

  • Anonymous

    That’s so cute :) Congrats on meeting your role model!

  • Terry Mcateer

    congrats on the whole pergno thingi reakon youll be a great mum… good luck

  • Mcguire JR.

    my bffs watched Lizzy Mcguire movie I loved it. Great Job 
                                    love ya, Mcguire JR.

  • http://twitter.com/mialo_photogirl Mia Leigh

    Congrats. :) On everything. 

    When I was younger, i went to one of your concerts, and loved it. 

    Now that i am older, and not 12, I’m glad that I looked up to you, and not like someone like, oh lets say, lindsay lohan. 

    Congrats on everything. :) 

  • Danny Portal

    let me fix your website up and make it look awesome!!!

  • Dalia Jojo

    Hey Hilary :) Like everyone else, i grew up watching Lizzie Mcguire too :P it was sincerely one of the best shows on disney and it still is one of the best. I have to ask since this is where we find out stuff :P are we going to expect you in anything any time soon? like a movie or an album or something? Anyways hope you’ll be back soon :) and good luck with your pregnancy :D God bless you :)

  • Christa

    Hi Hilary! 

    I just wanted to let you know, I’m writing an essay for one of my college classes and it’s basically about whose inspired us and I chose you for my paper!!:) I’ve admired you ever since I was ten years old and watched Lizzie McGuire, and your music now I’m 24 years old!!:)  I even have a couple of your CD”s I’m adding someone else to my paper as well who I’ve also admired! Again, many blessings, and can’t wait to see baby pictures of your new precious baby boy!!:) 



  • http://www.facebook.com/teenage.mutant.ninja.turtle.x Benita Chillamal

    Met Hilary in Belgium few months ago. Best day of my life <3

  • Vale_16294

    Hii Hilary! (: I just wanted to say hi.. I was wondering how long pregnant are u now..
    A big hugg! 

  • NKS

    your gorgor..gous !! CONGRATS ON YOUR PREGNANCY :) your one of the best role models in todays society … ive looked up to since i was in grade 1 and still do now that im in grade 11 .. your an amazing role model… keep it up ! i really am passonite towards you becuase there are only few and very few good, for lack of better words, role models in todays society… most role models today start off in disney andd are knocked up, linked with drugs, partying, etcs by 16 and i truely admire how you have managed to keep you “good girl rep” and i deeply appricaiate it.. thank you your amazing probably going to be any amazing mother once agian congrats you deserve the best of the best
    sincerly your oldest fans since 2001 LOL

  • @Primitivelove06

    :) love u hilary! 

  • http://twitter.com/selenanatty natalka

    Hilaary duff WooWW…!!!!!! Ilove love love you !!.!!! 

  • http://twitter.com/DeeDeemunchkin DeeDee

    your story was AMAZING!! ur soo talente…<3 u

  • http://twitter.com/agosadobatto Agostina Adobatto

    I really really really want to read “Elixir” and “Devoted”! but I´ts not available in Argentina :(, Please send copies, it doesn´t mather if it´s in English! I love you hil. I admire you as a singer, actress, as a person,,, and I´m sure that if I read yourr books, I won´t get dissapointed. HD Forever <3

  • abbey

    ahhhhh noooo clea and rayna’s boyfriends can’t be in the same body ! i hope the next book comes out really soon or else i might go crazzzyy !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    Hilary Duff If you were a painting 
    No colours could express 
    The beauty deep inside you 
    A rainbow nothing less 

  • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

    Hi Hilary…
    Im such a big fan! i have been a fan since a was 9 and now im turning 16 soon! i feel so old because you pregnant now…

    so many poeple look up to you, and i totally see why. whether youve been bad mistakes or not, your fans dont care… they still are your fans! its truely amazing!

  • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea


  • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea


  • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

    jealous! :P

  • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

    Wow! we sure do have a lot in common!

    As a little girl, i was always told that i look like hilary duff but i didnt believe it until now!

  • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

    Wow! we sure do have a lot in common!

    As a little girl, i was always told that i look like hilary duff but i didnt believe it until now!

  • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

    same :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/danne.brinked Danne BrinkEd

    HILARY DUFF! 8 years ago when i was 6 years old i looked at all your movies and i didn’t know who you were but now im 14 and now I know how much any of you! You are a very beautiful woman who has many friends and lovers. And I’m going to struggle tomeet you in real life, it hurts so much to me when I think”I will never get to meet Hilary Duff, ’I know it might sound a bit strange but for me you like a girl who looks to the world and you ask yourself,”Who am I really”instead of saying I am so damn beutiful, and ask  yourself that is so cool. Have a great life and I hope we meet each other  in real life. I do what one is required to meet you, I promise. You may not know who I am but I hope you appreciate all of your fans who will do anything for you. Good luck with your family I wish you a really good life

     Dear Daniel

  • http://www.facebook.com/espartaco.rondonloaiza Espartaco Rondon Loaiza

    Hi,Hilary.I love all your songs and movies.

  • http://twitter.com/JONASFAN10123 susan j

    I have been hilary duffs fan forever :) My family and I drove nine hours just for your concert :) Best wishes

    • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

      Wow! you really do like Hilary Duff! :P
      her fans would do anything to see her! :D

    • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

      Wow! you really do like Hilary Duff! :P
      her fans would do anything to see her! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zarrar-Salahuddin-Khan/1300424400 Zarrar Salahuddin Khan

    loved yr a cinderella story!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Xsweettart1039

    shes my hero

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/FaBian-Bugarin/100002982835735 FaBian Bugarin

    ur so pretty!! luv ya

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/FaBian-Bugarin/100002982835735 FaBian Bugarin

    ur so pretty!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/FaBian-Bugarin/100002982835735 FaBian Bugarin

    u so pretty!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Miranda-Di-Pasquale/1803630803 Miranda Di Pasquale

    Hilary Duff is everything to me!!!!

    • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

      agreed! -

    • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

      agreed! -

  • http://twitter.com/Brownfractals Comoelita

    I am not sure if you would ever even stumble upon reading this and hopefully one day I will be able to tell you face to face that you are seriously an actress that I aspire to be like and inspirational young woman that I consider to be a role model. I am currently going to USF to become a math/teacher but if I could, I would love to pursue acting like you did! I even practice some of your monologues, I loved the confrontational one you had in a Cinderella story[I am sure you know the one I am referring to]. Maybe one day if I can become famous like you, I can tell you this in person. I am an AVID fan, but I have learned once you cross a certain plain of being famous, you can cross the “fan-ship” and possibly become acquaintances or maybe friends. :) God bless you on the start of your new family! <3 Stay true to you like you've done so well for the past years!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XGEHVSNSS5SKFHHFAJH4LYR6RM Destiny Blythe

    I remember listening to your songs on my pink video now when i was like 8 or 9 im 14 now and i really like your two newest songs! p.s you should make a teeen clothing line!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XGEHVSNSS5SKFHHFAJH4LYR6RM Destiny Blythe

    Is mike your boyfriend or are you married? How old are you now? Are you gonna make any new music?

  • http://twitter.com/RachelCheree Rachel Cheree Blom

    I know how you feel! I almost (okay so I did) cried when I found it! It’s so surreal, I have been a fan since I was 12, and I’m now 20. It’s insane. Really crazy I feel so old too! I’ve always looked up to Hilary so very, very much. <3

    • Maabhusna

      can you do a sexy movie i love it

  • Anonymous

    I really really fancy you. <3
    When can I see again?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1413866380 TheFbix Bravo Arellano

    hilary please I beg you return to the music. Dignity is one of the best albumn of life and alsoyour other albumn please return to the music I’m your long time fans still remember when Ibought your album just came out, saw everything when you return to the music pleasefabian bravoChile

  • Anonymous

    best wishes for ur new book   ” DEVOTED ”

  • Anonymous

    hi mam………

  • Sachin A.S

    mam my name is sachin ,,am from india ,,, am really a big fan of u,,,,,  i have larger collection of ur photoz ur such a beautiful i cant exprz it by word …my only ambition is to meet u… but we both in diff cntries …………

  • Sachin A.S

    am big fan of u…..

  • Sachin A.S


  • Zoekoe94

    @ Olivia’s post 
    I am 17 as well and was at Hil’s concert in Kissimmee Florida around the same time all those years ago and I swore I was her hugest fan! I had everything Hilary! books magazines movies clothes perfume and jewelry- Hilary you are a great person and a strong woman- thank you for always being YOU!

  • http://twitter.com/heyitsamruta amruta vyas

    The one thing I really want to do is meet Hilary Duff. You were my role model growing up and now as a 16 year old…you still are! You are amazing, and even though I’ve never met you, you are down to earth and are going to make a really good mom. Please please please come to Toronto, all your fans are waiting. xo
    Your biggest fan

  • Xoxotiffy101

    Just wanted to say you’re amazing! I’ve been a fan for years and finally got to the chance to meet/hug you yesterday at the book signing. You are such a great role model to me and always were/will be. I am so happy for you with everything! You’ve done everything right and are a prime example as to how young women should be! You were the first concert I ever went to and the first, I guess you can say “celeb” I’ve met, except it didn’t feel like that yesterday. I was just meeting someone I’ve looked up to for as long as I can remember. Anyways, I hope to be able to see you at another book signing/concert/or whatever someday! Can’t wait to hear more songs and watch more movies! xoxoxoxoxo

  • Webdesigner

    Hey Hilary. I get the idea of the website, to make it more like a blog, but I would make it a bit different if I was you. I’m a professional webdesigner, so if you want me to do it, it would be amazing. 

  • Dunlaph

    I love you soooooo much! you have been my role moddle like for-ever!

  • Anna

    Hilary, you have always been my rold model!!! I remember going to your metamorphorsis ( sorry for spelling) concert, in albany!!! I was always the type to sit back and not the outgoing one, when i first went to the concert.. i was nevous to yell and scream for you.. but when i finally did I was so proud of myself! :) I remember I wrote you a letter int he mail.. I felt so happy. My favorite movie that you were in would have to be Raise your Voice!! I love that movie, it really inspired me to not be afraid to stand up for what i love to do. Every birthday candle wish i have ever made was to someday meet you, and still is to this day. I wanted to say thankyou for evrything you have inspired me to do and im sure you ave done to millions of other people!!

  • Bruk Getachew

     a good website and nice way to see what hillary doing  currently..liked it

  • Megan Reeves

    Hi Hilary Duff
    We all love you and we are proud of you too.  I have you movies and cds.  I haven’t meet her either .  But I want to meet her too.  I also have dreams of her  singing with me.  She is like one of my singer model.  You Rock!  And you still Rock.  Keep up the Good Work.

    I’m glad I got to see you on Tv on the GMA show.  And by the way Congraduration on Wedding.

    Maybe you and I can be friends because you and I are the same age.  I’m still you BIGGEST FAN AND I LOVE YOU! 

    Keep on Singing Love you voice.

    Love, Your Biggest Fan Megan Reeves

    Big Hugs. :-D

  • http://twitter.com/BylliCrayone Bylli Crayone

    This site sucks!  It should of stayed the way it was

  • Campbellemily25

    OMG your prego!!!!!

  • Campbellemily25

    will you come to like Boone, Greensboro for one of your book signings? 

  • Kaitlin

    im almost 15 and ive been a huge fan for well i guess forever. You are an amzing actress, singer and im sure you will be an amazing mother. When i was a lot younger i had all of your cd’s movies and posters. You are one actress who hasnt turned to drugs and alcohol and I very much look up to that, thats why you are my role model! i wish you the best in your life, and I would like to see you make more music and/or movies!!

  • Courtney

    I remember when I was five and my best friend and I used to dance around her house singing your songs into hair brushes. Hilary, you strengthened our friendship and now that I’m 14 and she’s moved away, we reflect on those memories whenever we miss each other. Thank you for being a part of not only my childhood, but my everyday friendship. Thank you for staying REAL and YOU! Love you <3

  • Sam Lardner

    Wow this is mega. I used to be a member of the hilary duff fan club on her official web page but my subscription ran out. It has changed loads now. I’m guessing you can’t become a speacial member like I previously was. None the less, I will always love you Hilary and still cherish the signed picture of you that I won when I was in your fan club. Xxxxx

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002865691963 Eunii Rosales

    Hilary, I’m glad that you were my role model when I was just a kid. Today I look back and I can say I was lucky to be inspired by a woman who, I believe, is true to herself and her values. Your confidence is something I admire and certainly hope to acquire with time. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us, we wish nothing but the best for you and your family. 
    With love… Euni.

  • tishtoshtash

    Hey Hilary,
    I remember like it was yesterday that i was at your concert in 2004 in Melbourne. I was only in grade 1 when i went and saw the concert. For my birthday i got two tickets so i had to go with my mum haha! Since then I’ve been one of your  biggest fans!!! I’ve watched all your movies and listened to all of your songs! My older brother never used to get why i was totally obsessed with you untill i told him that you were my role model, and still are, and after that he just left me be. To me you are a true insparation and the most down-to-earth person. The next morning  after your concert i put the poster i got of you on my wall right in the middle and it has been there ever since.
    When i heard you got marriedi was absolutley shocked but when i saw Mike i was so pleased. And now you’re pregnant! I’m so happy for you!!!!! and wish you the best life possible!
    Even though I’m still 14 i will never stop being your biggest fan!
    Love Always Tash xxo

  • Shopping_obssessed


  • Amargrg97

    i know what ‘casey prince’ is talking about. Im also waiting even when im 13/14. 

  • Veronica D.

    Ahhhhh! Hilary Duff! I LOVED you when I was little! I am 13 now! I still love Lizzie McGuire! I watch it everyday like I used to! You made TV awesome@twitter-278619092:disqus  Now there’s only junk on TV! I was a HUGE fan, and I still am! I remember watching TV when a young girl about my age was lucky enough to go out shopping with you and I was super jealous! I begged my mom if I could go! I was totally upset when she said no. I bought another one of the CDs the other day! Love it! Will you be in more stuff? Will you make more music? Oh, please do! You rock! I will always love you, and you made my childhood amazing! Thanks, Hilary! Congratulations about the new baby coming, Hilary! Best of luck to you! If you can, please come to Canada Ontario ASAP!

    From one of your biggest fans, Veronica D. from Canada, Cambridge, Ontario! <3

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2LA4SY5G3JFAFJ53SUNGQJJ5OE Shannon

    Hey Hilary! I just wanted to say I was absolutely blown away by your book! The plot was great and it shocked me that it was somewhat of a mystery book… and I dont like mystery books.. but I couldn’t put the book down!!! Seriously it was that amazing XD Don’t believe me? Ask the teacher that had to confiscate it LOL! Anyways thanks for being a good role model for me and always doing the impossible :) I’ve followed you since Lizzie McGuire and I will probably scream like a fangirl each time you release a new book. You seriously made this 15 year old happier than a woman on a diet trapped inside Ghiradelis! (I should know.. my mom kept saying to herself, “chocolate is a sometimes food, chocolate is a sometimes food, if no one sees me then I am still on my diet”. BUSTED!)
    P.S. I seriously hope I’ll be a great writer like you :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002143286775 Jhe Anne

    Hilary can you come to Singapore for book signing PLEASE… ^_^

  • Tanya

    That’s awesome that you met her! I remember watching Lizzie McGuire too a decade ago. I’ m almost 23 and can’t believe how much everything’s changed since then!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003097039875 Ketan Solanki

      yeah.you’re right.

      • mireia

        hello my name is mireia. A love you hilary are you special idol for me.
        thank you so much.
        very very thank you.

    • HDno1biggestfan

      I’m almost 21. I have been a fan since 2001, that is now almost 13 years ago. I was 8 back then and well even though so much has changed during that time, one thing stays the same – me being a duffster.

    • Silver

      I know, Hilary really is growing.

    • Andy Bendzin

      I may be the old guy here (54). But I think back with fond memories watching Lizzy McQuire with my oldest daughter who is now 19. It always cracked me up seeing her “evil” twin cartoon what she feels and Lizzy doing the exact opposite, the right thing. Unlike many other rising Disney stars, she is the only one who stayed true to herself. It is so sad to see how people like Miley Cyrus turn out to be and a lot of today’s musicians follow a path that is completely unwholesome.

  • Www Shmell-1990

    Hi all ! I listen to rap. But I can not refuse to listen and Hilary Duff.I also like her songs.  

  • Frannie

    So great you have your own website! It’s cool you made it as personal as possible, not many ‘famous’ people do that. It’s crazy, a few years ago I always used to sing your songs, and now i wright my own! It’s because of you i started to sing in the first place. i think you’ve done so much for so many people, without even realizing it. I’m going to record some songs, and put them online. Would you wanna listen to it? it’ll mean the world to me. =) i don’t know you, but I think you’re an amezing, and very loving person. take care.


  • Sajjad Grad

    Hi dear hilary .
    How are you nowadays?
    I always remember your musics in my mind and enjoy them when I listen with my mp3 player.
     I remembered you said in an interview ” I am a good friend and…” . If you are , give my Yahoo ID for chat with me.
    My Yahoo ID is : amsidd64@ymail:disqus.com  

    Bye and  Have a good day and
     thanks for your attention.

  • http://www.soulessencemagazine.com S’rah Stallworth

    Aww! It’s Hilary Duff! lol
    How u doin’? (in my Wendy Williams voice!)
    You are like one of those “Friends in my head” people!
    Just like everyone else here, I grew up with you on Lizzie McGuire- Lord knows how many times people refer you as that, But it’s what’s real! I’ll skip all the extra details on you being my childhood role model, helped me buy my first bra & all that mumbo jumbo!
    But I totally adore your persona!
    Good hearted & caring is what I get from you. I love the pictures from your wedding. I am a photographer and my Husband & I run a magazine as well, So if you’re ever looking for a down to earth person to capture you, *smile!
    Stay Blessed love & Take care, to you & your family!

    Soul Essence Photography

  • Rock

    hillary you are the most awsome person in the world i know that everybody says that to you but i’m not you #1 fan but i am a fan i just loved you cds,songs,albums,and movies they were all awsome i wished that you could make more episodes you are funny halarious and  you are so much fun to watch me and my fried just loved watching lizze mcguire i wished that you would of made just one or more of a live taping of lizzie mcguire. you rock and ever give up because without you everybody would be lost.

  • austin eskilett

    hello my name is austin skillet and you’re the most beautiful actress in the world )……..:) ……….( B) ..

  • Aaron

    Hey Hilary, I’ve been a big fan of yours ever since I was little back in the Lizzie McGuire days! :) Love the new site and just wanted to say keep up the great work you’re doing! You’re an amazing person with a great heart! Love you always, Aaron

  • http://twitter.com/JoeDeanie Joe MaldonaDo

    Love love love ! you are my lovely lizzie yet :) i miss watch you on tv :) God bless that little Hillary or hilaryo XD iside you ! love you my platonic love !

  • Nicole

    I agree with Olivia and everyone else. I have been a fan for 10+ years as well. Except I am 19 going on 20 in December, and I still am in shock that Hilary is pregnant. But I am very happy for her, and I too have every CD, movie, life story, and now book:) I read the first chapter of ‘Devoted’ on simonandschuster.com, and it is awesome! It makes me want to read more but I have to wait til the book comes out.. which I’m getting anxious and can’t sit still. My whole room was filled from wall to wall with Hilary Duff posters, but since I moved into an apartment with my fiancee and daughter, I had to get rid of all my posters.. but kept two. Which I didn’t want to do,but I couldn’t put up posters in our one bedroom. My dream still is a dream and hopefully it will come true this year with Hilary going on her book tour, which is to meet her and get a picture. LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU FOREVER HILARY!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001623471484 Kate Symons

    i wish i could meet hilary duff!!!!! she is so awesome


  • ed and the flipp a dolphin

    hi  me and my dolphin are a fan  of  the song you  sang in your movie  lizzie  maguire  the song what dreams are made of 

  • Vi Bui

    To Whom It May Concern: 
                Hello, we are two post secondary students from Edmonton, AB. We are working with the iHuman Youth Society to promote a positive environment for youth at risk with either drug addictions or mental health issues. Our goal is to introduce them to arts-based programs which will allow them to find and express their identity (“repainting” their canvas), while working alongside counsellors, to initiate the healing process and help them transition into living steady and independent lives.              This is a non-profit event, and all of the donations and money raised will go towards maintaining the supplies and the facility. This will also give the youth involved in the center a chance to showcase the various types of artwork and talent from the programs offered. This event will also feature and showcase some of Edmonton’s local talents, with performers of all ages. There will be a silent auction as well as displayed art for sale. Donations will also be accepted at the event. We will also be accepting these as hard goods donations at the event. The show will be held on February 26, 2012. 
    Our goal is to raise $10,000. However this is only possible if we have your support. Please contact us if you wish to contribute in any way to make a difference, as we are trying to make a difference in our community.
                If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at repaintingyourcanvas@gmail.com. We greatly appreciate your consideration towards our project and look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you for your time.
    Vi Bui and Maria Nguyen

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000622302259 Nicolas Roldan

    What to say hillary… I have to day thanks for all the moments , music , programs , you inspire everyone . I’m so happy to know that you’ll have a beautiful baby and now you are happy with your husband! Congratulations. Andrew Ownl. -A

  • Alex Ribeiro

    Hilary’m a big fan of yours live in BRAZIL vs think is a pretty great actress and singerdespite being fairly new … hugs kisses

  • Moremorgan

    Hey Hilary!!!!

  • Nirvana H.

    shes also wrote a book or two

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amandine-Sarrazin/1547645059 Amandine Sarrazin

    its so cute!! i have the same feelings about hilary, i’ve never met her but always dreamed of.. i wish one day my dreams go realise!! i bought elixir at  the second i saw that she wrote it!! i saw all the movies and she really is my role model. she is the person that makes me someone!!
    i love her!!

    • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

      same with me! I have always wanted to meet her, its one of things i want to do before im 30!

    • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea

      same with me! I have always wanted to meet her, its one of things i want to do before im 30!

  • Bhairavime

    OH! MY! GOD!
    Can’t believe your preggers!!!!
    I’m soo happy for you………… <3 <3
    Congrats…. :)
    Take Care <3 :D

  • Kbosh1

    Hilary Duff, where are you wants happening????  You should start singing again.  It has been ages.  Please pick up your singing career again……

  • http://twitter.com/Barbaragirl14 Megan Looney

    I love you, I am so excited about the baby! I hope you have an awesome Birthday! I have been your fan for 10 years and still going. <33 I started with Casper Meets Wendy, then I started to watch Lizzie McGuire and I became your biggest fan buying albums, movies and you have been an inspiration to me and still is, you mean the world to me I love you. I love how I remember ever second of every episode of Lizzie McGuire  <3 :)

  • http://twitter.com/Barbaragirl14 Megan Looney

    I know how you feel, I am also 17 and I have been a fan for 10 years. I started with Casper Meets Wendy, then I started to watch Lizzie McGuire and I became her biggest fan buying albums, movies and she has been an inspiration to me and still is, she means the world to me I love her. I love how I remember ever second of every episode of Lizzie McGiure. <3 :)  

    • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea


    • Ashlee Nicole C. Teletchea


    • allison taylor

      i know what you guys mean. i wish a big fan when i was like 12 and still am…i had my whole room covered in posters and listened to her cds all day every day. lizze mcguire made me sad when they took it off the air. but hilary is still great. i cant wait to see her cute little baby boy when he is born. its hard to believe were all grown up now and so is she…its so real

  • Nirvana H.

    Happy Birthday Hilary Duff!!! And may god bless your baby, whens the due date??

  • Alice P.

    Happy birthday, Hilary!  And congratulations on all the exciting things that have happened in your life recently!

  • http://twitter.com/WithLoveDuff Mica Duff ♥

    I looooooove you my little angel!! Have a great day an amazing birthday!♥♥♥

  • P6311ru

    Happy Birthday Hilary!!!! U’re wonderful ,amazing, great, u’re so  fantastic!!! Love u so much !!<3 yahooooooooooo!

  • Aletha :)

    Omg Hillary Happy Birthday ! I will always love you and nothing will change that. BTW you look BEAUTIFUL! Hope the Baby turns out to be just as kind, beautiful, and cool like you ! <3 You ALETHA

  • Mary_love1993

    Happy Birthday Hilary :):):)

  • http://www.karenade.com/ Karenade

    Hilary Duff is one of my favorite actresses. Since she’s an author and role model, I felt inspired of her impressive achievements. 

  • Travis3miller

    We should write a song together! 

    this is my 1st released song:

    or my youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nouM2v5tt8E&feature=channel_video_title

    Not trying to promote myself in anyway. If you read this and listened to the song/videos please delete it afterwards; I really don’t want it to come off as me promoting myself here. I genuinely think we could write a good song together. I do not know how else to get ahold of you. Please email me at  travis3miller@live.com or tweet me travis3miller.. Somethin! 

    You are a beautiful soul! 
    God Bless, 

    Travis Miller

  • Sushil negi

    Happy birthday hilary i love u so much and i am waiting for your next song…………. :)

  • Merve Kumsal Erem

    @Hilary Duff I just want to write something for you from twitter, i tried but i can’t do this into 140 characters.Think about it. You’ve been my idol for 6 years, how could i do that. There is too much thing to say to you. :) but first of all, i always wonder how a beautiful/handsome baby that you’ll have. and i will got my answer very soon. congratulation. a thousand times. i will pray your and your little baby’s healthy. and i wish you’ll be happy with your lovely husband forever and ever.i want to talk you about something and then i will shout my mount and live u alone with your b-day messages. but please read it until it’s finish. (i am sure it’ll be full with mistakes about writing, forgive me, cause i am just learning this language. :))i have got a friend, her name is Busra, she’s your fan too. actually we’ve met at a fan page of you.we dreamed something together before 3 years ago.in our daydream; FIRST time, you are coming to Turkey with your new album tour. We are crazy about it. What we’ll wear, what should we do, how we have your attention, how can catch you after concert.and the concert time comes. you come to stage and give unforgettable moments for both of us. the concert’s over and we’re start to run to door you’ll probably out. but you aren’t. after than we try every door. but you are not there and they don’t let us come in.the fans are gone and we stuck like trees or street lamps. with unstoppable tears. and then, there’s noise. we try to look where the noise come from but.. you know, wet eyes.but my ears are clear. and they can notice “your” voice from everywhere. you are walking to your car with your bodyguards. then suddenly see us.see our wet eyes and surprised face. smile and walk to us. (i am sure that i’m shaking that moment) you come and wipe our tears with your hand.”why you’re crying?” we can’t answer for a long time. “we tried to reach you. but…” and you say “come with me.” you get into your car and we follow you. and that times, we talk to you, we sit next to you and i can even touch you…we dreamed this together 3 years ago but whenever you come to my mind, i remind this. and think it was real.you know, we made bigger and bigger, we came to your house, we met with Mike, Haylie, Nick, mother Susan, Lola, Coco.. See where you’re living, where you are sitting, where you are sleeping….it was TOO MUCH but there is NO LIMIT in dreaming and dreaming is doing with heart, not brain. i came to you in my dream. i came to you with my heart.i saw and i hug you with my heart. and it’s crazy, i know. but i don’t care. you are my Idol. and i love everything about you. :)Happy Birthday Mrs. Comrie. Happy B-Day Hill. Happy B-Day my dream. I will always with you with my whole heart. Have a good day. Hope to see you one day.Merve Kumsal EremTurkey, Istanbul.mkumsal-@hotmail.com.tr

  • Israeli Tina

    Hi Hilary.
    You probably won’t read this so who ever is reading please answer.
    I’m a huge fan of you for about 7 years.
    It might be corny… No, it is corny but seeing you fulfiling your dreams made me chang my self up side down, for real.
    You are the only person i look up to more then a year, witch meens you have a big part of my life since you were Lizzie.
    For the last year i’ve been looking for the book “Elixir” in every book store.
    I leave in israel so this could be a reason why i couldn’t found it but i hope it’s not. Can you give me an answer why i couldn’t find it?
    Eny way, hope for an answer.
    You can answer me in the E-mail: tina_shi1994@Walla.com
    Your biggest israeli fan, Tina.
    P.S. I’m a corny person… sorry :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001623471484 Kate Symons

    where was this hilary?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001623471484 Kate Symons

    me 2 i have always wanted 2 meet her i still dream about it sometimes

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001623471484 Kate Symons

    hilary i love u
    when i liked a singer that was no a really good role model my mum advised me 2 like another singer and then i heard about u and i told my mum and she said that you where a good role model and you where a good choice and i have liked you eva since i love you hilary duff and no matter what i will always be ur fan 4 eva!!!!! xxx

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_45K5LIZMTJOHJCC7KVXSJCIL6U Hannalizette

    Happy 24th birthday Hilary!! please Have a good health always..

  • Fly

    OMG!!! This is so cool! Sorry, I’ve never been on your website before, but the book Elixir, told me there was one! I can’t wait to read Devoted! Your books are amazing, just like you!
    I wish I was good at everything (like you), you act, sing, write and started painting! To think I hven’t even found my talent (if I have one…). But anyway, I just wanted to say: You are a truly inspirational women.

    <3 Fly

  • Fly

    OMG! I just read Elixir, and it was soo good that I accidentally finished it in less than half a day!
    That was also when I found out Hilary had a website… this is so cool! Hilary Duff = amazing!!!
    Can’t wait to read the next book! Is it a follow on from Elixir? Becuase that ends so sadly :( .
                               By the way, me and my bestie, Ellie, adore you!     
                                                              <3 Fly

  • Kate

    Hey Hilary. I remember watching you on Lizzie Mcguire. My dad bought me the whole series and even though i am sixteen I STILL WATCH THEM. They are awesome. You are so sweet. I remember when you came to sydney entertainment centre for a concert. I was there but i cried becuase i couldnt see you lol. Im short sighted lol and i didnt bring my glasses that night. I was so sad i was like omg im gonna see hilary and then i got there and i was so disappointed. LOL
    Your my idol. I love singing and i am going to be performing one of your songs at school!!!

  • Jennifer

    Hilary you are the best in the world, Your my favorite singer and actress and now novelist along with nicholas sparks..i wish you the best.

  • gossip girl

    Hilary Duff is such an inspiration for me. I love her songs, the way she dresses and I really adore her as an actress. I still remember me sitting in front of the TV, watching Lizzie McGuire.It’s strange to see her as an adult now and I was sort of shocked when I read that she was pregnant. It wasn’t a bad shock, it was more like one of those shocks, like: “Oh my God, time’s going so fast!” Seeing her being pregnant makes remind myself that I am getting older, getting mature either. She raised. I mean, she really raised. She started as Lizzie McGuire, she’s gone through some tough times but still she is such a sensible, nice and cute person. That’s unbelievable and I’m so glad that there are still celebs that seem to be still on the floor. I’m so thankful for having an idol like her and I’m sooo excited reading her coming up book.

  • Adela

    I L♥ve Hilary Duff

  • Amera

    I remember being little, and running up stairs ignoring my mother, and switching on Lizzie McGuire. I used to that everyday. I wish they brought on reruns of the show. One day, I read that there would be non more Lizzie shows. I cried my eyes out! I love you Hillary and glad that you are starting a family!!

  • Julie 127

    Happy Birthday Hilary that rocks.  I hope that lola eye is better and will be celebrating your birthday with friends.  I just love your art work and you look so cute with your sister.  It must have been a frightening experience at the animal clinic with lola eye infection but in time it should clear and she will be able to see better.  Just to wish you a happy birthday.

  • Sanap Parinita


  • Iffah

    Hey Hilary, few years ago i was always listening to yr songs and watching your live videos. Even till now, i still am listening to all of ‘em. Heard that you’re pregnant. Take good care of yourself. Be happy always. And, if you ever visit SINGAPORE, i’ll be the first to come and see you! Lots of love, Iffah :)

  • sunshine

    HI our beautiful one i have a daughter nearly as beautiful as you well i certainly think you are not from this earth !!! no i am totally convinced you are a gift on this earth from heaven really an angel our little one every one who knows you will surely be touched by your inner beauty never change our little one hope i can give you a hug one day one day remember this mama who thinks you are just perfect , always give your love and kindness to everyone, look forward to the birth of your little one take care from another angel from heaven ……sunshine….

  • Missyxo

    Hey Hilary so I just finished reading Elixir and i was slightly disappointed by the end not because it was bad but because it was left so open so I was wondering if you meant to leave it so open for a sequel and if so are you going to write one and soon??? I really loved it I constantly wanted to put it down because it was creepy but I was so addicted at the same time I seriously jumped at ever noise I heard as I read about the dreams and the man in the closet.
    Sooo Good 



  • Shifa

    Hilary was so young just a few years ago i cant believe she got married im sooo happy plus she looked absoulutley amazing in her wedding dress. 

  • brianna luvs hilary

    hilary i love u so much i have loved u ever since casper meets wendy u are my role model i am ur biggest fan in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::::::))))))))))))))))

  • Fredy Rojas

    are my role model for 9 years and always will be whenever you see a
    photo or video I am happy I have all your cds, posters, dvd.
    I can not wait to see you face to face and tell you how much I love you
    you’re my role model and never forget you as a person you are. I love you

  • Fredy Rojas

    are my role model for 9 years and always will be whenever you see a
    photo or video I am happy I have all your cds, posters, dvd.
    I can not wait to see you face to face and tell you how much I love you
    you’re my role model and never forget you as a person you are. I love you att: fredy rojas

  • http://twitter.com/TheJuanDs Juan Diego Arenas

    we want new music Hil! we all miss you

  • Gaby

    Hey Hilary, your page is awesome!Congrats for the baby,you are going to be an icredible mother.I am very happy for you!! Love Gaby

  • Anastasia

     Hi Hilary! I saw almost all films with you . And I want to say that you are the best  actress and singer!
    (i am from Russia …Come to Russia we love you)

    From Anastasia

  • Akshita

    hey hilary…m 12 nd m frm india…i consider myself as the biggest fan of u…m 12 bt still ive read elixir around 10-12 times… there’s jst 1 dream in my life dat i wanna meet u once…i wish this dream will come true one day… u r my role model and i was around 3-5 years when lizzir mcguire was aired bt i still remember the 1st to the last episode.. i hope you will read it and think that ur fans r still all around the world…and i was really shocked and really happy after hearing that u r expecting a baby…i m sure he or she will also be as talented as you…byee…

  • maddie catania

     Hilary, i miss you :’(
    I’m maddie, I’m 14 years old and I live in australia. You were my child hood. I was the most overly obsessed passionate fan of yours! My nick name in primary school was Hilarystar.. and people still call me that!!  When you had your last Australian tour i made you a scrapbook, my mum tried  giving it to some one at the concert so they could give it to you but no one could get in touch with you, i still have that scrapbook, its still wrapped in the same unopened  purple wrapping paper from years ago!  Im also a singer, I sing your songs for competitions. The song i loved singing the most was I am. A couple of years ago i saved up $300 to buy a meet and greet ticket at your concert, but unfortunately you never had another concert. I really really love you hilary and miss you. You were my role model, i felt like we were  best friends because i knew every little detail about you. And to this day onwards i have always not liked Joel madden because he broke your heart. I love you Hilary and i hope you and mike live a wonderful life together and your little baby will be gorgeous <3 i love you!

  • hilary

    hi hilary my name is like your name hilary im13 years old i love you very very much

  • Nicolene

    Dear Miss.Hilary!I live in South-Africa and one of my biggest dreams since I was 11 years old was to meet you,but unfortunately that won’t happen.I just want to let you know that you are an inspiration to me you haven’t dropped out to do drugs or got locked up,No you stayed on your place and developed an even bigger reputation as a role model,you are a great person Hilary and I really look up to you, you have a great voice and personality and I really would like to meet you one day, I am 16 now and your Birthday is pretty soon then you urn 24 I wish you all the luck I can and with a baby on the way…You and Mike are surely blessed  ! One day I would love to become an actress and Then work with you…!!
    U rock..

  • http://twitter.com/annahlizette Hanna Lizette

    ASIAAAAAA please!! :D

  • Veronika

    My name is Nicka. Hiary Duff became everything to me…When I have heard her song ” Stranger” It realy take my feelings…I started wright my own songs!!! All i want say…thank you, Hiary. You are realy perfect woman…I wanna be jist like you))) If you had not appeared in my life,I have never started wright songs and sing))) It is my song….(mails_96@mail.ru-it is me)Crash world
    I am living in a crash world
    I am using crash words
    And when I am in a crowd I feel lonely
    It is weird but I do not give up
    I know I will get out
    But why it is a crash world around me?
    Cause haters around us
    Some people hate us
    But why? I do not understand
    Cause we are living in a crash world
    Crash world…
    I must live life day to day
    But I can not find my right way
    It is just beacouse of  living in a crash world
    (some people tell me I am little insane)
    And using crash words
    So someday I will get out
    But why it is a crash world around me?
    Cause haters around me
    Some people hate me
    But why? I do not understand
    Cause we are living in a crash world
    Crash world…
    By the way I am still in the dark,
    Stand lonely in a crowd
    Everybody`s smiling and I am not
    So why is around me a crash world?
    So why?
    Cause haters around me
    Some people hate me
    But why? I do not understand
    Cause we are living in a crash world
    Crash world…
    Cause haters around us
    Some people hate us
    But why? I do not understand
    Cause we are living in a crash world
    Crash world…

  • Anonymous

    You should totally make a movie with the story line of Elixir! It would be so awesome

  • Leezeladevariste

    hilary duff ur my biggest #1 fan in the whole world i love u with all my heart i would do anything for you and my #1 role model i would like to see you one day my name is leezela i got all ur CD’s and i brought one of ur poster for $20 ur so pretty and funny and smart love you hilary duff ur #1 fan in the world please reply please

  • Rachel

    So i was threatened by a homeless woman today, then had a serious panic attack.  Then i put my iTunes on shuffle, and your song Someone’s Watching Over Me came on.  So thanks for making that song, because it really helps.

  • afnan

    Hillary hello I’m from Jordan Afnan new friend on Facebook and you firstparticipated with him because you first think about it first, and from this moment I want to become your friend on Facebook

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Bandeira/1216461087 David Bandeira

    Tkx for all Hilary <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Bandeira/1216461087 David Bandeira

    Tkx for all Hilary <3

  • Lulu (:

    I always was a huuuuge fan of yours, and I always loved your movies, your songs, and even with the time, I still being a HUGE FAN! You’re soooo beatiful, funny, and it’s a pleasure for me to see that you have a great life, that you’re not crazy and insane like other famous are.I’m very happy that you’re having a baby Hilary! good luck, xoxo
    Once Lizzie McGuire, forever Lizzie McGuire <3 



  • Gisela

    Wow, just like Olivia and all the other people, I’ve grown up watching the Lizzie McGuire series, I watched the movie just the day it was out, I’ve listened to your music and all. I still remember me buying every single magazine I saw your photo on, so I was on a family trip when I entered to a bookshop and saw “Elixir”. I could’nt believe seeing your name on it, so I bought it and I just couldn’t wait to start reading it. Well..it took me just an afternoon to read it. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I just want to say I’m definately going to buy “Devoted” and, since I love to write and I hope to write my own book someday, I must say you’re an inspiration to me. It’s a great story. Congratulations! And too for the baby :)

  • Kalo9666

    Your the only famous female i could ever look up to growing up thank you for that. and congradultaions on everything. (your carrier, marraige, baby and such)

  • Laura

    Hi Hilary,
    I just finished ‘Elixer’ and I really enjoyed it so much! can’t wait for ‘Devoted’!
    You’re the best, love Laura xx

  • http://twitter.com/mandxy Amanda Guimarães

    Hilary I love you so much, I hope you continue being always this special woman-girl, shy but funny. Never change the way you are
    brazilian Fans really loves you.
    @mandx xoxo

  • Anonymous

    You are such an amazing role model! I admire you so much. I remember when I went to my first concert when I was in
    3rd grade and it was for the 2004 “Hilary Duff” album. Like I seriously
    had the time of my life! Amazingly after 8 years, I still have that concert t-shirt til this day! I still listen to all your old music and can’t wait for you to come out with another album.
    I LOVED reading Elixir and can’t wait for Devoted to
    come out! Super excited. Well, keep up the great work. You’re awesome, super pretty and congratulations!! You’re going to be a great mother!Love,Despina xoxo

  • Julie

    Hilary, I absolutly adore you! I can honestly say that I still look up to you, I’ve watched you grow and progress since your Casper days and had a hyper spazz when I found out you were engaged! I am a HUGE fan of you books also, if you ever had a come back tour I’d be right in the front row! I’ve been to many of your concerts, and still have memories from every one of them! You are one of my favourite childhood memories, and I wish you all the best!
    You’re #1 fan,
    P.S when do you think you’ll be coming to Canada??

  • Sara hussain

    hi i am your bigest fan

  • mhina

    HILARY..I was 5yrs. old then when i first saw you as lizzie..And now that I’m 16 was reading your first novel Elixir..I really love all your movies and songs especially Raise your voice, your role as Terri is so much inspiring..I hope you can go to the Philippines and do some booksigning or concert or whatever. What’s important is your presence….

  • http://twitter.com/ScottKinmartin Scott Kinmartin


  • Sharim80

    Random question…….when are you going to put out a new cd? its been like years since you made a cd….

  • Lola

    Hi Hilary! WHat r u working on?

  • Lafolledingue73

    j’apprécie beaucoup ton site c’est vraiment super de te suivre 

  • Barrientos_denise07

    hi hilary, I admire very much, I am inspired to write a book about child education in Argentina, I encourage you to write other books but so far I have only knowledge of education and I am a teacher:) I admire you a lot cuidate love it!

  • Ashleyilyj

    i think hilary duff is a amazing role model for kids and now young adults growing up and learning. I Still listen to your older songs and just dance around to them and i am 20. To me your not a celebrity your just a normal girl who got talent and is AMAZING anyone can be like her if u set ur mind to it and do what you love. I AM SO HAPPY FOR U HILARY CONGRADULATIONS ABOUT THE PREGNANCY :)  Wish u the best and the baby to be :)

  • Jose_orcasitas

    hilary ben a españa 

  • Chatila1

    Hi Hilary!!!!!!! I’m still waiting for part 2 of with love… <3 xxx :) lol

  • Marimaria2

    Hilaryyyy when are you coming to Miami to sign books?? 

  • Momrealm

    good luck with your pregnancy and your music…i am glad to see your life is going so well.thank you for your music and taking the time to share your life with us. may your life and your family and friends have all they wish and dream for. take care…
        Michelle Cotton

  • Beatrizabolada

    I loved the site hilary, I love your work, you’re a great actress, kissing and much happiness for you and yourfamily …

  • Justynarobertson

    I have always been a fan<3  I LOVED Lizzie McGuire when I was younger. I also love cinderella story omg I'm 16 and I still watch it, in fact it was on yesterday!  I only saw one concert of yours when I was in 3rd grade, our seats were so close to you,  You would run to each end of the stage and stick your hand out to the fans and my friend and I would come running down but it was always too late for me to reach you lol.  I wish I could have seen more of your concerts.  I think you are the most beautiful person ever and you seem like a real sweet genuine person.  xox- Justyna 

  • Roxan

    My Goodness Hillary Duff! I Was Your Number #1 Fan Since I Was 5 I Used To Listen To All Your Songs They Were Amazing Your So Beautiful & Talented You Have A Strength And Power I Wish I Could Meet You In Real Your My Role Model And I Love You So Much 

  • Mrsloving18

    hey hilary, how are you? Ilove your movies I. Have been your number one fan since u starred in casper meets wendy. I love your music too.n all your music relates me somehowi admire so much. U are such a good person no matter what haters say. I grew up watching u and now I am 21.

  • Courtneymw

    hi hilary love your music you are like my role model and insperation for music i love the song fly as it is so meaningful just love it :)

  • Angelalfredo_98

    Hey Hilary!!!

    come to Venezuela again please……

  • http://www.facebook.com/Caique.Cunha Caique Cunha

    Hilary, I know you’re a public personality and depends on the support of fans to sell your records and books. This weekend you’ve been in Rio de Janeiro to promote your book. Until then I hadn’t idea of who you were. I must comment that I’m Brazilian, I live very close to where the event was and that I was completely offended when your bodyguard asked me to get away from the sidewalk where you were. I would be ok if I wasn’t in my country and if I wasn’t almost in front of my house. I confess that I felt threatened and I didn’t like his attitude. If you want to sell records, books or anything else, you (your bodyguard in this case) needs to be polite especially when you’re in a country that is not yours. I wouldn’t like to be treated that way in my country again. Please reflect about this post and think about “courtesy” next time you get someone to be part of your team. A good image can sell books and CD.

    • http://twitter.com/HoustonNE Nicole H

      She’s just making sure that no crazy fans try to hurt her in any way, shape, or form. In today’s society, she does need bodyguards more than ever.. since there is twice the crime then there was several years ago. I heard that one famous person was shot by a huge fan.. which I do not get. Why would you want to kill your favorite celebrity? People do not think half the time

  • RimvydasM

    hi Hilary.i’m huge your fan:your songs and movies are amazing.
    i happy for your.that being so young you achievement so much in your life.
    cheers from Lithuania.bye:)
    ps.i really miss your new songs…

  • Turboman2011

    I am Mohamed from Algeria and I love Hilary Duff Movies

  • butterfly123

    Hilary, you have been my role model ever since I listened to your music!!!! I am also reading your book that you wrote and it is a good book to read.  When ever Disney Channel would put Lizze McGuire the movie, Cadet Kelly, Wendy meets Caspar on I would always turn it on and watch all of the movies to the end. When there is a poster of you i would put it up all the time!!
     YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002107180150 Christopher Chasey

    hey my name is chris chasey when are you having your baby

  • Shubhisharma1

    Hey!!I am ur fan n i watched all movies.U r too awesome…Really like to watch ur movies

  • Дима

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  • Sebastian Plain(Cbass)

    Hey idk if you read theses yourself but i just want you to know that when i was a kid I had a crush on yo it was pathetically  Hilarious  lol IK haha but i think that as i get older That your stil an amazing person and your very talented  and that you should never give up what you do cause your good at it and its a profitablw career and lol you are kind of a like a Symbol of Power now haha Thanks….One love brada _ sebastian plain

  • princetongirl818

    Hey Hilary first off id love to say that im am very happy for you with your pregnancy. I hope all is well and also hoping you will put out another album someday in the future. I still listen to your music and love watching Lizzie McGuire i stay up till like 3:10 every morning to watch it on family channel it never gets old thank you for all the thing you did you made a big difference in many peoples lives :) Love Felicia 

  • http://www.facebook.com/mdecastellanos May Evans

    Hi you are a great person i hope and mares very happy from today forward, i would have liked to meet you in person, i admire the work you have done i love your movies, your music, your programs and i love your image …. You are a great woman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jess-Rodriiguez/1437597923 Jess Rodriiguez

    I just can’t believe it! I grew with you! Looking every single episode of Lizzie McGuire…hearing all your songs! You are just my idol! I watched Gossip Girl,I’ve seen all the movies where you have appeared! And now you got 23 years old and you’re pregnant! My god, you’re so amazing! I’m 16 years old, and telling you this is so hard, when I find out that you was pregnant it was so strong, damn you’re like my little girl, my best friend! I had a par of tennis of the little Lizzie when I was 9 years, I had a T-shirt! I know every of your songs…baby you’re my inspiration. I just wanna be like you! You deserve all the happiness of the world! Love you: Jessica Rodríguez, Caracas-Venezuela!

  • Ria

    HILARY! First off, congratulations :) A few days ago I was taking a stroll down memory lane & started wondering what you’re upto these days, and then I find out you’re pregnant! 

    I just came here to say, you were and still are, an inspiration to all the young girls that grew up with you and watched you go from Lizzie McGuire, to Terri Fletcher in Raise Your Voice, to just the beautiful adult you are now. You are definitely one of my favorite actresses/singers of all time. They don’t make shows like Lizzie McGuire anymore, nor are there singers like you anymore.

    You are a great person and we all love and support you! Stay cool and take care, can’t wait to see where life takes you in the next few years :))) <3 

  • Torriempls

    Come back on tour and so I can get another picture with you! I remember the days when I would one home from school and wait for Lizzie McGuire to come on. I still have all your cds and all that jazz. You should do a tour and sing all your wonderful and great songs from your past albums! :) Oh and also, congrats on the little one! So exciting! 

  • maya

    OH my gosh. It seems like yesterday I was watching Lizzie McGuire and Cheaper By the Dozen…I feel so old

  • Honey2008-08

    Hello! I very much would want to make friends with you! I so like your creativity! I from Russia) at you am friends in Russia?

  • Alejandro Martin Flores

    Hi, I’m an Argentine grateful. Because without knowing me nor I to you, did you bring me peace that often need to simply listen to you.I’ll be eternally grateful for that and be like you always were.

    PS: I translated with the translator of GOOGLE.


  • sarah

    Hilary.    I have been such a huge fan of yours ever since I was 13 and I am 21 now.  I love all your music and movies I loved Lizzie Mcguire I still watch some of the episodes on youtube.  You made my childhood worth everything and I will never forget the day i got to meet you and your sister at your concert BEST DAY OF MY LIFE i still have the photo on my wall. Thank you for keeping up the good girl reputation means a lot.  when I found out you were pregnant I was so happy for you but at the same time I wanted to cry. I hope you still continue singing because  your music has gotten me though a lot of heart breaks and good and bad times in my life I hope I will still have your CDs when I have kids and hope they love you just as much as I do. Thanks for all you do <3 <3 <3 SARAH

  • ”yamae’

    hi Hilary i just want to say congrats to your first baby. i hope your in a good health. ………………… love u so much………

  • Golden_Zebra

    When I was little I didn´t miss any episode of Lizzie McGuire and the movie and the songs AWESOME! I love you. You did every step of your life calmly, you do very good things for siciety and Earth. You are my model. God bless You! -Da.Ma.

  • Katielea

    Hi Hilary I know you probably dont read these but if you do I just wanted to let you know that you are my insperation. You inspire me in so many ways. I love your music, tv, movies & most of all your writing skill! You inspired me to start my own book, I’d love for you to read what I have so far, but i know thats unlikely. your special & and an insperation. i just want to say thank you for everything,

    love Katie

  • Viralteacup

    lol i like what the developers call this page “this-is-a-test-page”. Nice!

  • Kristofer

    Hilary, name is Kris, I am Cody Halama’s brother, I know it has been a long time since the accident, but I am in Los Angeles for the week and figured I would take the long shot and attempt to speak with you, to thank you properly and express the gratitude I feel to this day for the support you showed my family during the most difficult time we have ever experienced. If you can find it in your schedule to meet or even a phone call, I would much appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.

  • lover hilary duff

    Hi Your very very famous in syria….and im from syria you should visit syria
    Ilove you

  • Jenna

    Hilary! I was one of your biggest fans when I was younger and I still am! I love everything about you! Lots of girls can relate to you and thats an amazing thing! You are also not one of those child stars who got so caught up in everything they became druggies and alcoholics, but your not one of them!  I think you should do another concert tour, sometime you know looking back at what you’ve done and accomplished. I hope you and your family live a wonderful life!
    Love and thanks!

  • Savanna Graham

    My name is Savanna Graham and I am a St. Jude survivor trying to get my story out there. PLEASE RESPOND!!!!

  • Bubu Caloni

    I Love you sou much

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002143286775 Jhe Anne

    I would really really love it if you would come to Singapore…. A book tour,a concert or just anything. You are super duper amazing and I love your music……….. <3
                                                                                                                                                                                                               – Love Jheanne -

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002143286775 Jhe Anne

    Hey Hilary, I’m a huge fan and I’m only 10 years old this year and I love you since I was 4 or 5.
    I so so love Lizzie Mcguire and I watch it every time in Youtube.
    I’m just wondering when are you going to have a new record???
                                                                                              – Love Jheanne -

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002143286775 Jhe Anne

    Hey Hilary,I’m a huge fan and I’m just wondering when are you going to have a new record??? 

  • HilaryRocks2431

    When are you going to have a new record?

  • HilaryRocks2431

    Dear Hilary, I live in Singapore but I’m a Filipino. Even though I never get to see you personal I will always be a big fan and I’m still hoping 1 day I will see you.
    You are so so wonderful and the World will never be the same without you.
    And congrats again to your baby….. :)

  • HilaryRocks2431

    Hey Hilary,I’m 10 years old now and I loved since I was 4 or 5. I love Lizzie Mcguire and I love your singing. I’m just wondering when are you going to release your new album?
    Congrats to your baby. You are wonderful
                                                                – Jheanne-

  • Shelbyafrica

    When will you be making an new c.d and going on tour?

  • Tina Sanny

    hey,Hillary if you gonna read this message from me i want to tell i  love you i  am your biggest fan you don’t know.I am from Bulgaria and i am not sure you were visit us.Pleas,come sing some of your great songs and make Bulgaria happy.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001031522040 Mahendri Ramesh

    I’ve always loved your singing….. <3  and i never want you to quit…. waiting.. :) 

  • Paogaby_13

    sill come ti puebla? this is my dream :)

  • Paogaby_13

    i love her music its beautifull and the best, i want that she come to puebla  

  • Carolyn G

    I remember my best friend and I in the living room of her old house, on an air mattress with like 1000 blankets and pillows, doing our nails and eating a huge bowl of buttery popcorn while watching Lizzie McGuire marathons all night. She use to have the box set DVD and we’d sit there and fall asleep watching them at 3 AM. :’)

  • Meganshifflett86


  • Nidiacarolina

    you are the best Hilary Duff!!!! i love you!! hey is true that you are pregnant :o

  • Seattle

    WOW! You’re so grown up! But then again so am I. I still have every CD, and all the gifts I got from going to your concerts. You’re the one who made my childhood amazing. I’m 14, but to this day when I’m scrolling through the TV channels and I see the Lizzie McGuire Movie on disney channel, I just have to watch it!! Sucker for DISNEY!! When I read in magazines that you were getting married, I thought to myself, “its been that long already?!” I remember I used to yell at my mom to leave the remote alone if she came anywhere near it when I was watching Lizzie. Oh, and I dyed my hair blue just to go to one of your concerts, I was grounded, but, I still had an amazing time and it was all worth it!!! STAY AWESOME!!!! <3

  • Princetongirl888

    i hope i could see you here in Australia.. cant wait for your new album… And congrats! for you’s two bub…

  • Jade

    I still find it so strange !! It seems like yesterday you were doing the lizzie mcguire show, and now your married and a mommy to be!!! Ahhh!!! It’s insane!! But i’m super duper happy for you!!! YAY!!! 
    Jade :)

  • Chrisjohnson

    Ahhh!!! I love you so muchhh!!!! You are the best singer and actor!!!

  • Rosa

    Well i been one of Hilary Duff’s biggest fan. Ever since she started in Lizzie McGuire. She is one  of my favortie actress and singer. Also a very awosme role model.I see times flys by so fast. No matter what Hilary Duff does i’ll be there as a fan to support her . She would always be my favorite artist . Congratulations Hilary Duff on expecting your first child with your husband Mike. :)

  • Valeusinia

    wow hilary i can´t belive that you are expecting a baby all the fans are so happy for you
    i love forrrrrrrr ever and ever and ever …. sorry but i couldn´t resist . i wish you luck you and mike make a wonderful perfect beautil couple  i´m your biggest fan …no i´m kidding there must be a lot of fans that write this for you everyday but i just want you to know that you are our goddess our idol our inspiration our…EVERYTHING i live for you .please hilary  never give up  keep doing what you always do cause  this crazy fan will always support u.
    from ecuador ,Valeria

  • Hanna Lizette Martinez

    Hilary, now that you have already your new website, then i could just send you couple of messages in a day..everyday i mean.im just so happy that you are finally finding yourself now as a mother soon and as a wife..you’re grown up i know but for us you’ll always be that teenage girl that we admire. even if i die a thousand time, i promise i will never renounce my love and addiction to you! all of your stuffs are amazing.i just prayed that maybe you’ll reply me in time..you are my no.1 IDOL! you are the very reason why i swarms the net every time.. sometimes due to my deranged moments of you, i just wished to be born in LA than in Phil.lol.hahahaha!! i just hope i could see you and i know i’ll see you by GOD’s strength and will..i am definitely claiming that i will see you..

  • Stefanie

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR SITE! much l0ve from South Africa*

  • Freestyler1991

    I lOVE YOU

  • Anonymous

    do you have Skype if you have please right to me my skype is freestyler257 i am from Bulgaria !

  • Anonymous

    Nobody loves you like i do. I have to mary you not that gay !

  • Trixie_j2003

    i love u hilary duff can u pls..have a msg..on me trixie_j2003@yahoo.com…tnx and goodluck to your baby hope ur always healthy love yahh..muaahh…

  • Kevinroxs 199827

    go hilary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should make a new cd!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do can’t wait to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milana5532

    Hey Hillary!!
    Congratulations on your marriage and a baby!!! I’m so happy for you! I want to wish you luck and love and strength with your new family. I just wanted to say that I’ve loved your show and your music and you’ve been such a great role model :) I loved your movies like the Lizzie McGuire movie, Cheaper by the Dozen and According to Greta.They were really great! :)

    Hugs and Kisses!!!


  • Anonymous


  • Iloveya2011

    Hi Hilary!:) 
    I’m Ele, I’m 14 and I’m from Italy. I’m a huge fan of yours, and I’m proud being. I’ve followed you since the beginning, I loved ‘Dignity’ and all the films you were in (above all the adventures of ‘Lizzie McGuire’!:)
    You were like…MY CHILDHOOD! 
    When I found out that you’re PREGNANT I was like crying for the joy! I thought ‘WOOOOOOOW my favourite singer&actress is actually pregnant! She will have a baby! She grew up and I’ve grown up with her! Time passes so fast!’
    Well, what to say, I wish you all the best, much luck and much happiness for you and your husband Mike:)

    I just wish I met you:/ <3


  • Anonymous

    oh and yes i want to say congrats to you and your husband on baby make’s three am so happy for you .your going to make a good mother HILARY!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    we loveee you Hilary!!!!!


    Hi Hilary!!!!! I just wanted to say congrats to you and your husband on making it baby make’s three .your going to be a good mother .congrats :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1012806978 Vale Calderón

    Hi Hilary! (: I want to congrats you! That’s awsome you are pregnant! You was my model to follow when I was 12, 13… And now I am 17 and I found you again! Best wishes for you both… Ups! For u 3… :)

  • Tamy

    Hi hilary, my name is Tamara, I have 20 years, I’m from Ecuador, I admire you very much … I still see lizzie mcguire, I love you dodo you do, I tried but got all your cds do not come here, just want you to follow on, all your projects are carried out, and God bless … I love you …

  • Annetta Pomare

    Hi Hil man im from New Zealand and im Annetta  i can remember when i was younger i use to sit in my room like i wish i could meet lizzy mguire or be in a movie with her hehehe… :) butas i got older i kinda stopped watcn but still looovved your music :) and also started paying more attention to your such great taste in style which made me feel like id been growing so fast and as were you cos you had moved on to another album and then a BOOK@CuteasaButton:disqus  which was great to see and i dont think it has come out over here yet? but i will love to read it xx i have watched you from a little girl when i was 17 i had a baby boy who is my life and i for one know you and ur hubby will have a blast being mummy and dadddy! i am now 19yrs old hehehe your bdays same as my mums hehe…
     Well i watch E! alot over here to and when i found out you were gonna be a mumma i was so happy and thought wow im gonna google this heheheheh :) ohh its sooo cool hilary id sooo love to like meet you oneday heheh so if u really do get to read this CONGRATS to you both xx

  • Macarena431

    I love you hilary te deseo lo mejor en todo ! Sos mi idola!

  • Hilluver

    OMG!!!! I luv you and I can’t believe you are coming to rio!!!!! Its a dream come true!!! My prayers were answered!!!!!

  • Mae2princess

    OMG!!!! I seriously Love you so so much. I know everyone probably tells you this but I am seriously Your biggerst fan ever you dont even know My dream has always been to meet you and still that has never come true I hope so badly that one day I can finally meet you and talk to u. You have given me so much hope and I have always looked up to you no matter what you stayed true to yourself and never went down a wrong path like many famous teens did, because of you I am who I am today and you seriosuly have changed mu life through Lizzie McGuire, your music, movies,books, and even all the charity work you have done, you’ve really given me hope that one day my dreams will come true Hilary you give me so much hope and faith.I dont know how I can ever think u for all you have done.

  • Iloveya2011

    Hi Hilary!:) 
    Im a huge fun of yours, Ive followed you since the beginning! I loved ‘Lizzie McGuire’ just ‘cuz you were in it, lol:]
    Its like Ive grown up with you, so I totally care of you hun! 
    Well, when I heard of you&Mike I was THE HAPPIEST GURL EVER!!! Now, when ive known of YOUR BABY and that YOU ARE PREGNANT i was like…MOOOOORE THAN HAPPY!!! I FELT…I CANT EVEN EXPRESS HOW I FELT, LOL! <3
    Im really happy for you both, you're one of the best couple ever, I wish you all the best guys!;D
    Im sure you'll be really AWESOME parents for that lucky babe, he/shes gonna be glad having you two as parents and is gonna be as cute as the mommyy!;)
    Hope you read it soon xoxo
    Much Love,
    Ele, italian:)

  • Iloveya2011

    Hi Hilary!:) 
    Im a huge fun of yours, Ive followed you since the beginning! I loved ‘Lizzie McGuire’ just ‘cuz you were in it, lol:]
    Its like Ive grown up with you, so I totally care of you hun! 
    Well, when I heard of you&Mike I was THE HAPPIEST GURL EVER!!! 
    Im really happy for you and Mike, you're one of the best couple ever, I wish you all the best guys!;D
    Im sure you'll be really AWESOME parents for that lucky babe, he/shes gonna be glad having you two as parents and is gonna be as cute as the mommyy!;)
    Hope you read it soon xoxo
    Much Love,
    Ele, italian:)

  • Organsizemywedding

    hi, loved your pictures from your wedding, and congrats on your pregnancy, i hope everything goes well for you 3. I love your films you are a great actress, stacy

  • Rociomarie84

    I just found out you were pregnant and downright flipped out! I swear I’ve been a huuuge fan since I was 8, and now I’m 17 and I can’t believe this ! You were always my inspiration to go out and folow my dreams, sing, perform. I think you are one of the best people out there, in hollywood and the world ! Keep on living a splendid life, I love you hilary! congratulations on the baby <3 
    love, Rocío (from the island of Puerto Rico, I went to your concert in fifth grade! One of the best experiences of my life!) 

  • Simmy


  • Anna

    Hi Hilary. First of all i want to congratulate you for being pregnant. That’s a great message!

    I guess I am your only fan from Liechtenstein – if you have ever heard about that country. I’ve been looking up to you since I was 10 or 11 years old and now I am 18. The best thing is, that your projects have always grown with my age. I don’t think that I would start watching Lizzie McGuire now, but then i loved it.

    I don’t want to boast of all the products of yours I am holding. I am loving my pretty collection that I got. You have always been a role model to me. You never shocked the world with some scandals – that means you kept staying in the spotlight with your sympathy and proficiency. And since there isn’t that many trouble around you like a few years ago I am just loving you for your fashion!

    Grüsse von der anderen Seite des Atlantiks! :-)

  • max

     so how are you iv seen all ur movies and they are great can u make more of them  like eum the perfect man  id love to see u in a movie so please do more ofthem :) thankyou  hilary duff =)

  • Nicola

    Hilary ))

    this is Nicola from Italy, how are you? of course you dont remember about me, however i am that guy who sent you the black crystals umbrella a couple of year ago.. i made another for you but i dont know how to get in contact with you soo… would you pls email me at nicola@pasottiombrelli.com when u have a minute? thank you ))))

  • http://twitter.com/DenisAlekseev Денис Алексеев

    hi! Hilary you are so beautiful I’m crazy on you every day I think about you! I reviewed all your movies that you predstovlyaya next !!!!!! I am so jealous of your husband that he has such a beautiful wife like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  • http://twitter.com/DenisAlekseev Денис Алексеев

    hi! Hilary you are so beautiful I’m crazy on you every day I think about you! I reviewed all your movies that you predstovlyaya next !!!!!! I am so jealous of your husband that he has such a beautiful wife like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  • http://twitter.com/DenisAlekseev Денис Алексеев

    hi! Hilary you are so beautiful I’m crazy on you every day I think about you! I reviewed all your movies that you predstovlyaya next !!!!!! I am so jealous of your husband that he has such a beautiful wife like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  • http://twitter.com/DenisAlekseev Денис Алексеев

    hi! Hilary you are so beautiful I’m crazy on you every day I think about you! I reviewed all your movies that you predstovlyaya next !!!!!! I am so jealous of your husband that he has such a beautiful wife like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  • http://twitter.com/DenisAlekseev Денис Алексеев

    hi! Hilary you are so crazy I krasivoya from you every day I think about you! I reviewed all your movies that you predstovlyaya next !!!!!! I am so jealous of your husband that he has such a beautiful wife like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  • http://twitter.com/DenisAlekseev Денис Алексеев

    hi! Hilary you are so crazy I krasivoya from you every day I think about you! I reviewed all your movies that you predstovlyaya next !!!!!! I am so jealous of your husband that he has such a beautiful wife like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!……

  • Eline Dumongh

    congratulations whit your pregnancy!! you deserve It!

  • MariaOlivera

    Congratulations on yout pregnancy!!!!!
    I’m so happy! I even cried tears of joy when i read the big announcement!!!
    You’re going to be an amazing mom!! And you also have a great family who shows
    really supportive and happy with all of this!! This is a great time for you filled
    with new experiences and feelings and also for Mike too. The baby is going to
    be gorgeous or handsome!! REALLY you both are so cute together! I can’t believe
    you’re going to be three now! It took me so long to call Mike your ‘husband’
    and not your ‘boyfriend’ and now i’m going to start using ‘her baby’ in less
    than a year!! Wooow so many changes in your life in so little time! I really
    wish you the best for life! You’ve got it all! Talent and beauty, a lovely
    family and you married the love of your life, baby on the way! I don’t know
    what else you could ask for! You even got supportive fans and a extremely sexy
    body!! You should come and visit my country someday! Maybe on tour with your book!
    Which is amazing, by the way! an aunt bought it to me last year as she was in
    the US
    in november! can’t wait for devoted to come out! the mom of my bff is going to
    the US
    on october this year because she’s got a wedding so I’m giving her the money to
    buy it for me!!! yaaay! life is so good!!! LOVE YOU!!! This is your greatest
    project in life and I hope you enjoy it and keep smiling! :) So glad you found
    your soulmate and mate for life! I loved when you said ‘Mike feels like home’
    for OK magazine ♥ so cute!  You rock,
    Hilary!!! Really the best role model in the world, want it or not. You’re
    AMAZING! Congratulations once again for everything you’ve done in your life
    until now and for the baby on the way! :) Hugs and greetings from Argentina!!! xxoxoxooxoxoxoxxo!!!!

    Maria del Rosario

  • Myuatruong

    You are the best writer, singer, actress, and probably the soon to be mother. You and your husband look great together, now the family will look even better with a little one in the picture! Continue being awesome and I’ll continue being a huge fan!!

  • Dudu:)

    I love u so much! Ur my 1st tv gf!!! :D and im so happy for you!!! Congrats about the baby :DDDD!!!

  • Pily87600

    Hey Hilary!!! I love ur site!!! Also i jsut wannted to tell u, i LOVED ur book Elixir!!!!!  It was possibley the best book i’ve ever read!!!!! i have always hated reading until i read ur book!!!!!! Also i have 3 women in music i admire!!! ur one of them!!! i always listen to ur music!!! I’ve al

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelsie.wiggins Kelsie Eileen Wiggins

    Love you Hilary!! You were the first concert I ever went to, and it was FREAKING AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to see you again! congrats on your pregnancy, a beautiful and handsome couple like you two should definitely have a baby!!!! :D


  • Alexadippel

    Hilary, My name is Alexa. My birthday Is today haha I am now 15. Im honestly not one of those freaked fans that go bizurk when one of there role models are seen. But I have been a fan since i was in diapers. I remeber watching Casper meets Wendy & Lizzie McGuire; and to see you happily married and expecting makes me so excited for you. Even at 15 your def. one person I would absolutely, without a doubt .. love to meet! Not that this will help.. but I used to do commercials & My Uncle is a screen writer for CSI Miami. I have met A LOT of people From John Trovolta … who my dad is pretty good friends with, Cheetah Girls, Nicky Sixx, Billy Joel, Tim McGraw, Elton John. Etc. Im just saying that because i have met A lot, and to me you guys are normal, everyday people; who just happen to make your dreams come true. I live in a small town in New Jersey by the name Moonachie ? Its very small. & It would just mean so much to me if I actually could meet you in person. No matter what I am & always will be a huge fan. Congratz again. XoXoXo,
           Alexa :*

  • C1037h

    hilary duff <3 awh i cant believe you are married! congradds! i remember waking up so early just to watch lizzie mcguire then i'd end up just watching it all day!! you weree my role model for such a long time. i think since i was about 6..by 12 i think i knew everything about you! i randomly thought about youu today because its a sad dayy so i'm going to listen to all of your old songs because i know they will make me happy :) anyways, i have met you before and i'd like to say your a very sweet n beautiful girl and always will be. i am happy that you didn't end up like every other celebrity..you stayed smart and that's why you'll always be my favorite! love youu

  • Julie

    Hi Hilary!
    My daughter has a question that we cannot find the answer to on the internet.  We went to a concert at the XL center in Hartford, CT.  We think it was in 2003.  A guy opened for you.  He was great and we bought his CD.  We played it so many times that the CD got messed up.  This was a few years ago.  We are trying to remember his name.  Please help us!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Hi Hilary,

    Over the past couple years I haven’t been the best fan. I used to cut out every single picture of you in magazines. I bought hundreds of magazines just for your posters or pictures. I’m now 20 and I have loved you since I was 10, back in 2001 when Lizzie McGuire was starting. I would sit in front of the tv everyday to tape every since episode of Lizzie McGuire. That was back when VCR’s were cool ;) I would wake up at 6 in the morning just to record you singing on an early morning show and would have to keep the tv muted so I wouldn’t wake my parents :) You got me through so much as a kid. I had a best friend for a while but later on I was a loner and was constantly picked on. You kept me from falling apart. I used to cry myself asleep it was so bad but I have your posters all over my room and your smiling face just made everything so much better. I’ve met you twice but I would do anything to meet you again. I have never looked up to someone like I have to you. You amaze me more and more every day by the amazing person you are and the fact that you are yourself and don’t care about fitting in with what’s “cool”. It’s hard finding a great role model who stays grounded but you are definitely one of those people. I know I’m not the only one affected by you. I think it’s wonderful the kind of affect you have on people. Even though you haven’t been doing movies or cd’s lately you still have loyal fans who will always love you. I will always support you in anything you do. I bought your book and will buy the follow up as well. No matter what you do, it’s always amazing. When I found out you were pregnant I almost cried. I’ve loved you for so long that I feel an emotional connection to you and I guess hearing that news made me feel guilty that I haven’t been keeping up on you very well. I’ve been pretty busy and I’ve had the worst year and half of my life. Both of my brothers died within of a year of each other to suicide and again I’ve felt like falling apart but you’ve saved me yet again. Hilary, I want you to know that you have made me the person I am today and you have kept me going even though I have wanted to give up. Good luck with your baby, I really hope the best for you Hilary. You deserve to be happy. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me, and for everyone else. I love you so much!!!

  • Rowan

    Dear Hilary,
    First, my apologies for my bad English, I’m Dutch,
    Your book was amazing! I’ve it at my place in Holland,
    Please write a second book about Clea&Sage,
    please answer, because I’m thrilled to hear that you write a second,

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Plami-Rafailova/100002442031946 Plami Rafailova

    Hey Hilary Duff.I am Plami and I am Is your BIG fan.

  • Sergiu

    i have to your email plizzz,and to sign up in skype and to search my name: Sergiu_Neagu and you to speak with mee plizzzz!!!!    Thanks for listen

  • Iida Välimaa

    We Love You Hilary<3
    You are beautiful
    Always  and Forever=)

  • Tahtyana

    Hi Hilary! 
    I love your new website! I am so excited for you on being a newlywed and now a mother! I know you are going to be an amazing mom! I have been a fan of yours since I was very VERY young, possibly Lizze McGuire time (I’m 18 now). I have followed you ever since then. I know all of your songs that you have ever sang or covered. LOL. I used to sing Metamorphosis when I was little in my room all day! Then when With Love came out I learned those songs within hours. I just wanted to tell you thanks for always being yourself. I admire you a lot. 


  • SelenaL

    hi hailry

  • Mariana

     Hi, Hilary :)
    just want to notice you how proud I am of you! I’ve been a fan of yours for AGES and I still look up for you! You’re an inspiration, I do love ALL your movies, they’re great!

  • Amanda

    When I was little I used to watch your show and wish I could be on it. You were deffinitely my role model. As I got older I still watched your movies, I watched one today actually; What goes up. First time I actually seen all of it haha. Its crazy to hear that your having a baby, because whenever someone says your name I go back to my disney channel watching days. Your still one of my favorite actors/singers. My bestfriend and me were listing to a couple of your songs the other day. Your deffinitely still my role model.

    -Amanda from Ohio

  • Samantha

    Hi! I want to say that you are my favorite actress. Also, In October 2006 issue on Seventeen Magazine, I was in there (Iron Angels) that was about five girls who have a disability and illness but all four other girl have an illness, and I am only one girl that has multiple disabilities that few pages after your article. My name is Samantha. I am huge fan of you and I want to meet you someday. 

  • M_piecre916

    Hey Hilary,
    I’m so happy for you and your husband! I grew up with you when you were on Lizzie Mcguire and I’m 23 now married with two kids of my own. Your gonna love motherhood!! I wanna see lots of prego pics!! so be sure to post some as soon as you get a baby bump!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001293763641 Владислав Марков

    You’re such a charming person<3 . I love your movies and music. 
    Hilary , you're an ideal of girl i can ever imagine…WOW WOW …. love yaaaa…..
    keep it up….^^ ( u're very cuuuteeeeee)

  • Jcmroz

    This is such a great, personal site. I have been a fan for years, I actually went all the way from Chicago to Vegas to see one of your concerts because it was sold out at home. I was one of your die hard tween fans, and I want to thank you for being such a great role model. You definitely influenced me to be my best, in whatever I do, and I continue that mindset today.

    One of your biggest fans,

  • Jess1392

     I love u so much and I am one of ur biggest fans I have been following ur news since the days u used to act as Lizzie and now i am 19 years so i think it has been about 10 years, I have all ur CDs and all ur movies and i got ur book it is a lovely story can’t wait for the 2nd novel, my birthday is on the 13th of august when i knew u got married on the 14th i was so happy. I have never gone to ur concerts, my dream is to meet u or at least go to one of ur concerts….. u r an incredible lady and I am so happy for the wonderful news Congrats.
    Hilary Duff U ROCK and U R the best.

  • sali-zeyn

    seni çooook seviyoruz hilary.

  • Sezloulou

    Hilary your amazing, so beautiful and talented. I love you. I love your movies and music. Will there be any new music from you? I recently got your Discography. I’m so happy I got everything you did in the music world. I enjoy watching your movies. Raise you Voice, Material Girls. So good :) I love all of them :) 

  • crystal

    I miss the Lizzie Mcguire tv show!

  • Hillary Gilbert

    You have been a huge inspiration to me! You are so beautiful & so talented. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope someday I can meet you. :0)

  • Peter

    Hey Hilary! Congratulations to you and Mike on ur 1st anniversary and ur pregnancy! I know ur gonna be great parents! I’ve been a huge fan of you since I was 7. I am turning 15 in October and I still consider you as my idol! Right now I am listening to your albums on my iPod and I really miss ur music! Please make more music and albums when u have the chance! Ur fans are always here by your side!

  • Hutchgirl5409

    I’ve loved you since I discovered you after Lizzie McGuire, it’s amazing to see how your life is coming together for you. Congrats on the baby(: xoxo Kh

  • Ashleyilyj

    Hi Hilary u should deff come backup music u were awesome and a great role model :) love u

  • Ashleyilyj

    Hey congrats on the baby news :)

  • Ilebazi_amag

    Hi, I’m a big fan of you, is more a pity I am a simple Brazilian and now living in Canada.! I hope one day to meet you in person.!Hilary which is your height and kilos (before marriage)?Wow, already tried and not found with this, with so many differentkilos I’ve seen, neither of you believe, so I want to ask you.!Excuse my English. XOXO

  • Ssparkyone

    your awsome!

  • Plamenka_2000

    Hi Hilary
    I am plami and I have great fen.i want to know because I know you’re wonderful guy with great chips

  • Lita Miller

    I was so obsessed with you when I was little:)

  • Plamenka_2000

    hi Hilary Duff

  • Adinka Adinulka

    Úžasné že i já z České republiky si mohu prohlédnout stránky Hilary :-) A zároven hnedka gratuluji k těhotenství :-) Nevímjestli mi rozumíš ale moc dobře anglicky neumím tak si netroufám. Mám moc ráda filmy kde vystupuješ škoda že jich neni více :-) Kristýna Hošková.

  • megan Rennie

    HIIIII xx I literally love you. You are an Idol to me, ever since I was eight, since your first album came out, since your first TV series was aired, I new I wanted to be like you, I have seen every movie of yours and I loooooove them. I really hope you can come to Singapore because I reeeeeeealy want to meet you :( so pls pls pls pls pls come to Singapore.

    M xx 

  • Alina Usowa2000

    Hilary, you really pregnant?

  • Perfectly Imperfect 19

    You should have a ‘book’ page that goes along with your ‘home’ ‘about this site’ and ‘photos’ pages :)

  • Hope Currie

    I grew up watching you on Disney Channel you were my idol growing up, your amazing and ill never forget all the great things you achieved in your life that i have as part of my childhood, i love you, keep being amazing and sweet :) <3 x

  • Melina

    HILARYYYYYY I LOVEEE YOUUU!!!!! k so i practically grew up only listening to your music!! you are a huge inspiration and i miss your music sososooo much!!! you were also my first concert and looking up to you gave me courage and strength to be who i want to be and have my own style!! thank you sooo much!!! i wish you all the best with your new baby coming and want you to know that you are always remembered!!!! Have an amazing life!!!!
    Love your great fan <3 (:

  • Gloryelizondo

    hi hilary !!!!
    that excites your pregnancy luck from a very large fan!!

  • Nk

    Hey Hil, you are really a true inspiration for all the young girls, a really good girl with family values. Please stay sane and stay same!!!
    love you

  • Olivia

     HILARY DUFF! 10 years ago I swore I was your biggest fan. Now im 17 and find out Hilary Duff is pregnant, I almost cried it made me feel so old. It feels like just yesterday I was at your concert screaming my lungs out, or glued to the TV every time a Lizzie McGuire episode came on, replaying the Lizzie McGuire movie over and over, struting around in my stuff by Hilary Duff appreal, jewerly and cosmetics, waiting in line in Westland, MI just to give you my balloon cause you were turning 16 in just a few days, flipping threw all my Hilary Duff life story books, running out to the store cause a new Hilary Duff CD was out, jamming the CD’s all day everyday, hanging up posters. I breathed Hilary Duff. You were my role model growing up and still are, you’ve really kept up a good reputation and never let the fame get to you. You are like a REAL person to me, unlike some of the other people in hollywood. To this day i still have all of my Hilary Duff collection every single CD, posters, books, autographed DVD and CD and photos. You really are a great person you made my childhood and I will never forget.

    Below is a picture from when I met you in  Westland, MI.

    • Puppies Rule 421

      I SO AGREE. everything that you had wrote is truly how i felt about her. I did every SINGLE little thing you did. From the tv show to her music. Glad to know that Im not alone when it comes to being her true fan (:

    • casey prince

      i feel exactly the same way! i never got to meet her but shes been my role model since lizzie mcguire and cadet kelly! i still watch the movies all the time. ive always wanted to meet her and after about nine or ten years, thats STILL my dream.

      • Marjanasif

        I also want to meet her.She is also my role model, I know that one day I will meet her

        • ab

          i wanna meet her also!

      • HDno1biggestfan

        Same, one day I will meet Hilary. Just as soon as she comes back to Australia.

        • random post

          if Hilary Duff does Not come to you // GO TO THE DUFF. !!! hahahahah

    • Melissag2797

      That was awesome I met Hilary duff too last year at miami fl. I wish she would come again  this year to do a book signing.

    • 1987

      Aww, that’s adorable. Made me smile. :)

    • Anastacia meza

      im staci meza and i just wanna say i luv ur songs and ur movies when u were on lizzie u looked so cute in those outfits. .
      how does it feel to b on the show wit ur sister i saw u and ur sister on matiral girl.
      how does it feel 2 b star and a celeb. um kids on facebook r sayn ur songs r weird and others r sayn dat ur weird but 2 me ur awesome and if i were u i would not listen 2 them and u and ur sister just keep doin wat u doin.
      how come ur not doin lizze mcgire anymore i used 2 luv dat show so i hope dat u could think about it.
      ur,biggest fan
      anastacia meza {staci}

    • Amalea Ryckman

      I remember doing all of the same things, haha. I just never got the oppurtunity to meet her:( that was always my DREAM man, lol! I miss her music so much! She helped me through a really rough time

    • Yas

      I felt old too!!!! I swear lately I have been feeling old and I am only 15 because stars are getting married, pregnant, and on disney there is nothing I like to watch. Time is going, here is to childhood.

    • Sam

      Oh my gosh, I feel totally the same. I’ve loved Hilary Duff since I started watching Lizzie McGuire and all her movies, listening to all her songs. My first concert was going to see her when I was in primary school with my best friend ! :)

      I’m 18 now, and I feel old as well knowing that Hilary Duff just had a baby. My birthday is also 10 days before her Luca’s :D

      I really want to her new music, or see her in films or televisions. I’ve had her poster on my wall for ages ! 

      I wish i could meet her, you’re so lucky. The closest I got was when I was walking home from her concert, her car drove right past and she waved to all of us :)

    • disqus_w5KSnc32g6

      i gus tym shanges as wel…ehh!!!

    • Brittney

      That’s really awesome that you’ve met Hilary :) I would like to meet her too someday! :) <3 by the way i've also read what you wrote before i posted a comment & replied :)

    • Wayne

      You feel old at seventeen, you have a long way to go before you should feel old, I am 58 and the only reason I feel old is because I worked my body to shambles,but I feel young at heart still. I never knew who Hilary Duff was until I met a woman in Iraq on Facebook who uses her pictures for her Identity, nothing wrong with that it is dangerous there. But I kept seeing Hilary Duff on her pictures so I looked her up on Google and found out who she is and I liked how she became a star, so I have much respect for her.

      • Andy Bendzin

        Wayne, I guess you and me are the old guys. You know why so many love her? I remember watching her shows with my oldest daughter. Cracked me up the thing with her “evil” twin and herself. She always acted right way, regardless how she felt inside. When you look at people like Miley Cirus and what she has become and so many music stars of today’s scene, she is still wholesome, true to herself and is just what she always has been. Maybe that’s why I loved that show so much because you sensed the character is not too far from the real person. A good role model to follow.

    • Silver

      That’s so adorable! Seeing how much people love Hilary proves that she is very inspiring to the world around us. WE ARE SO LUCKY FOR HILARY DUFF! I wish I meant Hilary Duff.

    • Silver

      I’ve always loved Hilary. I have a lot of her CDs, books, movies and more. She always knew how to make a child smile.

    • Rebecca from china

      Omg you re soooooo lucky to be the one!!!!!

    • Rebecca from china

      I am almost14 now but i still haven’t gone to the country she lives

    • Moise

      I feel the exact same way. :) hilary is the best!

  • Chloe Vandelanotte

    I really like your book! It’s beautiful… I can’t wait at devoted <3

  • Jelenafilipovic14

    I’m really happy for you! I hope the best for you and your family. Congratulations!:)

  • hilarydufffan1

    omg!! i lovee u soo much!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THE BABYY!! and say hii to mike!! he’s cutee!! LOL
    and so are youu!!

  • Isabella_santos

    Hi Hilary, I am live in Brazil Cuiaba Mato Grosso, and always accompany you love your work.The Brazilians love you. kisses

  • Alex Hyland

    hey Hilary… my name is Alex, i am 20, and you were one of my first favorite teen pop stars when i was younger…and is awesome to see you pass another mile marker in your life!! congratulations to you and your husband!!
     Also most pop stars, and young teen girls are getting pregnant before they are even married.. i wish these girls would use you as a role model…and realize just cause you are popular…doesn’t mean you have to become all slutty, and start going down the wrong road… but be more like you! 

  • Rhilary76

    hi hilary
    i m ur biggest fan

  • http://www.facebook.com/qendresa23 Qendresa Sylaj

    Hilary Duff, do you have 1 or 2 children ??

    • Emma

      None she is Pregnant with her first

  • http://www.mamabosse.com.au Jodi

    Hi Hilary – Congrats on the pregnancy, such wonderful news, not sure if you read this but I would love you send you one of my maternity/nursing singlets, I am Australian and its a new brand that has taken off in Australia, I promise you will live in it!!  Your such an inspiration and a wonderful role model for young women, just my way of saying ‘thanks’ for being a positive influence amongst it all! I don’t expect a personal response from you obviously, but if you would like to get someone to email me a postal address if you would like one, would love to send you one. 
     Jodi xx

  • JustinTheMystifyer

    Hey Hilary, I just sent you some tweets from my twitter @themystifyer:twitter im sure you would not see them cause you probably get a millions tweets.  Anyways Ive been a fan of yours since forever.  I am a magician and I now host a Live webcast where I get to interview fellow entertainers and would love to have you as a guest. You would be able to do live Q&A with fans viewing the show and of course we would promote you and share some of your music videos with viewers.  If your interested you can hit me up.  Justin@Justinthemystifyer.com I love how down to earth you are with your fans so thats why I thought it would be a good fit for you. and the added bonus to have been a fan for so long it would be such an honor to have you as a guest. Just an idea.

  • M Richey

    Let me just say that you inspire me. I’m 18 and ever since I was a young girl, you have been my one idol. Keep it and thank you <3

  • Kayla

    Congrats on the pregnancy. You will be an amazing mom. Babies are amazing, once they are in your arms nothing else matters. also, Happy 1 Year Anniversary and i know that there will be many more. =]

  • Brianibarra

    Biggest Fan since Disney Channel

  • —cynthia o.—-

    i luv u i wuz soooo obsessed with u well im glad ur gnna b a mommy god bless you guys both plzzzz reply bck hil.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricardo

    Hilary Duff Parabens  pelo Baby, fico feliz por você…ancioso pela sua vinda ao Brasil. 
    sou um dos fãs aqui do Brasil!!!

  • Shirin Malek

    WOW……….. it seems like just yesterday i was watching my favorite disney star “lizzie mcquire” on t.v…. and now she is expecting a baby?!?!?! :) :) i will always remeber the day i met u on the plane :P 

    best of luck

    a fan <3

  • Guest

    Its funny how i grew up watching lizzie maguire and then all your other movies and now your married and having a baby. Congratulations!!! I hope you have an amazing life :) 

  • Priscila

    Hilary mi
    Tamo ♥

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=569128881 Jessa Lorraine Jackson

    this one is way better then the old one

  • Bubu Caloni

    I loved your site, I need to go in the autograph session, the more I live too far from theRJ and SP you want to come to Porto Alegre RS: / KISSES i love you

  • http://twitter.com/dangitzbieber Nicole Bieber

    Hey Hilary! @hilaryduffadmin:disqus, you are my favorite singer…female…:)

  • Ramona Gregorius

    Dear Hilary, Congratulations on your pregnancy, i wish you only the best and a lot of health and happiness for your baby. Stay as Wonderful :) best wishes from Germany♥

  • Kbrenner3

    So are you working on another album? I believe I need a new one to add to my Hilary Duff collection! You are so motivating, uplifting, and awesome :) keep it up!  

  • imad ribatchy Barera

    When you put your new We are waiting

  • Samara

    Congratulations on your pregnancy :) You are probably one of my childhood role models that haven’t destroyed their lives. You are so beautiful and I wish you well.

  • Kim

    You have been my idol since I was a little girl! I love and admired everything you did! It thrills me to know you are married and having a baby now. Congratulations! You taught me to always stay true to myself and im glad you did the same. Im in college now but you will still be my role model :) good luck with the family life!

    With Love, 

  • Josh H.

    I’ve followed you since Lizzie McGwire, own all of your movies and albums. Why can’t we have what we all want, a sequeol to the Lizzie McGwire movie where you and Gordo get married? Give the people what they want. You rule!

  • http://twitter.com/bittersweetdee Siti Nur’adillah

    Congratulations Hil & Mike!
    Im so happy that you are starting your own family. Grown up with you watching Lizzie Maguire, Kadet Kelly and you were so adorable on Casper Meets Wendy! haha.
    Hope to see you acting again soon and all the best! 

    Dee from Singapore

  • mabealma

    I love u Hil…
    Congratulation, I’m soo happy for your! I’m happier <3<3<3 XOXO to you, mike and to the baby…
    From Venezuela
    With Love Mabe

  • thimna

    Du ond din Ma xänd super us!
    ..that’s swiss german and means; you and your husband look beautiful!

    big hug from switzerland,

  • Marvin

    It would be dope if whenever hilary is bored or whenever she can if she wants to..
    to write back at ppl it would just be so awesome to talk to her. i mean she can block
    who ever she wants so it would be safe ;]

  • Georgia

    by any chance are you going to cme to the UK to do a gig after you have settled down in the future with your baby?.  I really want to see you live and i want to go to america and see you i really do!! congratulations to you and mike. x

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1105040252 Rebecca Rhode

    you are AMAZING and have been my idol for 7 years :D 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001506672328 Angelica Lastra

    i loveee hilary duff!! i wish i can meet her!! <3 lovee you hilary!! 

  • Cutesari007

    Hey hi!!!!!!!!!! I am crazy for you…i have loved u since lizie….oh god…u r the only celebrity I ahve always cherished…why don’t u do a film asap….a dying u see act…n congrats for ur baby…m very happy for u…i hv always adored u……u r the best…

  • Jeanne M.

    Hi Hilary;
    Best wishes on your pregnancy.  It is an exciting experience…cherish every special moment…you will never forget this experience.  I hope you have an easy pregnancy and a beautiful delivery.
    Your fan;
    Jeanne M.

  • Gerard

    HI HILARY I¨M really enjoy your work and i love your song and everything you do.. you are amazing… congratulation for you and your baby..!!  i´ll like to see a new album….. music is my life… ( MENOS ES MAS ) SIMPLE IS BETTER….. I LOVE YOU !! ..
    Gerardo from venezuela!!

  • BTK OnFiire

    I hope you are well
    and that baby is the most beautiful!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001433400619 Tommy Tran

    Hey Hilary Duff, Im Not Sure If Your Going To Read This But….. I Just Wanted You 2 Know That Im YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!! And I Have Been Ever Since I Was Little…. And Now Im 13 And I’m Still A Fan. I Used To Listen To You Album “Dignity” Over And Over Again And I Could Listen To It Again And Never Get Tired Of Your AMAZING Voice. You Are SUPER Pretty, You Have A Really Good Voice, And Lol You Make Me Speechless. I Miss Watching You In All Kind’s Of Movies. Like “Material Girl’s”, “Raise Your Voice” And My Personal Favorite “A Cinderella Story” TommyTran1997@Live:disqus

  • Cynthia

    I just wanted to say congrats on your one year of marriage and you were actually married on my sons birthday. Anywho congrats on the baby you will love being a mother its the most challenging rewarding expierience ever!

  • Julie ann

    Hilary  – Would u ever make a movie with Jonathan Taylor Thomas hahaha

  • http://twitter.com/carlosalvador Carlos Salvador

     Your baby is a gift of God: God’s hand came up to your arms the greatest gift, tender and sweet you could imagine.

  • Catheryne

    Hi Hilary,
    I have loved you since I was about 4 or 5 years old. Im turning 15 this november so it will be about 10 years! I have never been to your concert because I’ve been to young. You have no idea how much I look up to you. My most prized posession would be a small picture frame with your signature in it in my room from when you where filming Cheaper By The Dozen 2. You filmed your graduation sene in Ontario at a all boys private school called Saint Andrew’s. I know this becuase my aunt works there and my cousin got to be an extra, and you were giving out autographs and my cousin got me one! I love it! I hope you read this and maybe answer back if you can because it would mean so much! I have seen all your movies, and read your book and am so excited for your next book! Congrats on your marriage and A BABY! That’s so exciting! Anywyas love you lot’s! Hope you can answer me back (even though i didnt ask any questions) And continue with everything! Maybe a movie or new song? <33333

  • username…

    Nice website. I like it’s simple and classic. I admire you so much I grew up watching Lizzie McGuirre and I love your music. I am going to start my first year of college in an art school and you are most definitely one of my biggest inspirations. =)

    P.S. Congrats on becoming a mommy!!!!!!!!!!  =D

  • Sedrick

    Hello hilary how are you doing you are so beautiful

  • Jessica

    Hi Hilary I’ve been a fan of yours since Casper meets Wendy and then  years later i started to watch Lizzie Mcguire. I love all of your movie’s and music I hope you get back to singing one day.  Also i love the book Elixir it was rely good i just could not put it down also thank you for the poster back in 2004. that you gave to the girl who won a free shopping trip with you who was from Dothan Al and  I guess she told you about me and then when she came back i saw a poster under the door. Thank you so much

  • Animaluv1

    Hilary, Your awesome.
    I am 11 years old, I still love watching Lizzie McGuire, That’s such a cool show.
    Congratulations on the baby!

    Your an amazing singer aswell.

  • http://twitter.com/diegoortega93 diego ortega

    i love you
    and i love you baby

  • Sarah

    Hilary Duff i have no idea if you are going to read this (I hope you do) I had no idea you got married i hope he makes you happy never makes you cry never cheats on you i always pray for you and wish for you to be happy because i love you so much i love your songs ands and the lyrics you sing it touches my heart it touches my soul. I wish to God i would meet you one day you are beautiful Hilary inside and out. Love ya to death

  • Julimique23

    I follow you as a child, you are my role model in life. I´m very happy with all your news!!! Julieta from Argentina, your fan forever!! I love you Hilary =)

  • Hokulani

    In honesty I haven’t been able to follow much on stars news, but on the plus side, the attention the media puts on you is positive.  I just read the news about your new baby coming, and lo and behold found myself a year late on your marriage news. For both, congratulations!  And I also want to thank you for being wonderful and down to earth.  Your beautiful and a great young woman, soon to be great mom!  Congrats and take care!

  • PrincetonGirl818

    Hey Hilary!
    I’ve been a fan of your work since before I can remember and feel like I have grown up with you. You’re a fab actress and i love all of your films especially a cinderella story.
    Also congrats on your pregnancy! Its so refreshing to see a starlet just settle down and be happy, when so many others have gone off the rails.
    You are an inspiration and a great role-model to teenagers like me!
    Thankyou :) X

  • Fashngirl13

    super exctied about your news, you are going to be an incredible mother, and mike an amzing father. i wish nothing but the best for you and your growing family. if anyone you deserve this.

  • Monserrat

    Hi Hilary!!! I send you a big hug and congratulations for you baby. I write from Pachuca, Hidalgo, México!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MOX5IXHIKABBHDJ56KWFRJOMS4 Princess Valerie Isela

    You are so grown up. I have Loved you since i was 5 and now im gonna be 15. Its been 10 yrs i still love you. You are a great role model and dont be afraid to mess up. I am so happy for you and your husband i cant wait to see pics of your baby im so excited for you. Congrats best wishes. <3

  • Lisa

    Hi Hilary! Congratulations on being pregnant! I’ve been a fan for a long time, and am so glad that you have set a great example for girls worldwide. It is very encouraging to know that you are a Christian as well! Keep up the great work!
    -Lisa from Canada :)

  • Guest

    Hilary!  YOu couldn’t have been a more perfect picture of a beautiful bride!   Glad you can celebrate a 1 year anniversary with such great news!  Embrace the new challenges ahead!  xoxo

  • Bia Gnapoli

    hi hillary
    love you very very much!
    I am very happy with agravidez, my friends and I live in Rio de Janeiro and we want to ask you if you even being recorded will see the biennial

  • Bia Gnapoli

    hi hillary
    love you very very much!
    I am very happy with agravidez, my friends and I live in Rio de Janeiro and we want to ask you if you even being recorded will see the biennial

  • Jenadpantano

    So now that you’re married.. When should we be expecting to look out for Hilary Comrie?? Congratulations on  your baby.

  • hilary/duff/fanatic

    Oh my gosh! Hilary! i am your biggest fan ever!!!!!! i have gone to eery concert u have ever had and i still love you!  i love all of your movies (espcially beauty and the briefcase) oh and i have an autograph from your photographer linda solomon…(i am her neighbor and she said that she photographs you and i nearly died!). you had a charity event here in birmingham one year(2009?) and i was crying when you walked into the room. your book elixar is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are my roll model! i love you sooososososososos much!!!!!! i will never ever stop being a fan!
    i would die if you were to email me? lenovick@yahoo.com pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lauren Novick
    (linda Solomon says hi)

  • Jujubixvtchd

    WOW cant believe that now we have a kind of contact with youuu!!!! i just want u 2 know that u r like a role model for me, i love ur personality, i love ur voice, your lifestyle, your movies, series, clothes….. anyway, everything! u r everything to me, and i start with this crazy love when i first saw u starring at casper meet wendy and after on lizzie mcguire, and was like a real first love! ive went to ur show here in brazil, and honesty, we need one more!!!!! oh and i almost forgot to say that i love the big news of ”baby makes three” !!!!!!!!!! i wassss so happy when i read it here in ur website, that my mom had to give a medicine to stop my happinnes! HAHAHAHA okk, im waiting u in rio! but dont forget that i cant wait anymore, need u now!!! LOVE YAAAAAA, XOXOXOX 

  • webstermom7

    As a mother and a teacher of young women, I want to thank you for getting married, THEN having a child.  Our youth need more examples of good choices.  Thank you for not falling into the typical traps that have befallen so many beautiful young women who’s lives are now shattered by drugs and alcohol and promiscuity.  It is appreciated!!

  • http://twitter.com/farhanalovesHD FarhanaDuff

    hi Hillary, im not sure if your gonna read this, but i just wanted to say you are brougt down from heaven, and i love you so much, i just wish i had a friend like you; bess actress yet, you should move to the UK you know..
    lots and lots of love xx

  • http://twitter.com/farhanalovesHD FarhanaDuff

    hi Hillary, im not sure if your gonna read this, but i just wanted to say you are brougt down from heaven, and i love you so much, i just wish i had a friend like you; bess actress yet, you should move to the UK you know..
    lots and lots of love xx

  • http://twitter.com/farhanalovesHD FarhanaDuff

    hi Hillary, im not sure if your gonna read this, but i just wanted to say you are brougt down from heaven, and i love you so much, i just wish i had a friend like you; bess actress yet, you should move to the UK you know..
    lots and lots of love xx

  • http://twitter.com/farhanalovesHD FarhanaDuff

    hi Hillary, im not sure if your gonna read this, but i just wanted to say you are brougt down from heaven, and i love you so much, i just wish i had a friend like you; bess actress yet, you should move to the UK you know..
    lots and lots of love xx

  • http://twitter.com/farhanalovesHD FarhanaDuff

    hi Hillary, im not sure if your gonna read this, but i just wanted to say you are brougt down from heaven, and i love you so much, i just wish i had a friend like you; bess actress yet, you should move to the UK you know..
    lots and lots of love xx

  • http://twitter.com/Stiffler2009 Tabitha Stiffler

    congrats on the baby new to you and your husband. awww their going to be a pens fan!!! (:

  • Abi

    Dear Hilary Duff,
    My name is Abi, and I love your Music & your Movies. I love reading, so I might try out your new novel, when it comes out. When I was little, I remember asking my mom if I could stay up late, and watch your Movies on Disney…… and the next day, I would watch it again. Then, finally my Mom bought the Movies, and I would watch them practically every day.
    When I found out about YouTube, (when I was a little bit older) I would search up your songs, and listen to them all day. So far, My favorite song is “Stranger” . I barely got an Mp3, and every song you have is on them!
    I’m probably not your biggest Fan, but I still am a great fan of you.
    Good luck,

  • Qendresa

    Hilary have you 1 or 2 children ???

  • Qendresa

    hi Hilary Duff, i got your movie Raise Your Voice now has something like 20 times and seen every time I cry again it is the best movie I’ve ever seen, but first I will have all your other movies, I hear you alll very biggest fan ever! ! ILOVEYOUUUUUUUUUU <3 <3 <3

  • Ciara Creagh

    Hilary, i’m a huge fan, you prob won’t read this, but if there’s even a slight chance that you will, then i’m going to keep writing, i have been a fan since i was 7 and now i’m 15, i have all your movies, cds, your doll, both your perfumes, posters, pictures, t-shirts, hats, calendars, your book (can wait for the next one too :D)
    i just love you so much Hilary :) And i wish you and Mike all the best xo
    From Ciara xoxox

  • Crystal

    Conrats Hil and Mike :) xx

  • kayla

    hey hilary! congratulations on the baby news im sure you’ll be a great mum! well not that i know you or anything…. but you seem really nice?! haha ohwell :) xxx

  • Vinclaire Daniela Yeo

    Hi Hilary!

    You and Lizzie McGuire had been such a huge part of my teen-hood.
    Always rootin’ for ya!
    And congrats on the baby. :)


  • Alexis

    Hilary, my name is Alexis, I’m 17 now and I just wanted to let you know you have been one of my biggest inspirations throughout my life. I remember being young and sitting watching Lizzy Mcguire on TV, and loving it. I swear I never missed a Episode. You were my biggest idol, I always wanted to be just like you. and it makes me proud that of all the Disney stars that were on TV back when I was a kid, you are one of the VERY few who didn’t turn bad or sell out on your fans. God I remember begging my parents to buy your clothes for me and to get me tickets to go to your concert (which sadly I never got to.) And I always looked up to you and still do… One thing I know for sure is that when i have kids they will grow up watching lizzie mcguire for sure. i hope everything is well with you Hilary <3

    P.S Im getting your book as soon as it comes out, I'm pre-ordering it in like two days <3

  • Parker Mexico.

    Hey Hilary !!! 
    More Music Pleasee !!!
    I need your new music !!


  • http://twitter.com/CraveForCharlie Carlos Raúl//Charlie

    Give us a new disc Hilary!


    PLEASE GO ON TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WE MISS YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah

      Yess!! Please go on tour!! I’m not kidding when I say that I had a dream a few nights ago that you came to my town in concert and my best friend and I, who were die hard fans of yours at one time, went to the concert. It would be a dream come true! You are such a great role model and inspiration.


    What is this?? is this the official website?? I prefer the old website.. there were sections for music, video, movie… 
    When you come back to music??
    We want your music again!! By ITALIA!

  • Viviana4

    Hi Hilary, I’m writing from Australia just wondering what happened to you on Facebook I was one of your friends but when I logged on tonight you had been deleted, did someone hack your site or did you disconnect???  It’s a shame you are such a lovely person and I’ll miss not seeing your quotes on the facebook page.  Hope you come back, take care Viviana.

  • Allison

    Love your new website! I’ve been a fan since Lizzie McGuire!

  • mary

    Is this the official version of the site? I liked the old one best :( This is just so…empty.

  • Blanca

    Hello Hilary,
    I just want to take the time to write to you because I thought about how when I was in 3rd grade, I looked up to you. I live In california and I went all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada to go see one of your concerts. I enjoy your music and all of the movies that you have acted in. I wish I would have taken a picture of my old room. My wall was completely covered in posters of you and I became “girly” because I wanted to be exactly like you. I am now 18 and I look back to my childhood, and your still are my idol! I wish the best to you and I hope to pick up a new album soon. I really do appreciate your music and I loved how I would always try to relate to it somehow :)


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TYCO5KWLD2GXBJJVPSC3WSWE4Q JenniferR

    Dear Hilary, 
    you prolly wont read this but ill give it a shot. first of all im 17 my names jenifer and you were my very first idol growing up. Lizzie Mcguire was my world when i was little you and raven were the absolute best. and to this day your still my favorite you grew up but gracefully not how the disney stars these days. your so incredible and amazing. i still go on youtube and watch your old videos and i still watch lizzie mcguire and i own many of your movies and your cd’s beacuse growing up you really did inspire me and still do. congrats on your marriage with mike. :)
    i honestly adore i know i sound creepy lmfao! i hope to one day meet you and i will and i will be completly starstuck beacuse i loved you since i was like 5. i love you hilary keep up what your doing beacuse me and all your fans will continue to support you. love you girl <33 
                                                                                   Jenifer with 1 n haha
    follow me on twitter : @jennylovesyou13:disqus @jennylovesyou13  @jennylovesyou13:twitter 
     please please follow me it would mean the absolute world to me. love you hil! 

  • http://twitter.com/Thomashamka Aki

    Hey, i like the new site. Looks nice! Simple, yet addictive. You should limit how many comments are shown same time. Just the way its on the home page as this page is flooded with comments it would be better to limit how many are shown. Faster to load on slower connections and easier to read comments if you do so.

    Thanks for the new site  =)

  • Albert Terrance Chin

    I think hilary should have gotten married to me for making up her career.
    from fan, Al Chin

  • ***СНЕЖОК***


  • Ozlem_hurfikir




  • Luisina

    Hilary ! hello from Argentina! we (your inconditional fans) are waiting for you, for new music, movies! we miss you so much ! you are so sweet and i love your personality ! i wish that you could read this comment because i will be so happy ! love you ! Luisina

  • Alexaaxox

    don’t see much of hilary myself anymore, what she been doing?:) 
    miss her listening to some old songs, good memories:Q:Lxxxxxxxx

  • http://twitter.com/Dana_Movila Dana

    Hi Hilary. I was surprised when I saw on Twitter that I am yourwriter. sin fans in Moldova can not buy your book.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001301676885 Mazen Almqdshy

    Bay see you tomorrow, God willing …

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001301676885 Mazen Almqdshy

    I love Hilary Duff, and you turned
    to the death

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001301676885 Mazen Almqdshy

    i  love  you Hilary duff

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Francesco-Russo/1455152114 Francesco Russo

    Hilary how long will we have to wait ’til  ur next album?? Italy’s waiting 4 ya!

  • Casofe_13

    hello again!!!

    i hope you been find, just want to say youre and amazing person please never change ok!!

    love you from mexico :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001301676885 Mazen Almqdshy

    “Hilary Duff”

    Anaasmi Mazen, I hope that you believe me on what I say I want to tell you, I’m a 16-year I want to become a representative in America and I’m good at writing film written so far, three films I want to represent you I swear I will not lie and I approved Ardjoki help me I live off of Yemen I want to get out as soon as you will you write it in the hands of Emile collateral ::::


  • Wajid

    Hi , HOw are u Hilary ?i love u so muchhhhhhhhhhhh ! and what’s going on in ur life ?

  • Adeel Ahmad

    waiting for new album, and specially the music videos.

  • Katherine M

    Hello, Hilary Duff. You are my idol since I was very little. I still look up at you. Look at you now. You are beautiful role model, friend, sister, girlfriend, fiance, and now wife. I am completely proud of you for working hard. Please don’t ever give up. Keep going on. :) 


  • James Abraham

    Hello Hillary,

    I am from the UK, I have always loved your films, I watched cheoper by thedozen purely because of Steve Martin! and liked your music too, if that makes me sound gay I don’t care! Love the new website, are you really on Facebook? I expect you get annoyed by people who constantly ask for that but please could you add me?  If not thats okay!

    All my best

  • http://www.facebook.com/SRFsoft Seyed Reza Fatemi

    Does She want To Sing again???

  • Doesn’t matter

    Hi Hilary :)

    I type from a very small country, and from a long distance too. That doesn’t matter really because all the good things find their way to people who know to appreciate it, as I appreciate you and your work. You know what you do, and just keep it that way. I shouldn’t even mention that you stay the same, because I know you will, and that’s just who you are.

    You’re one of the few celebrities that have stayed normal and on the ground, and I think the people who see that will respect you for who you are.

    I wish you all the best in the future, take care and good luck in all the things you start on.

  • http://twitter.com/chrisklemens cklemens

    Hey Hilary!

    I love you so much! I met you twice, both in NYC (backstage at radio city music hall and at borders for the Elixir signing…I was the one from Delaware)!I was wondering if you are gonna make more changes to the website…Being a fan club member for 8-9 years, I really miss the friends I made on there. Does Chris Musci still work for the website? HE WAS THE BEST!! He did such a good job! I love you Hil and can’t wait for some new stuff! Love you always!-Chris

  • Jessie~

    I actually like the site design :p Very clean and simple. But ANYWAY, I just want ya to know that I still rock out to Dignity like it was released just yesterday. Such a perfect album. I realllly can’t wait for new music :) 

  • Kaitlyn

    I love you so much. You are my idol!

  • Rob

    Hey, Hil! It looks like you’re doing fabulous, and it’s so great to see! I’ve been your number #1 fan since the Lizzie days and it’s been refreshing to witness such a talented, young Hollywood girl blossom into such a classy, beautiful woman! Keep up your awesome work — I’m looking forward to see what’s next on your plate. Much love! xoxo

  • Guest


  • Xxitsericaaa

    I just really want to know if Lizzie McGuire: College Life is true!

  • Carla

    Hello Hilary! My english is not the best, I’m brazilian so… but I’ll try…
    I just wanna tell you that I read your book in one day and I love it. I was actually surprised that you write it, I mean, I didn’t know that you is an author too. What you can’t do girl!? hahahaha
    Well speaking about the book, I really liked your story, but specialy your characters… Clea, Sage… Rayna is the best. I wish I could have a friend like her. But what I really liked is that they’re not that silly teenagers, they’re actually pretty mature. And without all that high school thing you know!? I’m getting bored of it, I mean, I’m 24 so it’s good to have some YA books that are a little bit more mature. Another thing that I really liked is that you were always changing the scenarios, you gave dinamic for the books with this. Good Job girl. It’s a beautiful love story.
    PS: I loved what you wrote about Brazil… so many details about here, about our party… very nice.
    I’m excited to read the sequel… devoted right!?

  • http://twitter.com/Nat_luvs_miley Natalie Kuhnert

    kool site hil wat happen 2 payin 30 a yr nd when u gonna bring a new album …. luv ya xx

  • Cassie

    Ah, this website has changed so much over the years. I can’t believe how young I was when
    Metamorphosis and how old I am now. I still remember putting your CDs into my CD player on the bus ride home and going to see “A Cinderella Story” in theatres with my mother. I grew up with your music and movies. You were the very first musician and actress I got into. I just want to thank you for basically shaping up my life. I hope you release another album soon and go on tour, as I would love to finally see you in concert after all these years!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001861009852 Kübra Kuzu

    We (your fans ♥) need more Music and Movies of You.

    Your movies were the best and your music was really great! I hope you read my comment, and while we wait for a new album;)You are my role model ♥                                  A Fan. 

  • http://twitter.com/Seba4Enrique Hilary‘s Siamese

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooove u Hilary
    U r the best ever in the worldddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001301676885 Mazen Almqdshy

      “Hilary Duff”

      Anaasmi Mazen, I hope that you believe me on what I say I want to tell you, I’m a 16-year I want to become a representative in America and I’m good at writing film written so far, three films I want to represent you I swear I will not lie and I approved Ardjoki help me I live off of Yemen I want to get out as soon as you will you write it in the hands of Emile collateral ::::



  • ben07

     hola!! hilary te extrañamos en Mexico!! y esperamos pronto pero muy pronto tu musica xoxo!! :D <3

  • Casofe_13

    hi hil!!!!

    i like the web, its so personal, you got a 10.

    we cant wait to lisen you again!! we still rocking with dignity but we miss you so much!!

    thanks for be the person you are, i grown up seeing you, and you are a model for me, thanks for dont lose the floor and for be the person that you are, please never change.

    lopve you from México :D

  • Kim

    You are the BEST star Disney has ever had.

  • Mina4340

    I just finished reading “elixir” after spending 8 hours straight reading it and i’m kinda in dire need to have “devoted” in my hands right now. I loved the book as it probably shows since it took me less than 24 hours to read and I just,, I just need to see what is happening to Sage! Anyway, congratulations on your book being so successful and impossible to stop reading and just everything! It’s great seeing you put out all these new projects because when I was about ten years old I truly was a mega-fan ( I even dressed up as you for halloween, had two gigantic posters of you on my bedroom wall and Lizzie McGuire stickers everywhere, I think you that can be labeled as a bit of an obsession but hey, you were my role model basically) Best of luck for everything upcoming in your future and I will for sure pick up “devoted” the day it comes out :) 

  • Bratz

    Hi, Hilary im a big fan. You are the reason i sing at all. You are my role modle and a great one too. i love ur music. Im glad you stayed a good role modle too and didnt end up like lindsy loan or miley cyrus.bye and thank u for beein so awsome.

     peacelove&apple juice

  • Lexi Lane

    this website is going to be so great! dont even know how you did all this already.. haha! i love this commenting box thing :) and all your photots, your beautiful! i have so much to say i cant say it all right now, but i sent ellen plenty of messages about you :) im your biggest fan! #1 fan! you just truly inspire me, ive been waiting for the day we finally meet… its a dream of mine just to say hi to you in person! i have grown up watching lizzie mcguire, and so many of the movies you have starred in. you should see my rooom, filled with things of yours ! :) come to canada! <3 xoxo

  • Asia maddox

    I love your style! I mean it comes soooo natural to you. You should have your own t.v. show. I would Tune in for sho!!!!!! Or better yet fashion blog… something to think about

  • Robin Crook

    Hi Hilary  my robin I really like your Music can we be friend on Facebook

  • Anonymous

    Hi  my name is Robin Crook I love your Music I really liked if we Friend  Facebook

  • Ali Sina Naghibi


  • Anonymous


    You are such an amazing person and role model. I admire you so much. You
    have really inspired me music wise. All I do is write songs and sing
    now. I remember when I went to my first concert when I was in 3rd grade
    and it was for the 2004 “Hilary Duff” album. Like I seriously had the
    time of my life and amazingly after 8 years I still have that concert
    Also, I loved reading “Elixir” and can’t wait for “Devoted” to come out! Super excited. Well, keep up the great work. You’re awesome and super pretty!!
    Despina xoxo

  • fan1

    OMG i love your book Elixir! im only on page 50 but i cant put the book down. You are a great author. I feel like im one of the lasts to know about your book but im just happy to know about it. Cant wait to see if your book Devoted will be just as good as Elixir. I hope you continue this journey, you are really good at writing . And i cant wait to see what comes out next!!! 

  • Stephanie

    I must admit, you are one of my favorite celeberaties! You’re such a terrific actress, and your voice is beautiful! Then you write a book (which i read in one sitting, cover to cover, last night) and I was pleasntly surprised that you are a talented writer as well. To be honest, when I saw you wrote a book, I didn’t think it would be as good as it was. Nothing agaisnt you, I am just really picky because so many stories nowadays aren’t very orginal. Elixir was not only orginal, but funny, romantic and it even brought tears to my eyes! The level of emotion you wrote in it proves you are a great writer, too! (reading and writing are my favorite pass times, so that is why I am embellishing a little on the book! :] ) Anyways, I cannot wait for what ever you do next!! (especially Devoted!! )

    Take care,

  • Arthurmondragon


  • http://twitter.com/EcK912 EcK Kassab

    I agree with BowToGodney… enough of waiting xD someone give me a new album! and there should be more sections in this page =P

  • Rayelledidone

    Can Hill see these comments ? I hope so (: I  loooooooooooooooooooooove her <3

  • Sandra

    estoy orgullosa de todo lo que has logrado me encanta todo lo que haces tengo toda tu musica y tus peliculas y creo que eres super talentosa pero por favor no le des la espalda a tu publico que tanto te admira

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001756908060 Yunusi Mariam

    I LOVE Hilary Duff

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001756908060 Yunusi Mariam

    I Love Hilary Duff !

  • ibraheem ismail

    hilary how are you i love you and i dont think you will take kare for this i am from iraq an i want just be your frind ok and i wish you love iraq pepole because they love you i have alot poster to you in my room i am 22 yars old i am study in uneversity of mosul in dantes doctor i wish you will read this comment and sorry for my bad engilish……….best wish to you

  • Lovelyhart17

    Hi, im Jessica from Mexico and I follow you since Lizzie Mcguire. I saw all episodes and I
    saw all your movies inclusive Beauty and the Briefcase, the only movie i can`t see is “According to Greta” cuz its not avaible in my country :(, but i really love what you do and really think that you are an amazing person who knows that the love for your family and respect for who you are is the most important. I wish that you make a new album , your songs are really good! you are such an example to raise! be happy! and please public your book in Mexico and come ti visit too soon!!!

  • Rayelledidone

    heyyyyy Hilary ,so I’m a big fan of you .Yeah I’m a bazilian girl,I wana read ‘Exilir ‘ (:

  • Jackie <3

    Hi !
    Your such an inspiration me, i think its amazing how grounded you’ve stayed. i still listen to ur music and “whos that girl” is still my favorite song. thank u sooo much for being a great inspiration <3

  • Despina

    Hilary. You are such a big role model. I admire you so much. You have inspired me so much music wise. All I do now is write songs and sing lol I remember going to my first concert when I was in 3rd grade years ago. It was for 2004 for the self entitled album and I seriously had the time of my life! Even after 7 years, amazingly I still have the concert t-shirt! Well I love your music and hope you come out with a new album soon. You’re so pretty, an amazing person, and so talented. Keep up the great work!
    Love <3
    Despina xoxo

  • Rob

    What Happened here? :( i know you want more personal website but i cant find anything here, when you are going to sing again?? Miss your music


  • Despina

    Hey Hilary!
    I just wanted to say that you’re are completely amazing! You have been my idol since I was a little kid. I still remember my first concert I went to, for the 2004 Hilary duff album, and I had the time of my life! I was only in 3rd grade. You have inspired me so much music wise. All I do now is write songs and sing cause it’s my life. Still listen from the Metamorphosis album to the Dignity one. You need to come out with another one soon!! I miss your music; there’s nothing good out now. O! and I loved reading Elixir! Well, thanks for being such an amazing role model! You are so pretty! there’s no one else like you.
    Despina xoxo <3

  • Andersenfrances

    I just wish my daughter who will turning 16 on August 3rd could meet you…she has been on life support 4 times and she is my Angel!!!  Tough girl!!!  We have your cd’s and love your music! andersenfrance@rocketmail.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1027452076 Katie Upton

    Hilary, you are such an amazing person and artist, i really admire you in all aspects. you are so down to earth, you are very special to me. I saw you live on the Dignity tour and cried when you performed Fly. i love your music and hope to hear of a new album soon.

    With Love
    Kate Upton xx

  • Liternum_boy92

    I love you so much… you’re amazing, you’re my princess…U are beautiful and powerful… i love youuu <3<3

  • Ximena-jonas1

    hilary eres la mejor del mundo espero que vengas otraves a mexico love

  • Haley

    hey hilary :) i just want you to know you still have great, loyal fans that see you as their greatest role model. i’ve grown up loving you in your tv series and music. and i feel like i’m proud to be a die-hard Hilary Duff fan! anyway, just know how much you mean to your fans, cause you mean  A LOT. :)


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1660970249 Simson Correya

    when did u start acting?? at wat age??? i am big fan of u . u r an amazing acter. my favourite movie of u is Lizzie Mcguire.

  • Ammar99rocks

    Hey hilary pleassseee!!!!! come to INDIA!!!! Pppppplllleeeeasaaasseeeee!!!!!

  • joseph


  • Dakokahilton79

    hello im big fan music and movies but are you coming out with a movie or music i miss your singing

  • Hilaryd87rocks

    i had a membership on the old website and i just got it can i still use my memership i payed for it but you are still amazing hilary duff! <3

  • Amyjoyce96

    Hilary, I am not sure whether this is your real email but here it goes i
    am from liverpool in england and i bought your book at the weekend and i
    cant get enough of it i love it soo much already half way through cant
    wait for devoted to come out in the uk i love clea’s charater and i love
    the background to the story i hope there are lots more novels to come

    love from Amy Joyce xxx

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001428752840 Jua Ant

    hello my name is john and I was wondering how I can contact you once talked tomuspace but not happened that I lost contact with you and hope you can answer thiscmentario att juan greetings!

  • Nicolesimas

    when r u coming back to music?

  • http://twitter.com/ZhubiizPop ZhubiizPop

    i love hilary :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ylc-Cedillo/100000318459269 Ylc Cedillo

    Well, this is very nice. Now we have the opportunity to be in touch!!! :) I really like your music and your movies!!!!!! You are Awesome, I went to your concert here in Mexico. Visit us soon please!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hilary i lov u so much!!!!!!!!! What happened to your other website?R u still  working with blessings in a backpack? Can u bring that campaign to my country, Ecuador? Forgive me for askin so many questions hehe hope to meet u one day in L.A or in my country im  a big fan of u. N hope to hear form u in  the music insutry, have u ever thought of coming up with a single in spanish? or n Rn B electronica song?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001910531454 Richard Ibarra

    hey hilary :)
    I am such a HUGE fan of your work and I think your the coolest and most beautiful person in this world. bye 

  • http://twitter.com/guille2992 Guillermo Álvarez

    Don’t take for too much long this break in music. I’ll start reading your novel “Elixir” that’s is going to be sold this upcoming 7th July in Spain and when I get to the end of it, I expect to hear news about your next music album!
    Wish you the best! XO

  • http://twitter.com/CheersNowMyLife Austen Anderson

    Hey Hilary! If you want help with your website I would love to help. Won’t cost you a thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SolutionWand SolutionWand Sam

    I like your website, I am from Pakistan, Your fan!!! Especially I love to listen your song daily… “Someone is watching over me!!!” really heart touching…

    Saqib Samuel

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NERJQEEZXKHXCWOGOZLLQJJ5JI Sagar Sarker

    everything is perfect…..and this web-side is also awesome….but i could be more more beautiful if it was colorful……… ok,no need! now is better………..

  • http://www.facebook.com/turtlewinds.firewalker Turtle Winds Firewalker

    Hilary Duff  hope we talk again soon turtle winds firewalker

  • http://www.facebook.com/turtlewinds.firewalker Turtle Winds Firewalker

    turtle winds firewalker needs your help with a american indian project
    can you contact him

  • http://www.facebook.com/turtlewinds.firewalker Turtle Winds Firewalker

    turtle winds firewalker been trying to reach you please contact him

  • eye_ofshadow

    In case you read this comment I know I'm a big fan of yours .. First I have seen in movies, then I started listening to music you .. Yet it’s hard to watch your performance, because they are Romanian, so I can not watch TV anyway .. English appreciate your work, your enthusiasm ..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sergio-Santiago-Hernandez/100000820822642 Sergio Santiago Hernandez

    post please!!!! :) :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sergio-Santiago-Hernandez/100000820822642 Sergio Santiago Hernandez

    grettingsz hilary i love you :) so when to go in here to hermosillo, sonora mexico

  • http://twitter.com/JonathanStrobel Jonathan Strobel

    I LOVE YOU HILARY!!! Can I interview you for my college radio station???!!! ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000093314052 Maggi Basso

    I love your music and I love you as a person. You have been my role model since like I was 4, and I’m 15 now and you are still my role model! Your music makes my day and helps me when I’m having a bad/good day! Keep doing what your doing, and I can’t wait for your new book to come out!!

  • http://twitter.com/tatumtelevision Tatum Television

    I have a question… Is she going to release a new album or not? When, I love her. She’s part of my childhood.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marisolgonzalez19 Marisol Gonzàlez

    hi hilary, I’m from Panama I love your songs and I like how you help others peoples. Keep it up, never change.
    byee kisses

  • shayalv rae doyle

    hey girl love you music love your acting thanks for everything 

    shayla rae doyle

  • http://twitter.com/WithLoveHDuff With♥… Hilary Duff

    Hilary!! We want more music, please PLEASeE!!

  • Anonymous

    hi hilary i love you so much u dont even know…i always wanted to leave you comments…and compliments too…hehehe

    • Anonymous

      ps Hilary…you are the most beautifulist model….actress…and singer that i have ever seen….i would never think another model is beautiful than u ….no ….just u hilary…=-)

  • Danni Zinn

    Dear. Hilary
    I’m Danni, and I’ve been a fan of your movies since I was a small child. But as I began entering my teen years I began getting more and more into your music because of the more freedom my parents began giving me. I’m currently 16 almost 17.

  • Fer

    Hi! I’m brasilianHi! I am Brazilian! I’m your fan, you do not know how I adore thee!You’re beautiful! I’d like to meet you one day and know a little more of your life! But anyway, I love you and God be with you! Kisses … ferHi! I am Brazilian! I’m your fan, you do not know how I adore thee!
    You’re beautiful! I’d like to meet you one day and know a little more of your life! But anyway, I love you and God be with you! Kisses … fer

  • Asma22ma

    hey, hilary.
    i can’t believe i’m really talking to you, i mean sending you a message. but i just want to give it a shot and see ;).
    anyways, i just wanted to tell you that i’m a big fan, found of your beauty and specially acting, you are just the right girl for any movie!.
    your, sincerly, Alex.

  • http://www.hilaryduff.com MeGaN LaRsOn

    Hilary! i love you so much,you are such an
    insperation to so many people you will NEVER fade away! no matter how
    hard you try(; I hope you see this so you know how much lives you have
    changed/helped through the years! im one in a million. i loved your show
    lizzie mcguire growing up, And always loved your music. Never
    change!♥♥♥ i know i just wrote like a paragraph^ haha but i
    also wanna say i’m 15 so i was like 8-12? When i LOVED you, and i hope
    someday i will meet you.That would be the B E S T day ever!! like if you
    wish to meet Hilary Duff Too!♥

  • MegannLarsonn

    Hilary! i love you so much,you are such an
    insperation to so many people you will NEVER fade away! no matter how
    hard you try(; I hope you see this so you know how much lives you have
    changed/helped through the years! im one in a million. i loved your show
    lizzie mcguire growing up, And always loved your music. Never
    change!♥♥♥ I know i just wrote like a paragraph^ haha but i
    also wanna say i’m 15 so i was like 8-12? When i LOVED you, and i hope
    someday i will meet you.That would be the B E S T day ever!! like if you
    wish to meet Hilary Duff Too!♥

  • Wiggie08

    Hey Hilary!! My name is Ashley! You have always been and still are my roll model! I would really LOVE to get my career as a singer kicking!!!! BTW i’m 13. I would absolutely LOVE to be in touch.

  • http://www.madebymartine.com Martine

    This site is so much better than your last one! Well done! :-) xMM


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1123092244 Erik Freund

    hi hilary, how are you 

  • http://twitter.com/rossyfun Rossy Paulino

    Hi Hilary Duff, I’ve followed since I was 13 years (and now I have 20 years), you are a beautiful person inside and out, I love you a lot, always consider you as my sister, I love all your songs and movies. I admire the way you are and hope in God to meet you someday. God bless you to you and your family. Love you Rossy Paulino, please follow me on Twitter @ rossyfun:)

  • http://twitter.com/rossyfun Rossy Paulino

    Hi Hilary Duff  I’ve followed since I was 13 years (and now I have 20 years), you are a beautiful person inside and out, I love you a lot, always consider you as my sister, I love all your songs and movies. I admire the way you are and hope in God to meet you someday. God bless you to you and your family. Love you Rossy Paulino, please follow me on Twitter @ rossyfun:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christina-Lee/100000478615059 Christina Lee

    Hey Hilary! umm…I love your new website! I get to comment on your post so i think its really~~cool. When your new album comes out, are you going to go on world tour? Because I live in Korea and I would give up the world to meet you! I watched all your recent movies and I’m almost done reading Elixir. I can’t wait until Devoted comes out!<3 I love you!

  • Chloe Taylor

    Hi hilary, just wanted to know whether your going to pursue singing again?
    luv chloe x

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mildred-Mendez/100001341457494 Mildred Mendez

    Hey Hialry Duff,
    Well I Just Wanted Too Say That I Love Youu <3 Since I Was Like Born When I Saw Your First Movie And Show I Knew You Were My Role Model And You Still Are I Have Clothes Perfumes Everything From You Cds All Books Point Is Since You Are From Houstonn Like Me You Shouldd Come And Do Like A Concert Because Im Almost Fifften And Well Its A Tradition To Do a Big Party But I Dont Want That All I Want Is For Me Too Me You One Day Any Day Year  Well
    Love Mildredd Love You Hilary <333333333333333333333333333333

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ALPUY7IJJGH6OSHDTIR5N66LT4 Anesu

    Hi Hilary i just wanna say you are my idol(i know you’ve probably heard that a lot but you really are.) i came here from another country and when i came here i was immediately drawn to pop artists like Kelly Clarkson, Lindsay Lohan, Jesse McCartney( i had the biggest crush on him, still do…kinda) and stuff like that but i was mostly drawn to you. the first song i ever heard of yours was WHY NOT and it was on a Disney channel commercial and it was a commercial for the Lizzie McGuire movie, and i was like dude she’ s fricken beast so yea. i want to  be an actress and singer when i grow up and its cuz i was inspired by a lot of pop artists(you the most) and a lot of Disney channel stars. i hope we can meet one day maybe even make an awesome pop song. BUT yea thats about it you’re awesome and i wish you would come back to Disney channel cuz the Disney channel stars and shows aren’t as good any more i miss Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens and Thats So Raven:) its whatever i guess all i know is that i used to want my career to start on Disney channel because i was so inspired by the stars and shows, now… not so much. wow that long bye:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mildred-Mendez/100001341457494 Mildred Mendez

    Heyyy Weree Can I Buy Shirts That Are From Hilary Duff

  • Anonymous

    Dear Hilary
    I would like to know where is your official place or agent to talk about movie caracters? I’m a screenplay writer. I strongly believe you could perform caracters in my two stories.
    With admiration

  • http://twitter.com/itsmeAlbertoNV Alberto Novelo

    Come on, i WANT Elixir in Spanish! I want to read your book NOW :(

  • Laureen aslangul

    Hi Hilary, i don’t know if you gonna read this comment but no way!
    Sorry for my bad english… i’m french… I just want to tell you that I love your movies and your personality!!! I follow you since Lizzie Mcguire. I saw all episodes full time!!! I saw lots of yours movies like Cadet Kelly, Raise your voice, the Perfect Man, Lizzie Mcguire: the movie, Cheaper by the dozen 1 & 2, Material Girl… And I think, you are a person who has her feet on earth and that’s what i like about you! I never had the chance to meet you but it’s one of my dreams!!

    So, keep being the woman that you are know because you are the model of many teenagers girls like me!

    kiss from Paris..

    • Andy Bendzin

      Laureen you nailed it. I wish all teen shows would be like hers. She’s real!

      • Andy Bendzin

        I meant by ‘you nailed it” that your comment is absolutely correct. Sorry, had to think about whether you get the idiom or not. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1065005393 Laureen Aslangul

    Hi Hilary, i don’t know if you gonna read this comment but no way!
    Sorry for my bad english… i’m french… I just want to tell you that I love your movies and your personality!!! I follow you since Lizzie Mcguire. I saw all episodes full time!!! I saw lots of yours movies like Cadet Kelly, Raise your voice, the Perfect Man, Lizzie Mcguire: the movie, Cheaper by the dozen 1 & 2, Material Girl… And I think, you are a person who has her feet on earth and that’s what i like about you! I never had the chance to meet you but it’s one of my dreams!!

    So, keep being the woman that you are know because you are the model of many teenagers girls like me!

    kiss from Paris..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Margarita-Shalomov/1303020342 Margarita Shalomov

    I just wanted to say that I finished you’re new book in like a day. It was awsome which was surprising (no offense) i just mean that it was your first novel and it rocked. i was wondering why you chose photojournalism for clea? is it b/c it would tie in with the story better or was there a particular reason?    

  • http://twitter.com/HolidayMichelle Michelle Reyes

    I really liked the new layout of the page, I love the idea that now is more personal, where we can talk fas more closely with you! That happiness, I just hope you read lso comments … please!

  • http://twitter.com/NicolasPuente Nicolás Puente ✔

    im so happy for you, i cant wait for your new album ♥ I love you so much miss Duff

  • Jonny Yankee

    the boy who grew up with u =$$
    hey well i want u to know that u are like and idol for me cuz i love u in every way i mean i love ur music ur acting everthing and i remember that i used and still love lizzie mcguire (watch every day on internet) and the first song that maid me love hilary duff was wake up like when i was 7 years old and u know what i loved u since the firs day i love hilary duff and i love the person u show urselfs as u know its really awesome to know that ur not an alcoholic or any of those stuff and u are so beatiful i mean like ur the best u know i love u in every way nothing u do could never let me down … i loved ur book it was so cool and ur music still rocks! and i wacthed every movie u where into
    cant wait till u get another album lol u rock dont ever change (just like in a lizzie mcguire episode =$$$) thnxs 4 being a great person lov u so much

  • Luckykendra13

    Love the new site.  So when do we get to hear some new music?

  • http://twitter.com/MKumsal Merve Kumsal Erem

    My Duff. We are waiting for the new album. Please give us some info about definiteness. I miss your voice. :) Elixir was a BOMB and you did even surprise me with that book. I always love everything what you do but Elixir was more than that. Amazing to see your book in my country and the series’ other books, we are waiting with impatience.
    I know, my English is not enough for tell you about YOU. For 6 years, I know you, i watch you, i listen you, i fallow you etc. And i feel lucky about being your biggest fan ever. A different connection with so much distance. You are so deep and i love the way you love people. :) 
    I live in Turkey / İstanbul. One day, maybe with an another tour or a holiday, i don’t know, but you shouldn’t miss out here. 
    I haven’t got so much hope about you’ll come to Turkey. When i have got a change, i will be in front of you and say you “Hey Hill, It’s Kumsal. I waited for this scene for 10 years and more. So, give me a hug, please. :)

    With Love…
    Merve Kumsal Erem

  • Zaduworld

    Hillary Duff is a good girl with a genuine heart. Don’t ever change. There are not many artists like you. Mandy Moore is the only other that I can recall out of a girl pop artists check up of about 100. I have an idea for the layout of her front page. Use a picture from hillarys favorite “get away” place. Magical and personal just like it’s intended to be. What do you think? Maybe a old cabin? Maybe a nice view overlooking the mountains.

  • Hilaryduffchile

    http://www.facebook.com/HilaryduffchileHey Hilary!! Your Chilean Fans waiting for you and love you!!! ♥♥

  • Jerry_sanchez08

    Hilary YOU NEED TO MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do your thing again with music!!
    your the best

  • Bella.S.

    Hey Hilary!

    I luv u! Ever since I was like five I was watching you in Lizzie McGuire. I loved it soooo much and still do. I even know pretty much all the words of every episode by heart coz I’ve watched them so many times! I’ve always wanted to meet you and to have a voice like yours – it’s so amazing – coz I come from a really musical family but I’m not as good as anyone else ( it’s especially hard when you’re the youngest). I only just found out about your book and I can’t wait to read it. PLEASE oh PLEASE come to Australia I really want to go to one of your concerts ( Burswood in W.A. please! I’ve always dreamed of going to one of them and being able to maybe actually meet you! I’m turning 14 in september and guess what.. my b’day’s 2 days after yours! awesome. I like this website and how it’s simple and easy it is to find your way around in. AND also the fact that YOU as a person will be able to reply to any of these comments (hopefully ESPECIALLY mine). Keep up the singing – it’s great!- I like the songs like ‘So Yesterday’ and ‘Comer clean’ and ‘I can’t wait’. God Bless u ! :D

    Luv Bella
    P.S. I’ve always wanted to send you a message of some sort to tell you how awesome you are (and that you’ve been my role model for like my entire life) and how much you’ve inspired me. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001262315910 Casey Chang

    hello hilary duff

    i wanted to know how to be lizzie mcguire any tips for me thanks xx
    add me stardoll friend please casluck is the name
    this site is amazing  i agree bowtogodney i perfer old site too they all good thank you to be my friend at youtube l love you any tours so i can see you as a person and met at stardoll and chat bye babe xx

  • Lennyrivera6

    I love you Hillary, you been in my life for the longest now. You got me by my hard days when i didn’t know how to get by. Your music, movies, and positive life has effect my life in a great way. Keep up the great work. xoxo

  • Carlos_87hd

    i love hilary eres la mejor nunca cambier. xoxo

  • Chemical_02

    great singer you are my favorite i hope you are well

  • Mckenziepickett

    Hilary COME TO PORTLAND OR, FOR YOUR BOOK TOUR!!!! PLEASSSEEEE!!!! I havent met you yet, and I reallly want to!!! :) This would be my 10th year of being your #1 FAN!!! I love you!!!

  • http://www.arizona-mom.com Melissa

    I actually really love this idea, Hilary! It makes your website feel so much more personal, which will enable your fans to feel closer to you. I agree with one of the comments below about adding sections for your music and movie updates. Maybe make a tab specifically for blog posts, and then “Home” could be reserved for movie/music updates and such?

  • http://twitter.com/iLuvHilaryD ℓulu ♥

    Hi Hilary.. 
    You are my inspiration in life, i just wanted to let you know
    I been a loyal fan of yous for 7 years.. you are soo amazing and down to earth and the best ever cant wait for your new music Im so excited I listen to your music everyday .. and Im such a devoted fan I only got your music I’m my ipod and i just love you soo  much , I even have a fan channel for you on youtube http://www.youtube.com/hdrocks92 .. 
    keep doing great things hilary , you are amazing

    one of your biggest fans <3
    18 years old 
     New York City 

    PS: I Made this Backround of you I hope you like it 

  • MLT

    Elixir was great, except for Sage and Clea’s relationship. Ben is the guy for her! Can’t wait for Devoted!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andak-Arif/100002291474548 Andak Arif

    Congratulation my wonderful girl!..you’ll married soon isn’it?…my favorated song was FLY  and WHO’S THAT GIRL…I hoped you’re still success on what you do…but you’re very cute in Lizzie..so now you looked matured..My girl got inspired from you..i’m very like it..Come on girl!..we always missed and supported you..Love u HD ;-)

  • Cayce

    Have you ever thought about starting your own band with Haylie and Lalaine? Also y’all should start y’all’s own Record Company together.

  • Vashisht Mungur

    Hi hilary duff! i love you and i would love if you would do a movie adaptation of elixir, with u as the actress coz it just rocked! if you could also make a new album, it would just beeeeeeeeee AHHHHHHHHH COLLOSAL.
    P.S: sorry for my bad english, i suck at it xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ali-Yazdanijoo/1396903572 Ali Yazdanijoo

    Hi Hilary Im Ur Huge Fan im from Tehran
    Plz Back to music
    most of the time i listen to your last songs:holiday.with love.love just is.fly.come clean.stanger.why not.come clean and…
    we need u in the music
    im so glad 4 ur new movies
    Say Hi to Mike
    With Love Ali Yazdanijoo

  • Sara

    I love you Hilary & I feel so blessed I was able to meet you a few months ago, thank you for everything!

  • http://twitter.com/iamviqii Vicky Iglesias

    I’ll always love you! You don’t need to thanks, as you deserve it. Thanks for all, xoxo

  • http://twitter.com/iamviqii Vicky Iglesias

    Honestly, you are the best in the world! Never change, you are the reason for who i am

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000958050154 Mariie Chanel

    i love you love you love love love you girl.!! i love ur music your style… ALL ABOUT YOU.! please  come back to the music pleasee.!!!!


    I have Loved you ever since i was a lil girl, ive grown up with you as my idol, my role model. I am so thankful for the person you are, the descions you have made in life the choices. You have become so a beautiful young lady. I am so happy for you and mikes recent marriage, the two of you are so cute and look so happy. i wish all the best for you. I LOVED your book elixir love love love loved it! cannot wait for the next one. I also cant wait to see any new acting jobs you pick up, and more then anything i really want to see more music from you, your so talented and ik you will make a huge come back in the music industries. keep up all of the hard work.
    LOVE, Tori your biggest fan!
    xoxo TK

  • Othman_alabbady

    oh my god
    does hilary read comments on this site for real??!!!

    if u do..
    then i must say that i find u the prettiest & the most fabulous girl on this planet
    my only wish is to meet u
    & if got the luck to shake hands… i’ll be the happiest man on earth :)))

    love u hilary

    othman 22 yrs.. sure male :PPP
    sudying medicine
    from jordan

  • http://twitter.com/Liz_Loves2Sing Elizabeth Radke

    yay! finally a site made and controlled by THE REAL Hilary Duff!!!

    i could care less what it looks like, as long as it has everything Hilary BY Hilary! :D:D:D

    p.s. i’ve been a fan from the very beginning and i think it’s amazing that you would take the time to let us know what’s going on in your life. thank you so much! 
    i’ve always wanted to meet you and hope your next book tour or CD release comes soon! 

  • Tails_sensei13

    What was her first album?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000282297458 Kayle Allyson

    What is your cell/phone number????

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000261417079 Alen Adamov

      i don’t actually think she’ll give you her number.

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    I think that this is a wonderful site.. because it’s very personal, and this is the most imporant thing!!!!

  • Pasita_elotroyo

    hello =) some people tell me that I look like you but is just a little bit maybe we are a lost sisters in this world xD
    im kidding :) i like your songs

    Im from Chile!

  • BowToGodney

    Is this the final design? 

    I prefer the old website if I’m honest! I love the idea of making it more personal, and more like a blog than an official website, but it would be great if you included sections for music updates, movie updates, book updates etc… 

    I can’t wait until I finally get a new Hilary Duff album!! :( It’s been too long! I still rock to Dignity! 

    • Kdjsghsdjk

      I agree!

    • MariaAlexandra

      OMG!! I rock out to Dignity as well!! :) And her older albums too. I love her, I wish I can meet her <3 :) 

      • Knorris1995

        I’ve met her twice! She’s such a sweetheart! :)

      • Meganshifflett86


    • Alice Dickson

      Right on! SO glad im not the only one thinking that.
      Its cute, simple and mature, but it lacks that Hilary spark. Its a little too bland. Dont you think?

      DIgnity! I loved that. Apparently she’s in talks for a new album after baby Comrie has been born!!! :D. Excited?!   Looking forward to more beautiful melodies from our gorgeous little miss Duff. <3

  • pb

    whuts up miss DUFF

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    We Love You Hilary… In all the Choices you make!!!

    …Great for a new album tho ;P

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    hello hilary, have you ever benn to czech republic? please come :)

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    Hey! HILARY  we want NEW MUSIC! now!!!! ALL THE LOVE FROM MEXICO :p

  • Katelyn123

    I hope you do come out with a new album because I’ve loved your songs since the first album when I was little!! :) You are an amazing singer!!!

  • Anne

    Hi Hil:) why you stop making music? I miss it :( i <3 you

  • http://twitter.com/ashlee6565 Ashlee Ladebeck

    Hi Hilary… when are you doing another cd and another tour??? I miss your music!!

  • http://twitter.com/hp7fan Geena Dhaliwal

    Just saw “Lizzie McGuire: The Movie” for like the 10th time! Still so good <3 I LOVE YOU HILARY!

  • http://profiles.google.com/lpcoolgirl louisa Paarsmarkt

    Oooh, I want more music, but I also want more books! It’s the best of both worlds for me-my loves are books and music! WHOO! We should clone Hilary a few times, then everybody would be happy-we would get more Hilary, and she wouldn’t have be too busy :)

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  • Luisa maria




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    I wish i could meet u hilary . I’m from Viet Nam. And my name is Bambi. Always be your supper fan. love u hilary

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    well this is cetinly a …. differen website.

  • Anette

    Are you going to make another movie soon? If yes, what will it be called? ;;)

  • Yentel

    Hey Hilary, I didn’t know where to write you, but.. I’ve read your book! It’s a-ma-zing! I never thought you were such an amazing writer. I read the book in one evening!! But my question is.. when will your second book (Devoted) be available in The Netherlands? Have you got an idea? I hope it will be soon! I’m so excited. Thank you! 
    Have a lovely day, Love from a Dutch girl!

  • Gina Fleites

    Hi Hilary, Ever since I was 5 years old when Lizzie McGuire came out, you have been my #1 idol. I know every single one of your songs and movies by heart and I had all your memorabilia, albums, movies, books, “Stuff by Hilary Duff”, EVERYTHING. I went to your concert in Sunrise, FL on August 13, 2004 (it was my first concert ever) and in Miami on August 2, 2005 (I even touched your hand! :D) All I ever wanted to do was meet you, it was my dream… every single one of my birthdays, my wish had to be related to you. I called myself your #1 fan and to this day I still consider myself it :) Anyways I wanted to thank you for being my role model. Because of you I am following my dreams just like you did, you inspired me to reach my goals and believe in myself. When I was 8, I wanted to be an actress and singer because of YOU! I wanted to be just like you :) Remember that your fans love you and support you no matter what. You are beautiful, and sooooo talented, and I wish you luck in whatever you do next in your career. Please go back to singing and acting! You are amazing! 
    -Gina Fleites, Miami, FL 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Hilary, I hope everything in your life is going well :) Truthfully, ever since I was 5 years old when Lizzie McGuire came out, you have been my #1 idol. I know every single one of your songs and movies by heart and I had all your memorabilia, albums, movies, books, “Stuff by Hilary Duff”, EVERYTHING. I went to your concert in Sunrise, FL on August 13, 2004 (it was my first concert ever) and in Miami on August 2, 2005 (I even touched your hand! :D) All I ever wanted to do was meet you, it was my dream… every single one of my birthdays, my wish had to be related to you. I called myself your #1 fan and to this day I still consider myself it :) Anyways I wanted to thank you for being my role model. Because of you I am following my dreams just like you did, you inspired me to reach my goals and believe in myself. When I was 8, I wanted to be an actress and singer because of YOU! I wanted to be just like you :) Remember that your fans love you and support you no matter what. You are beautiful, and sooooo talented, and I wish you luck in whatever you do next in your career. Please go back to singing and acting! You are amazing! 
    -Gina Fleites, Miami, FL

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  • hi im bored

    i love this site even thow is wus here for like 30 sec

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    Cool Hilary!

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     Hilary come back :c I miss you :c

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    Hilary I <33 u!!!! & I want you to sing again please!!!!!!

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     Love you Hil!! Argentina loves you! :)

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     When the final design will be out???

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    I like that there’s a new design… However I don’t like this one. Sorry amuse! It lacks creativity and a connection to Hilary. It looks like a blog for a random person.

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    i think the other one was more complete than this one.. not like this, but i love Hilary Duff..

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     WTF with the site? :c

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     You are a marvelous woman.

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    I just love Hilary… love u.. U r so so beautiful.. Love u..

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    what happed to your old website & how come it has changed???…

  • kmb1617(kurt)

    just watched hilarys interview on access hollywood, she looks absolutely stunning as always and is such a beautiful charming person hilarys interviews always make me smile, cant wait to c bloodworth  

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     hilary and true that you will make recording the new movie from disney lizzie Macguire2 please answer me! love   @felipefabbri:twitter  

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    i wish she was still making music :’( i would love to see her live again and on tour

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    hello my best hil

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    i really adore what you do hilary, i look up too you keep up the good work, so i heard about this new album, yeah, when is it coming out, in 2011? well okay then. bye  

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    hi hilary i really love you :)  

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     I like that the design is clean.  It could use a little more color but i know you guys are still working on it.  Love the pic of Hilary though.

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    Hi Hilary!! Greetings from Peru, first of all, FORGET ABOUT THIS ”HORRIBLE” COMMENTS!!! THEY DON’T SEEM TO BE YOUR FANS!!
    Well, I AM!! sooo I support YOU!!!! I’m your fan since I was 13 aaand, I will be doing it mm.. FOREVER!!! I wish the best for you Hilary.

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    hey its awesomehilary… hoping the new site/fanclub is finished soon!!

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     how back to the music???? please back hilary, I  love your songs…

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    As long as I Get my Daily Information about Hilary duff I dont care about anything else! lol 

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     I don’t like this page, the last was better =/ … Anyway I love you Hil! =’D please come back to Mexico we want Elixir! ♥ 

  • Lollipop Luvv

    I am a huge fan of your book ‘Elixer’.
    I think it’s a fantastic book with incredible detail and an amazing choice of words.
    I would just like to say congratulations and keep working hard!

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    Hello Hilary … when they return to Brazil? .. kisses … love u 

  • Sylvia

     Hi Hilary, my names Sylvia and Im such a HUGE FAN since Ive been 10yrs and now im 19. You’ve been my idol ever since I watched my first episode of Lizzie McGuire! How are you? What are you upto these days?

  • María Gabriela León

     i think the page needs some color so i hope you’re still working on it :D

    • http://hilaryduff.com Hilary Duff

      We are! ;-D

  • http://twitter.com/GoGo1110 Santiago

    I hope what I heard about @hilaryduffadmin:disqus recording a new album is true!!!!! I can’t wait for Devoted!!!!! And her new movies! I’m too impatient!!!!! But I know it will be worth it!!!!! And F.Y.I. @HilaryDuff , your website is beautiful! Very sweet!!!!!

    • Yael- Mexico

       Who said that? :O !

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    @facebook-1401824226:disqus  This is the new design? With all due respect is horrible because itwould imagine something better, I thought it would give ussurprises, good news and only gave us this simple design. ReallyI’m a fan of Hilary but this disappointed me

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1401824226 Alberto Novelo Vazquez

    This is the new design? With all due respect is horrible because itwould imagine something better, I thought it would give ussurprises, good news and only gave us this simple design. ReallyI’m a fan of Hilary but this disappointed me

    • http://hilaryduff.com Hilary Duff

      Thanks for the feedback. We are working on something better…

      • Kathleen Gorham

        Hi Hilary,
        I met you last October in NYC for you elixir book signing! I gave you a green poster with a bunch of pictures on it. I cried so hard when I met you! Will I be able to put a video up here later of me meeting you? That would be so cool! I am so excited for your next book! Well, I absolutely love you and are you doing another book tour?!?!?! That would be the most awesome thing in the world!!!!! Congratulations on your baby<3

        Xoxo love ,

        Kathleen from New Hampshire

    • http://twitter.com/annahlizette Hanna Lizette

      Well with  all due respect too, if you are really a fan, you’ll never be disappointed.. and the fact that this website is very simple is great because anyone can access it even more.

    • M_ashraf

      Um… I actually like the design it is simple and looks so pure.

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    Hilary you’re so great!!!!! I love your music :D Do you recording new music now??


    Hil is recording a new song!!! It’s an amazing news….!!!! I hope that be for a new album upcoming… so ge wish you the best …. FROM ARGENTINA… LOVE YOUUU!

    • No Rhyme Or Reason

      Where did you hear that?!? I can’t wait for a new album! It’s been too long 

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    simplemente bella eres full hermosa y sigue asi.

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    we love you hillary. you are an imsparation to me and all my friends thanks for being you.

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    i love u bab!!! im best turkish fan! pleas come back music i want new album u know… please do it!

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    You are amazing Hilary I cannot wait to read the new book and look forward to ‘Provinces of the night’!! Come back to Australia soon :)

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    hilary rockzz

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    OMG I love you hilary please come back to Australia

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    Can’t wait for this site to be finished, so I can get back on the fan club – I am getting SERIOUS withdrawal symptoms, and I also can’t wait to get back to my Duff family on here… Let’s face it, WE RULE!!! Haha! I miss talking to you all so much at the moment, and you Amuse! =]] I really hope Hilary does post here more though… Miss you Hilary! =[[ <3 x

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    Hilary admire you, you are a model for me and for many, you are my inspiration I love you<3

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    @hilaryduffLooking forward to new site, hopefully better then the last one, hopefully we hear from Hilary more often. Please do record more music Hilary, i love your music. Hopefully you go back to your old roots of pop/rock, i think your voice is better suited this style of music.

    • No Rhyme Or Reason

      I like her Metamorphosis and self-titled stuff, but I actually preferred Dignity… It sounded more mature and her style – but that’s just my opinion :) 

  • reenex

    we want music!!!

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    Where can I buy Stuff by Hilary Duff clothing? I had this shirt I loved from this line but it got a terrible ink stain.

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    I am reading Elixir and its the best i love it cant wait to read devoted thanks hilary

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  • Gabrielramirez102

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    I would love to see a tour of Hilary. I haven’t seen her though I have wanted too since Metamorphosis was released…

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    I’m going to like this site a lot more than the old one. Since Hilary herself will be posting posts on here, it will allow us fans to be able to be up to date on what she is doing. I really hope she plans on recording an album soon. I miss her songs. Love you Hilary!!!

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    I also think Ƴɑ ᶊ ᶊ ιηε

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  • Rina1xx

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