Ya I know I’m the cutest thing you ever saw

Nov 12 2013

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  • true’story

    NO !! that’s not the cutest thing I ever saw …YOU ARE HILARY :) .. That is one lucky dog To have a master like you …WISH I DID !! lol more loyal and more obedient then that dog is your fan …Snap your fingers And see for yourself . wolf wolf lol

  • Wayne

    I know you love he or she very much too, I know mt little dog was my heart and soul. I miss her very much.

  • stefania89

    ahahahaha sooo sweeeeeet dog! ^_^ adorable!!!!

  • blindsight

    one of these things is not like the other and one of these things is the same… find the difference and you found True Love …this is a mystery for the reader …on HILARYDUFF WEB ONLY. !!! …END Message

  • puppy love

    Yep. !!! ..that’s the look. !! same look I had on my face when I found out you got married……WHY WHY WHY… O WHY. !! …. and I did not even get to give you the bone I had for you .lol… last time I checked dogs don’t respect marriage ..but I do.. good luck Hillary and if things don’t work out give this dog a call …Wolf Wolf. !!!

  • Ellie

    Hehe what a cute dog! It’s got quite the hairdo! ^^