Welcome to the World Luca Cruz Comrie

Mar 22 2012

Tuesday evening, we became proud parents of a healthy 7 pound 6 ounce beautiful boy. We are overjoyed and feel like the luckiest parents in the world. He is surrounded by so much love!! Mom and baby are both doing extremely well.

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  • Ashley

    you have always been an inspiration to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

  • Ulfiklola

    gratulacje from Poland!

  • Sarah

    huge congratulations! no greater blessing than a beautiful child born to loving parents. good luck to the new little family!

  • Ethan’s mom

    Congratulations!!! I also gave birth to a baby boy on March 20, 2012. They are a precious bundle of joy. Shower him with all the love in your heart. He is beautiful!

  • ida2503

    congratulations Hilary!!!<3<3<3 it´s so good to hear! you must be so happy right now<3
    I love you and every movie you´ve ever made and all your music<3

  • Icequeen22s

    congrats… I also gave birth Tuesday the 20th as well only it was to a beautiful little girl.. best of luck to you!

  • Lill_sasha

    Congrazt Hilary! I’m so happy for you. You are going to be a great mother. Can’t wait to see the photo of the little one!

  • Erikah

    Congrats hope to see pics soon ;) <3

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  • Dayana-beauvais

    todas las felicidades para l nueva luz en tu vida que es tu hijo te dceo de corazon te admiro mucho y sigo tu carrera de hase años espero que sigas felizz te mereses lo mjor en tu vida y lo k te esta pasando espero que la vida te premie con mas regalos y noticias buenas..saluditos un beso grande 

  • Nikkisweat

    That’s my brothers birthday!He’s 19.Congratulatons Hilary God Bless your family:)

  • http://twitter.com/KristinaMGulino Kristina Gulino

    Congrats to you and your husband :) Excited for this new chapter in your life!

  • Ksymons99

    omg congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are gonna be a perfect mother xxx

  • Harry E

    congratulation Hilary , i’m do happy for you

  • Lsinchak

    Congratulations to you and Mike.

  • Roro-withlove

    Oh my god i can’t believe i m actually talking or writing :P to u and ur actually gonna read this at least i hope so :P mmm i dont know where to begin first of all congratulations on ur new baby and ur marriage it’s all shoking :D ! but i m verry happy 4 u because even though u have no idea who i am u’ve been a wonderful  inspiration in my life ur like a small part of my childhood that never grew up and i think i m gonna hold on to it for the rest of my life i think ur verry sweet and  poised and so much more that we as ur fans dont know in conclusion thank u 4 being Hilary Duff :) wish u all the best :)

  • Emma

     Congratulations Hilary! Little Luca is so lucky…he has a mommy like you! Congratulations again:) Love from Italy

  • http://twitter.com/Pao_Me3 Sabrina Martinez

     Congratulations on your baby Hilary

  • Jessica Manuputty

    Congratulations Hilary :)

  • Word_Life043

    congradulations that is awesome news!!

  • R. Lauren Spikes

    you both will be great parents!!!!!!!!

  • Nadia, QC, Canada

    Congrats Hilary!! All the best!!! I’m sure that you will be an amazing mom : )

  • Kayla

    Congrats to u and mike!!!!!!!!! Luca was actually born on my 15th birthday and u r my biggest idol ever since u became famous. i can’t wait until u make more music and movies.
    Kayla <3

  • Lucyluvsarmando


  • http://twitter.com/MBoserman Marta Boserman

    Congratulations Hilary!
    you are wonderful parents!love Marta

  • Dodo

    Congratulations! You and Mike will be the best parents ever! Love you

  • Raynia

    Congrats on your new addition, you’ve become a bride and now a new mommy it’s amazing to be a mom. I wish I could have had more, but I was lucky to have one.

  • Jessika Alvarez

    Congratulations Hilary!!! I’ve always looked up to you for everything I want to be. You are my role model. I been a fan of you since you were on Lizzie McGuire. I’m 23 years old and I admire you so much as a person. So, major congrats to you and Mike on the birth of your new baby boy. I know you two would make great parents and probably spoil the little one from time to time. LOL!!! I wish you the best and my god bless you, Mike and Luca Cruz Comrie on the days to come and the many memories you make along the way with your new baby boy. I’m sure your seester is a very proud aunt and your mom is a proud grandma. And, they may spoil him from time to time too. Again wish you the best and may god bless you all. Love you!!!<3<3<3:):):)

  • http://dinothedogg.webs.com/ Maddiebuhrow

    congratulations hilary and mike! i know you will be great parents.

  • http://twitter.com/lauraNC87 laura

    Congratulations Hilary

  • Tpeek9

    I watched you on Disney and have followed you after you grew up.  I am so impressed by what you have done and am so happy that you have this little bundle of joy to love and care for…Enjoy it..

  • TiGa

    Hey Hilary, CONGRATULATON on your baby from Germany, too!!! It´s the greatest you can get in your life. <3

    Greets from a big german fan

  • ZORi


  • Susie O’Larey

    Congratulations Hilary and Mike! Welcome baby Luca! <3 Susie

  • http://twitter.com/nichmoss Nicola Moss

    Congrats your guys I am so happy for you.  I know he is going to be spoiled rotten by you, your families and most definately your fans.

  • Kelly25_9

    Cogratulations there the best thing that will ever happen to u I’ve got 2 n love them enjoy while he still a baby they grow so fast x

  • kai

    congratulations to u both :D

  • Nancy

    i love you and your baby!

  • Liseylis67

    Congrats!  You’ll be great parents!

  • damian ellis

    dear hilary duff you are going to be a good mom with you new baby with god bless you and you family damian ellis p.s we love you

  • Saiedeh

    hello. mrs hilary
    congratulations ! you and mike will be such great parents
    i wish for you all the best………..
    my name is saeideh  from iran

  • ali

    hi my dear.congratulation .happy birth day your baby.i wish for you all the best.my name is ali from iran tehran

  • HunEbunch

    many blessings and happiness, Hilary, to you and hubby on the birth of your new little bundle of joy. God Bless all of you, especially baby Luca

  • Kayla

    I am so glad that you had Luca on march 20th because that is my b-day and i just turned 15yrs. old. you are also my idol ever since you started on lizzie mcguire and i look up to you.
    Kayla <3

  • erica


  • rosabella1

    Wow, Hilary you are my idol.  I have followed you since…forever, and that baby is so lucky to have two parents as great as you guys.  Hilary you are going to be the ultimate mom.  You never got all wrapped up in the whole “Hollywood” thing, and stayed true the entire time.  I love you, and your son is extremely lucky, and congratulations :)

  • Hco1792

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see some baby pictures!

  • Karina

    Congratulations hil!!having a baby is a blessing from heaven.I became a mother too on january and i´m very happy with my little baby girl.Take care!
    Love Kary from mexico

  • Tarra


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J4EG46CLPW23IWBFPBSQLDXQVU Katrina

    That’s wonderful! Congratulations and best of luck to you and your new little family : 3

  • http://www.facebook.com/jagsqueak James Gilmore

    Congratulations on becoming a parent


    i am soooo glad for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats 

  • Sena

    welcomes baby boy/ I love you hilary

  • Hendrik Janßen

    Congratulations Hilary. I love it if you be happy. You will be a great mom.
    Love Hendrik <3

  • Farida

    Congrats!!!!! Hilary and Mike for ur new Wonderful Baby :)))))) I’m so Happppppyyy for you send Kisses to luca :)

  • http://www.alexanderandersen.n.nu Alexander C Andersen

    Congrats! I wish you guys all the best :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1177536152 Lynn Houot

    Oh finally !!!! :D I’m so happy for you both !!!
    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND dear Hilary !!!I wish you much much much happiness to all your family !!! I’m sure you’ll be fabulous parents !!!!!
    A lot of Love from France !!! <3

  • Beck

    Omg congrats to you both. I must imagine he is a real little cutie and enjoy your little bundle of joy

  • SusieQ1882

    Congratulations Hilary and Mike! Welcome baby Luca!

  • http://twitter.com/ZackFairrr Anton Saskovets

    Congratulations! I love you!=)

  • FatimaUrquilla

    Congratulations Hilary! You have been my role model since 2003! I love how well you have managed your life! Thank you for being a great role model and I hope to be like you someday, not in the industry but life wise. You have always been yourself and known what is right from wrong, you are blessed because of your wise decisions and now, another blessing came your way :) I love you Hil and I know you will/are a great mom! Luca Cruz is the luckiest baby boy in the world :) He really got himself a terrific mom :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fernanda-Gonçalves/100002940102265 Fernanda Gonçalves

    Congrats Hill; i love you so much.

  • Marissa

    Cannot express how happy I am for you guys! Sending light and love your way!

  • Vanessa

    congratulationnnnn!!! may god bless this little angel and make him smile all his life!

  • Fahham

    Yahh Just want to congragualte you on your baby go Lucas YAHHHH

    I loved your show Lizzie McGuire…!!!……Good old days well for You!!!


  • evale

    Hi Hillary,

    You are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!
    Congrats to you and Mike on the arrival of Luca!
    Enjoy being parents!

    luv Em <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001260840883 Karla Rocha Reyes

    Congratulations Congratulations on your beautiful Baby, you will beand will remain the best mother in the world, I admire you too :)

  • Luca Levesque

    I am excited that you named your boy after the same name I have. You have a good taste in names!

  • Jamell

    Awesome – Congrats!!!!

  • TaylorSmith214

    Oh my Goshhh!!! Hilary i am sooooo happy for you!!! This baby is going to be spoiled rotten!!! Oh my gosh best of luck to you to and your baby boy!!!! Love youu!!!

  • Alegrojas

    In a minuto all the world can … Change!! Congratulations!! and welcome Luca!!! Love u HilL!!

  • Deborah

    Congrats!!! :-) Welcome little one :-)

  • Shannon Jeffcoat

    Congratulations Hilary on the arrival of your baby boy! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness with your precious little one :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000226716739 Gaby Hidalgo

    I am very happy for you…!!!! you will be an excelent mother…!!!
    congratulations hilary!!!
    WE love you and now, we love your baby…..

  • Milie62132

    Congratulations from France !! I hope you and your family will be in good health ! Take care ! Emilie

  • margo

    Congrats!!! Hope you all are excited you are soo lucky!!

  • http://twitter.com/itsgabby_xo Bright Sunshine

    Congratz hilary! i’m a big fann and i’ve watched your shows since you were a little girl and i was a couple years younger.. i admire everything about you and your attitude, i am so happy for you and your family. It makes me cry to see how grown up you are lol ive grown up with your work and admiring you for a long time.. No one can compare to you! God bless you and Luca.

  • Megan

    Congratulations. :) You will make such a great mom. 

  • Jdjullie

    hello   hilary   duff,   and   mike   comrie,   and  haylie duff,  and   family,  congrations,   on   the  new   baby,  i   whould like to   welcome  in the  world   Luca   cruz  comrie  into  this  world.  you   have the  best   partents,   in the   world.   and   hilary,   please put some   pics,  of the  baby,   on your   sight   so everybodey   can see  him  please,  i   cate   wate   to  see  pics of  him  and  i am so  happy   for  you  both  and for the hole  intire   family   i   love you   hilary  duff   and mike   and  aunt  haylie  k  love,  babygirl   julie. 

  • Felicia

    Aaaaaawww!!! Congratulations to both of you!! So happy for you, Hilary!

    Love from Sweden! <3

  • Congrats Hilary!!


  • Travis

    Congrats Hilary you and Mike and your baby Luca

  • Mahum_safavi

    Awww Congrats Hilary and Mike! I can’t wait to see Luca :) Best wishes for your future :) Lots of love from Pakistan

  • http://twitter.com/leraPodoprigora lera

    Hey Hilary
    Congratulations, you are wonderful parents ٩(●̮̮̃●̃)۶
    My very best wishes for you and your family.Take care of your self and your Baby!

  • Stefane

    Yay! Congrats Hil! May God bless this beautiful family! Lots of love <3

  • Nothing Personal92

    Congratulations Hilary ! I am so happy for you and Mike, you both will be great parents :) 
    Love from Poland :*

  • Ibodu93

    Loooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Rachit Maheshwari

    Hey Hillary…Congrats…You and mike are going to be great parents..All  the best for your new movie

  • Angelica

    Aww that’s amazing!! I am so proud of you!!! Say hello to little Luca from your fans in Canada :) He’s a lucky boy, and you and Mike are lucky parents. Truly happy for you guys. <3

  • Nicky

    CONGRATS !!!! to you and you husband…. and may god bless your family always

  • Sammie1611

    Congrats, have alot of fun. your are my number one singer…  :P 

  • Dina

    congratulations hilary!! you are a good soul.may God shower you and your family with unconditional love.The world welcomes your son with open arms.take care.

  • Ajischi

    Congratulations Hilary and Mike:).. from Czech Republic

  • Majo

    so happy for you! You are the best, you deserve it :) my little lizzieMcGuire <3

  • Stella_girl98

    God,when I heard you’ve already had your baby my eyes were wet and ı cursed myself that I should be aware of it earlier.Congats my idol!Love <3(million times)

  • Karina

    Congratulations Hilary! Love hearing the news of your beautiful baby Luca(love the name) I wanna wish you and your family a lifetime of happiness and love


  • Kesy Souza

    whoa, its a great notice!!!
    God bless u and your family soooo much!!!
    Brazilians kisses!!!

  • Aa

    Best greetings  from Poland for you and your lovely son :))

  • Sima Satana

    you are the best mother :) and your son is veeeeery lucky boy. Congratulations Hil.

    love from Turkey.

  • sme1whocares

    congrats on your new addition to your happy family a boy the first ur lucky i had 3 girls then a boy cant wait to see photos i already know luca is beautiful look at his mom and dad  congrats again stay good have fun with ur bundle of joy they grow up so fast

  • Marishka K

    congratulations on Luca!!! I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a fantastic little boy. I’ve been a fan since the first episode of Lizzie Mcguire, and I used to go to your concerts, buy your t-shirts, watch all your movies, haha. I think you’re absolutely stunning and you have such a beautiful personality. All the best to you and your family ! ♥

  • Katie

    Congratulations Hilary! Hope you all have a wonderful life together! :) <3

  • http://twitter.com/Steffaroni stephany ramos

    yayyyyy! so excited for you guys cant wait to see pictures =]

  • Victoriah

    Congrats Hilary!!!!

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  • Jam =)

    This Is What Dreams Are Made Of‼  Congratulations‼  You are such an amazing roll model!  =)

  • Jessicaaloredo

    OMG…Congrats Hilary. I know you are a very proud mommy and I wish the best and I also wish you and the baby great health. Your life will have a different meaning from now on.. Thanks,Jessica

  • Beckster_61

    Congratulations Hilary and Mike. I am so happy for you both. Welcome Lil Luca, you could not have asked for better parents.

  • Ale :D

    WOW! :D I can just say that i’m so happy for youu! WOWOWOWOWOWOW Congratulations!!!!!! :D :D :D

  • ~*CRISTINA*~

    Congratulations on the birth of your son Luca. He has the BEST parents in the world, he is lucky to have both you and Mike as parents!! You both are going to be such wonderful parents! All the best and I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY for you,

  • Lisa3107

    Congrats from Germany. Good luck and a very good name :-)

  • Gaelle Letoquart

     Congratulations !!! Welcome to luca. I hope that delivery went well. It is happiness that waits you. My son is 4 months old him. much happiness to you 3. Big kisses from FranceGaëlle

  • Christina Lee

    Congrats!!!!! I wish the best for your family. I can’t believe your a mom! Luca has the best parents ever!!!! Love ya<3

  • JM

    Congratulations Hillary and Mikey on your new addition to the family!

    -from Edmonton

  • Mk

    Congratulations Hilary! Best wishes to you and Luca!!!

  • JadeyHil

    Hilaryyy CONGRADULATIONS!! my idol forever ur so amazing and LUCA CRUZ!!! beautiful gawjus name…Love it!!! u make me so so proud hil! and continue to make me happy. Ur music, acting, books, clothes, perfume and more! now ur a mummy! im  very lucky to have such an insperation to get me thru the hard times.Always support u too Hil!! Love u so much hope u mike and luca enjoy all ur family times!!! Love Jade xoxoxo

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  • SweetPrincess

    Dear Hilary,
     I wish you all the happiness and joy in the world! I’m am so happy for you. You make us all very proud to be your fans.


  • http://twitter.com/Anketjeee Anke Peetermans

    Congratulations Hilary! You and Mike will be such great parents!! Love Anke <3

  • J Duarte29

    Congrats to you and Mike!!! Such a wonderful and beautiful name!!! God bless your baby boy and your family!

  • Anke

    Congratulations Hilary! You and Mike will be such great parents!

  • Albams89

    Enhorabuena!!!bienvenido al mundo Luca

  • Julie

    hi hilary 
    congrats on baby Luca. so happy for you.

  • Jon

    Congratulations, I’ve always like you, Hilary, love the name!

  • Traci

    Atleast one of the disney stars is turning out to be normal!  Congratulations Hilary and Mike!

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  • Lenafionit

    Dear Hillary! March 20th I was in a social network community, dedicated to you,written, I think that the baby will be born on March 20 and guessed! 

  • Hiba_saleem_alfia

    hey hilary i’m sooo glad!!

  • tasha

    congratulations from belgium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Celia (France)

    Congratulations !! I’m so happy ! Luca Cruz it’s beautiful ! I wish you the best to your familly !

  • Pens Fanz

    Congratulations from Pittsburgh…come back for a visit. Best wishes to your wonderful family. 

  • Frida

    WOW, congratulations!! So happy for you!

  • Masaharu

    Dear Hilary,

    I’m a fan of you.  It is my first time to post a message on your site.
    I’m so happy that you have a cute baby! I want to see his lovely face. I was wondering if you could upload some photos of him on this site. I guess he looks like you. :)
    Congratulations, Hilary! Have a goog time with Luca!

    From Japan

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  • http://twitter.com/yesacrobinson Casey Robinson

    :D Nawwww gorgeous name!! Congrats you 2!!! Very lucky boy! <3 Good luck with everything! Hilary you are a great role model and I have always looked up to you! x Congrats again! xx

  • Ahmed Raad Al Ani

    Congratulations hilary i wish you have the best child and i wish he make happy and proud for all your life because good weman always get best boy and i wish best luck

  • Ritam Roy

    I am your fan from past many years ……..and i am Really happy to know about your baby …….My VERY BEST WISHES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY(Including the new member)  ……….Take care of your self and your Baby ………… 

  • Ritam

    Hi hilary,
    I am your fan for past many years ……..Really happy to know you and your Baby both are good …….VERY BEST WISHES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY  …….. 
    Take Care of your self and your Baby ……….

  • Gaelle Letoquart

    congratulations, welcome to luca . the happiness of parents is just beginning. big kiss to you 3

  • http://twitter.com/Megan_fifi Finfymfz

    Big big congratulations!!! The amazing mom and the lucky baby! I love you all!!

    Love from Hong Kong ~^3^~

  • Sweetlilbubblegum

    So happy :D

  • Stella

    A litle cold garden called Norway sends permafrosted diamondhearts to the new family:-)

  • Lenafionit

    Dear Hill and Mike! Congratulations on the birth of your baby! You have chosen a beautiful name! I believe that you are the most wonderful parents. I wish happiness and health to you and your baby!

  • LongTimeHilarySupporter24

    Congratulations to the Comrie/Duff family! Luca Cruz Comrie is very blessed and has two amazing people as his parents. Much love to you all. God Bless. Xx

  • @Hannahhannah31

    Hi Hilary! 
    Congratulations!! We are sure that he will be a very happy child!!
    Can’t wait till’your new album is coming out!! 
    Oh, 1 more thing (me n my frens STILL watch Lizzie McGuire!!!) 

    I'll follow u always!!
    Love… @HannahHannah31:twitter 

  • Samantharbck

    Congrats to you and mike on your bundle of joy

  • Alyssafoglio

    Hey hilary…..hope you all the best!!you’ve grown up so fast!!!!!I remember when you were only 14 in lizzie McGuire!luca is so lucky to have such great parents.hope you all the best!-love your longtime fan,Lissa

  • Jj López

    Congratulations on your baby. We are sure he will be surrounded by much happiness and love!
    We love you so much!

  • Nicole

    Congratulations Hilary from Belly Art in Australia. Enjoy this precious time, it goes so quickly.  Would love to send you one of our unique products check it out http://www.bellyart.com.au. sending our love x. 

  • http://twitter.com/iLuvHilaryD ℓulu ♥

    hey Hilary .. 
    You are the best role model ever!! you have inspired me to follow my dreams to become a desginer !!! congrats hilary on luca , i know he will be as pretty and handsome as his mother and father and luca is sooooooooooo lucky to have a great mom and family <3

    Love always your Biggest fan 

  • Juan Vega

    Best wishes to your family and your new baby Hilary…. A great notice… Greetings from Ecuador

  • Chelsea

    Congratulations Hilary! I think you and Mike will be amazing parents! You both seem really down to earth.

    Love from Canada :)

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  • tim wong

    Congratulation to you hope your son will be like you.

  • Carmenandtony17

    Congrats Hilary you gonna be an awesome mom, can’t wait to see pics of the baby..

  • jme

    Congratulations!! From Arizona!!

  • Theogarver

    congrats, bring him to Edmonton

  • Shelby Richard

    congrats!! love his name!

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  • Grace

  • http://hollywoodite.com Hollywoodite

    Congrats, can’t wait to see the first photos!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1088799901 Sergio Mart

    Congratulations Hilary, love from France 

  • Yolanda

    enhorabuena hilary !muchas felicidades seras una mama maravillosa , bienvenido a este mundo Luca Cruz  Dios te bendiga!

  • Genelle

    Congratulations hun! I had a feeling you had him a few days ago. I’m so glad the delivery went well. All the best!

  • Vmissiloveyou

    Welcome to the world lil miracle <3 you are blessed to have such a wonderful woman as your mother…congratulations to both Hilary and Mike im so happy for the both of you,my blessings go out to you guys,love you so much,youre still the biggest inspiration in my life…excited to see pictures of baby Luca <3

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  • Athena

    Congratulations! I wish you the best in this new chapter in your life!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bekangelheart Rebekah McDonald

    Congrats Hilary!!! xoxxox Love Rebekah McDonald 

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  • Bella

    Congrats Hilary. I hope you, Mike and little Luca are good. 

  • Sendto_bree

    I’m so happy for you and your family!

  • Kim Courtright

    im so excited for your you make a great mom  

  • mel

    congratulations !!!!

  • Fanisgreat

    congratulations i am at loss of words i am so proud of what u have accomplished over your lifetime

  • Didicris_6

    Congratulations Hill!!! So good to hear that everything went well :D :D Lot´s of love and only the best to Luca, Mike and You <3 

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  • Bartek

    Congrats from Poland <3

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  • Joanne


    The best of luck to you. Enjoy you son.

  • Kurt Vermeersch

    Congrats to the new parents, really happy for both of you!! <3

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  • Aline Buchmann

    enjoy this special moment and i wish you all the best, also luca cruz comrie

  • Camille

    Hi Cormie family
    My name is Camille and I’m one of the biggest fan of Hilary French since the Lizzie McGuire series ^ ^
    I want to congratulate you for coming to the world of little Luca Cruz Cormie.
    Happiness and love that surrounds your family.
    I embrace you tenderly de France <3 <3
    A family full of LOVE 

  • http://twitter.com/carole1520 chamyk carole

    happy hilary et mike the  Congrats a luca cruz comrie
    fan français carole

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  • jucu1309

    congratssss hilary!!!! u deserve it!!! immm so excited to see any pictures of this babyy boy! it must be the mist beautiful baby in the world! and of course he is happy, look at her mom!!!!! haha love uuu, and enjoyyyy all of your time with your little boy! im so happy!!! i want this boy to learn such greats things that ive learned with you! love yaaa, xoxoxo 

  • Cassiopeia42910


  • One_bella_chick

    congrats!!!! on your bundle of joy

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  • Itz

    Congratulations from Mexico!!! Best wishes for you and your beautiful family :D You are going to be an extraordinary mom and dad :)

  • http://twitter.com/melbelieves mel G

    Hilary I’m so happy for you. You are going to be a great mom. btw my mom had me at 24 at the same age you had your son

  • Raquel (Portugal)

    I wish you all the best. Luca is surely beautiful like his parents.

  • http://twitter.com/kellyduff3 K@ry Nuñez

    I can’t wai to see pictures of Luca cruz comrie Congrats Hilary I’m so proud of you #teamduff

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  • Agustina

    I’m so happy and so proud of you! I can’t wait to see that beautiful boy! I love you ♥

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    Congratulations! Love you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1383967903 Scott Sandler

    Congrats Hilary!  Glad everything went well!

  • Spacedolls

    Hey Hilary! You’ve been my idol since I was 10. Now I’m 19 and you’re still the best role model a girl could ask for. I wish all the best for you and your family, especially your new baby boy. He’s so lucky to have such a beautiful, talented, down to earth woman as his mother!

    Love, your life long fan <3

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  • Nelleb03

    Congratulations Hilary! I am so happy for you and your husband! I bet you will be great parents! You’re little bundle of joy has great, beautiful parents! Good luck!

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  • MeganDaly

    Congratulations! You will be an amazing mum! That child is actually so lucky :L

  • http://www.facebook.com/cmharris2 Christina Marie Harris


  • http://twitter.com/CyrielHuntjens Cyriel Huntjens

    Congratulations with Luca, I wish you and Mike all the best! x

  • http://twitter.com/SkittlesOverMms Robyn McGrenere

    I am so happy for you and Mike. I am so excited and happy for you guys. Luca Cruz is a beautiful name. He is one lucky little boy to have such wonderful parents <3

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  • Aurora

    Congrats!! Very cute name!!

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  • http://twitter.com/Kellyzelissen Kelly

    Congratulations with youre son. My little brother is also called luca. enjoy it while, before you know he is so great. Greetz x Kelly

  • Kellyzelissen

    Congratulations with youre son, my little brother is also called Luca. And enjoy your little baby. Greetz x Kelly

  • http://newlywife.com/ Megan @ Newly Wife

    Yay! Congratulations! Glad to hear you are both doing well.

  • DespinaCmusic

    Congratulations Hilary and Mike!! Little Luca has got some amazing parents! God bless all of you! Extremely happy right now! Stay exactly the way you are. You are such a role model. You are going to be a wonderful mother (: Much love, Despina xoxo

  • http://twitter.com/Rodri_Alonso Rodri Martin Alonso

    Congratulations!! You and Mike will be great parents, Welcome Luca.Best of Luck!!! <3

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  • Heartlove3x

    congratulations! I am so happy for you!
    you are going to be a really great mom!
    we love you!

  • http://twitter.com/CherryCraigONO Cherry Craig Leto

    OMG! ‘m so happy for the new parents! god bless your family and your baby! I don’t have words to describe how I feel with this new! I’m very very happy! welcome   Luca Cruz Comrie! :’) much love from México

  • Omgitsnikki44

    My last name is CRUZ how awesomeee :D

  • http://twitter.com/MdBroadway MdBroadway

    Congratulations! Italian fans are so happy for you! 

  • Ranya

    CONGRATULATIONS HILARY ♥ & Welcome to this world, Luca!

  • matthewarenner

    Congrats to you, Mike, & son Luca; those of us here share your joy. You’re in my thoughts and prayers; just continue being yourself, follow your heart, you’ll be a wonderful mother!

  • Alena Yurchenko

    Congratulations :) 
    be happy!))

  • Eveu

    Congratulations from Argentina!! You’ll be great parents!! So happy for you, big hug.

  • Nzimmer2190

    Congrats Hilary now it’s time to show the world the beautiful baby boy

  • Eve urtizberea

    Congratulations from Argentina!!!

  • Eve urtizberea


  • Karlyrose

    im so happy hilary! u grown ups so face!

  • Cayleigh

    Congratz!!! Luv the name… I bet he’s really cute :)

  • Karenstegeman

    Congratulations!!!!!  I wish you all the best!!! Love from Holland.

  • AJ

    Congradulations!! I’m so happy for you two. I know you’ll be great parents! :)

  • mannak

    <3 Congrats!!!! Wish you tons of happiness!! (:

  • http://www.facebook.com/ellovett Emma Louise Lovett

    a big congrats to you! You are going to be a fantastic mum!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589058741 Priscilia O’Rio

    So happy for you guys! Enjoy each moment with your baby boy! Congrats!! :) (I love the name!) :)