Ya!!! Happy birthday!! Xo“@D…

Sep 26 2012

Ya!!! Happy birthday!! Xo“@DelciaDuff: @HilaryDuff it’s my Birthday!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥”

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  • Yami777

    ….”Happy Birthd♥y” ……Hillary

  • True Love

    Early Happy Birthday Hilary Duff My Goddess and My Queen may all the days of your life be as sweet as you are ……..this beer is on me lol

  • True Love

    O one more thing…..Y am I not getting Hillary’s new tweets on her NEW WEB SITE. !!!!!!!!! U tek boys better fix that fast as in NOW wtf. !!!!!!

  • True Love

    I Don,t get it ….you ppl call your self a fan of Hilary and you don’t know her birthday is on 9/28 not the 26 what’s wrong with you ppl..if your going to warship the Goddess Hilary Duff ‘GET IT RIGHT’ !!!!!

  • Ludmila

    Dear Hilary! I Congratulate you happy birthday! I your greater fan, you such cool, I wish to be similar to you. I looked almost all films with your participation. So even in Russia at you ifan. I love you Hilary ! I’m sory for mistakes, I’m from Russia

  • Messal

    Happy b’day HD, wish you good luck in your new path year (^_^) I love your songs esp “Someone is watching over me” I touch me deeply.

  • bishoy

    Happy birthday ♥